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Gemstone Settings

Author : Anastasia Young
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Gemstone Settings is the most in-depth, technical guide to stone setting. Jewelry makers will enjoy an encyclopedic overview, which features an extensive summary of stone-setting and techniques for creating beautiful gemstone jewelry, from basic bezels and prongs to pave, carre, clusters, and numerous others--including cold joins, precious metal clay, settings for fragile stones, and settings that allow the stones to move. You'll also discover detailed information about stones and metals--including their suitability, gorgeous photos and illustrations for visual support, what makes a design wearable and durable, and detailed information on pre-made versus handmade settings. Step by step, learn how to set your most beloved precious, semiprecious, and organic stones with projects that range from elegant diamond masterpieces to earthy pearl or coral everyday favorites.

Jewelry Making for Beginners

Author : Joe Freon
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Format : PDF
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The descriptions of materials and easy procedure for a different techniques in this book will you in making earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more in no time. This book guides you through the basics for a different mediums and methods of jewelry, from bead stringing and wirework to chain making, metalwork, resin, and more. to skills you'll use often as you continue to learn about and explore jewelry making.With Jewelry Making for beginners you'll soon be creating your own amazing jewelry designs with confidence.

Resin Jewelry Making for Beginners

Author : Kumar Mullangi
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Are you a resin jewelry making beginner? Don't mix resin until you read this first! Okay. That sounds a little dramatic, so let me back up a bit. I get a lot of really good questions from aspiring beginner resin jewelry makers and crafters worldwide. Many of those questions involve how to make something. For example, here is a recent question from a Resin Obsession fan: I've got this idea for a resin ring I was hoping you could help me with. I want to do it in multiple colors. I'm not sure exactly what the ring will look like, but how do I make a mold for it? And what kind of resin should I use for the ring? Oh, and by the way, I have never made anything with resin before. Do you have any tips you can share? Thanks in advance for your help. I love the ambition and big picture ideas here. I really do. But unfortunately, this is the proverbial 'train wreck' looking to set up shop in your crafting room. Resin can be such a fussy beast for even the most experienced resin crafters. This person has envisioned a project that would take several days to develop and several more days to finish. (and that's assuming everything goes as well as possible) Put another way - imagine that your cousin has announced that she's cooking the next big holiday meal for your extended family of 23 people. And she has never so much as boiled water for an egg. I think you get my concern here. Let's explore in this book!

Complete Guide to Making Wire Jewelry

Author :
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Readers will learn to make wire jewelry like pros with this collection of more than 20 projects from the pages of Art Jewelry magazine. Readers can learn basic wireworking tools and techniques and practice skills including coiling, wire weaving, chain mail, wrapping, and making cold connections to create necklaces, rings, bracelets, and more. A great book for jewelry makers of all skill levels.

Metal Clay for Jewelry Makers

Author : Sue Heaser
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Format : PDF, Docs
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Experience metal clay like never before. Going far beyond most other metal clay books currently available, Metal Clay for Jewelry Makers covers basics and much more. Inside, you'll explore a range of techniques including forming hinges and beads; working with paper clay; adding gemstones, glass, and ceramics; and syringing, burnishing, texturing, and using patinas. You'll discover stunningly showcased silver and base metal clays perfected in soft clay, paper, and paste forms. Sue also covers the materials that are often used in conjunction with metal clay, including embellishments, stones, and findings. After covering materials, Sue dives right into techniques, from the basics to specific advanced techniques. She explores the use of additional materials as well--applying resin, mounting stones, enameling, engraving and more. A section on zero waste--how to conserve and reuse expensive metal clay remnants--completes the how-to section. Packed with more than 500 photographs, this book will give you a clear guide to both the process and end product or effect. While no projects are in the book, finished projects with tips and techniques are spread throughout and provide inspiration for you to explore metal clay and to use your newfound jewelry-making skills with this innovative material, often dubbed "magical clay."

Silversmithing for Jewelry Makers

Author : Veronica Lee
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Silversmithing For Jewelry Makers: Are You Ready To Learn ALL About Silversmithing? If So You've Come To The Right Place...No experience with silver, smithing or jewelery? No worries!This book is suited to the absolute beginner that's looking to get started with Silversmithing whether this be for your own enjoyment and a sense of self-accomplishment or perhaps even to make some extra cash as a side business... the choice is yours!Here's A Preview Of What This Book Contains...-An Introduction To Silversmithing-The Fundamentals of Silver-The Qualities of Silver-Basic Silversmithing Techniques-Basic Silversmithing Tools-Silversmithing and the Process of Soldering-Silversmithing and Melting of Silver-The Working of Silver-Silversmithing and Enriching Silver Surfaces-And Much, Much More!Purchase Your Copy Now And Get Started Now!

