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Jewelry International

Author : Tourbillon International
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GOLD & SILVERSMITHING. The glamour and excitement of the world of Haute Jewelry is beautifully explored in the fourth edition of Jewelry International. The series brings together the world's most famous jewel;ers, presenting their most luscious pieces for your delectation. Jewelry International, the only series of its kind, features the world's most exquisite jewels and the companies that craft them. The most fabulous names in the world of Haute Jewelry, such as Andreoli, Arunashi, Assael, Bayco, Bulgari, Cartier, Cora, Daniella Kronfle, David Webb, de Grisogono, Dior Joaillerie, Gumuchian, Jacob and Co., Jewels Emporium, Ralph Lauren, and Zorab, will each have their own chapters, focusing on the history and significant pieces of each House.

International Trade and Business Law Review

Author : Gabriel Moens
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The International Trade and Business Law Review publishes leading articles, comments and case notes, as well as book reviews dealing with international trade and business law, arbitration law, foreign law and comparative law. It provides the legal and business communities with information, knowledge and understanding of recent developments in international trade, business and international commercial arbitration. The Review contributes in a scholarly way to the discussion of these developments while being informative and having practical relevance to business people and lawyers. It also devotes a section to the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot and publishes the memoranda prepared by teams coached by Professor Gabriël A. Moens. The Review is edited at the Murdoch University School of Law in Perth, Australia. The Editors-in-Chief are Mr Roger Jones, Partner, Latham & Watkins LLP, Chicago and Gabriël A. Moens, Dean and Professor of Law, Murdoch Law School. It is an internationally-refereed journal. The Review is supervised by an international board of editors that consists of leading international trade law practitioners and academics from the European Union, the United States, Asia and Australia. The Student Editors for Volume XI are Adam Totaro and Peter Clay from the Murdoch Law School.

World Music Pedagogy Volume V Choral Music Education

Author : Sarah J. Bartolome
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World Music Pedagogy, Volume V: Choral Music Education explores specific applications of the World Music Pedagogy process to choral music education in elementary, middle, and high school contexts, as well as within community settings. The text provides clear and accessible information to help choral music educators select, rehearse, and perform a diverse global repertoire. It also guides directors in creating a rich cultural context for learners, emphasizing listening, moving, and playing activities as meaningful music-making experiences. Commentary on quality, commercially available world music repertoire bridges the gap between the philosophy of World Music Pedagogy and the realities of the performance-based choral classroom. All chapters open with a series of vignettes that illuminate the variety of possibilities within multiple K-12 contexts, providing the reader with a sense of how the ideas presented might look "on the ground." Ready-to-integrate activities serve as concrete and pedagogically sound examples to guide directors as they develop their own instructional materials according to the needs of their choir. Content features choral and vocal music-making traditions from South and West Africa; Latin America; Southeast, East, and South Asia; the Pacific Islands; Australia; New Zealand; Scandinavia; and the Baltics.

American International Law Cases Fourth Series

Author : Oceana Editorial Board
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AILC is an annual case law reporter that provides the full text of U.S. court opinions involving international law issues. The courts covered include all U.S. federal district courts, federal appellate courts, and the U.S. Supreme Court, as well as some state courts, the U.S. Court of Claims,the U.S. Court of International Trade, and the U.S. Tax Court. The series seeks to provide not every single case in which a court refers to international law but rather all cases that analyze at least one international law issue in depth. The list of subjects addressed by these volumes is vast and changes from year to year, with the inclusion and prominence of most topics turning on their prevalence in a given year's jurisprudence. Some consistently prominent topics are personal jurisdiction over foreign defendants, deportationprocedure, and double taxation. Over the last three editions (2006, 2007, and 2008), many topics have developed rapidly and constitute a correspondingly larger portion of the volumes, particularly Terrorism, the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, Forum Non Conveniens, and an entirely new, addedtopic: the National Security Exception (to deportation eligibility). The 2008 edition of AILC also features expanded sections on family law and on the detention of terrorist suspects. The U.S. war on terror and the crisis at Guantanamo have made that last topic a significant and dynamic component ofAILC. Each edition of AILC also comes framed with two practical resources for students and scholars. The first is an introductory editor's note that both reviews international law's major developments for the given year and explains to readers how to use the volumes. The second is a subjectindex to allow for targeted research. Volume Two of AILC consists of cases concerning territories, trusteeships, boundaries and navigable waters, covering marine torts and crimes and death on the high seas by wrongful act. Also covered are procedural aspects, including in personam jurisdiction, extraterritoriality, and forum selectionclauses. In Atlantic Sounding Co., Inc. v. Edgar L. Townsend, the issue was whether an injured seaman may recover punitive damages for his employer's willful failure to pay maintenance and cure. The court ruled that punitive damages were available as a matter of general maritime law. The issue inJose Marcial Reyes-Fuentes, et al., v. Shannon Produce Farm, Inc., et al. was whether the Fair Labor Standards Act's (FLSA) provision provides a cause of action to foreign workers located abroad who are denied re-hire in retaliation for exercising their rights under the FLSA. The court ruled thatneither the FLSA nor general extraterritoriality principles stand in the way of the plaintiffs' retaliation claim.

