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Rest Ethic

Author : Dr. Sean Orr
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In today’s ambitious and competitive world, we are taught that hard work is the only path to success. Taking time for ourselves is seen as selfish, lazy, or weak, and considered the number one reason for failures of all sorts. Without question, a strong work ethic is important. But what happens when hard work is all you have left? With your relationships neglected, your free-time non-existent, and your health in decline, can you really hope to enjoy your success? Just like day and night, rest balances work. A strong rest ethic is all about securing your own oxygen mask first and taking care of yourself. Sound selfish? It's not. A strong rest ethic offers you better health, more time to understand and pursue what you truly value, and a healthier, relationship with work, so that you can better meet the never-ending demands on your time and energy. We can all experience this balance, not by detracting from our work ethic but by including a strong rest ethic. Now included in this expanded Second Edition: Financial Rest and Putting your Rest Ethic to Work.

They Rest Not at Night

Author : Mark W. Merritt
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Every time Mark W. Merritt puts on the uniform of a US Naval Officer, he is reminded of how thankful he is to be an American. He began compiling his memories in 2008 while serving in Iraq, just after celebrating his fiftieth birthday in a combat zone. In his memoir, he offers a collection of lessons learned from his years in intelligence—through twenty-nine countries, frost bite, two hip replacements, cancer, three wars, five combat zones, eight marathons, multiple parachute jumps, three college degrees, and two black belts. He has been an author, high school hall-of-famer and collegiate NCAA athlete, mountain climber and kayaker, husband, son, brother, warrior, scholar, and gentleman. As a special operations intelligence officer, Merritt has always pushed to do more, but now he can step back and take in what he has accomplished. He has failed many times, but he has succeeded often, as well. Happiness no longer seems like an unobtainable goal. They Rest Not at Night offers both Merritt’s personal life history with all its variety and an exploration of his intelligence experience, sharing his own commentary on the wisdom he has gained the hard way.

Blossom like Eden

Author : Sarah Brandt
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“This book is for everybody who feels like a nobody. With a voice of truth totally devoid of condemnation, Sarah will help you to see yourself as the Daughter of the King you truly are.” —Stephanie Armbruster YWAM Bible Teacher, Master of Arts in Biblical Languages and Educational Ministries In the search for belonging and acceptance, those aspiring to live a life of righteousness often find themselves feeling separated from God, love-starved, and drowning in cultural lies and misconceptions of what Christianity is supposed to look and feel like. What if you already held everything you needed to live a life of freedom in your authentic identity? What if fullness of life wasn’t something you just heard about but a place you entered into? Blossom Like Eden takes readers on a journey alongside one woman in her quest to find the truth. What she discovers changes her from the inside out, breaking every long-held identity lie and the striving she was used to. This story is for every woman aching for the freedom to know who they are and to let others see them. To the wanderer, frail in power and craving rest: You weren’t created to live a life lacking in intimacy with your heavenly Father. You are His daughter. Walk with Him now out of the desert and into the garden again!

Better to Rest

Author : Dana Stabenow
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'Crime fiction doesn't get much better than this' BOOKLIST. A party of hunters stumbles upon a desiccated human hand, a feisty grandmother meets an untimely death in her own kitchen, and the broken remains of a World War II-era transport plane emerge from the face of a calving glacier. It's all in a day's work for Sergeant Liam Campbell of the Alaska State Troopers.

Christmas at Emelia s

Author : Lexi Buchanan
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This Christmas join the De La Fuentes and McKenzies in Blossom Creek as they celebrate the grand opening of Emelia’s Restaurant. Over twenty years after Levi De La Fuente's parents opened the first Emelia’s, Levi and his cousin Ryan are getting ready to open a second location. Emma De La Fuente manages the first Emelia’s in Essex, Vermont for her parents. She’s in town to assist her brother and cousin in getting the new restaurant ready for its grand opening. However, she didn’t plan on the strong attraction she feels toward the town Sheriff. The man with his sweet words and heated looks has managed to derail her plans on returning home. While his sister is distracted, Levi finds himself in need of rescuing from a rather embarrassing situation. Luckily for him, Vivien Taylor, owner of Temptations, Blossom Creek’s handmade chocolate store, appears just at the right time. If only he didn’t crave the sweet woman, then maybe, this situation wouldn’t be so awkward. Blossom Creek just might be warm enough to melt the snow this holiday season.

