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Jeff Koons Lost in America

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Koons by himself: the new definitive overview, featuring the artist's commentary on his works and career This handsomely designed volume brings together more than 60 of the artist's most iconic sculptures and paintings along with new productions and recently completed works. Edited by curator Masimilliano Gioni, the book focuses in particular on Koons' art as seen in relation to contemporary American culture. With an aesthetics of abundance remaining a constant throughout his career, Koons has composed a "fantasy America ... custom-made from art and schmaltz and emotions"--to use Warhol's description of his own interpretation of American culture. Through the inclusion of source materials, personal recollections and biographical narratives by Koons himself, the book reads each of Koons' celebrated series through the prism of his biography and the ways in which his individual history intersects with that of his country and culture. The publication composes an unconventional view of Jeff Koons and his work, retracing the personal influences and cultural histories that have shaped Koons' art. Published to accompany a major exhibition in Qatar, the catalog features an interview with Koons by the exhibition's curator along with essays by Armenian American art critic Dodie Kazanjian and Qatari American writer and artist Sophia Al Maria. Jeff Koons(born 1955) is best known for his work that engages with pop culture in dynamic and unexpected ways, such as his famous large-scale stainless steel sculptures of balloon animals. His work has been exhibited worldwide since his career took off in the 1980s and his pieces frequently break auction sales records.


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Author : Susan K. Freedman
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Plop: Recent projects of the Public Art Fund features projects by forty-six internationally acclaimed artists whose temporary installations were made possible by the Public Art Fund, one of the most innovative presenters of contemporary art in America. Through an in-depth account of each of these memorable projects, it examines the ways in which artists as diverse as Rachel Whiteread and Takashi Murakami, Christian Boltanski and Pipilotti Rist, and Andrea Zittel and Vik Muniz have created a dynamic experience of contemporary art. From Paul Pfeiffer's Orpheus Descending, a video work documenting the brief life-cycle of a flock of chickens, shown in the World Trade Center and World Financial Center, to Josiah McElheny's The Metal Party, an elaborate reconstruction of an event held at the Bauhaus in 1929, these projects address a multitude of issues related to urban living, site-specificity, and the impact of public art on both casual passersby and local communities. For artists, creating work outside the museum or gallery's white box is both a challenging and a rewarding experience, an opportunity to use the public realm for an evolution of their studio practice. This book sheds new light on a key aspect of contemporary art, while also creating a lasting pictorial record of installations on view for perhaps only a few weeks or months. Plop documents the vitality of a changing city and the evolution of what it means for art to be "public," providing a key reference work for everyone interested in public art and the international contemporary art scene.

Lives of the Artists

Author : Calvin Tomkins
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Whether writing about Jasper Johns or Jeff Koons, Cindy Sherman or Richard Serra, Calvin Tomkins shows why it is both easier and more difficult to make art today. If art can be anything, where do you begin? For more than three decades Calvin Tomkins's incisive profiles in The New Yorker have given readers the most satisfying reports on contemporary art and artists available in any language. In Lives of the Artists ten major artists are captured in Tomkins's cool and ironic style to record the new directions art is taking during these days of limitless freedom. As formal technique and rigorous training continue to fall away, art has become an approach to living. As the author says, "the lives of contemporary artists are today so integral to what they make that the two cannot be considered in isolation." Among the artists profiled are Jeff Koons and Damien Hirst, the reigning heirs of deliberately outrageous art that feeds off the allegedly corrupting influences of capitalist glut and entertainment; Matthew Barney of the pregenital obsessions; Cindy Sherman, who manages multiple transformations as she disappears into her own work; and Julian Schnabel, who has forged a second career as award-winning film director. Tomkins shows that the making of art remains among the most demanding jobs on earth.

Sons Fathers

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SONS & FATHERS brings together a remarkable array of politicians and world leaders, writers and musicians, cultural icons and actors in this collection dedicated to fathers. A moving, fascinating and often funny collection of portraits, this anthology includes contributions from Bono, Paul Auster, Bob Geldof, George Clooney, Bill Clinton, Hanif Kureishi, Graydon Carter and Sting, to name a few. SONS & FATHERS tells the stories behind some of the great men of our age through their relationships with their fathers. From writing about memories and special moments, to open letters addressed to their fathers, these essays give readers an insight into otherwise private relationships. Including images and illustrations from the contributors, this exceptional anthology makes a wonderful gift and is highly collectable.