The Complete Jewellery Maker

Author : Jinks McGrath
File Size : 31.37 MB
Format : PDF
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The Absolute Beginners Guide Jewelry Making with Resin

Author : Theresa Abelew
File Size : 43.74 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Jewelry makers interested in resin can find poured pendant projects anywhere. Theresa D. Abelew, former Assistant Editor of Art Jewelry magazine, offers jewelry makers — even beginners — new ways to use this versatile material in unique, striking jewelry. The Absolute Beginners Guide: Jewelry Making with Resin offers 20 projects that go beyond simple pouring. Jewelry makers will learn to fold and form resin into lightweight and dramatic cuffs ... layer colored resin into dimensional pendants ... embed bits of wood, metal, or wire into unusual rings ... and much more. Each project includes clear and easy-to-follow instructions with step-by-step color photographs — perfect for beginners new to the material. The focus is on the resin elements, but instructions and suggestions are included to complete each necklace, bracelet, ring, earring, and cuff. The techniques are simple enough for beginners to master ... the results sophisticated enough to wear anywhere.

Wire Wrap Jewelry Making

Author : Chloe Ethan
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In simple terms, wire wrapping is taking wire and wrapping it around itself and/or beads and other components to create jewelry. Wire wrapping can be used to make a loop for joining different components together, such as when creating a wrapped wire loop or wrapping a pendant. Through wire wrapping, you can also secure beads to a form, or even attach non bead items such as wire wrapping rhinestone cup chain onto a bangle. When wrapped, curved, bent and manipulated, the wire itself can become the structure and foundation of your piece or act as a design detail. Wire wrapping lets you create custom shapes and angles, and gives you more ways to use different components together. These techniques can incorporate anything from gemstone beads, gemstones cabochons to charms and just pure wire work.In this book, I will be giving out everything you need to make great wire wrap jewelry projects. You will learn about the tools, materials, designs, patterns and techniques, tips to access different areas of wire wrapping and is accessible to all levels of jewelry makers.This book contains everything you need to know about making awesome wire wrap jewelries like rings, bangles, bracelets, earrings etc. GET YOUR COPY NOW!!! by clicking the "buy now" button and become a pro in making awesome wire wrapped jewelries.

The Complete Guide to Making Wire Jewelry

Author : Wing Mun Devenney
File Size : 36.59 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A professional jewelry designer and teacher offers design ideas, instruction on the use of jigs, mandrels, and spiral makers, repetitive patterns for jewelry chains and sets, step-by-step guidance for 12 projects, including earrings, bangles, bracelets, necklaces, and much more.

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Making Metal Jewelry

Author : Nancy Lee
File Size : 35.23 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Making Metal Jewelry gives readers more than 125 step-by-step instructions and 200 fully illustrated color photos, for various metal jewelry making techniques, including soldering, smithing, stamping, hammering, riveting, and wiring. Readers learn how to work with easily obtainable but beautiful metals to make unique pieces. In this book, readers learn about: - Setting up an organized, efficient, inexpensive, and safe workspace. - Buying the right tools for what they want to accomplish. - The fundamental concepts of working with metal. - Key fabrication techniques such as moving, piercing, smoothing, and joining. - How to add embellishments such as gems and found objects. - Adding surface textures and colors. - Attaching chains and mechanisms and finishing a piece to perfection. - Designing and executing truly unique pieces. Along the way, special sidebars give readers alternate methods for accomplishing various techniques, tear-free ways to correct common mistakes, safety warnings, and more. The book also includes a dozen original project ideas, with access to more projects and video instruction online.

The Complete Photo Guide to Jewelry Making

Author : Tammy Powley
File Size : 78.20 MB
Format : PDF
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This book is a comprehensive how-to book about all aspects of jewelry making. It serves as a reference and technique guide for .all the common methods and styles of jewelry: beaded jewelry, wire, crystals and gems, polymer clay, PMC. The organization provides easy access to information with step-by-step directions and 600 full-color photos for clear understanding. Easy projects allow the reader to try the techniques in each section. Galleries of jewelry by a various artists offer the reader examples and inspiration to pursue the hobby for themselves.

