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Here s Johnny

Author : Jack Torrance
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Illustrated autobiography of Jack Torrance, star of Steven King's 'The Shining!'

The Book of Horror

Author : Matt Glasby
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The Book of Horror introduces you to the scariest movies ever made and examines the factors that make them so frightening. Horror movies have never been more critically or commercially successful, but there's only one metric that matters: are they scary? Back in the silent era, viewers thrilled at Frankenstein and Dracula. Today, the monsters may have changed, but the instinct remains the same: to seek out the unspeakable, ride the adrenaline rush and play out our fears in the safety of the cinema. The Book of Horror focuses on the most frightening films of the post-war era - from Psycho (1960) to It Chapter Two (2019) - examining exactly how they scare us across a series of key categories. Each chapter explores a seminal horror film in depth, charting its scariest moments with infographics and identifying the related works you need to see. Including references to more than 100 classic and contemporary horror films from around the globe, and striking illustrations from Barney Bodoano, this is a rich and compelling guide to the scariest films ever made. The films: Psycho (1960), The Innocents (1961), The Haunting (1963), Don't Look Now (1973), The Exorcist (1973), The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974), Who Can Kill a Child? (1976), Suspiria (1977), Halloween (1978), The Shining (1980), The Entity (1982), Angst (1983), Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (1990), Ring (1998), The Blair Witch Project (1999), The Others (2001), The Eye (2002), Ju-On: The Grudge (2002), Shutter (2004), The Descent (2005), Wolf Creek (2005), The Orphanage (2007), [Rec] (2007), The Strangers (2008), Lake Mungo (2008), Martyrs (2008), The Innkeepers (2011), Banshee Chapter (2013), Oculus (2013), The Babadook (2014), It Follows (2015), Terrified (2017), Hereditary (2018), It Chapter Two (2019)

Stanley Kubrick Companion

Author : James Howard
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Describes Stanley Kubrick's works from "Spartacus" to "Full Metal Jacket," and examines his eccentric personality as reflected in his films.

Mental Health

Author : Jack Bennington
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DescriptionMental Health: A student account, a no-holes-barred account of work on a busy dementia ward, seen through the eyes of a student nurse undertaking a 12 hour shift. Read of the highs and lows of working within the rewarding career of mental health. Experience first hand the sorrow and laughter of caring for individuals with diverse needs in a world where the bottom line and cost cutting is paramount and what you see may not be what you get. Also take a tour through voluntary services, through a unique diary and discover how they are run, for better or worse. This book is an invaluable resource for any aspiring nursing students, individuals currently working within the systems, or those with direct experience of mental health services in Britain today. Read it, and make up your own mind if what we currently have really is 'Person Centred' Care. About the AuthorJack Bennington was born in 1977 in the West Midlands. He gained a degree in Film, T.V, and Radio Studies in early 2000 but, after developing an interest in psychology, later trained as a Mental Health Nurse in 2007. Upon qualifying in 2010 he took up a postion working with individuals with Dementia. Jack continues to develop his interest and knowledge of mental health issues, in particular the link between healthy living and psychology. He still works closely with his local university in developing educational and visual training tools for future mental health students.

The Essential Jack Nicholson

Author : James L. Neibaur
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For ten years Jack Nicholson toiled in low-budget films and guest spots in such television shows as Dr. Kildare and The Andy Griffith Show before his breakout performance in Easy Rider. Despite “retiring” in 2010, Nicholson remains one of the most revered actors of the last half century. Nominated for twelve Academy Awards—the most of any male actor—Nicholson has received three Oscars and countless other honors. The Essential Jack Nicholson looks at the key films in the career of one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. After a brief profile of the actor, James L. Neibaur highlights each of Nicholson’s most important works, explaining why his performances are essential viewing. In addition to Easy Rider, the films discussed include Five Easy Pieces, The Last Detail, Chinatown, One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest, The Shining, Reds, Terms of Endearment, Prizzi’s Honor, Ironweed, Batman, A Few Good Men, As Good as It Gets, About Schmidt, and The Departed. Neibaur also provides details about each film’s production, critical reaction, commercial reception, major nominations, and awards. A filmography of all of Nicholson’s movie roles (and select television performances) is also included. The Essential Jack Nicholson is a valuable source of information for fans of this iconic star and his films.

Hearths of Darkness

Author : Tony Williams
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Hearths of Darkness: The Family in the American Horror Film is the first major book-length study of the family horror film. Far from being a marginal or nonexistent element in the horror genre, as some critics argue, author Tony Williams states that it is really one of the genre's most important features.

Stephen King

Author : Rocky Wood
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This companion provides a two-part introduction to best-selling author Stephen King, whose enormous popularity over the years has gained him an audience well beyond readers of horror fiction, the genre with which he is most often associated. Part I considers the reception of King’s work, the film adaptations that they gave rise to, the fictional worlds in which some of his novels are set, and the more useful approaches to King’s varied corpus. Part II consists of entries for each series, novel, story, screenplay and even poem, including works never published or produced, as well as characters and settings.

