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Jewelry Gems for Self discovery

Author : Shakti Carola Navran
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Have you ever fallen in love with a ring or necklace? Perhaps there's a reason! Gems and crystals have metaphysical and healing qualities that can support you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This innovative guide will help you choose a piece of jewelry ideal for your unique life path. Diamonds enhance your creativity. Rubies teach us about love. Opals fuel intuition and offer healing. Which stones are right for you? Shakti Carola Navran offers a thorough introduction to astrology to help you identify the challenges and spiritual needs evident in your birth chart. A detailed list of sixty-four gems and crystals—with full-color photos of polished stones and finished jewelry—makes it easy to find the minerals that can balance these conflicting energies. You'll learn how to "program" your stone with joy, peace of mind, self-confidence, or any other quality. There's also helpful information for choosing the form (ring, earrings, or necklace), selecting the metal setting, and incorporating symbols into your unique piece of jewelry.

Jewelry Gems The Buying Guide 7th Edition

Author :
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Jewelry and Gems

Author : Antoinette Leonard Matlins
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To help you avoid the pitfalls and keep the magic, two internationally respected experts on buying gems and jewelry put their inside knowledge to work for you in this easy-to-read, easy-to-use guide. It is filled with practical advice and is designed to make it easy for you to have all the information you need to buy gems and jewelry with ...

Jewelry Gems The Buying Guide

Author : Antoinette Matlins
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to this edition In working with my own clients to acquire gemstones and jewelry since this book was first published in 1984, they have pointed out that most people buy "jewelry" and not "gemstones." Because the book offers so much practical advice and money-saving tips about buying jewelry, they urged me to change the title. So, in this edition The Complete Guide to Buying Gems has been changed to Jewelry & Gems: The Buying Guide. Consumer and professional response to the book has been very gratifying. Almost 14,000 hardcover copies are in circulation. We have received hundreds of letters, phone calls and in-person comments about the helpfulness and interesting information it provides. We thank you for encouraging us to make the book more widely available by bringing out this softcover edition. We have taken the opportunity of this softcover edition to update the price guides for diamonds and colored gemstones and, in light of the increase in both the popularity and price of pearls, to add a price guide for them in the "Guide to Popular Gems and Their Prices." Also, we want to take this opportunity to comment further on gem invest ment, taking into account major developments since the original manuscript was written in 1980.

Jewelry Gems at Auction

Author : Antoinette Matlins
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Everything you need to know before you buy--or sell--gems and jewelry at auction. A source of expert guidance to help you enter today's fastest-growing marketplace for gems and jewelry. This definitive guide to buying and selling at auction covers both the unique risks and opportunities to be found--how to make a profit on yesterday's treasures or find a valuable treasure of your own. Entertaining, informative and packed with tips from an "insider," this practical, easy-to-understand guide makes available--for the first time--detailed information on: What distinguishes auction buying and selling from other methods How to buy and sell at auction: The rules of the game What you need to know before bidding on: - Diamonds - Colored gemstones - Pearls - Gold and platinum Design and style: Great jewelry periods and great jewelers Special concerns when buying and selling on Internet auction sites How to avoid the pitfalls when buying and selling at auction What auctions do guarantee, and how to protect yourself against what they don't ... and much more. With comprehensive price charts and auction results, as well as resource information on auction houses and websites, Jewelry & Gems at Auction is a book no potential auction buyer or seller can afford to be without.

5000 Years of Gems and Jewelry

Author : Frances Rogers
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Gems Jewels Treasures

Author : Stephen Spignesi
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An original, full-color identification and style guide to popular gemstones, precious metals, diamonds, and pearls, Gems, Jewels And Treasures is the first book endorsed by the Gemological Institute of America as well as by QVC, one of the largest jewelry retailers in the country.With more than $1 billion in jewelry sales every year, QVC is the brand name consumers trust. QVC has more than a thousand employees purchasing gemstones from around the world to create magnificent jewelry for more than a million consumers. Beautiful photographs show the definitive spectrum of gemstones from Alexandrite to Zircon, and the dozens of variations in between. Full-color charts illustrate the four C's of diamonds: carat, cut, color and clarity; the seven varieties of garnets, the eight different sapphires of the world, the seventeen varieties of pearls, and hundreds of other precious and semi-precious stones. Gemstones are pictured and described by origin, density and color. In addition, the book recounts the historical legends and romantic lore of each gem. Gems, Jewels And Treasures contains everything you need to know about such gemstones as: -- Aquamarine -- Diamond -- Spinel -- Turquoise -- Marcasite -- Jade -- Quartz -- Ruby -- Tourmaline -- Pearl -- Onyx -- Emerald -- Peridot -- Diamonique -- Gold -- Opal -- Topaz -- Coral -- Carnelian -- Platinumand hundreds more Millions of consumers have purchased jewelry from QVC -- and millions more have viewed their jewelry experts on TV. No one is better qualified than QVC and the GIA to bring jewelry lovers this keepsake gift book.

GemsTV guide to gems jewellery

Author : Gavin Linsell
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Gems of Costume Jewelry

Author : Gabriele Greindl
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Gems and Gemstones

Author : Lance Grande
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"Gems and Gemstones" features nearly 300 color images of cut gems, precious and semiprecious stones, gem-quality mineral specimens, and fine jewelry to be unveiled in the new Grainger Hall of Gems at the Field Museum in Chicago.

