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Structural Analysis of Complex Networks

Author : Matthias Dehmer
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Filling a gap in literature, this self-contained book presents theoretical and application-oriented results that allow for a structural exploration of complex networks. The work focuses not only on classical graph-theoretic methods, but also demonstrates the usefulness of structural graph theory as a tool for solving interdisciplinary problems. Applications to biology, chemistry, linguistics, and data analysis are emphasized. The book is suitable for a broad, interdisciplinary readership of researchers, practitioners, and graduate students in discrete mathematics, statistics, computer science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, computational and systems biology, cognitive science, computational linguistics, and mathematical chemistry. It may also be used as a supplementary textbook in graduate-level seminars on structural graph analysis, complex networks, or network-based machine learning methods.

Graphs Matrices and Designs

Author : Rees
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Examines partitions and covers of graphs and digraphs, latin squares, pairwise balanced designs with prescribed block sizes, ranks and permanents, extremal graph theory, Hadamard matrices and graph factorizations. This book is designed to be of interest to applied mathematicians, computer scientists and communications researchers.

Designs 2002

Author : W.D. Wallis
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This volume is a sequel to our 1996 compilation, Computational and Constructive Design Theory. Again we concentrate on two closely re lated aspects of the study of combinatorial designs: design construction and computer-aided study of designs. There are at least three classes of constructive problems in design theory. The first type of problem is the construction of a specific design. This might arise because that one particular case is an exception to a general rule, the last remaining case of a problem, or the smallest unknown case. A good example is the proof that there is no projective plane of parameter 10. In that case the computations involved were not different in kind from those which have been done by human brains without electronic assistance; they were merely longer. Computers have also been useful in the study of combinatorial spec trum problems: if a class of design has certain parameters, what is the set of values that the parameters can realize? In many cases, there is a recursive construction, so that the existence of a small number of "starter" designs leads to the construction of infinite classes of designs, and computers have proven very useful in finding "starter" designs.

Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science

Author : Cristian S. Calude
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The refereed proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science, DMTCS 2003, held in Dijon, France, in July 2003. The 18 revised full papers presented together with 5 invited papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 35 submissions. A broad variety of topics in discrete mathematics and the theory of computing is addressed including information theory, coding, algorithms, complexity, automata, computational mathematics, combinatorial computations, graph computations, algorithmic geometry, relational methods, game-theoretic methods, combinatorial optimization, and finite state systems.


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The Journal of Combinatorial Mathematics and Combinatorial Computing

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Combinatorial Geometry and Graph Theory

Author : Jin Akiyama
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This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-proceedings of the Indonesia-Japan Joint Conference on Combinatorial Geometry and Graph Theory, IJCCGGT 2003, held in Bandung, Indonesia in September 2003. The 23 revised papers presented were carefully selected during two rounds of reviewing and improvement. Among the topics covered are coverings, convex polygons, convex polyhedra, matchings, graph colourings, crossing numbers, subdivision numbers, combinatorial optimization, combinatorics, spanning trees, various graph characteristica, convex bodies, labelling, Ramsey number estimation, etc.

The Steiner Ratio

Author : Dietmar Cieslik
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Steiner's Problem concerns finding a shortest interconnecting network for a finite set of points in a metric space. A solution must be a tree, which is called a Steiner Minimal Tree (SMT), and may contain vertices different from the points which are to be connected. Steiner's Problem is one of the most famous combinatorial-geometrical problems, but unfortunately it is very difficult in terms of combinatorial structure as well as computational complexity. However, if only a Minimum Spanning Tree (MST) without additional vertices in the interconnecting network is sought, then it is simple to solve. So it is of interest to know what the error is if an MST is constructed instead of an SMT. The worst case for this ratio running over all finite sets is called the Steiner ratio of the space. The book concentrates on investigating the Steiner ratio. The goal is to determine, or at least estimate, the Steiner ratio for many different metric spaces. The author shows that the description of the Steiner ratio contains many questions from geometry, optimization, and graph theory. Audience: Researchers in network design, applied optimization, and design of algorithms.

Teaching Dance

Author : Elizabeth Gibbons
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Have you sensed that God is up to something your life? There are things that God has spoken to you years ago and now you are beginning to see that God was telling you about your future. You can see that God is now bringing things together concerning your destiny as a matter of fact it is blowing your mind. Not only is it blowing your mind it is blowing the minds of your friend and your family members. They do not know how to take this newfound energy. They do not know how to take you now, before you just talked about your dreams but not you are making room for the provisions of God, you believe God is going to do what He said he would do. People do not understand the sudden change in your personality, and even if you explained it to them they would not believe it.