Heart of Malice

Author : Lisa Edmonds
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The first time Moses Murphy’s granddaughter killed on his orders, she was six years old. For twenty years, she was a prisoner of an organized crime syndicate, forced to use her magic to make Moses the most powerful and feared man on the East Coast. To escape his cruelty, she faked her own death and started a new life as Alice Worth. As a private investigator specializing in cases involving the supernatural, Alice walks a precarious line between atoning for the sins of her grandfather’s cabal and keeping her true identity hidden. Hired to investigate the disappearance of a mysterious object of power, Alice enlists the help of Malcolm, a ghost running from a past as nightmarish as her own. It soon becomes clear the missing object was taken by someone with a dangerous secret and an unknown agenda. When her client is kidnapped, Alice must find her and the object of power before a vengeful killer destroys the city and slaughters thousands—starting with Alice.

A Way Home

Author : Robert C. Vogel
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What are the ties that bind us to our loved ones? How strong are these ties? In his first novel, "A Way Home," Robert Vogel details the story of Nick and Maura Sullivan, their faith in God, their siblings, and their relationship with Nick's sister, Colleen, who has been a source of great joy and sorrow.


Author : Christopher T. Werkman
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A detective known for bold courage on the job deals with mental and physical abuse by his trophy wife. A woman strives to overcome the PTSD she brought from battlefields in Iraq so she can become a loving partner. In the title story, a socially dysfunctional man “girlfriends” women he “meets” in obituaries. From liaisons that are real, to those that are imaginary or somewhere between, Christopher T. Werkman skillfully creates characters beginning, ending, or finding a way through some type of romantic relationship. Girlfriending, Werkman’s collection of short stories, will fascinate, amuse, and astonish. Many of the stories are published in literary magazines and anthologies, but most appear only in this collection. His novel, Difficult Lies, was published in 2015.

CEO Release Me

Author : Xiao Xiao
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She was once the grand and illustrious Great Young Miss of Mu Family, and once the scandal had engulfed her, she became the unfilial son of another.Just as her fiancé betrayed her, as well as her mother's illness, when everyone in the world had abandoned her, Gu Chen suddenly appeared in front of her like a god."Sir, please, please save me."The man's eyes flashed, his slender fingers pinched Mu Ning's chin, and his deep voice sounded as cold and indifferent as Xiu Luo's."Woman, you'll have to pay the price for begging me."


Author : Ron Vitale
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Lady Gregory arrived in Purgatory with just one thought—do everything she could to rescue her daughter and Lily. Now, alone with the two girls, she must find a way to escape or be trapped forever with the nuns who run the orphanage on the other side of death. But time is running out for her, because back on the Other Side the Night Brothers run wild in the city streets with Charles and Rose struggling to stay alive. When all she’s worked to save comes crashing down around her, Lady Gregory must make a heart-wrenching choice—sacrifice everything in order to save Rose and everyone on the Other Side or stay with her daughter and protect her at all costs. Torn between an impossible choice, Lady Gregory fights to make a new path for herself and for her new family. In the end, her choice will set the course that will change all their lives forever. Set in the 1860s, join Lady Gregory in the third thrilling installment of the Red Door Diaries that blends adventure, romance, and magic into an unforgettable read.

Wither s Rain

Author : John Passarella
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Once they were strangers bound by their fears of a demonic entity called Elizabeth Wither. They saw her come to life on Halloween in the historic college town of Windale, Massachusetts. They saw their dark dreams come true by the terror she wrought. They watched her crushing death in tons of falling stone. But if Wither is gone and their nightmares are over, why do they wake up screaming? Wendy Ward -- a college student with a gift for white magic -- can sense that the town of Windale is in for a dramatic change in weather. There's a new chill in the air....It's whispered in the warnings of an old woman. It's hidden in the corrupting legacy of a newborn baby. It's waiting in an ancient evil impatient for a human host. And it's being carried in the creeping flow of black blood -- Wither's rain.

The Gentleman

Author : Jacob Enns
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Jeff Nolan, a 34 year old widowed, lonely and reclusive pacifist is holding on to a mentally frozen memory over the loss of his wife. As a church going member of small rural Alberta farming community, one day on a hunting trip Jeff faces his life's greatest test when confronted with the challenge of how he interprets love and truth in keeping with his convictions of nonviolence. Jeff's pain and convictions all come to bear as he finds himself forced to make decisions he could never have imagined. He must decide how he interprets practically what he believes in his heart and respond to the challenges without violating his view of reality. Will his pained mind and lonely heart make the right decisions?

