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It s Not the End of the World

Author : Judy Blume
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Karen's parents have always argued, and lately they've been getting worse. But when her father announces that they're going to get divorced, it seems as if Karen's whole world will fall apart. Her brother, Jeff, blames their mum. Her kid sister, Amy, asks impossible questions and is scared that everyone she loves is going to leave. Karen just wants her parents to get back together. Gradually, she learns that this isn't going to happen - and realizes that divorce is not the end of the world. It's Not the End of the World is Judy Blume's classic young adult novel about family separation.

It s Not the End of the World

Author : Joan Z. Borysenko, Ph.D.
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The world is in crisis, but you don’t have to be. We all know resilient people who bounce back from hardship and create their best lives. That’s the promise of change. Other people stress out and melt down, losing hope and health. That’s the danger in times of change. The good news is that resilience isn’t a genetic gift for the lucky few. It’s an easily understood skill that anyone can practice and master. Resilient people face reality head on, take action, find deeper meaning in life, laugh often, and are masters of improvisation. A new kind of natural selection is already having its way with us. Hopeful, stress-hardy people will rule the world. And as change and uncertainty escalate, those prone to stress will be less able to compete.

It s Not the End of the World It s Just the End of You

Author : David P. Goldman
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Why do cultures commit suicide? Why are we witnessing a new great extinction of peoples? Why is the economic crisis really a spiritual crisis? Probing the inner workings of civilization in a tour d'horizon of cultural decline, Spengler argues that Europe's postnational, secular dystopia is a death trap, that the onslaught of modernity has plunged Islam into an even greater crisis, and that the destiny of nations is decided in the human heart, by religion. Christian America, in spite of its follies and gullibility, has the spiritual strength to restore the faith of the West. This book presents, in one comprehensive volume, the wide scope of Spengler's theories on Christianity, Islam, America, the financial crisis, horror movies, modern art, Israel, Tolkien's Middle Earth, tribalism, the global balance of power, demography, and sex in the twenty-first century. he global balance of power, demography, and sex in the twenty-first century. These highly original essays may provoke you, even frighten you-but never bore you. "In the more than twenty years I've known David Goldman, he's always had an original take on the big picture and frequently has spotted key turning points well in advance of the herd. He's an indispensable voice on financial television and a must-read observer of politics and economics." -Lawrence Kudlow CNBC Television "Ask anyone in the intelligence business to name the world's most brilliant intelligence service, and we'll all give the same answer: Spengler. David P. Goldman's 'Spengler' columns provide more insight than the CIA, MI6, and the Mossad combined." -Herbert E. Meyer Meyer served during the Reagan Administration as Special Assistant to the Director of Central Intelligence and as Vice Chairman of the CIA's National Intelligence Council.


Author : David Lawrence
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In an unstable and pain-filled world, how can Christians aspire to be a people of hope? Does the Bible really lead us to expect a future life in a vague, ethereal realm called 'heaven', while this earth heads for the cosmic incinerator? In the light of the threat of global terrorism, many are concerned to know about the future. In a clear and positive manner, this book emphasises the Bible's teaching about the new earth that God will create, and explores what living on it may be like. Contemporary implications of a biblical view of heaven are spelled out in the final chapter. It also holds immediate, practical implications for Christians concerned about missions, social justice, and environmental issues in today's world.

Not the End of the World

Author : Christopher Brookmyre
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Death threats rock a Hollywood film festival: “Imagine Day of the Locust updated and rewritten by Carl Hiaasen” (Kirkus Reviews). After a family tragedy, LAPD cop Larry Freeman gets back to work with what he thinks is a simple assignment: Keep a rabid group of right-wing evangelical protestors as far away as possible from a celluloid celebration of ex—and very X—adult film actors. But when an oceanic research vessel off the West Coast is discovered with its crew vanished, Freeman has no idea how dirty this twisty game in the City of Angels is going to get. The players include the voluptuous daughter of a conservative US senator, a Glaswegian photographer with a mysterious agenda, a yacht-load of Hollywood producers, a throng of faded stars feeling more exposed than ever, and a band of self-righteous extremists bent on a glittering apocalypse. Set on the near side of the millennium, at a point when the world is about to spin out of control, this witty thriller delivers “a crazy off-the-wall roller coaster of a book that throws in not only the kitchen sink but the dresser, the best china, and the cook herself” (The Irish Times). “A wild, no-punches-pulled ride.” —The Philadelphia Weekly

It s Not the End of the World But You Can See It from Here

Author : Vaguely Octopus
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This college ruled notebook is the perfect gift for under $10. It can serve as a birthday gift and / or a card for someone at school or the office, and functions as a notebook, diary, or guest book they can use at home after. High quality paperback binding, ideal 6x9 inch size, 120 lined pages to fill.

