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Johnny the Forgotten Babe

Author : Neil Berry
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Memories of the author about his father, Johnny, 1926-1994, player of Manchester United Football Club.

Manchester United The Biography

Author : Jim White
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75 MILLION FANS. AN ANNUAL INCOME OF MORE THAN £200 MILLION. AND A STORY THAT HAS NEVER FULLY BEEN TOLD - UNTIL NOW. 'A wonderfully entertaining history' Sunday Telegraph 'When historians 1,000 years from now try to fathom the cult of Manchester United Football Club, White will be a good place to start' Financial Times MANCHESTER UNITED: THE BIOGRAPHY contains everything a football fan needs to know about the club, from its birth in the smog-bound mud of Newton Heath to the Theatre of Dreams. From the solid yeomanry of Lancelot Holliday Richardson, through the gilded days of Law, Best and Charlton, to the dazzling artistry of Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Averio and the pursuit of a record-equaling 18th League title. Award-winning journalist and lifelong red Jim White brings the history of this extraordinary club to life - unofficial and unbiased, it is written with the passion of a true fan.

Babe Ruth

Author : Thomas Meany
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Babe the Kid

Author : Charlie Poekel
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The most famous home run in baseball history: “The go-to book for an accurate portrayal of the story” (Sports Collectors Digest). On the eve of game four of the 1926 World Series, Babe Ruth heard that a young New Jersey boy, Johnny Sylvester, was laid up with a deadly illness. Ruth autographed a ball for Johnny, inscribing it, “I’ll knock a homer for you in Wednesday’s game—Babe Ruth.” The rest was history. Ruth delivered on his promise, and Johnny made a miraculous recovery. In Babe & the Kid, author Charlie Poekel traces the story behind the sensational headlines, and follows Johnny’s remarkable life in the aftermath of Ruth’s incredible feat. Includes photos!

The Forgotten History of African American Baseball

Author : Lawrence D. Hogan
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This text gives readers the chance to experience the unique character and personalities of the African American game of baseball in the United States, starting from the time of slavery, through the Negro Leagues and integration period, and beyond. • Presents a wide variety of original materials, documents, and historic images, including a never before published certificate making Frederick Douglass an honorary member of an early Black baseball team and author-conducted personal interviews • Chronological chapter organization clearly portrays the development of Black baseball in America over a century's time • Contains a unique collection of period photographs depicting the people and sites of Black baseball • A topical bibliography points readers towards literature of Black baseball and related topics

Baseball Has Done it

Author : Jackie Robinson
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Jackie Robinson's theme is that integration in baseball has proved that Americans can live together in peaceful competition. The theme is developed with a history of Negroes in baseball. Excerpts from their lives as players are given in their own words, by Larry Doby, for instance, and by Roy Campanella. Ball club managers, prominently Branch Rickey, tell why they hired Negroes and how the barriers were broken down.

Forgotten Memories

Author : Art Rodriguez
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The author describes his life growing up in California as a member of a gang and his eventual transformation into a successful businessman.

Forgotten Children

Author : Michael W. Davis
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A Forgotten Voice

Author : Ann G. Klein
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Publisher's description: The founder of gifted education has been forgotten, even though her words of 100 years ago are still as relevant today as they were back then. Born in rural Nebraska in 1886, Dr. Leta Hollingworth (1886-1939) rose above an abusive childhood and gender prejudice to become an influential psychologist, educator, author, feminist, and advocate for gifted children. A Phi Beta Kappa graduate from the University of Nebraska, she helped form the Heterodoxy Club in New York City, joined the faculty at Columbia University, founded the first school for the gifted, and published numerous articles and books that continue to provide provocative insights into the education and special needs of gifted children and adults to this day.

The New York Yankees an Informal History

Author : Frank Graham
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The Story of Babe Ruth

Author : Lisa Eisenberg
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Examines the life, career, and personality of the famous baseball player.

Forgotten Heroes

Author : Susan Ware
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The pages of the past are full of characters who remind us that history depends upon the great deeds of men and women, whether famous or humble. Where would America be without George Washington, or Daniel Boone, or Sojourner Truth, or Babe Ruth? Where would we be without so many characters who are less well remembered today? Historians and biographers regularly come across stories of little-known or forgotten heroes, and this book provides a chance to rescue some of the best of them. In Forgotten Heroes, thirty-five of the country's leading historians recount their favorite stories of underappreciated Americans. From Stephen Jay Gould on deaf baseball player Dummy Hoy; to William Leuchtenburg on the truth behind the legendary Johnny Appleseed; to Christine Stansell on Margaret Anderson, who published James Joyce's Ulysses; these portraits can be read equally for delight, instruction, and inspiration Taken together, however, the whole is much more than the sum of its parts. Every culture needs heroes who lead by example and uplift us all in the process. Too often lately, historians have been more intent on picking apart the reputations of previously revered Americans. At times it has seemed as if the academy were on the attack against much of its own culture, denying its past greatness while making heroes only of its dissidents and doubters. Yet as this collection vividly demonstrates, heroes come in many shapes and sizes, and we all gain when we remember and celebrate them. Forgotten Heroes includes nearly as many women as men, and nearly as many people from before 1900 as after. It expands the traditional definition of hero to encompass not only military figures and politicians who took risks for great causes, but also educators, religious leaders, reformers, labor leaders, publishers, athletes, and even a man who started a record company. Many of them were heroes of conscience -- men and women who insisted on doing the right thing, no matter how unpopular or risky, commanding respect even from those who disagreed. Some were famous in their day and have since been forgotten, or remembered only in caricature. Others were little-known even when alive -- yet they all deserve to be remembered today, especially at the gifted hands of the authors of this book.

The 2002 Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards

Author : Bob Lemke
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More than 450,000 listings and 600,000 prices make this the most comprehensive price and identification guide for baseball cards ever published. Collectors can identify and evaluate virtually any baseball card and select collectibles. The alphabetical index helps users easily and quickly find specific cards.

Lefty O Doul

Author : Dennis Snelling
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From San Francisco to the Ginza in Tokyo, Lefty O'Doul relates the untold story of one of baseball's greatest hitters, most colorful characters, and the unofficial father of professional baseball in Japan. Lefty O'Doul (1897-1969) began his career on the sandlots of San Francisco and was drafted by the Yankees as a pitcher. Although an arm injury and his refusal to give up the mound clouded his first four years, he converted into an outfielder. After four Minor League seasons he returned to the Major Leagues to become one of the game's most prolific power hitters, retiring with the fourth-highest lifetime batting average in Major League history. A self-taught "scientific" hitter, O'Doul then became the game's preeminent hitting instructor, counting Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams as his top disciples. In 1931 O'Doul traveled to Japan with an All-Star team and later convinced Babe Ruth to headline a 1934 tour. By helping to establish the professional game in Japan, he paved the way for Hideo Nomo, Ichiro Suzuki, and Hideki Matsui to play in the American Major Leagues. O'Doul's finest moment came in 1949, when General Douglas MacArthur asked him to bring a baseball team to Japan, a tour that MacArthur later praised as one of the greatest diplomatic efforts in U.S. history. O'Doul became one of the most successful managers in the Pacific Coast League and was instrumental in spreading baseball's growth and popularity in Japan. He is still beloved in Japan, where in 2002 he was inducted into the Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame.


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60 Years of Recorded Jazz 1917 1977

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The Knickerbocker

Author : Charles Fenno Hoffman
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The Knickerbacker

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Saturday Review

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