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Journal of the American Society of CLU ChFC

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Journal of the American Society of CLU

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Books and Periodicals Online

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Serials in Microform

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Risk and Morality

Author : Richard V. Ericson
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Collectively, the contributors explain why risk is such a key aspect of Western culture, and demonstrate that new regimes for risk management are transforming social integration, value-based reasoning and morality.

The Insured Stock Purchase Agreement

Author : Lawrence Brody
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Boomer Bust Economic and Political Issues of the Graying Society 2 volumes

Author : Robert B. Hudson
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Seventy-six million Baby Boomers are careening toward retirement in the United States. Demographic shifts toward aging populations are taking place around the Western world, as a variety of factors—biological, technological, medical, and sociocultural—are extending life spans. Meanwhile, birth rates are declining. The scaremongers argue that this generational shift is going to be disastrous: It will result in skyrocketing tax rates, lower retirement and health benefits, higher inflation, increased unemployment and poverty, political instability, and a host of other societal ills. But will it? In Boomer Bust?, Robert Hudson assembles leading authors from fields such as economics, political science, and finance to separate fact from fiction, highlight the terms of debate, and showcase innovative policies that will prevent disaster from occurring. From topics like Social Security to older people rejoining the workforce to the elderly as a political lobby, this two-volume set covers the gamut of economic, political, financial, and business issues related to aging. The Boomer generation will leave one of the largest footprints the world has yet seen. In retirement, as in all else, this generation is blazing a path affecting succeeding generations profoundly. Boomer Bust? charts a path through the thicket of personal and public policy choices facing not just Baby Boomers but all of society.

Stages of Corporate Social Responsibility

Author : Samuel O. Idowu
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This book presents a multidisciplinary and multifaceted view of the state of corporate social responsibility (CSR) development in organizations in different industries around the world. It is based on the assumption that companies today must shift their focus to their long-term prosperity and the complex and interrelated environmental, social, economic and political ecosystems within which they function. The book tracks ideas through to impacts, offering unique perspectives on stimulating topics such as awareness among female entrepreneurs in Nigeria, views of upper-management in Polish firms, Japanese CSR strategies and the social relevance of corporate initiatives, pragmatic approaches of CSR design principles in Scandinavia and many more. The book collects not only examples from different countries and global regions, but also cases from a diverse range of globally relevant industries. It discusses the different stages of CSR development at a professional, conceptual and strategic level, and integrates them into a comprehensive framework to define the adequate course of action for each stage.

Journal of Financial Service Professionals

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Introduction to Risk Management and Insurance

Author : 多尔夫曼
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Prentice Hall出版公司授权出版

Directory of Pension Funds and Their Investment Managers

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Largest pension and tax-exempt funds.

The Best of Strictly Speaking

Author : Burke A. Christensen
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The Globalisation of Executives and Economies

Author : John Walsh
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How has globalisation affected the executives and economy of Thailand, one of the most dynamically growing countries in East Asia? This book provides coverage of crucial industrial sectors in the Thai economy, comparisons between the past and the present Thai economy and a variety of studies aiming to explain the behaviour of Thai executives and consumers. A comprehensive approach to the globalisation of Thai executives and companies Written by a variety of industry and academic specialists Avoids academic jargon in explaining real-life issues in an easy to read style

Within the System

Author : Robert Julius Myers
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Social Work in the 21st Century

Author : Michael Reisch
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This collection of original essays from leaders in the profession comments on the current state of social work in the United States, and how it ought to change, in light of social change in the US and the world as a whole.

Total Quality Management

Author : Joel E. Ross
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Acclaimed and used in over 200 colleges and universities around the country, Total Quality Management: Text, Cases and Readings has been completely revised and expanded to meet the growing demands and awareness for quality products and services in the competing domestic and global marketplaces. Since the publication of the first and second editions of this book, interest in and acceptance of TQM has continued to accelerate around the world. This edition has been thoroughly revised, updated and expanded. Some of the changes are: A new chapter on the emerging Theory of Constraints Expanded treatment of Process Management Eleven new readings Ten new cases Chapter examples of TQM at 12 Baldrige winning organizations End of chapter recommendations for further reading Revised and updated textual material The Varifilm case is retained as a comprehensive study that illustrates good and not so good practices. Each chapter contains an exercise which provides the reader with an opportunity to apply TQM principles to the practices illustrated in each case. Based on sound principles, this practical book is an excellent text for organizational development programs aimed at practitioners responsible for developing and implementing TQM programs in their own service or manufacturing organizations.

Prince s Dictionary of Legal Citations 8th Edition

Author : Mary Miles Prince
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Assists the legal profession in citing legal authorities according to the rules given in The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation, 19th ed. (2010). This title is a companion to The Bluebook, not a replacement and applies Bluebook rules to a representative collection of common legal authorities. The citations included are based on Bluebook rules, and the abbreviations are those found in The Bluebook or derived from its guidelines. Enhancements to this edition include: revised and expanded treatment for citing Internet and electronic media; additional examples for citing federal administrative and executive materials; updated references to state court case citation rules, with examples; expanded treatment for citing state session law services; more examples for citing international sources; and expanded treatment of public domain citations.

Medical Aspects of Disability

Author : Myron G. Eisenberg
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The second edition of the text provides the widest view of current medical and psychosocial issues affecting persons with disabilities. Initial chapters on key topics are followed by explorations of specific aspects of functioning, treatments - including alternative therapies - prognosis, and psychological and vocational implications. There is new material on interventions for special conditions arising from traumatic brain injury, vascular disorders and AIDS. New chapters on rehabilitation nursing, telehealth, and computers as assistive technology ensure currency for introductory courses on medical disability.

Social Security in the 21st Century

Author : Sheldon Dick
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Social Security has proved to be one of the most successful programmes in the USA. Despite this success, the design of the programme reflects yesterday's needs and it cannot survive into the 21st century without significant reforms. This handbook offers an introduction to the basic economic, demographic, and political aspects of social security, and addresses issues such as intergenerational equity, gender discrimination, and the future of entitlement programmes in a time of reduced government spending. It is aimed at scholars and students of sociology and public policy.

Strauss s Handbook of Business Information A Guide for Librarians Students and Researchers 4th Edition

Author : Hal P. Kirkwood
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This new edition of Strauss's guide helps users to find current information for and about businesses of all kinds—both private and public, U.S.-based and international—related to finance, investment, industries, and entrepreneurship. Strauss's Handbook of Business Information is a resource for finding and understanding business information. It contains explanation and instruction on the key facets of business information and provides detailed descriptions of key resources within both broad and specific categories. It can be used as a guide to further understanding the what, how, and why of business information research. The changing arena of business information requires regular updating and awareness. This new edition has been thoroughly updated with three new chapters: Entrepreneurship, Competitive Intelligence, and Corporate Social Responsibility. Other additions of note include subsections on internet and mobile marketing and tax havens and related issues; coverage of new legislation (e.g., Dodd-Frank); and subsections on index funds, investment communities, regulatory bodies and laws, hedge funds, venture capital companies, assessing risks, robo-advisors, and more. The Handbook is for students, faculty, librarians, and information professionals looking to gain a broader and deeper understanding of business information. Anyone needing to gain quick exposure to business information needs and resources for solutions will benefit from the volume as well. Uses comprehensive coverage to aid business librarians in finding exactly the right information their patrons need Features logical arrangement and integration online with print resources to make information easy to find Provides clear explanations that speak to reference librarians at public and academic libraries, and to students learning this field Serves as a helpful collection development resource for business information, as well as a trusted textbook