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Jewish Philosophy and the Academy

Author : International Center for University Teaching of Jewish Civilization
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"Jewish Philosophy and the Academy reflects in broad terms on the current state of Jewish philosophy in the university. This generation of university teachers lives at a unique historic junction. It is the last to be taught by the giants of European Wissenschaft des Judentums and the first to experience the remarkable expansion of Judaic scholarship in Israel and abroad." "Emil Fackenheim suggests that if we are indebted to Athens for the philosophical method, we are also indebted to Jerusalem for the ethical content of philosophy, which is both an intellectual and a moral challenge. This dual challenge shapes the diverse papers in this volume."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Jewish Philosophy for the Twenty First Century

Author : Hava Tirosh-Samuelson
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Jewish Philosophy for the Twenty-First Century showcases living Jewish thinkers who produce innovative ideas taking into consideration theology, hermeneutics, politics, ethics, science and technology, law, gender, and ecology.

New Directions in Jewish Philosophy

Author : Aaron W. Hughes
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Breaking with strictly historical or textual perspectives, this book explores Jewish philosophy as philosophy. Often regarded as too technical for Judaic studies and too religious for philosophy departments, Jewish philosophy has had an ambiguous position in the academy. These provocative essays propose new models for the study of Jewish philosophy that embrace wider intellectual arenas—including linguistics, poetics, aesthetics, and visual culture—as a path toward understanding the particular philosophic concerns of Judaism. As they reread classic Jewish texts, the essays articulate a new set of questions and demonstrate the vitality and originality of Jewish philosophy.

The Future of Jewish Philosophy

Author : Hava Tirosh-Samuelson
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This anthology reflects on the future of Jewish philosophy in light of the Library of Contemporary Jewish Philosophers (Brill, 2013-2018). The essays assess the academic contribution and cultural importance of Jewish philosophy and offer paths for its future growth.

Jews in American Academy 1900 1940

Author : Susanne Klingenstein
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This work examines how the philosophy and literature departments of Ivy League colleges in the early 20th century gradually accepted Jewish men, and how this integration transformed the thinking of these Jewish professors, many of whom had been raised in Orthodox homes.

Teaching Jewish Civilization

Author : Moshe Davis
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This volume addresses the challenge of developing courses of study about Jewish civilization appropriate for many parts of the world at the same time. The more than 60 selections by world scholars associated with the International Center for University Teaching of Jewish Civilization cover a broad range of conceptual, historical, thematic, pedagogic, and administrative areas and deal with the basic issues which confront university teaching of Jewish civilizations.

Proceedings of the Academy for Jewish Philosophy

Author : Academy for Jewish Philosophy (U.S.). Meeting
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The Academy and Traditions of Jewish Learning

Author : Jacob Neusner
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History of Jewish Philosophy

Author : Daniel Frank
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Jewish philosophy is often presented as an addendum to Jewish religion rather than as a rich and varied tradition in its own right, but the History of Jewish Philosophy explores the entire scope and variety of Jewish philosophy from philosophical interpretations of the Bible right up to contemporary Jewish feminist and postmodernist thought. The links between Jewish philosophy and its wider cultural context are stressed, building up a comprehensive and historically sensitive view of Jewish philosophy and its place in the development of philosophy as a whole. Includes: · Detailed discussions of the most important Jewish philosophers and philosophical movements · Descriptions of the social and cultural contexts in which Jewish philosophical thought developed throughout the centuries · Contributions by 35 leading scholars in the field, from Britain, Canada, Israel and the US · Detailed and extensive bibliographies

The Life and Thought of Hans Jonas

Author : Christian Wiese
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An analysis of the Jewish background of an eminent philosopher

Historicism the Holocaust and Zionism

Author : Steven T. Katz
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"[Of] the 12 well-crafted essays in this volume...the most useful are those dealing with the Holocaust." —Choice "Especially recommended for college-level students of Jewish history and culture." —The Bookwatch This is a critical exploration of the most repercussive topics in modern Jewish history and thought. A sequel to Katz's National Jewish Book Award-winning study, Post-Holocaust Dialogues, this book identifies the main issues in the contemporary Jewish intellectual universe and outlines a larger, more synthetic understanding of contemporary Jewish existence.

Encyclopedia of Medieval Philosophy

Author : Henrik Lagerlund
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This is the first reference ever devoted to medieval philosophy. It covers all areas of the field from 500-1500 including philosophers, philosophies, key terms and concepts. It also provides analyses of particular theories plus cultural and social contexts.