Jewelry Making For Beginners

Author : Roland Alain
File Size : 88.52 MB
Format : PDF
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This accessible book-the first of its kind-offers concise explanations of key jewelry terms. The fascination with personal adornment is universal. It is a preoccupation that is primal, instinctive, and uniquely human. Jewelry encompasses a seemingly endless number of ornaments produced across time and in all cultures. The range of materials and techniques used in its construction is extraordinary, even revolutionary, with new substances and methods of fabrication added with every generation. In any given society, master artisans have devoted their time, energy, and talent to the fine art of jewelry making, creating some of the most spectacular objects known to humankind. This volume, geared toward jewelry makers, scholars, scientists, students, and fashionistas alike, begins with a lively introduction that offers a cultural history of jewelry and its production. The main text provides information on the most common, iconic, and culturally significant forms of jewelry and also covers materials, techniques, and manufacturing processes. Containing more than eighty color illustrations, this guide will be invaluable to all those wishing to increase their understanding and enjoyment of the art of jewelry.

Making Designer Bead Wire Jewelry

Author : Tammy Powley
File Size : 65.24 MB
Format : PDF
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Jewelry making is one of the most popular craft trends, and its audience continues to grow. Few jewelry books on the market emphasize the importance of the design relationship between beads, wire, and jewelry findingsùthe ônuts and boltsö of any piece. This book will show not only how to design and build your own spectacular jewelry out of beads and wire but how to design and create your own findings as well. Most jewelry making books are geared for the beginner and provide little information for intermediate to advanced jewelry makers. Making Designer Bead and Wire Jewelry contains illustrated how-to techniques, full-color project photos, project instructions, and numerous tips that enhance the styles and skills presented. Intermediate and advanced jewelry makers will learn new techniques for creating signature elements for their designs, while beginners will get a handle on honing their skills.

Silversmithing for Jewelry Makers

Author : Elizabeth Bone
File Size : 74.77 MB
Format : PDF
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Your expert techniques with a silver lining! A comprehensive guide, Silversmithing for Jewelry Makers details techniques, surface treatments, and innovations specifically designed for all jewelry makers working in silver, and especially focuses on the needs and interests relevant to metal-jewelry artisans. Explore basic skills as well as specialist techniques, including filigree, chasing, annealing, engraving, etching, casting, and much more. Plus, profiles of contemporary practitioners are included in every section, along with galleries illustrating a range of beautifully crafted finished works. The handy resource section also features a how-to for selling jewelry in the contemporary accessories market. Experienced jewelry makers interested in either exploring silver for the first time or taking their silver jewelry to the next level will love this harmonious marriage between expert silversmithing advice and a jewelry artisan sensibility.

Silversmithing for Jewellery Makers

Author : Elizabeth Bone
File Size : 89.55 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This authoritative and lusciously illustrated book offers a comprehensive and inspirational insight into the art and craft of silver jewellery making for today's artisan.

Mostly Metals

Author : Karin Buckingham
File Size : 51.53 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Move beyond simple stringing! Graduate to using wire, chain, and jump rings and learn the fundamentals of making great jewelry, one step at a time, with the focus on shiny gold, silver, and copper wire, findings, and beads. Featured are the building blocks of design: plain loops, wrapped loops, jump rings, chain, and spacers, along with projects that reinforce these basic techniques.

The Art of Leather Braiding

Author : Roy Luo
File Size : 49.11 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Using classic three-string and four-string braid designs, decorative knots, and store-bought findings to finish the pieces, you will create rings, bracelets, necklaces, accessories, and more. Start today and create desirable pieces while learning simple techniques that are quick to master.

Wire Wrap Jewelry

Author : Katty Dennis
File Size : 80.88 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Wire wrapping is a popular jewelry making technique that opens doors to a whole array of beautiful jewelry designs without the need for lots of tools. These techniques can incorporate anything from gemstone beads, gemstones cabochons to charms and just pure wire work. In this book, I will be giving out tips, advice and techniques in different areas of wire wrapping and are accessible to all levels of jewelry makers.This book contains everything you need to know about making awesome wire wrap jewelries like rings, bangles, bracelets, earrings etc. GET YOUR COPY NOW!!! by clicking the "buy now" button and gain mastery in the art of making wire wrapped jewelries.

Jewelry Techniques

Author : Anastasia Young
File Size : 62.96 MB
Format : PDF
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With more than four hundred color illustrations, this helpful instructional guide provides tips and tricks for making an array of jewelry from a diverse collection of materials, including plastic, glass, concrete, precious metal, and porcelain.