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Violence Trauma and Trauma Surgery

Author : Mark Siegler
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This unique and innovative title offers a comprehensive exploration of the intersection of ethics, violence, trauma, and trauma surgery. Underscoring that the causes of violence include a wide range of socioeconomic factors, including poverty and the lack of economic opportunity, and that violence often occurs in impoverished and underserved communities, various authors from a wide range of disciplines outline how intentional violence toward another person is multidimensional and complex. Many of the authors use Chicago as a framework for their chapter discussion, but there are similarities in many urban settings throughout the United States and abroad. Part I of the book, Ethical Issues Related to Violence, includes seven chapters that examine ethical issues related to violence. Each of these chapters discusses a different but intersecting aspect of how violence challenges ethical standards in medicine and health. Part II, Ethical Issues Related to Trauma and Trauma Surgery, offers eight chapters that address various aspects of ethical issues related to trauma and trauma surgery. Part III, Additional Concerns Relating to Violence and Trauma, describe a series of issues relating to violence and trauma, including surgical procedures, psychological distress, and geographic disparities in access to trauma care. Developed by nationally renowned thought leaders in the field, Violence, Trauma, and Trauma Surgery is a major and novel contribution to the clinical literature and will be of great interest to all physicians, clinicians, researchers, social scientists, students, policymakers, hospital administrators and community leaders concerned with understanding and improving outcomes relating to violence, trauma, and trauma surgery.

Breaking Intergenerational Cycles of Repetition

Author : Donna Orange
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The authors in this volume explore the interconnected issues of intergenerational trauma and traumatic memory in societies with a history of collective violence across the globe. Each chapter’s discussion offers a critical reflection on historical trauma and its repercussions, and how memory can be used as a basis for dialogue and transformation. The perspectives include, among others: the healing journey of three generations of a family of Holocaust survivors and their dialogue with third generation German students over time; traumatic memories of the British concentration camps in South Africa; reparations and reconciliation in the context of the historical trauma of Aboriginal Australians; and the use of the arts as a strategy of dialogue and transformation.

The Migration Conference 2020 Proceedings Migration and Politics

Author : Ibrahim Sirkeci
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This is the second volume of the Proceedings of The Migration Conference 2020. The Migration Conference 2020 was held online due to COVID-19 Pandemic and yet, in over 80 parallel sessions and plenaries key migration debates saw nearly 500 experts from around the world engaging. This collection contains contributions mainly dealing with migration and integration debates. These are only a subset of all presentations from authors who chose to submit full short papers for publication after the conference. Most of the contributions are work in progress and unedited versions. The next migration conference is going to be hosted by Ming-Ai Institute in London, UK. Looking forward to continuing the debates on human mobility after the Pandemic. | | @migrationevent | | Email: [email protected]

Global Chicago

Author : Charles Madigan
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Once known for gangsters and meatpacking, Chicago was virtually synonymous with the rough and tumble side of the industrial era. Today, however, Chicago has outgrown even national prominence to become a truly global city--one of the most famous and most important in the world. Global Chicago is the first book to describe Chicago's transformation from industrial powerhouse to global metropolis. It will change the way both Chicagoans and the rest of the world view the city. Chicago has a long history of adaptation. Having gone from a swampy trading post to a major industrial center, Chicago also rebuilt itself in the wake of a devastating fire to become one of the world's great architectural showcases. While many former industrial centers became mere shadows of themselves, Chicago succeeded by transformed itself again. The Chicago of today is a hub for corporate headquarters like those of Motorola, Boeing, and United Airlines. It is a transportation and information crossroads, with the busiest airport in North America as well as the most internet traffic. With over 120 foreign language newspapers, it is also home to vast and vibrant immigrant communities, a focus of global services, and a center for global law and medicine. Essay authors include professors from top institutions, veteran journalists, experts on labor and government, and the presidents of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. By drawing on the expertise of the city's leading players, Global Chicago offers unique insights into the city's global assets and its economic, social, intellectual, and cultural links to the world as seen from an insider's perspective. Their essays probe deeply into the financial and governmental infrastructure crucial for success by reflecting on specific lessons to be learned from the example of worldwide Chicago businesses. Amidst the ruthless international competition that characterizes globalization, Chicago makes decisions today that will affect both its success and character for the coming century. Global Chicago serves simultaneously as a catalog of achievements that would make anyone proud to call the city home and a timely counsel for ensuring its future as a world leader.

Confessions of a Baseball Purist

Author : Jon W. Miller
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Known as the "voice" of the San Francisco Giants, Miller takes readers on a journey into the heart of baseball as he's seen it from the best seat in the house--as a commentator for "ESPN Sunday Night Baseball." "Crammed with great stories, candid observations, and a genuine affection for the game."--"San Francisco Chronicle."

City 2000

Author : Teri Boyd
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"Acknowledgements to the Comer Archive of Chicago in the Year 2000 (City 2000), University Library, University of Illinois at Chicago"--Colophon.

Lost Restaurant of Chicago

Author : Greg Borzo
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A Chicago author’s tribute to the historic eateries and storied local haunts that the Windy City has loved and lost. Many of Chicago’s greatest or most unusual restaurants are “no longer taking reservations.” But even if they’re gone, they're definitely not forgotten. From steakhouses to delis, these dining destinations attracted movie stars, fed the hungry, launched nationwide trends and launched a smorgasbord of culinary innovations. Stretching across almost two centuries of memorable service and adventurous menus, Lost Restaurants of Chicago revisits the institutions entrusted with the city's special occasions. Noted author Greg Borzo dishes out course after course of fondly remembered fare, from Maxim's to Charlie Trotter’s and Trader Vic's to the Blackhawk.

American Photo

Author :
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No Place for Children

Author : Steve Liss
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"This work of photojournalism goes inside the system to offer an intimate, often disturbing view of children's experiences in juvenile detention. Steve Liss photographed and interviewed young detainees, their parents, and detention and probation officers in Laredo, Texas. His photographs reveal that these are vulnerable children - sometimes as young as ten - coping with a detention environment that most adults would find harsh. In the accompanying text, he brings in the voices of the young people who describe their already fractured lives and fragile dreams, as well as the words of their parents and juvenile justice workers who express frustration at not having more resources with which to help these kids."--BOOK JACKET.

The New Jim Crow Study Guide and Call to Action

Author : Veterans of Hope
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Drawing from and expanding on the themes of Michelle Alexander's acclaimed best-seller, The New Jim Crow, this in-depth guide provides a launching pad for groups wishing to engage in deep, meaningful dialogue about race, racism, and structural inequality in the age of mass incarceration. The Study Guide and Call to Action spans the entirety of The New Jim Crow, engaging the critical questions of how we managed to create, nearly overnight, a penal system unprecedented in world history, and how that system actually functions - as opposed to the way it is advertised. This important new resource also challenges us to search for and admit the truth about ourselves, our own biases, stereotypes, and misconceptions, and the many ways in which we might actually be part of the problem.