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Jason Has Been Shot

Author : Dale Lang
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At the same time that North Americans were focusing on the brave actions of several Christian teens in the Columbine High School shooting in Colorado, Canada was quietly having its own Columbine incident. What Canadians once thought 'could only happen in America, ' was now taking place right here in our own backyard to Jason Lang, the son of an Anglican pastor. But God had a plan for this tragedy. Read the true and inspiring story of how a family's torment was used by God as the 'raw material' to turn their anger and grief into a powerful testimony of His grace, through the act of forgiving their son's killer. Since Jason's death, both Dale and his wife Diane have been asked to speak at hundreds of events across the country, including over 250 high schools, numerous conferences, teachers' conventions, the National Prayer Breakfast, television, radio, churches and numerous other functions. "During my interview with Pastor Dale Lang, I was struck by the depth of his loss and the breadth of his capacity to forgive his son's killer. This book will be an inspiration to everyone." -Jim Cantelon, Host: Eye to Eye, CTS Television "Besides being a renowned Anglican priest, few realize that Dale Lang holds a record as being the first in history to fly over the North Pole in a hot air balloon. Dale's steady hand and heart show the way through the most inhospitable places in a world of heartache, sorrow, pain and death. This book is 'A Journey into Joy.'" -David Mainse, 100 Huntley Street

The Gift of Valor

Author : Michael M. Phillips
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The true story of US Marine Corporal Jason Dunham's brave act that saved fellow Marines and earned him the Congressional Medal of Honor. Corporal Dunham was on patrol near the Syrian border, on April 14, 2004, when a black-clad Iraqi leaped out of a car and grabbed him around his neck. Fighting hand-to-hand in the dirt, Dunham saw his attacker drop a grenade and made the instantaneous decision to place his own helmet over the explosive in the hope of containing the blast and protecting his men. When the smoke cleared, Dunham’s helmet was in shreds, and the corporal lay face down in his own blood. The Marines beside him were seriously wounded. Dunham was subsequently nominated for the Congressional Medal of Honor, the nation’ s highest award for military valor. Phillips’s minute-by-minute chronicle of the chaotic fighting that raged throughout the area and culminated in Dunham’s injury provides a grunt’s-eye view of war as it’s being fought today—fear, confusion, bravery, and suffering set against a brotherhood forged in combat. His account of Dunham’s eight-day journey home and of his parents’ heartrending reunion with their son powerfully illustrates the cold brutality of war and the fragile humanity of those who fight it. Dunham leaves an indelible mark upon all who know his story, from the doctors and nurses who treat him, to the readers of the original Wall Street Journal article that told of his singular act of valor.

One Amazing Trip to Garzon

Author : David Brklach
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Two brothers go into the woods in their backyard after a day of fishing and discover a mysterious portal that leads them to another planet. With no money and millions of miles away from home will they be able to make it back?

My Spirit Rejoices

Author : Marie Wilson
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The Lion s Daughter

Author : Loretta Chase
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"Live the romance. Read Loretta Chase" –Christina DoddNew York Times bestselling, award-winning author Loretta Chase’s first full length Regency Historical Romance!Gorgeous, stubborn Esme Brentmor, daughter of a disgraced lord, is used to a wild, dangerous life among the tribes of Albania, to whom her father is the legendary, controversial Red Lion whose death she's courageously vowed to avenge –even if it leads to her own. Instead, her quest finds her rescued by the most unlikely (and very reluctant) hero!Lazy and spoiled, Lord Varian St. George has gambled away his heritage and lives on his considerable looks, charm and wits. All he wants is the good life, and instead, he finds himself in rough country, with a tempestuous whirlwind of a female who's as savage as he's civilized. How did this termagant become his responsibility? And how can he escape?! Yet as he and Esme plunge headlong into even more peril, he may surprise even his own jaded self and become the man that Esme (foolishly) believes he is!

House Documents

Author : USA House of Representatives
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The Counter Case of Great Britain as Laid Before the Tribunal of Arbitration Convened at Geneva

Author : Great Britain
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House Documents Otherwise Publ as Executive Documents

Author : United States. Congress. House
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The Missing Piece

Author : Sharon Sala
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Solving the puzzle could be the last thing he does… PI Charlie Dodge knows what it’s like to have something important disappear. His wife, Annie, suffers from early-onset Alzheimer’s, causing her to remember little of the life she shared with her husband. Charlie has devoted his career to saving what he can—missing people, threatened lives. But when prominent Denver multimillionaire Carter Dunleavy vanishes without a trace, Charlie and his assistant, Wyrick, discover missing doesn’t always mean gone. It turns out Carter didn’t vanish after all—he’s gone into hiding. Someone in his inner circle wants him dead and now Carter needs Charlie to expose the culprit before the Dunleavy empire spirals into ruin. But with a tangled web of suspects looking to silence Charlie’s investigation, he’ll have to find Carter’s would-be killer and fast, before the traitor can finish the job.