Israel Consumer Goods Export Import Directory Volume 1 Textile Clothing Jewelry

Author : IBP USA
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2011 Updated Reprint. Updated Annually. Israel Consumer Goods Export-Import Directory (Arts & Crafts Footwear Furniture Cosmetics Toys))

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia Volume III

Author : Geoffrey W. Bromiley
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This is Volume III of an encyclopedia representing the scholarship of hundreds of evangelical contributors who have prepared articles on virtually every person, place, and term mentioned in the Bible. The encyclopedia is based on the Revised Standard Version, but contains cross-reference entries making it easy for readers of other versions to utilize it.

United States Court of International Trade Reports

Author : United States. Court of International Trade
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International Law Reports Volume 22

Author : H. Lauterpacht
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Minerals Yearbook 2008 V 3 Area Reports International Africa and the Middle East

Author :
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NOTE: NO FURTHER DICOUNT FOR THIS PRINT PRODUCT --OVERSTOCK LIST PRICE -- Significantly reduced list price Provides an annual review of mineral production and trade and of mineral-related government and industry developments in Africa and the Middle East. Each report includes sections on government policies and programs, environmental issues, trade and production data, industry structure and ownership, commodity sector developments, infrastructure, and a summary outlook. Investors, commodity traders, business executives, and sturdents in comparative government and statistical classes may be interested in this volume. Other printed volumes in the Minerals Yearbook series can be found here:

Castellani and Italian Archaeological Jewelry

Author : Susan Weber Soros
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During the nineteenth century in Rome, three generations of the Castellani family created what they called “Italian archaeological jewelry,” which was inspired by the precious Etruscan, Roman, Greek, and Byzantine antiquities being excavated at the time. The Castellani jewelry consisted of finely wrought gold that was often combined with delicate and colorful mosaics, carved gemstones, or enamel. This magnificent book is the first to display and discuss the jewelry and the family behind it. International scholars discuss the life and work of the Castellani, revealing the wide-ranging aspects of the family’s artistic and cultural activities. They describe the making and marketing of the jewelry, the survey collection of all periods of Italian jewelry on display in the Castellani’s palatial store, and the Castellani’s activities in the trade of antiquities, as they sponsored excavations, and restored, dealt, and exhibited antiques. They also recount the family’s involvement in the cultural and political life of their city and country.

International Law Reports Volume 81

Author : E. Lauterpacht
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Advances in Ergonomics in Design

Author : Francisco Rebelo
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This book provides readers with a timely snapshot of ergonomics research and methods applied to the design, development and prototyping – as well as the evaluation, training and manufacturing – of products, systems and services. Combining theoretical contributions, case studies, and reports on technical interventions, it covers a wide range of topics in ergonomic design including: ecological design; cultural and ethical aspects in design; Interface design, user involvement and human–computer interaction in design; as well as design for accessibility and many others. The book particularly focuses on new technologies such as virtual reality, state-of-the-art methodologies in information design, and human–computer interfaces. Based on the AHFE 2019 International Conference on Ergonomics in Design, held on July 24-28, 2019, Washington D.C., USA, the book offers a timely guide for both researchers and design practitioners, including industrial designers, human–computer interaction and user experience researchers, production engineers and applied psychologists.

