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It s Slobberin Time

Author : Jeff Parker
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Revision of the March 2006 issue of Marvel adventures Fantastic Four.

Fantastic Four in It s Slobberin Time J

Author : Jeff Parker
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The Fantastic Four join together to fight evil.

The Covent Garden Magazine Or the Amorous Repository

Author :
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H G WELLS 120 Sci Fi Classics Dystopian Novels Time Travel Tales

Author : H. G. Wells
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An ultimate collection of novels, short stories and essays, by the visionary author, the "father of science fiction" - H. G. Wells: The Time Machine The Undying Fire The War in the Air The War of the Worlds The World Set Free A Modern Utopia When the Sleeper Wakes Ann Veronica Bealby In the Days of the Comet The Chronic Argonauts The First Men in the Moon The Invisible Man The Island of Dr Moreau The New Machiavelli The Passionate Friends The Prophetic Trilogy The Research Magnificent The Sea Lady The Secret Places of the Heart The Soul of a Bishop Tono-bungay Collections of Short Stories Short Stories: A Catastrophe A Deal in Ostriches A Dream of Armageddon A Slip Under the Microscope A Story of the Days to Come A Story of the Stone Age A Tale of the Twentieth Century A Talk with Gryllotalpa How Gabriel Became Thompson How Pingwill Was Routed In the Abyss Le Mari Terrible Miss Winchelsea's Heart Mr. Brisher's Treasure Mr. Ledbetter's Vacation Mr. Marshall's Doppelganger Mr. Skelmersdale in Fairyland My First Aeroplane Our Little Neighbour Perfect Gentleman on Wheels Pollock and the Porroh Man The Empire of the Ants The Flying Man The Grisly Folk The Inexperienced Ghost The Land Ironclads The Lord of the Dynamos The Loyalty of Esau Common The Magic Shop The Man Who Could Work Miracles The Man with a Nose The Moth The New Accelerator The New Faust The Obliterated Man The Pearl of Love The Presence by the Fire The Purple Pileus The Rajah's Treasure The Reconciliation The Red Room The Sea Raiders The Star The Stolen Body The Story of the Last Trump The Story of the Stone Age The Temptation of Harringay The Thing in No. 7 The Thumbmark The Treasure in the Forest The Wild Asses of the Devil Through a Window Under the Knife Walcote Wayde's Essence Essays and Articles: A Short History of the World Floor Games Little Wars New Worlds for Old Russia in the Shadows The Misery of Boots The Outline of History Zoological Retrogression What Is Coming...

Slow Dancing Through Time

Author : Gardner Dozois
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Here are the short story collaborations of legendary editor and multiple Nebula Award winning author Gardner Dozois with some of the greatest writers of modern science fiction. Each story is followed by an essay by the collaborator discussing Dozois and his influence on science fiction and beyond. Includes collaborative stories and appreciations by: Michael Bishop Pat Cadigan Michael Swanwick Jack Dann Jack C. Haldeman, II Susan Casper At the publisher's request, this title is sold without DRM (Digital Rights Management).

Arthur Merton

Author : David Dixon Porter
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Men of No Property

Author : Dorothy Salisbury Davis
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Dorothy Salisbury Davis brings to life the joys, hardships, and challenges of the Irish in New York City, following the lives of five people from their voyage to America in 1848 through fifteen turbulent years When the Valiant weighs anchor, the Irish that are crammed into her hold break into song, and with the hymn, say good-bye to the island of their birth. Famine, nationalism, and sectarian strife have crippled the Emerald Isle, and those who can afford it crowd aboard leaky ships, risking death for the possibility of a better life. Among the Valiant’s passengers are Peg and Norah Hickey, a pair of lovely young runaways; powerful and charming Dennis Lavery, who sets his sights on Tammany Hall; tough urchin Vinnie Dunne; and Stephen Farrell, a lawyer and journalist who waded into troubled political waters in Ireland. While they begin their journey with optimism in their hearts, as their fortunes prosper in the new world, their lives will be touched in ways they would never expect—by disillusionment, corruption, and the violence of America’s Civil War. A tribute to her mother’s homeland, this historical novel was the first work of fiction published by Dorothy Salisbury Davis that did not deal with crime and criminals. Nonetheless, she brings to it the same insightful characterization, lively pacing, and engrossing drama that mark her as one of the finest mystery authors of all time.