Hall of a Thousand Columns

Author : Tim Mackintosh-Smith
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All the best armchair travellers are sceptics. Those of the fourteenth century were no exception: for them, there were lies, damned lies, and Ibn Battutah's India. Born in 1304, Ibn Battutah left his native Tangier as a young scholar of law; over the course of the thirty years that followed he visited most of the known world between Morocco and China. Here Tim Mackintosh-Smith retraces one leg of the Moroccan's journey - the dizzy ladders and terrifying snakes of his Indian career as a judge and a hermit, courtier and prisoner, ambassador and castaway. From the plains of Hindustan to the plateaux of the Deccan and the lost ports of Malabar, the author reveals an India far off the beaten path of Taj and Raj. Ibn Battutah left India on a snake, stripped to his underpants by pirates; but he took away a treasure of tales as rich as any in the history of travel. Back home they said the treasure was a fake. Mackintosh-Smith proves the sceptics wrong. India is a jewel in the turban of the Prince of Travellers. Here it is, glittering, grotesque but genuine, a fitting ornament for his 700th birthday.

Art Activism and Oppositionality

Author : Grant H. Kester
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A collection of essays from the influential American journal of film, video and photography, exploring ideologies and institutions of the artworld; current media strategies for producing social change; and topics around gender, race and representation. I

New York Magazine

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New York magazine was born in 1968 after a run as an insert of the New York Herald Tribune and quickly made a place for itself as the trusted resource for readers across the country. With award-winning writing and photography covering everything from politics and food to theater and fashion, the magazine's consistent mission has been to reflect back to its audience the energy and excitement of the city itself, while celebrating New York as both a place and an idea.

Alex Cox s Introduction to Film

Author : Alex Cox
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Emerging filmmakers need to know the basics of their art form: the language of the camera, and lenses, the different crew roles, the formats, the aspect ratios. They also need to know some bare-bones theory: what an auteur is, what montage is, what genres are. Most important, all filmmakers require serious grounding in film. You cannot be a great artist if you aren’t versed in great art. An Introduction to Film covers all these aspects, from a director and filmmaker’s perspective. According to Cox, ‘Academics have a very specific take on things, and a language of their own. That take and that language aren’t mine. I’m a film director, writer, actor and producer. So my ‘intro to film’ may be somewhat different from the standard introductory text. I am less focused on film theory, and more on a film’s meaning, the intentions of the filmmaker, and how they got their film made.’


Author : Elizabeth Currid-Halkett
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How was Nike able to take a gamble on an unknown Michael Jordan and transform itself from a $900 million company to a $9.19 billion company in less than fifteen years? Why did the artist Jeff Koons's Balloon Flower (Magenta) sell for a record $25.7 million in 2008? What does the high school football star have in common with the Hollywood headliner? And why should an actor never, ever go to Las Vegas? Celebrity—our collective fascination with particular people—is everywhere and takes many forms, from the sports star, notorious Wall Street tycoon, or film icon, to the hometown quarterback, YouTube sensation, or friend who compulsively documents his life on the Internet. We follow with rapt attention all the minute details of stars' lives: their romances, their spending habits, even how they drink their coffee. For those anointed, celebrity can translate into big business and top social status, but why do some attain stardom while millions of others do not? Why are we simply more interested in certain people? In Starstruck, Elizabeth Currid-Halkett presents the first rigorous exploration of celebrity, arguing that our desire to "celebrate" some people and not others has profound implications, elevating social statuses, making or breaking careers and companies, and generating astronomical dividends. Tracing the phenomenon from the art world to tabletop gaming conventions to the film industry, Currid-Halkett looks at celebrity as an expression of economics, geography (both real and virtual), and networking strategies. Starstruck brings together extensive statistical research and analysis, along with interviews with top agents and publicists, YouTube executives, major art dealers and gallery directors, Bollywood players, and sports experts. Laying out the enormous impact of the celebrity industry and identifying the patterns by which individuals become stars, Currid-Halkett successfully makes the argument that celebrity is an important social phenomenon and a driving force in the worldwide economy.

Innovate Your Innovation Process

Author : Shlomo Maital
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New Directions in Philosophy and Literature

Author : Rudrum David Rudrum
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This forward-thinking, non-traditional reference work uniquely maps out how new developments in 21st century philosophy are entering into dialogue with the study of literature. Going beyond the familiar methods of analytic philosophy, and with a breadth greater than traditional literary theory, this collection looks at the profound consequences of the interaction between philosophy and literature for questions of ethics, politics, subjectivity, materiality, reality and the nature of the contemporary itself.

Working Aesthetics

Author : Danielle Child
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Working Aesthetics is about the relationship between art and work under contemporary capitalism. Whilst labour used to be regarded as an unattractive subject for art, the proximity of work to everyday life has subsequently narrowed the gap between work and art. The artist is no longer considered apart from the economic, but is heralded as an example of how to work in neoliberal management textbooks. As work and life become obscured within the contemporary period, this book asks how artistic practice is affected, including those who labour for artists. Through a series of case studies, Working Aesthetics critically examines the moments in which labour and art intersect under capitalism. When did labour disappear from art production, or accounts of art history? Can we consider the dematerialization of art in the 1960s in relation to the deskilling of work? And how has neoliberal management theory adopting the artist as model worker affected artistic practices in the 21st century? With the narrowing of work and art visible in galleries and art discourse today, Working Aesthetics takes a step back to ask why labour has become a valid subject for contemporary art, and explores what this means for aesthetic culture today.

