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Spiritual Blues and Jazz People in African American Fiction

Author : A. Yemisi Jimoh
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Jimoh (English, U. of Arkansas-Fayetteville) investigates African American intracultural issues that inform a more broadly intertextual use of music in creating characters and themes in fiction by US black writers. Conventional close readings of texts, she argues, often miss historical-sociopolitical discourses that can illuminate African American narratives. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Jazz People

Author : Dan Morgenstern
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This work portrays the giants of jazz, relates what they achieved, and tells how they made their way in a world not always ready for them. The text offers a clear, informative history of the art, and the photographs present Coleman Hawkins, Count Basie, Charles Mingus, Benny Godman, Louis Armstrong and scores of others. These haunting photographs are supplemented with some rare vintage prints to tell the whole story of jazz from Buddy Bolden to Anthony Braxton.

The History of Jazz and the Jazz Musicians

Author : Aurwin Nicholas
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The History of Jazz is a story rich with innovation, experimentation, controversy and emotion, this coffee table book concept provides an ideal setting to share the cultural history of the people and places that helped shape the development and progression of the history of jazz. And is presented in an eclectic format to preserve the works of the original authors of this subject matter. The Jazz Sippers Group presents these collective writings through interpretive techniques designed to educate and entertain, and seeks to preserve information and resources associated with the origins of the history of jazz. The musicians are the men and women who, made and still make the music, the leaders as well as the sidemen, and side women who have and continue to make jazz a popular music.

Extraordinary People in Jazz

Author : Marvin Martin
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Profiles more than sixty innovators in jazz, including Louis Armstrong, Benny Goodman, Billie Holiday, Billy Taylor, and Tito Puente.

Jazz People

Author : Valerie Wilmer
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A Pictorial History of Jazz

Author : Bill Grauer
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Picture-encyclopedia presenting the colorful half-century of America's own music from its New Orleans origins to the present.

Jazz Musicians of the Early Years to 1945

Author : David Dicaire
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The story of the first roughly half century of jazz is really the story of some of the greatest musicians of all time. Scott Joplin, Glenn Miller, Louis Armstrong, Fats Waller, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Benny Goodman, Billie Holiday, and Ella Fitzgerald all made tremendous contributions, influencing countless jazz musicians and singers. This work provides biographical sketches of the aforementioned artists and many others who made jazz so popular in the first half of the twentieth century. Biographies cover the pioneers of jazz in New Orleans in the late 1890s and early 1900s; the soloists who fueled the Jazz Age in the 1920s; the musicians and bandleaders of the big band and swing era of the late 1920s and early 1930s; and icons from the height of jazz’s popularity on through the end of the war. A discography is provided for each artist.

Jazz Musicians 1945 to the Present

Author : David Dicaire
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From its very beginnings, the nature of jazz has been to reinvent itself. As the musical genre evolved from its roots—blues, European music, Voodoo ceremonies, and brass bands that played at funerals, parades and celebrations—the sound reflected the tenor of the times, from the citified strains of the Roaring ’20s to the Big Band swing of pre–World War II to the bop revolution that grew out of the minimalist sound the war forced upon the art form. That the music continued to develop and evolve is a tribute to the power and creativity of its musicians. Charlie Parker, Thelonious Monk, Sarah Vaughan, Art Blakey, Dave Brubeck, Sun Ra, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Diana Krall, Archie Shepp, Chick Corea, Branford Marsalis, Larry Coryell, and Kenny Kirkland are just some of the jazz greats profiled here. The five major periods of jazz—the bop revolution, hard bop and cool jazz, the avant-garde, fusion, and contemporary—form the basis for the sections in this reference work, with a brief history of each period provided. The artists who were integral to the evolution of each period are then profiled. Each biographical entry focuses on the artist’s life and his or her influence on jazz and on music as a whole. A complete discography for each musician is also provided.