Enemy Within

Author : Bijan Nakhjavan
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My book is about a political conspiracy between Reagan and his Party leadership, group of United States government officials, and top officials of Iranian government during the Iranian hostage crisis in 1979. A group of students took over the American Embassy in Tehran and took 53 Americans hostage. Carter Administration tried to negotiate their release, but their efforts were not successful. Reagan and his party asked the Iranians not to release the hostages until after the presidential election. In return for this favor, Reagan would supply the Iranians with arms and parts for their army and air force with huge sums of cash. The deal was made. They sabotaged Carters last desperate attempt to rescue the hostages; which in fact resulted in the crash of two helicopters killing numerous US Special Forces. It is election year and President Carter is trying diligently to get the Iranian government to force the students to release the hostages before the election. At the same time, Carter is having the Special Forces train for a possible rescue mission in case the negotiations fail. On the other side Reagan is trying hard to convince the Iranians not to release the hostages until after the election. It is do or die for the Democrats and the Republicans. Carter and the Democratic Party is pushing to get the hostages released before the election to secure the presidency for four more years. The Republicans want just the opposite. They want to stop the release before the election to secure a sure win for their nominee, Ronald Reagan..

Don t Turn Your Back

Author : James E. Stodghill Jr.
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When Dave leaves home for a training convention, he leaves with a storm raging outside of his home, and a storm raging inside the life of his marriage. While on his trip, he picks up Pam in that storm, and the storms get continuously worse. Because of her, his life changes completely. Someone is trying to kill Pam, and because she is with Dave, he becomes a target. Th ey fi nd themselves running from the killers, the locals, and the law. It is only after they reach the fortune tellers house that they fi nd out why it is all happening. Daves whole belief system is shaken as he endures one life threatening storm after another. In the beginning Dave was naive about good and evil. In the end, he gains fi rst hand knowledge of both.

The Tangled Web

Author : Kenneth Ricklefs
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It's the end of World War II and two young Allied soldiers find themselves behind enemy lines faced with survival and temptation. In their escape through the French woods they find a treasure trove. When they encounter the French Resistance they enter into a secret pact that will guide their lives and the lives of their children for the next sixty years. From the French countryside to Marseille to London, theirs is a story of greed, romance, murder and betrayal that stretches across Europe and beyond.

The Storm

Author : Martha T. F. Collins
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Dear Reader, The Storm is a fictional depiction of a real-life problem experienced by many in the body of Christ and all without. The Storm takes place in the city of Brightsville but can be applied to where you live. The Storm poses the critical question concerning what influences what we think, say, and do. It would be nave to think the situations we experience in life are merely random happenings without real purposes. There is nothing that happens in the physical realm without it first happening in the spirit. What if you had the power to change your life? What if you were in a thought paradigm that held you in your current situation? What if you had the answer? The Storm will challenge the intellect and bless the spirit.

Big Shots

Author : Adam Shand
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In 2003, Adam Shand naively set out to unravel Melbourne's bloody gangland wars. A few months' research, a guaranteed cover story. But his foray into the underworld took him deeper than that. He became embroiled in a complex world where feuds raged between rival families, and where a new generation was clashing with the criminal Establishment. Before long, he found himself counted as a friend by those who sometimes ended friendships with a hail of bullets. In this fully updated edition, taking in the events of 2010, including the murder of Carl Williams, Big Shots takes the reader into the heart of the city's multibillion-dollar 'disorganised crime' scene, as Shand meets the key figures and suspects, including Carl and Roberta Williams, Mick Gatto and many others. He discovers the human drama behind the brutal slayings that were splashed across the front pages, and in the process comes to questions his objectivity.