Marketing Crafts and Visual Arts

Author : International Trade Centre UNCTAD/WTO.
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This guide provides basic knowledge of marketing techniques and intellectual property for artisans, craft entrepreneurs and visual artists. It identifies relevant IP issues and ways of protecting creative output and lays out the costs and benefits. The chapters include: understanding the value of intellectual property; linking intellectual property to business development and marketing throughout the business cycle; how to protect crafts and visual arts; case studies.

Super Structures

Author : DK
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Go on an incredible journey into the most amazing super structures in the world Famous fortresses, sensational skyscrapers, awesome bridges and incredible temples: this is an access-all-areas pass to explore the most mind-boggling man-made super structures. From the lost city of Machu Picchu to the soaring Burj Dubai tower, take your child on a close-up look at structures old and new. They’ll get a brick-by-brick, rivet-by-rivet insight into palaces and castles, skyscrapers and bizarre buildings, and many other types of fascinating construction. Eye-popping photographs, huge fold-out pages, blueprints, facts, figures and information reveal the intricate secrets behind each of these incredible super structures.

Visual Worlds

Author : John R Hall
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As many observers have noted, the world is becoming increasingly visually mediated, with the rise of computers and the internet being central factors in the emergence of new tools and conventions. Exploring the social structure of visuality, this volume contains a collection of essays by internationally renowned artists and scholars from a variety of fields (including art history, literary theory and criticism, cultural studies, film and television studies, intellectual history and sociology). It was conceived to address a bold query: how is our experience and understanding of vision and visual form changing under pressure from the various social, economic and cultural factors that are linked under the term 'globalization'. The essays overlap in their considerations of the tensions between cultures and worlds, political life, everyday social experience, and war. The resulting conversation that develops between the chapters touches on points from many visual worlds, and provides a unique opportunity for considering the changing character of visual experience today. This book will attract readers from a wide range of academic disciplines and will especially be valuable as a textbook for graduate and undergraduate courses in visual culture and cultural studies.

Tourism and the Creative Industries

Author : Philip Long
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This book focuses on the theoretical, policy and practice linkages and disjunctures between tourism and the creative industries. There are clear and strong intersections between the sectors, for example in the development and application of new and emerging media in tourism; festivals and cultural events showcasing the creative identity of place; tours and place identities associated with film, TV, music and arts tourism; as well as particular destinations being promoted on the basis of their ‘creative’ endowments such as theatre breaks, art exhibitions and fashion shows. Tourism and the Creative Industries explores a variety of relationships in one volume and offers innovative and critical insights into how creative industries and tourism together contribute to place identity, tourist experience, destination marketing and management. The book is aligned with the sectors that have been demarcated by the UK Government Department of Culture, Media and Sport as comprising the creative industries: advertising and marketing; architecture; design and designer fashion; film, TV, video, radio and photography; IT, software and computer services; publishing and music; performing and visual arts. The title of this volume demonstrates how the exclusion of tourism from the creative industries is arguably perverse, given that much of the work by destination managers and of private sector tourism is characterised by creativity and innovation. Interdisciplinary research and international context bring a broader perspective on how the creative industries operate in varying cultural and policy contexts in relation to tourism. This book brings together the parallel and disparate inter-disciplinary fields of tourism and the creative industries and will be of interest to students, academics and researchers interested in tourism, creative industries, marketing and management.

Catholicism and the American Experience

Author : James P. MacGuire
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What does it mean to be Catholic in America? Catholicism and the American Experience highlights the proceedings of the fifth annual Portsmouth Institute conference on the unique elements of American Catholicism. This book features essays from Robert George, Peter Steinfels, George Weigel, E. J. Dionne, and many more.

Travel See

Author : Kobena Mercer
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Over the years, Kobena Mercer has critically illuminated the visual innovations of African American and black British artists. In Travel & See he presents a diasporic model of criticism that gives close attention to aesthetic strategies while tracing the shifting political and cultural contexts in which black visual art circulates. In eighteen essays, which cover the period from 1992 to 2012 and discuss such leading artists as Isaac Julien, Renée Green, Kerry James Marshall, and Yinka Shonibare, Mercer provides nothing less than a counternarrative of global contemporary art that reveals how the “dialogical principle” of cross-cultural interaction not only has transformed commonplace perceptions of blackness today but challenges us to rethink the entangled history of modernism as well.

Jeff Koons

Author : Scott Rothkopf
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With over 200 illustrations of iconic works as well as preparatory studies and historic photographs, this book offers fresh insight into Koons’s polarizing and influential career.