People Get Ready

Author : Ajay Heble
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In People Get Ready, musicians, scholars, and journalists write about jazz since 1965, the year that Curtis Mayfield composed the famous civil rights anthem that gives this collection its title. The contributors emphasize how the political consciousness that infused jazz in the 1960s and early 1970s has informed jazz in the years since then. They bring nuance to historical accounts of the avant-garde, the New Thing, Free Jazz, "non-idiomatic" improvisation, fusion, and other forms of jazz that have flourished since the 1960s, and they reveal the contemporary relevance of those musical practices. Many of the participants in the jazz scenes discussed are still active performers. A photographic essay captures some of them in candid moments before performances. Other pieces revise standard accounts of well-known jazz figures, such as Duke Ellington, and lesser-known musicians, including Jeanne Lee; delve into how money, class, space, and economics affect the performance of experimental music; and take up the question of how digital technology influences improvisation. People Get Ready offers a vision for the future of jazz based on an appreciation of the complexity of its past and the abundance of innovation in the present. Contributors. Tamar Barzel, John Brackett, Douglas Ewart, Ajay Heble, Vijay Iyer, Thomas King, Tracy McMullen, Paul D. Miller/DJ Spooky, Nicole Mitchell, Roscoe Mitchell, Famoudou Don Moye, Aldon Lynn Nielsen, Eric Porter, Marc Ribot, Matana Roberts, Jaribu Shahid, Julie Dawn Smith, Wadada Leo Smith, Alan Stanbridge, John Szwed, Greg Tate, Scott Thomson, Rob Wallace, Ellen Waterman, Corey Wilkes

Experiencing Flow in Jazz Performance

Author : Elina Hytönen-Ng
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The term 'flow' refers to experiences where the musician moves into a consciousness in which time seems to be suspended and perception of reality is blurred by unconscious forces. An essential part of the jazz tradition, which often serves as the foundation of the musician's identity, flow is recognised within the greater jazz community as a critical factor in accomplished musicianship. Flow as a concept is so deeply embedded in the scene that these experiences are not generally discussed. It contributes to the musicians' work motivation, providing a vital level of satisfaction and accomplishment. The power of the experience, consciously or unconsciously, has given rise to the creation of heroic images, in which jazz musicians are seen as being bold, yet vulnerable, strong and masculine, but still capable of expressing emotions. In this discourse, musicians are pictured as people constantly putting themselves on the line, exposing themselves and their hearts to one another as well as to the audience. Heroic profiles are richly constructed within the jazz scene, and their incorporation into narratives of flow suggests that such images are inseparable from jazz. It is thus unclear how far the musicians are simply reporting personal experience as opposed to unconsciously perpetuating a profoundly internalised mythology. Drawing on eighteen interviews conducted with professional jazz musicians from around the world, Elina Hytönen-Ng examines the fundamentals of the phenomenon of flow in jazz that has led to this genre's popularity. Furthermore, she draws on how flow experiences are viewed and constructed by jazz musicians, the meanings they attach to it, and the quality of music that it inspires.

Jazz Age

Author : Mitchell Newton-Matza
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A collection of essays encompassing a wide variety of topics, people, and events that embodied the Jazz Age, both familiar and obscure. * Written by experts from a variety of fields including history, music, literature, African American studies, and religious studies * Includes an extensive chronology of the defining moments of the Jazz Age from the worlds of politics, society and culture, the arts, business, and more

A People s Music

Author : Helma Kaldewey
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Chronicles the history of jazz over the complete lifespan of East Germany, from 1945 to 1990, for the first time.

Jazz in China

Author : Eugene Marlow
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"Is there jazz in China?" This is the question that sent author Eugene Marlow on his quest to uncover the history of jazz in China. Marlow traces China's introduction to jazz in the early 1920s, its interruption by Chinese leadership under Mao in 1949, and its rejuvenation in the early 1980s with the start of China's opening to the world under Premier Deng Xiaoping. Covering a span of almost one hundred years, Marlow focuses on a variety of subjects--the musicians who initiated jazz performances in China, the means by which jazz was incorporated into Chinese culture, and the musicians and venues that now present jazz performances. Featuring unique, face-to-face interviews with leading indigenous jazz musicians in Beijing and Shanghai, plus interviews with club owners, promoters, expatriates, and even diplomats, Marlow marks the evolution of jazz in China as it parallels China's social, economic, and political evolution through the twentieth and into the twenty-first century. Also featured is an interview with one of the extant members of the Jimmy King Big Band of the 1940s, one of the first major all-Chinese jazz big bands in Shanghai. Ultimately, Jazz in China: From Dance Hall Music to Individual Freedom of Expression is a cultural history that reveals the inexorable evolution of a democratic form of music in a Communist state.

Jazz Times

Author :
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An Anthology of Interviews with Jazz People Annotated

Author : Sammy Stein
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Sammy Stein is an author, reviewer, radio host, collection curator and critic. She has interviewed many jazz musicians and here are some of the interviews in one place. Musicians recently started on the road to success and those who have achieved respect and fame. In one book you can gain an insight into the world of jazz musicians, composers, arrangers and performers who give their lives to the music. How did they get started? What are the highs and lows or a musician's life? How did some of them get to write for films and shows? Where are the best places to gig? Who comes to see them and what would they say to their audiences? Where in the world is jazz best accepted? All these questions are asked, considered and answered - with some surprising reactions form the musicians. Revealing what is in their hearts and minds, musicians open up to this experienced interviewer, creating a lovely, warm and revealing anthology.


