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Jo Pensioner Hero Legend

Author : Visufactum Notebooks
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Great Retirement Notebook Are you looking for an outstanding retirement present? Then this great notebook is just for you. It has 100 lined pages and is suitable for many occasions at home, work (not anymore: -), and leisure. Whether on the way or at home, everyone has things to write down. A great gift idea for an anniversary or just in between for a loved one. Properties: 100 pages white lined pages Numbered pages Size 6x9 Inches Softcover matt For design variants just click on the author's name above.

Joe the Slave Who Became an Alamo Legend

Author : Ron J. Jackson
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"Among the fifty or so Texan survivors of the siege of the Alamo was Joe, the personal slave of Lt. Col. William Barret Travis. First interrogated by Santa Anna, Joe was allowed to depart (along with Susana Dickinson) and eventually made his way to the seat of the revolutionary government at Washington-on-the-Brazos. Joe was then returned to the Travis estate in Columbia, Texas, near the coast. He escaped in 1837 and was never captured. Ron J. Jackson and Lee White have meticulously researched plantation ledgers, journals, memoirs, slave narratives, ship logs, newspapers, personal letters, and court documents to fill in the gaps of Joe's story. "Joe, the Slave Who Became an Alamo Legend" provides not only a recovered biography of an individual lost to history, but also offers a fresh vantage point from which to view the events of the Texas Revolution"--

Jackson Crockett and Houston on the American Frontier

Author : Paul Williams
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[The storming of Fort Mims by Creek Indians brought to light the careers of Andrew Jackson, David Crockett and Sam Houston. These men crossed paths, and all would have their part to play over two decades later when the Alamo would be stormed during the fight for Texan independence from Mexico. President Jackson was the first head of state to recognize the fledgling Republic of Texas, Colonel Crockett added his lustre to the glorious stand at the Alamo, and General Houston, the avenging angel, won Texan independence at San Jacinto.

Tales and Legends of Westmoreland

Author : John Close
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Scottish Sporting Legends

Author : Robert Philip
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Scotland may not have won a World Cup (yet!), but many of the country’s sportsmen and women are revered as global legends, including Olympic and US Open champion Andy Murray and winner of six Olympic gold medals, Sir Chris Hoy. In football, the likes of Denis Law, ‘Slim’ Jim Baxter and Jimmy ‘Jinky’ Johnstone would not have looked out of place in the canary yellow of Brazil, while managers Sir Matt Busby, Bill Shankly and Jock Stein have become part of football folklore, as has Sir Alex Ferguson in more recent times. Amazingly, Scots have reached the top in just about every major sport: Jim Clark and Sir Jackie Stewart in Formula One; Andy Murray in tennis; Ken Buchanan and Benny Lynch in the boxing ring; Chris Hoy in cycling; sprinters Allan Wells and Eric Liddell on the Olympic track; and, as befits a nation renowned as ‘the home of golf’, Sandy Lyle was recognised as the greatest player on the planet upon winning the Masters in 1988. Scottish sport is the richest of tapestries and in Scottish Sporting Legends the cream of the crop are entertainingly profiled in a revealing collection of pen portraits of stars past and present.

History in the Media

Author : Robert Niemi
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A resource on the depiction of historical events in film, on television, and on the Internet combines the latest scholarship with reviews of specific works.

Neighbor s Home Mail

Author : J. W. Neighbor (Lieutenant)
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The Average Joe s Super Sports Almanac

Author : Steve Riach
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A Far-From-Average Sports Book for the Average Joe Go beyond the 24/7 online highlights and celebrate the hilarious humor and heartwarming heroics of the sports world in this all-star collection of trivia, quotes, and anecdotes. For example... Did You Know? The Chicago Bears were originally known as the Staleys before being moved from Decatur, Illinois. The Decatur Staleys, as the team was known, was the pride of the city that holds the motto, "The Soybean Capital of the World." Houston Astros infielder Julio Gotay played every game with a cheese sandwich in his back pocket. Others had less cheesy items in their back pockets. Pitcher Sean Burnett had a poker chip in his, while pitcher Al Holland opted for a two-dollar bill. While accepting his NBA MVP award in 2014, basketball star Kevin Durant focused his remarks on his mother, Wanda Pratt. "The odds were stacked against us, a single parent with two boys by the time you were 21 years old," Durant said. "You made us believe, you kept us off the street, put clothes on our backs, food on the table. When you didn't eat, you made sure we ate. You went to sleep hungry; you sacrificed for us. You're the real MVP." Packed with incredible facts, quirky moments, and heart-warming stories, The Average Joe's Super Sports Almanac will delight fans of all ages and makes a great gift for the sports buff in your life - whether superfan or average Joe.