International Law Reports Volume 75

Author : E. Lauterpacht
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The Grove Encyclopedia of Islamic Art and Architecture

Author : Jonathan Bloom
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Oxford University Press is proud to present the most up-to-date and comprehensive encyclopedia in this field. In three illustrated volumes with more than 1,500 entries, the Encyclopedia deals with all aspects of this important area of study, ranging from the Middle East to Central Asia to Southeast Asia and Africa as well as Europe and North America. The Grove Encyclopedia of Islamic Art and Architecture covers all subject areas including: artists, ruler, writers, architecture, ceramics, sculpture, painting, calligraphy, coins, textiles, and much more. The Encyclopedia offers fully-updated articles and bibliographies that draw upon the expansive scholarship of The Dictionary of Art, as well as more than 500 plans, maps, diagrams, illustrations, and color plates. This exciting reference work is accessible to scholars, students, and general readers, making it a reliable and essential resource covering this topic of burgeoning importance in world history and the visual arts.

Bibliography of Art and Architecture in the Islamic World 2 Vol Set

Author : Susan Sinclair
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Following the tradition and style of the acclaimed Index Islamicus, the editors have created this new Bibliography of Art and Architecture in the Islamic World. The editors have surveyed and annotated a wide range of books and articles from collected volumes and journals published in all European languages (except Turkish) between 1906 and 2011. This comprehensive bibliography is an indispensable tool for everyone involved in the study of material culture in Muslim societies.

Dispute Settlement Reports 1999 Volume 5 Pages 1797 2094

Author : World Trade Organization
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The authorized, paginated WTO Dispute Settlement Reports in English: cases for 1999.


Author : Laura Taalman
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Taalman and Kohn's Calculus offers a streamlined, structured exposition of calculus combining the clarity of classic textbooks with a modern perspective on concepts, skills, applications, and theory. Its uncluttered design eliminates sidebars, historical biographies, and asides to keep students focused on important foundational concepts.

Tanishq Managing Turnaround

Author : Palakh Jain
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The Tanishq brand belongs to the Tata group, and true to the group's policy, the brand aims at bringing in credibility and professionalism to the jewelry industry. Today, Tanishq is recognized as a path-breaking effort that has earned a reputation for trust and excellence. It is credited for introducing pioneering concepts in an industry where tradition once ruled. But it wasnt such a happy story all along. Launched in 1996, Tanishq had to face several challenges concerning value proposition and positioning in the retail market and had incurred losses for three consecutive years. This book aims to study what went wrong in Tanishqs entry strategy and how Tanishq has managed to turn itself around into a profit-making entity.

Report of the Commissioner general for the United States to the International Universal Exposition Paris 1900 February 28 1901

Author : United States. Commission to the Paris Exposition
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International Criminal Law Volume 1 Sources Subjects and Contents

Author : M. Cherif Bassiouni
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Volume 1 deals with international crimes. It contains several significant contributions on the theoretical and doctrinal aspects of ICL which precede the five chapters addressing some of the major categories of international crimes. The first two chapters address: the sources and subjects of ICL and its substantive contents. The other five chapters address: Chapter 3: The Crime Against Peace and Aggression (The Crime Against Peace and Aggression: From its Origins to the ICC; The Crime of Aggression and the International Criminal Court); Chapter 4: War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity & Genocide (Introduction to International Humanitarian Law; Penal Aspects of International Humanitarian Law; Non-International Armed Conflict and Guerilla Warfare; Mercenarism and Contracted Military Services; Customary International Law and Weapons Control; Genocide; Crimes Against Humanity; Overlaps, Gaps, and Ambiguities in Contemporary International Humanitarian Law, Genocide, and Crimes Against Humanity); Chapter 5: Crimes Against Fundamental Human Rights (Slavery, Slave-Related Practices, and Trafficking in Persons; Apartheid; International Prohibition of Torture; The Practice of Torture in the United States: September 11, 2001 to Present); Chapter 6: Crimes of Terror-Violence (International Terrorism; Kidnapping and Hostage Taking; Terrorism Financing; Piracy; International Maritime Navigation and Installations on the High Seas; International Civil Aviation); Chapter 7: Crimes Against Social Interest (International Control of Drugs; Challenges in the Development of International Criminal Law: The Negotiations of the United Nations Convention Against Transnational Organized Crime and the United Nations Convention Against Corruption; Transnational Organized Crime; Corruption of Foreign Public Officials; International Criminal Protection of Cultural Property; Criminalization of Environmental Protection).