Author : Sidney Walter Finkelstein
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THE PLACE OF JAZZ IN WORLD MUSIC... ITS HISTORY FROM NEW ORLEANS TO THE PRESENT DAY... ITS BEAUTY AS MUSIC... AND THE GREATNESS OF THE PEOPLE WHO MADE IT... This is a book for everyone who loves music—classical or jazz; for the one who performs or the one who makes up his audience. To either one it will contribute much for a better understanding and appreciation of this greatest and most widely participated in art. Everyone knows about jazz. We listen to it, we sing it, play it and dance to it. Yet it is the great unknown music. Jazz, A People’s Music describes all the developments of jazz from the early blues to present-day “bebop.” And just as the study of a composer’s music must include the man himself, here is an account of the growth of jazz as well as the study of all the American people, of every nationality and color, who have nurtured and welcomed this music and brought new and exciting variations of it into being.

The History of Jazz and the Jazz Musicians

Author : The Jazz Sipper Group
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Is a story rich with innovation, experimentation, controversy and emotion, this coffee table book concept provides an ideal setting to share the cultural history of the people and places that helped shape the development and progression of the history of jazz. And is presented in an eclectic format to preserve the works of the original authors of this subject matter. The Jazz Sippers Group presents these collective writings through interpretive techniques designed to educate and entertain, and seeks to preserve information and resources associated with the origins of the history of jazz.

Jazz rock Fusion the People the Music

Author : Julie Coryell
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Revealing interviews of more than fifty jazz-rock musicians, including Chick Carea and Herbie Hancock, who discuss their musical backgrounds, musical influences, and the direction of their music

Knowing Jazz

Author : Ken Prouty
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Ken Prouty argues that knowledge of jazz, or more to the point, claims to knowledge of jazz, are the prime movers in forming jazz’s identity, its canon, and its community. Every jazz artist, critic, or fan understands jazz differently, based on each individual’s unique experiences and insights. Through playing, listening, reading, and talking about jazz, both as a form of musical expression and as a marker of identity, each aficionado develops a personalized relationship to the larger jazz world. Through the increasingly important role of media, listeners also engage in the formation of different communities that not only transcend traditional boundaries of geography, but increasingly exist only in the virtual world. The relationships of “jazz people” within and between these communities is at the center of Knowing Jazz. Some groups, such as those in academia, reflect a clash of sensibilities between historical traditions. Others, particularly online communities, represent new and exciting avenues for everyday fans, whose involvement in jazz has often been ignored. Other communities seek to define themselves as expressions of national or global sensibility, pointing to the ever-changing nature of jazz’s identity as an American art form in an international setting. What all these communities share, however, is an intimate, visceral link to the music and the artists who make it, brought to life through the medium of recording. Informed by an interdisciplinary approach and approaching the topic from a number of perspectives, Knowing Jazz charts a philosophical course in which many disparate perspectives and varied opinions on jazz can find common ground.

Jazz Expos

Author : Howard E. Fischer
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Highlights  Why you never heard of the New York Jazz Museum. How the Ford Foundation saved the New York Jazz Museum  What the New York Times said about the New York Jazz Museum. How the Today Show helped promote the Museum. How an idea from a former Duke Ellington bassist grew into a unique jazz program for children. How NY State supported the establishment of the Museum. What happened to the Museums 25,000-item archive. A day at the New York Jazz Museum with Bill Cosby. What Charles Mingus asked the author to do. What The White House said about our organization. Why famous graphic designer Milton Glasers poster donation was rejected by the Museum and how he reacted to it. How Benny Goodman and his estate got entangled in the Museums legal machinations. What local and national awards were won by the Museum.  The Museums re-creation of an important event in the history of jazz in New York City. The Museum and the Young Presidents Organization a lost opportunity. How Columbia University supported the Museum. How a kidnapping saved the Museum. How we purchased a midtown Manhattan building for $5,000 cash!  Artie Shaws role in the New York Jazz Museum saga. The legal machinations that went on for more than 10 years!  The New York Attorney Generals role in the Museums history. The Betrayal. How the New York Public Library ended the legal wrangling. The dramatic scene that precipitated the demise of the Museum. Which Museum exhibit did Junior League of the City of NY fund?  How federal government supported Museums educational activities. Why Mick Jagger was turned away from the Museum.