Poster Collection

Author : BeautifulYk Poster
File Size : 70.66 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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20 REMOVABLE POSTERSThe Poster Collection (Insights Poster Collections)Content included:1/ Beautiful Skys Local Views Landscapes2/ Beautiful Skys Sunset Over The Harbor Landscapes3/ Beautiful Skys Just Before Sunset Landscapes4/ Beautiful Skys Snow Storms Landscapes5/ Beautiful Skys Another Type Of View Landscapes6/ Beautiful Skys Beautiful Days Landscapes7/ Beautiful Skys Bright Star Landscapes8/ Beautiful Skys Taken From A Nice Vantage Point Overlooking Wigan Landscapes9/ Beautiful Skys Taken On A Very Icy Bridge In Moonlight Landscapes10/ Beautiful Skys Taken In Liverpool Landscapes11/ Beautiful Skys Local Views Landscapes12/ Beautiful Skys Sunset Over The Harbor Landscapes13/ Beautiful Skys Just Before Sunset Landscapes14/ Beautiful Skys Snow Storms Landscapes15/ Beautiful Skys Another Type Of View Landscapes16/ Beautiful Skys Beautiful Days Landscapes17/ Beautiful Skys Bright Star Landscapes18/ Beautiful Skys Taken From A Nice Vantage Point Overlooking Wigan Landscapes19/ Beautiful Skys Taken On A Very Icy Bridge In Moonlight Landscapes20/ Beautiful Skys Taken In Liverpool LandscapesTAGs: city seafront spanish waves surf front sea view seascape scene barceloneta centre waterfront buildings urban surfing landscape coast coastal scenery coastline seashore surfer water beachfront sandy center central catalan scenic outdoors outdoor scenerybydesign hills australia landscapes parklands people guyana boston massachusetts harbor lights everning ludanayvelt evening blue gold colors twilight long exposure architecture historic customhouse financial district newengland sky walk old new brick glass moakley courthouse dusk low sunset hdr fiery tland oregon stumptown downtown willamette river eastbank esplanade pacific northwest hawthorne bridge reflection united states usa north america west ocean marsh boats beautiful sunrise orange pretty over coquet bts bangtan jimin jhope jungkook rapmon suga jin wings begin dawn trees bird tomorrow tree just before the evita nature shadows full moon cloudy rays almost clouds dark rain asian japanese ukiyo e mountains snow lake forest pink purple white green room shelly duval stephen king shining jack torrance nicholson heres johnny overlook hotel caretaker wanted 237 stanley kubrick all work and no play makes a dull boy metal jacket vintage movies ultraviolence clockwork grady twins thriller mountain storm winter violent motel colorado sidewinder redrum murder tony snowcat maze blood boulder hot air balloon birds cute lightening cloud rainbow weather travel adventure wave rogue splash great fury curve east oriental kanagawa mount fuji massive giant threatening woodblock hokusai japan grunge distress texture classic traditional vintagearchive animal strange chloe lyla sean daniel wolf wolves hipster video game indie dontnod loading saving running teen simple geek remix road trip car walking hiking retro trendy cool jacksepticeye dots spots dotty spotty polka black irregular drops strom monochrome minimalism pattern minimalist endless seamless dalmatian abstract painted scandinavian les miserables mis red musical theater broadway theatre jean valjean javert fantine eponine cosette marius enjolras grantaire love another person see face god to is of positivity positive quote line script font type magnolias scrunchie scrunchy schrunchie schrunch schrunchies roseeater roseeaterr rose eater eaterr nancyd nancy chic 90s 80s crew hair elastic fabric cloth girl girly feminine flat oval 2 other magnolia bright pastel t1d one diabetes happy diaversary diagnosis date deserve be celebrates chronic illness looks like me card chronically creative strong living with made it year someone i has beat called chris davies dee dilla flip graphic hip hop jay london lyric q tip qtip quest slum song tribe typo

Film Criticism

Author :
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Movie Stars

Author : Gareth Thomas
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This collection of stunning photographs from the archives of the Daily Mail, along with the detailed commentary, provide a wealth of information on the stars' public and private faces. It is an indispensable addition to the movie fan's collection.

Ultimate DVD

Author :
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Jack Nicholson

Author : Mikita Brottman
File Size : 71.24 MB
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Jack Nicholson: Probably the most famous film actor in the world, renowned for roles ranging from convict McMurphy in Milos Forman's seminal One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, to the psychotic axe-killer Jack Torrance in Kubrick's The Shining and sleazy private eye Jake Gittes in Roman Polanski's Chinatown. Editor Mikita Brottman (author of top film studies Meat Is Murder! and Hollywood Hex) has selected her own chronological Top Ten of Jack Nicholson's movies, which are analysed in illustrated, in-depth essays by various modern film writers. The result is both an incisive overview of Jack Nicholson as an actor, and a critical anthology of films by some of the leading directories of recent decades, including Stanley Kubrick, Tim Burton, Roman Polanski, Mike Nichols, Antonio Antonini, and Milos Forman, as well as mavericks such as Monte Hellman, Sean Penn and Roger Corman.