The Diggers Rest Hotel A Charlie Berlin mystery

Author : Geoffrey McGeachin
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In 1947, two years after witnessing the death of a young Jewish woman in Poland, Charlie Berlin has rejoined the police force a different man. Sent to investigate a spate of robberies in rural Victoria, he soon discovers that World War II has changed even the most ordinary of places and people. An ex-bomber pilot and former POW, Berlin is struggling to fit back in: grappling with post-traumatic stress disorder, the ghosts of his dead crew and his futile attempts to numb the pain. When Berlin travels to Albury-Wodonga to track down the gang behind the robberies, he suspects he's a problem cop being set up to fail. Taking a room at the Diggers Rest Hotel in Wodonga, he sets about solving a case that no one else can – with the help of feisty, ambitious journalist Rebecca Green and rookie constable Rob Roberts, the only cop in town he can trust. Then the decapitated body of a young girl turns up in a back alley, and Berlin's investigations lead him ever further through layers of small-town fears, secrets and despair. The first Charlie Berlin mystery takes us into a world of secret alliances and loyalties – and a society dealing with the effects of a war that changed men forever.

At Last Life

Author :
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Bad Paths

Author : Justin Behrens
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Greg Dameron doesn't remember his family back in Lost Haven, Iowa. Separated from them at a young age, Greg is emotionally torn as he flies back to the Midwest after the sudden news of his mother's death. Upon his arrival in Lost Haven, Greg is surprised by the power and prestige the Dameron name carries in the strange little town. Some people seem oddly wary of Greg while others are outright hostile, and he begins to suspect that all is not quite right in this town as dark shadows lurk in the woods behind the Dameron home. Bad Paths is the story of an estranged son who returns to an unknown home to reclaim his birthright and redeem his family name. Filled with intriguing characters who appear to be pleasant Midwestern folk, it's the story of a family hiding a host of demons below their amiable demeanor. As the dark legacy of the Damerons begins to come into focus, tensions heighten and old secrets turn deadly. As Greg struggles to overcome his deceptive family heritage, he must ultimately choose between doing the right thing and saving his own life.

Soviet American

Author : Misha Mercedes
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This is a book of the last century of the world. Or a book of life, about us, the people of the world and each individual. Or a book of answers that people do not always obey. From the past to present to the future. Family, parents, children, life, wife. Respect. Our past, our countries, our choices, our freedom. With total connection, with ideology, view, and mentality of our ancestors. Include our American founding fathers, Words, views, and hobbies. This book was born in an old-fashioned barbershop, made by an old-school Soviet barber. It has been offered to read to real-life customers on the spot while they were waiting for the best haircuts. From simple realities of small business owners and realities in old-fashioned barbershops, to simple realities and history of the country to around the world. Included is the Soviet barber's life story and roads to freedom, where American people will see their history, or real history, and reality of their ancestors who made tough decisions and choices and dangerous roads, to freedom and independence. It is based on conversations between the customers and the barber.

Bad Blood

Author : R.T. Runner
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Growing up neglected by parents, suffering from crippling anxiety attacks, low self esteem, shyness, alcohol abuse to being bullied and dealing with Celiac disease to overcoming them all on my own. Today happily married for over 20 years two children and grandchildren, returned to school have two high school diplomas and went on to college, obtained two diplomas in business and numerous other college programs. Today work for a security company which I enjoy doing, have a dual license private investigator and security guard license and work in some dangerous environments, people skills are my strongpoint.

The Unholy Trinity Origns

Author : Daniel Gage
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Six of the seven seals of the Apocalypse are broken. The key to breaking the last seal is a half demon named Katie, a succubus who doesn't know what she is, with a power she can't control. Coming to her aid is Rebecca, a teenage necromancer whose dad has gone insane. And Jacob, a two thousand year-old demon seeking redemption for his sins. The odds are against them, but these three unlikely companions may be all that stands between the world and its destruction.

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy with Children

Author : G. Gail Gardner
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Author : Vern Thornton
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The new world of Pangaea is an amazing one. There, of the 100 percent newborn children in a year, 48 percent are born with amazing abilities to fly, read mind, and control the elements. The other 48 percent have no abilities at all and are called humans. However, of the 3 percent left, 2 percent of the newborns in a year get their abilities when they start to mature at the age of eighteen years old. The 1 percent left are these amazing beings called Nephilims. They have only one ability, and it is to copy every ability just by seeing it and understanding how it works. Pangaea is divided into five countries, or as they are called, civilizations. The fire civilization forged bits of the lava of volcanoes and the magma rock. The earth civilization is famous for its deserts and oasis. The water one has architectures made of complete ivory, and the air one is where the art of gods appreciation is practiced. Finally, there is the capital of the world, New Pangaea. In the air civilization, a young boy, Merrick, is born, and on the day of his birth, his mom disappears and is presumed to be dead. When he turns eighteen, he and the presidents daughter, Leslie Stephanie, discover that they are Nephilims and that the president hates their race. There their adventures start throughout this magnificent world filled with amazing creatures and landscapes.