Jewelrytelevision Guide to Gems Jewelry

Author : Gerald D. Sisk (Jr.)
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The Best Jewelry Adult Coloring Book

Author : Dani Kates
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This beautiful and intricate adult coloring book is filled with meticulously designed illustrations of jewelry. From loose gems and chains, to beautifully adorned jewels and accessories, this detailed collection of images is just waiting to be brought to life with color. Featuring 25 unique and creative designs, ranging in complexity from moderate to advanced, this coloring book will provide hours and hours of stress relief, mindful calm, and fun, creative expression. The illustrator is also a jewelry designer, which will be evident as you flip through the pages of this coloring book. The delightfully rendered cover art provides examples of shading to create texture and shine that can be used throughout the book.

Gem Jewelry Pocket Guide

Author : Renee Newman
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The perfect pocket-sized companion for those travelling and thinking about purchasing jewellery or stones. Renee Newman, author of the highly respected gem and jewellery guides including 'Diamond Ring Buying Guide' and 'Gold and Platinum Jewelry Buying Guide', has written a concise buying guide covering gems, gold and platinum that's a perfect handy reference. Here is important information on how to select jewellers and appraisers; a chapter on notable gem sources and which countries are noted for specific gems; information on coral, ivory and amber; precautions one must take when buying from an unfamiliar source; and customs regulations, duties and how to use lab reports. This guide will become an indispensable resource that will be used time and time again.

Brilliant Effects

Author : Marcia R. Pointon
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Pointon examines how small-scale and valuable artefacts have figured in systems of belief and in political and social practice in Europe since the Renaissance.

Wrapped in Gems

Author : Mai Sato-Flores
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A talented jewelry designer explains how even novice jewelry makers can create their own beautiful gemstone creations using her techniques of wire-wrapping, furnishing complete patterns for forty different projects, including necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings, along with a guide to gemstones, detailed instructions, and a helpful resource list. Original. 12,500 first printing.

Reports and Awards

Author : United States. Centennial Commission
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Making Designer Jewelry from Hardware Gems and Beads

Author : Nicole Noelle Sherman
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25 gorgeous how-to projects Interest in beading and jewelry-making continues to grow. Making Designer Jewelry from Hardware, Beads, and Gems offers DIY crafters and jewelry-makers a fun, funky approach to jewelry constructed from not only glass beads, pearls, and semi-precious gemstones, but shows how to incorporate simple stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass and tin hardware, such as nuts, bolts, washers, and tubing, into stunning, innovative, and modern jewelry pieces. Using hardware in jewelry has become popular, and features an aesthetic twist that mixes "high" and "low" --inexpensive and common metal hardware with favorite bead-store jewels.

Exotic Gems

Author : Renée Newman
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This is a full-colour guide to identifying and evaluating alexandrite, andalusite, chrysoberyl, cat's-eye, kyanite, sillimanite, common opal, fire opal, dinosaur gembone, tsavorite, rhodolite, spessartine, demantoid, malaya, grossular.and other garnets. This is the second in a series of books that explores the history, lore, properties, qualities and geographic sources of lesser-known gems. The book shows you with close-up photos how to make visual judgements about clarity, transparency, colour, cut quality and brilliance. It also provides tips on gem care and on detecting imitations and gem treatments. The healing and metaphysical properties of the gems are also addressed. Written for both consumers and professionals, it's easy to read, well-organised, packed with professional colour photographs and full of fascinating information.

Gold and Gems

Author : Marie-Hélène de Taillac
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Parisian jewelry designer Marie-Hélène de Taillac's first book offers a sumptuous journey into her colorful and vibrant world, from her exotic inspirations to her artisanal savoir faire When she drew her first designs in 1996, Marie-Hélène de Taillac stirred a revolution in contemporary jewelry, forging a style centered on the artisanal techniques of handcrafted jewelry to showcase the stones themselves. The French designer's first monograph showcases her creations while delving into her inspirations, from whimsical fairy tales to her extensive travels. The layout reflects de Taillac's preoccupation with color, with each chapter featuring a different colored text. With detailed sections dedicated to the journey of creating jewelry, this new title presents a fascinating glimpse into the work of one of today's most exciting designers.


Author : Jack Ogden
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A lavishly illustrated, in-depth early history covering two thousand years of diamond jewelry and commerce, from the Indian mines to European merchants, courts, and workshops This richly illustrated history of diamonds illuminates myriad facets of the “king of gems,” including a cast of larger-than-life characters such as Alexander the Great, the Mughal emperor Jahangir, and East India Company adventurers. It’s an in-depth study tracing the story of diamonds from their early mining and trade more than two thousand years ago to the 1700s, when Brazil displaced India as the world’s primary diamond supplier. Jack Ogden, a historian and gemologist specializing in ancient gems and jewelry, describes the early history of diamond jewelry, the development of diamond cutting, and how diamonds were assessed and valued. The book includes more than one hundred captivating images, from close-up full-color photographs of historic diamond-set jewelry (some previously unpublished), to photomicrographs of individual gems and illustrations of medieval manuscripts, as well as diagrams depicting historical methods of cutting and polishing diamonds.