Film Review

Author :
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The Rough Guide to Horror Movies

Author : Alan Jones
File Size : 48.40 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Traces the origins and history of horror motion pictures, identifies and reviews fifty essential movies, includes a look at key actors, actresses, and directors, and discusses related Web sites, festivals, and magazines.

The Rough Guide to Cult Movies

Author : Paul Simpson
File Size : 86.36 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A comprehensive overview of cult movies that profiles cult films from every genre and includes trivia about films, actors, producers, and backstage happenings.

Movie Lists

Author : Paul Simpson
File Size : 23.26 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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At last--a film book that is really useful . . . and fun!

The Nation

Author :
File Size : 61.95 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Films of Jack Nicholson

Author : Douglas Brode
File Size : 55.36 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Traces the development of Jack Nicholson's movie acting career and analyzes his performances in each of his films

Coloring Book and Poster Collection

Author : SellersFhM Coloring
File Size : 75.54 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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COLORING BOOK COMBINE WITH POSTER COLLECTION (FULL COLOR PHOTO BOOK): 20 pages for coloring + 20 removable postersContent included:1/ Best Sellers Valak The Conjuring 2 V Movies2/ Best Sellers Ghostface V Tv Shows3/ Best Sellers Jack Torrance The Shining V Tv Shows4/ Best Sellers John Wick V Action Movies5/ Best Sellers Patrick Bateman V Movies6/ Best Sellers Saul Goodman V Tv Shows7/ Best Sellers Scarface V Action Movies8/ Best Sellers Terminator 02 V Action Movies9/ Best Sellers The Night King V Tv Shows10/ Best Sellers Jesse Pinkman V Tv Shows11/ Best Sellers Tyrion Lannister V Tv Shows12/ Best Sellers Walter White V Tv Shows13/ Best Sellers Ghostface V Tv Shows14/ Best Sellers By #beegeedoubleyou Movies15/ Best Sellers By #beegeedoubleyou Movies16/ Best Sellers By #beegeedoubleyou Movies17/ Best Sellers Jack Torrance "the Shining" V Tv Shows18/ Best Sellers Fascinating Metal Designed Tv Shows19/ Best Sellers Highquality Metal From Amazing Badass Collection Tv Shows20/ Best Sellers Fascinating Metal Designed With Love Tv ShowsTAGs: leatherface freaky butcher knife jamie curtis chainsaw night bat childhood 1978 scream ghostface hell fall spirit wolf werewolf face sticker book mike myers xxxtentacion rip jahseh onfroy xtentacion tentacion mac miller lil peep ski mask slump god 6ix9ine pump love depression bad vibes alone trippie redd sad jocelyn flores drake travis scott astroworld xan wayne supreme off offwhite champion palace yeezy hypebeast hype streetwear kanye west killah wu tang clan logic jason voorhees uzi gang corn syrup billy loomis skeet ulrich fp jones riverdale sidney prescott stu macher 3 scre4m 4 craft chris hooker jericho jake green kaytranada 99 9 anderson paak electronic music weed jesus purple flume odd future internet rap hiphop montreal angel osheaga lcd sound system kendrick lamar damn dark xxxtentation suicideboys leaf pot stoner 420 lean aesthetic vawave wutang for children 90s wulife new york gza rza biggie big poppa r b cream protect ya neck ol dirty bastard grammys hands blm rug x odb spring summer 2019 louis vuitton virgil abloh kim dior skate skateboard method man raekwon wiki inspectah deck shining jack torrance nicholson stanley kubrick overlook hotel gold room shelly duval heres johnny caretaker wanted 237 all work and no play makes a dull boy full metal jacket vintage movies ultraviolence clockwork orange grady twins thriller mountain snow storm winter violent motel colorado sidewinder redrum murder tony snowcat maze blood boulder supernatural diane johnson wendy 1980s axe king nerd danny torrence apollo sweater cool girls guys funny geek john wick keanu reeves dog gun dead gangster hollywood action 80s japanese disco funk retrowave meme matrix blue red pill neo morpheus scifi funy fun reboot dvd epic kind animals ill kill you care puppy dogs cats rat poodle pug golden retriever boxer assassin guns violence protec attac bac reinhardt owo anime slayer goblin flowers hatred coding dnd flying fishing buff films cyber punk parabellum patrick bateman business card american psycho comedy pierce phone cellphone cell christian bale dubs checkem batemen check it 4chan pop culture breteastonellis retro vhs cassette tapes videotapes quotes huey lewis bruce better call saul goodman breaking walter heisenberg awesome negative space tv series show dui dealing drugs in legal trouble t merchandise hank schrader erhmantraut jesse pinkman gus fring amc chibi caricature bcs jimmy mcgill bob odenkirk pink abc serie cook cooking time chemistry one who knocks danger skyler mizell joseph simmons darryl mcdaniels ehrmantraut bitch bryan cranston scarface blimp world is yours montana lit trill mafia boss rich kid pacino mobster villain hoodlum cuban hello little friend say machine cocaine banksy stencil

The American Film Institute Desk Reference

Author : Melinda Corey
File Size : 46.40 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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An in-depth resource on the art of filmmaking looks at the history of film, along with information on actors, designers, directors, writers, cinematographers, sound effects, and editors.