Friendly Enterprise

Author : Harold D. Anderson
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Friendly Enterprise , a fast paced novel about the efforts of a Black, neophyte US Attorney in the RICO Division of the Department of Justice in Washington D. C. who has been assigned a case investigating and ultimately indicting some of Chicagos elite in a massive insurance scam involving the local transit district. Never having been the first chair in any prosecution, he is selected because his superiors believe that the case is a powder keg and could explode, embarrassing all involved. Dispatched to Chicago, he quickly realizes that the cursory investigation that has taken place so far is woefully inadequate. In seeking help from the local US Attorney in Cook County, he runs into a stonewall because, unbeknownst to him, the US Attorney is close to the alleged principals of the multi-million dollar insurance scam. His efforts are further hampered not only due to his complete inexperience, but he now has to cope with an Assistant US Attorney who has been assigned to him (really at the behest of her boss to spy and report back on any progress) in lieu of investigative help. Meanwhile, on the other side of town, the criminal principals are concerned that Washington has taken an interest in their friendly enterprise. The US Attorney has briefed them on what Washington is doing and what they can expect from David Jason, the name of the newly arrived attorney, who coincidentally grew up in the Windy City. All are satisfied except the most nefarious of the group and he sets out to further hinder the investigation by hiring murderous thugs to silence the lone inside man at the transit agency, who could identify him. Jason gains an unexpected ally in the Assistant US Attorney who is not only beautiful, but also very eager to cash in her ticket for professional upward mobility. Together they begin to piece together sketches of the principals, which only further antagonize the murderous member of the elite group. Again, enlisting the support of his murder-for-hire henchmen, he orders the assassination of David Jason during a staged street mugging. Unfortunately the killers mistakenly shoot the young Assistant, killing her instantly and leaving David Jason gravely wounded. This high profiled mugging was reported throughout the news and caught the attention of David Schoolboy Benson, a young, up and coming member of Chicagos Mau-Maus street gang. Benson had been a friend of the inside contact at the transit agency and his killing infuriated the young gangster. In reading the article about the US Attorneys getting mugged and shot, he noted that David Jason was in town investigating an insurance fraud scam involving the municipal transit agency. He attempts to make contact with Jason as he recuperates in the hospital. His clandestine overtures pique Jasons interest when he mentions that he was a friend of the murdered insider, which David suspected had some involvement in the insurance fraud. Upon his release from the hospital, Jason and Schoolboy agree to meet at Davids hotel room, where he discovers it had been ransacked while he was hospitalized. During the meeting, Schoolboy reveals that the dead underling gave him a computer printout for safekeeping. This printout is a record of all the false claims that had been processed by the agency. Realizing its value and that it was no longer safe to stay at the hotel, David needed alternative living quarters to safely continue the investigation. Schoolboy volunteers his apartment building located deep on Chicagos Southside where no one could ever find the recovering lawyer. After agreeing and traveling from Downtown to the Southside slums, David Jason is introduced to Miz Cheryl Benson, Schoolboys mother and the caretaker for the run down two-flat. To their mutual astonishment the two adults immediately recognize each other from days in high school where Cheryl Benson, nee Hicks, was Davids one-time almost love interest. Would a re-kindl

A Family of Friends

Author : D H Park
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The seemingly normal life of a wealthy Michigan teen is suddenly shattered with the imprisonment of his father and death of his mother. Building a new life on his own with only a married sister as family leads to emotional ups and downs as Andy Newland faces the challenges of life. Andy and his college roommate, Jason Anderson, form a bond stronger than brothers, coming to rely on each other for friendship and support throughout. As their lives and careers grow around Rochester, Michigan, the one constant is a deep commitment to their friendship. This heartwarming tale of the relationships of family and friends emphasises the need to share our lives with others.

Night Angel

Author : Kadee Nichols
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Misunderstood Healing Jason Sutter

Author : Jay Sherfey
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It is December of 1962 when a car rolls down a tree-lined street in a bedroom community south of Philadelphia. Slumped in the back seat is thirteen-year-old Jason Sutter, unaware he will soon be delivered to his foster family. As Lydia and Frank DeBois open the door to welcome Jason and the social worker, they have no idea of the kind of power they are about to let into their home. Diagnosed as potentially violent with severe psychotic tendencies, Jason has a future that seems uncertain at best. Now victim to his foster parents’ deliberate experiments with his medicine, Jason has already missed two years of school. But even more perplexing are the newfound mental abilities he has discovered over the past few months. It turns out that Jason is a gifted telepath who now must claw his way out of the darkness of mind-numbing drugs to determine how he can use his physical and mental superpowers for the good of the world. As Jason makes friends and discovers enemies, he enters a larger world wielding his psychic powers—completely unaware that he is a medical miracle.

Twisted Road Home

Author : Donald L. Ball
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Seasoned detective, Jason Carmichael, is assigned the task of determining the controversial death of a fellow deputy in the mountains east of Sonora, California. Assertions of suicide, a possible accident, or a drug-related hit plague Jason since there is no conclusive evidence to prove either. Sheriff Owen Wheeler assigns a gutsy, self-confident woman as an aide to Jason. Attractive and married, the woman demands the deceased deputy be, at least, afforded the dignity of an official burial. An act she feels will finally bring him home. Having this woman at his side was not Jason's choice, but soon finds out what his life would be without her. A tiny circle is Jason's only compelling evidence to solving the case until their paths cross with that of a rogue cop who makes an unsolicited remark while being questioned as part of another wider investigation. Will Jason condemn this rogue or thank him?

On My Terms

Author : Ashley Farley
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Jolie Hogan likes coffee black, panties lacy, and tequila neat. She’s a cop, turned journalist, turned private investigator. People say she’s ballsy. Truth is, her courage is a recklessness that stems from her troubled past. Jolie is currently in a mess of trouble. She’s been set up for murder by a powerful criminal attorney. The murder victims are the attorney’s wife and Jolie’s husband, Lucas. Jolie will do whatever it takes to clear her name. Including selling her soul to the devil. In Jolie’s case, the devil is a wickedly hot detective who brings the past back to haunt her.