The End of the World

Author : Alexander Kosyakov
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It s Not the End of the World

Author : Dee Dee Dee Dee Warren
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What if everything that most Christians believe about the "Great Tribulation" and the future that is awaiting the Church was wrong? Do you really know what the Bible teaches on this subject? Read as Dee Dee Warren carefully outlines an alternate perspective, and you just might find yourself in agreement.Endorsements"A preterist commentary on the Olivet Discourse like this one has been needed for a long time now. It's high time someone blazed the trail!"-J.P. Holding, Founder of Tekton Education and Apologetics Ministries, and author of The Mormon Defenders, The Impossible Faith, Shattering the Christ Myth, Trusting the New Testament, and Blowing the Doors Off. "Dee Dee Warren has written a handy book on Christian Eschatology that will surely add to the continued debate on the so called, 'end times.' With her usual no-stone-unturned style, I recommend this book as it invites the reader to wrestle with Warren's conclusions. It also serves as a handy historical reference work with an abundance of material from early Christianity."-Samuel M. Frost, Th. M. (Whitefield Theological Seminary), and author of Why I Left Full Preterism. Dee Dee Warren is a veteran of online theology debates where she cut her teeth and honed the arguments found in this book. Having formerly believed and defended the dispensational futurist view of Bible prophecy believed by many modern Christians, she has come to the position that the majority of what evangelical churches teach on this subject is mistaken. She claims no degrees or specialized training, only a love for the Word and a zeal to find out what the Bible really means by what it says, which is a calling for all believers."

Not Half No End

Author : Geoffrey Bennington
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A collection of essays by one of Jacques Derrida's friends and foremost commentators. Newly available in paperback.

It s Not the End of the World

Author : Billie Gorham
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The rebirth of the nation of Israel and the return of the Jews to Israel may have introduced the last generation. The increase of violence, natural disasters, and the threat of war on a global scale, are making men's hearts "fail them for fear," just as the Bible prophesies. The revival of Satanism, the falling away of the church, and the acceptance of a bio chip to buy and sell, are all prophesied by the prophets for the end of the age. A one-world government is on the horizon and the antichrist is about to be revealed. Searching Old and New Testaments, the author has discovered scripture that gives light to the events of the days ahead. Everyone is wondering what is going to happen? As they look at the rising chaos, people everywhere, not just Christians, are asking, "Is this the end of the world?"

Ruby Rogers Get Me Out of Here

Author : Sue Limb
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It's Yasmin's birthday and Ruby, short of money, makes her the most wonderful home-made card ever. Yasmin's best present, though, is a set of windup false teeth, which Ruby borrows, but which never make it home - well, not in one piece, anyway. Oh dear. Plagued with guilt, Ruby's convinced Yasmin will never forgive her and can't face 'fessing up straight away. Life always seems to get so complicated for our Ruby! A much-needed series for all those tom-boy girls out there!

Is That What People Do

Author : Robert Sheckley
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More than three dozen of the best and most popular stories by the acknowledged master of the short science fiction story. The thirty-nine works contained in this volume-twenty-six from the author's ten other Open Road collections, plus thirteen additional pieces unique to this volume-include these vintage Sheckley stories: "The Eye of Reality," "The Language of Love," "The Accountant," "A Wind Is Rising," "The Robot Who Looked Like Me," "The Mnemone," "Warm," "The Native Problem," "Fishing Season," "Shape," "Beside Still Waters," "Silversmith Wishes," "Meanwhile, Back at the Bromide," "Fool's Mate," "Pilgrimage to Earth," "All the Things You Are," "The Store of the Worlds," "Seventh Victim," "Cordle to Onion to Carrot," "Is That What People Do?", "The Prize of Peril," "Fear in the Night," "Can You Feel Anything When I Do This?", "The Battle," "The Monsters," and "The Petrified World." This volume also includes the following uncollected Sheckley tales: "Five Minutes Early," "Miss Mouse and the Fourth Dimension," "The Skag Castle," "The Helping Hand," "The Last Days of (Parallel?) Earth," "The Future Lost," "Wild Talents, Inc.," "The Swamp," "The Future of Sex: Speculative Journalism," "The Life of Anybody," "Goodbye Forever to Mr. Pain," "The Shaggy Average American Man Story," "Shootout in the Toy Shop," and "How Pro Writers Really Write-or Try To."