Women and Gender in Jewish Philosophy

Author : Hava Tirosh-Samuelson
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Proceedings of a conference held Feb. 25-26, 2001 at Arizona State University.

Judaism in Contemporary Thought

Author : Agata Bielik-Robson
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The central aim of this collection is to trace the presence of Jewish tradition in contemporary philosophy. This presence is, on the one hand, undeniable, manifesting itself in manifold allusions and influences – on the other hand, difficult to define, rarely referring to openly revealed Judaic sources. Following the recent tradition of Lévinas and Derrida, this book tentatively refers to this mode of presence in terms of "traces of Judaism" and the contributors grapple with the following questions: What are these traces and how can we track them down? Is there such a thing as "Jewish difference" that truly makes a difference in philosophy? And if so, how can we define it? The additional working hypothesis, accepted by some and challenged by other contributors, is that Jewish thought draws, explicitly or implicitly, on three main concepts of Jewish theology, creation, revelation and redemption. If this is the case, then the specificity of the Jewish contribution to modern philosophy and the theoretical humanities should be found in – sometimes open, sometimes hidden – fidelity to these three categories. Offering a new understanding of the relationship between philosophy and theology, this book is an important contribution to the fields of Theology, Philosophy and Jewish Studies.

The Cambridge Companion to Modern Jewish Philosophy

Author : Michael L. Morgan
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Modern Jewish philosophy emerged in the seventeenth century, with the impact of the new science and modern philosophy on thinkers who were reflecting upon the nature of Judaism and Jewish life. This collection of essays examines the work of several of the most important of these figures, from the seventeenth to the late-twentieth centuries, and addresses themes central to the tradition of modern Jewish philosophy: language and revelation, autonomy and authority, the problem of evil, messianism, the influence of Kant, and feminism. Included are essays on Spinoza, Mendelssohn, Cohen, Buber, Rosenzweig, Fackenheim, Soloveitchik, Strauss, and Levinas. Other thinkers discussed include Maimon, Benjamin, Derrida, Scholem, and Arendt. The sixteen original essays are written by a world-renowned group of scholars especially for this volume and give a broad and rich picture of the tradition of modern Jewish philosophy over a period of four centuries.

The Cambridge Companion to Medieval Jewish Philosophy

Author : Daniel H. Frank
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The Academy

Author :
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Hebrew Scholasticism in the Fifteenth Century

Author : Mauro Zonta
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Thus, in fifteenth century Italy and Spain there came into being what we may call a "Hebrew Scholasticism": Jewish authors composed philosophical treatises in which they discussed the same questions and used the same methods as contemporary Christian Schoolmen. These thinkers were not simply influenced by Scholasticism: they were real Schoolmen who tried to participate (in a different language) in the philosophical debate of contemporary Europe. A history of "Hebrew Scholasticism" in the fifteenth century is yet to be written. Most of the sources themselves remain unpublished, and their contents and relationship to Latin sources have not yet been studied in detail. What is needed is to present, edit, translate and comment on some of the most significant texts of "Hebrew Scholasticism", so that scholars can attain a more precise idea of its extent and character. This book aims to respond to this need.

The German Jewish Dialogue

Author : Ritchie Robertson
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'I love the German character more than anything else in the world, and my breast is an archive of German song' So wrote Heinrich Heine in 1824, adding: 'It is likely that my Muse gave her German dress something of a foreign cut from annoyance with the German character'. Here Heine sums up the ambivalent emotions of Jews who felt at home in German culture and yet, even in the age of emancipation, foundGermany less than welcoming. This anthology illustrates the history of Jews in Germany from the eighteenth century, when it was first proposed to give Jews civil rights, to the 1990's and the problems of living after the Holocaust. The texts include short stories, plays, poems, essays, letters anddiary entries, all chosen for their literary merit as well as the light they shed on the relations between Jews in Germany and Austria and their Gentile fellow-citizens. Ritchie Robertson's lucid introduction provides the necessary historical context and his translations make available in Englishin some cases for the first time - both Jewish writers on various aspects of Jewish experience and responses of Gentile writers to the Jews in their midst. Each is introduced by a short illuminating preface.

History of Modern Jewish Religious Philosophy

Author : Eliezer Schweid
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A comprehensive, interdisciplinary account of modern Jewish thought, Volume 2 (of 5) covers the major thinkers of the nineteenth-century German-Jewish religious movements and the east-European Haskalah, with extensive primary source excerpts.