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If Its Only Love

Author : asmae rolka
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This book is what you are looking for to write your dreams or schemes or your great big ideas ... you must start writing . *120 page *6x9

Choose only Love

Author : Sebastián Blaksley
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Messages from A Choir of Angels-Book 1 Invisible realms of Angels became visible to Sebastián Blaksley in an extraordinary series of 144 visitations overseen by Archangels Raphael and Gabriel. They asked him to take down their messages, including messages from Jesus and Mother Mary. Choose Only Love is the result. Hearing this truth, like hearing a song once loved but forgotten, rekindles a relationship with your true self that is direct, personal, and magnificent. Choose Only Love ushers in a conscious return to your First Love. This first of seven volumes of Choose Only Love sounds an echo of holiness in the heart. The Beloved is calling. Upon hearing that echo, your soul recognizes the voice. It is a call to be in a divine embrace. Your soul begins to remember more vividly the voice of love, a call to return to a direct relationship with God. The soul will persist until union has been achieved. Nothing can stop a soul in love when the Beloved is heard calling once again.

It s Not Just My Only Love Story

Author : Bhubanesh Baisakha
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It is a story that takes you into the life of a 12 years old young boy called Brijesh who always had certain awkwardness around girls to which he finally overcame when on one fine winter morning he met a girl around his age in the school bus. Soon, their friendship grew which later got converted into a flawed love story. Though they survived the early challenges of romantic relationships that one faces at that young age, but their hearts were still filled with doubts. Though she promised to be with him, she never called after the completion of the schooling. But after years of separation, life gave them a second chance to reconnect. They again fell in love and believed that they are supposed to together forever. This time they even had a well made plan for their future, but destiny had a different plan for them. They both tried to hold on to their plans, but with time people change and so as their plans. As the boy suffered from serious physical & mental health issues which also made their love miserable and eventually led to separation. After a decade they both meet again at a relationship counseling program on his birthday from where the story took an unexpected turn. Will they both give themselves a third chance or are they just happy to be remain unknown? Read the story to get all your questions answered.


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In its 114th year, Billboard remains the world's premier weekly music publication and a diverse digital, events, brand, content and data licensing platform. Billboard publishes the most trusted charts and offers unrivaled reporting about the latest music, video, gaming, media, digital and mobile entertainment issues and trends.

Lectures on Dramatic Literature

Author : Saint-Marc Girardin
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Author : Charlotte Brontë
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Copenhagen and Its Environs

Author : Lucy Andersen
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You Only Love Twice

Author : Ruth Lowry
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Becky Archer’s young life has not been an easy one, growing up on a run-down council estate in the town of Benford in Kent and having to support her mother, brother, and sister after the death of their father. She dreams of a better life in the beauty industry in London. A chance meeting with a client—the eccentric Pauline Coldwell—changes her life forever. She ends up working in the heart of Mayfair; and her new boss, the enigmatic Mario Bianchi, quickly becomes her lover. And with that, brings a life of adventure . . . and danger. A newly acquired friend and confidant, James Burton, becomes embroiled in matters out of his control. He has fallen for Becky but doesn’t realise the power of Mario. This is the story of Becky Archer from teenage to adulthood and how she copes with the temptation of love and the perils of jealousy and deceit.

The Political Economy of Art Or A Joy Forever and Its Price in the Market

Author : John Ruskin
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Frank Leslie s Sunday Magazine

Author : Charles Force Deems
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Only Love Is Real

Author : Tom LaRotonda
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As long as worldly love continues to be considered our means of salvation, we will forever experience war, greed, hunger, disease, homelessness, and every other form of pain and suffering that the dream can create. This book is not about vastly improving worldly love into something newer, better, and bigger. That strategy has gone on for centuries, yet world peace has never been achieved. This book is one soul’s humble yet dedicated attempt to truly connect with those who will listen, and inspire them to stop and hear the magnificence of their heart; and to put aside the ego’s insane influence and ask one simple question: “What has my strong allegiance to the illusions of this world truly created in my life?”

The Expository Times

Author :
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The Rhyme Book

Author : Hercules Ellis
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The Knickerbacker

Author :
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Tell it All

Author : Mrs. T. B. H. Stenhouse
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Brushwood Picked Up on the Continent

Author : Orville Horwitz
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The Curse of Gold

Author : Robert William Jameson
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Annual Register

Author :
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Discourses and Sayings of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Author : John Brown
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Beauchamp s Career

Author : George Meredith
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