East Asia Beyond the History Wars

Author : Tessa Morris-Suzuki
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East Asia is now the world’s economic powerhouse, but ghosts of history continue to trouble relations between the key countries of the region, particularly between Japan, China and the two Koreas. Unhappy legacies of Japan’s military expansion in pre-war Asia prompt on-going calls for apologies, while conflicts over ownership of cultural heritage cause friction between China and Korea, and no peace treaty has ever been signed to conclude the Korean War. For over a decade, the region’s governments and non-government groups have sought to confront the ghosts of the past by developing paths to reconciliation. Focusing particularly on popular culture and grassroots action, East Asia beyond the History Warsexplores these East Asian approaches to historical reconciliation. This book examines how Korean historians from North and South exchange ideas about national history, how Chinese film-makers reframe their views of the war with Japan, and how Japanese social activists develop grassroots reconciliation projects with counterparts from Korea and elsewhere. As the volume’s studies of museums, monuments and memorials show, East Asian public images of modern history are changing, but change is fragile and uncertain. This unfinished story of East Asia’s search for historical reconciliation has important implications for the study of popular memory worldwide. Presenting a fresh perspective on reconciliation which draws on both history and cultural studies, this book will be welcomed by students and scholars working in the fields of Asian history, Asian culture and society as well as those interested in war and memory studies more generally.

The Shamrock

Author :
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Oedipus Disfigured Myth Humanism and Hybridity in Modernist Anglo American and Post colonial Literature

Author : Bradley W. Buchanan
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The Literary World

Author :
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The Worlds of P ots n

Author : Jill Mellick
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"The inspiring story of Geronima Montoya, artist, educator, and San Juan Pueblo cultural leader, begins in northern New Mexico and culminates at the Smithsonian Art and Cultural Achievement Award ceremony in 1994. Like many other Native American children of the 1920s, Montoya became a boarding student at the Santa Fe Indian School, where assimilation to American culture was a primary goal. She discovered her love of painting while studying under Dorothy Dunn, who heavily influenced Pueblo Indian easel painting. Succeeding Dunn as the head of the controversial Studio, she later went on to obtain a college degree, create an adult education program fro the northern Pueblo villages, and found the first Native American crafts cooperative. Through this period of cultural and political change Montoya has been sustained by Pueblo and Catholic religious and ceremonial life. Shutes and Mellick tell her story in her own words, gathered from 17 years of interviews and friendship. The book is enriched by period photographs of village and school life, letters between Montoya and Dunn, and photographs of Montoya's art."--Book jacket.

The National Encyclopedia

Author : Leo de Colange
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A Commentary on the Holy Scriptures Exodus

Author : Johann Peter Lange
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Cyclopaedia of Biblical Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature

Author : John McClintock
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Social Psychology

Author : Shelley E. Taylor
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This introductory level text provides the most balanced coverage of basic topics, research and theories of any social psychology text in the market. Written from the perspective that theories and principles of social psychology are based on accumulated knowledge, it draws examples from everyday life and shows how social psychology principles are relevant to our personal experiences and to current social issues.*Emphasis on social cognition, the self, personal relationships and evolutionary psychology - Reflects current research and up-to-date theories in social psychology*The latest research findings on - Unconscious processing, mental stimulation, meta-analysis of sex differences, agression, media and politics*Increased coverage of - Motives that drive self-perception and self-regulation, cognitive approaches to prejudice and stereotyping*Includes the newest multicultural and global research throughout the text*Five part organization - Progresses from the individual processes to dyads and groups

One Hundred Choice Selections

Author : Phineas Garrett
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A Reader s Guide to William Gaddis s The Recognitions

Author : Steven Moore
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The Critic

Author :
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