Author : Betty Lowrey
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Have you longed for a place of acceptance? People allowing you to be yourself? Forgiven is based on a network of women who have come together, asking little of each other, realizing the past has formed them but the future will release them from the secrets and mistakes. Ellen Anderson is the rock of faith, though her life will be shaken when her daughter is kidnapped. Beatrice, the widow, finds life goes on regardless of death or grief. Anne, divorced and alone, struggles full of fear, searching for peace and a way to reunite with her little boy. Harriet Becker has lived with a secret; she considers an unforgiven sin that has caused her to become a recluse from society. When the four women find their lives entwined rather than entangled, they find truth in the old saying, "Trouble shared is trouble halved." Ellen's faith becomes their creed. "Time may lead me nowhere, though I press on. My faith may break into pieces, but I know within my being, when I falter God is there." Will each woman find peace? Does God have a plan for their lives? Will the friendship, that wonderful network of caring, last when a little girl is kidnapped?


Author :
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National Transportation Safety Board Decisions

Author : United States. National Transportation Safety Board
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Strange Times

Author : Ique
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Wallace s Monthly

Author :
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The Comics

Author : Brian Walker
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Uses more than seven hundred illustrations, biographical profiles, and descriptions of genres and themes to survey the variety of American comics and their creators since 1945.

Idiots Fist Fighting

Author : James M. Spears
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You've never dreamed of people acting this idiotic non-stop for days on end as their friends cheered them on time-and-time-again.

My Dirty Little Book of Stolen Time

Author : Liz Jensen
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In fin-de-siècle Copenhagen, part-time prostitute Charlotte and her lumpen sidekick, Fru Schleswig, have taken on jobs as cleaning ladies of dubious talent to tide them over the harsh winter of 1897. But the home of their neurotic new employer, the widow Krak, soon reveals itself to be riddled with dark secrets - including the existence of a demonic machine rumoured to swallow people alive. Rudely catapulted into twenty-first-century London, the hapless duo discover a whole new world of glass, labour-saving devices and hectic, impossible romance...

The Touch of Sage

Author : Marcia Lynn McClure
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Following the death of her parents, Sage Willows had lovingly nurtured her younger sisters through childhood. She loved her sisters. She'd seen each one married, and was glad to see them settled and happy. Furthermore, she held no resentment at never having found a good man of her own to settle down with. Yet, regret is different than resentment-and far more haunting. Still, Sage found as much joy as was allowed a lonely young woman-in being proprietress of Willows' Boardinghouse, and in the companionship of the four beloved widow-women boarding there. Until, that is, the devilishly handsome Rebel Lee Mitchell appeared. It seemed Reb Mitchel instantly and forever vanquished Sage's feigned contentment. Dark, mysterious and secretly wounded, Reb Mitchell utterly captured Sage's lonely heart. Nevertheless, to Sage Williows, the powerfully attractive cowboy-admired and coveted by every female in his path-seemed entirely unobtainable. How could a weathered, boardinghouse-proprietress resigned to spinsterhood, ever hope to hold the attention of such a man? And knowing she couldn't-would Sage Willows simply sink deeper into the bleak loneliness she'd secreted for so long?

Of Time and the River

Author : Thomas Wolfe
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Leaving his Southern home for Harvard University, New York City, and then, Europe, Eugen Gant explores his manhood and his American identity, falling in love with a beautiful stage designer along the way.

The Librarian s Guide to Graphic Novels for Children and Tweens

Author : David S. Serchay
File Size : 35.29 MB
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A guide to graphic novels for children and pre-teens offers historical and genre information, provides collection building tips, and discusses how to manage, promote, and maintain the collection.

The Land in Our Hands Burley Demeritt Farm in Lee NH Its History

Author : Martha Butterfield
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The story of the Burley-Demeritt Farm in Lee, NH spans over 250 years and is told in six sections with over 260 photos and illustrations. The farm was owned by seven generations of the Burley, Furber and Demeritt families before it was purchased by the University of New Hampshire in 1969 and is now operated by UNH as an organic dairy farm. Part I covers its history, dating back to the early 1700's. Parts II and III feature 86 short stories about Della Demeritt's memories of growing up on the Farm in the early 20th century and her children's remembrances of living there in the 1940's. Part IV covers UNH's continuing involvement with the Farm's operation and ongoing efforts by the surrounding community to restore the deteriorating farmhouse. Part V provides a brief section on the genealogy of the three families connected with the Farm's history. Part VI describes the history of the Burley-Demeritt Farmhouse, including a layout of its rooms with numerous photos of its interior as it existed in 2010.

Time Must Have a Stop

Author : Aldous Huxley
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Sebastian Barnack, a handsome English schoolboy, is on bad terms with his socialist father who disapproves of his hedonistic lifestyle. He escapes to Florence in order to learn about life. His education there, thanks to the contradictory influences of his scurrilous Uncle Eustace and a saintly bookseller, is both sacred and profane. A haunting novel from one of the twentieth century's most powerful commentators.