The Rough Guide to Surviving the End of the World

Author : Rough Guides
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The Rough Guide to Surviving the End of the World is a light-hearted yet well-informed look at threats to the very existence of life on Earth, how we might be able to deal with them and-if things go truly, horribly wrong-how we might just be able to survive. Written by scientist and sci fan Paul Parsons, this gripping book examines scenarios ranging from megafloods to space radiation, supervolcanoes to bioengineering and what you should do when the sh*t hits the fan. Along the way, we meet some of the lesser-trodden paths to oblivion, including the possibility that the human race will be gripped by mass stupidity and the outrageous idea that life on Earth could all be one giant Matrix-style computer simulation that its creators might one day decide to switch off. All are placed under the scientific spotlight and presented with clarity and humor. To survive Armageddon you need the best advice and information available, which is here presented in ample detail and capturing every plausible catastrophic scenario. Now available in ePub format.

From the End of the World to Your Town

Author : Andrew Goodman
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Rather than being just another travel book, 'From the End of the World to Your Town' is a re-living of experiences which informs, entertains, amuses and enlightens us; while at the same time awakening our own opportunities and the precious moments of our own memories. It can be read in segments, returned to over a period of many years or rushed through in a week or even several days, yet one thing remains virtually certain: To read it is to step into a different time and place and to be affected in a very personal way. The writer explores his world by becoming a thread within the very mosaic he describes.

Not the End of the World

Author : Geraldine Mccaughrean
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Noah's daughter, daughters-in-law, sons, wife, and the animals describe what it was like to be aboard the ark while they watched everyone around them drown.

Midge Fly and the End of the World

Author :
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The War of the End of the World

Author : Mario Vargas Llosa
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Deep within the remote backlands of nineteenth-century Brazil lies Canudos, home to all the damned of the earth: prostitutes, bandits, beggars, and every kind of outcast. It is a place where history and civilization have been wiped away. There is no money, no taxation, no marriage, no census. Canudos is a cauldron for the revolutionary spirit in its purest form, a state with all the potential for a true, libertarian paradise--and one the Brazilian government is determined to crush at any cost. In perhaps his most ambitious and tragic novel, Mario Vargas Llosa tells his own version of the real story of Canudos, inhabiting characters on both sides of the massive, cataclysmic battle between the society and government troops. The resulting novel is a fable of Latin American revolutionary history, an unforgettable story of passion, violence, and the devastation that follows from fanaticism.

Girl at the End of the World

Author : Elizabeth Esther
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I was raised in a homegrown, fundamentalist Christian group—which is just a shorthand way of saying I’m classically trained in apocalyptic stockpiling, street preaching, and the King James Version of the Bible. I know hundreds of obscure nineteenth-century hymns by heart and have such razor sharp “modesty vision” that I can spot a miniskirt a mile away. Verily, verily I say unto thee, none of these highly specialized skills ever got me a job, but at least I’m all set for the end of the world. Selah. A story of mind control, the Apocalypse, and modest attire. Elizabeth Esther grew up in love with Jesus but in fear of daily spankings (to “break her will”). Trained in her family-run church to confess sins real and imagined, she knew her parents loved her and God probably hated her. Not until she was grown and married did she find the courage to attempt the unthinkable. To leave. In her memoir, readers will recognize questions every believer faces: When is spiritual zeal a gift, and when is it a trap? What happens when a pastor holds unchecked sway over his followers? And how can we leave behind the harm inflicted in the name of God without losing God in the process? By turns hilarious and heartbreaking, Girl at the End of the World is a story of the lingering effects of spiritual abuse and the growing hope that God can still be good when His people fail. Includes reading group discussion guide and interview with the author

The End of the World Is Rye

Author : Brett Cottrell
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What would you do for the perfect sandwich? Kill? Die? Well, if you were a rogue angel, you might cause the Apocalypse. And it looks like that's just what this darkly funny fantasy's rogue angel is about to do when he lands in a polygamist cult in Utah. Now it's up to the rest of God's divine posse, including Jesus and Lucifer, to save all of existence from certain destruction. In his debut novel, Brett Cottrell takes you on a provocative, celestial roller coaster ride that will have you laughing on the edge of your seat all the way to the gates of Hell.

Not Quite World s End

Author : John Simpson
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In Not Quite World's End, Simpson offers a lively and upbeat look at the challenges and the changes the world has gone through in his life and long career. In it, he looks at the world and takes the perhaps surprising view that it's actually not nor will be the end of the world. His vivid prose, his clear-sightedness and the wonderful anecdotes about the many strange people and places he has come across - from emperors to movie stars, from Chelsea to China - all add up to a richly satisfying read. And with his long experience and his remarkable ability to explain what's really going on out there, he offers us all a crumb of comfort in desperate times. 'He is a very fine journalist' Nelson Mandela 'Inspirational, anecdotal, humorous and chilling. Simpson's unbiased accounts are riveting' Bob Geldof