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Author : Gil Yosipovitch
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Offering details on the pharmacology of itch, techniques of itch evaluation, and neurogenic itch, this reference presents new concepts in the neurophysiology and central mechanisms of itch, animal models of itch, and processing of histamine itch in the human cerebral cortex. The text clarifies itch in systemic and skin disease, exploring renal itch


Author : E. Carstens
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Advances in itch research have elucidated differences between itch and pain but have also blurred the distinction between them. There is a long debate about how somatic sensations including touch, pain, itch, and temperature sensitivity are encoded by the nervous system. Research suggests that each sensory modality is processed along a fixed, direct-line communication system from the skin to the brain. Itch: Mechanisms and Treatment presents a timely update on all aspects of itch research and the clinical treatment of itch that accompanies many dermatological conditions including psoriasis, neuropathic itch, cutaneous t-cells lymphomas, and systemic diseases such as kidney and liver disease and cancer. Composed of contributions from distinguished researchers around the world, the book explores topics such as: Neuropathic itch Peripheral neuronal mechanism of itch The role of PAR-2 in neuroimmune communication and itch Mrgprs as itch receptors The role of interleukin-31 and oncostatin M in itch and neuroimmune communication Spinal coding of itch and pain Spinal microcircuits and the regulation of itch Examining new findings on cellular and molecular mechanisms, the book is a compendium of the most current research on itch, its prevalence in society, and the problems associated with treatment.


Author : Polly Farquhar
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When everything around you is going wrong, how far would you go to fit in? Isaac's sixth grade year gets off to a rough start. For one thing, a tornado tears the roof off the school cafeteria. His mother leaves on a two month business trip to China. And as always. . . . there's the itch. It comes out of nowhere. Idiopathic, which means no one knows what causes it. It starts small, but it spreads, and soon--it's everywhere. It's everything. It's why everyone calls him Itch--everyone except his best friend Sydney, the only one in all of Ohio who's always on his side, ever since he moved here. He's doing the best he can to get along--until everything goes wrong in the middle of a lunch swap. When Sydney collapses and an ambulance is called, Itch blames himself. And he's not the only one. When you have no friends at all, wouldn't you do anything--even something you know you shouldn't--to get them back? Drawing on her own experiences with idiopathic angioedema and food allergies, Polly Farquhar spins a tale of kids trying to balance the desire to be ordinary with the need to be authentic--allergies, itches, confusion and all. For everyone who's ever felt out of place, this debut novel set in the Ohio heartland is a warm, funny, and sometimes heartbreaking look at middle school misfits and misadventures. Whether you root for the Buckeyes or have no clue who they are, you'll be drawn into Itch's world immediately. This engaging debut is perfect for fans of See You in the Cosmos and Fish in a Tree. A Junior Library Guild Selection

Itch Management in Clinical Practice

Author : J. Szepietowski
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Albeit a very common symptom in dermatology, internal medicine, psychosomatics, neurology, and even oncology, itching was under-researched up until 15 years ago. Since then, the clinical aspects of acute and chronic itch have been examined extensively. As a result, some books on the topic have become available. Whereas most publications focus on experimental aspects and diagnostics, this volume of the series 'Current Problems in Dermatology' provides a comprehensive overview regarding the management of chronic itch. Select authors consider interdisciplinary aspects as well as age, body region, and specific diseases as they present a great variety of available treatments. All physicians with patients suffering from itch – especially dermatologists, general practitioners, gerontologists, nephrologists, hepatologists, neurologists, and palliative care doctors – will find this publication to be an essential source of information.

Pharmacology of Itch

Author : Alan Cowan
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Basic research on the pharmacology of itch has exploded in the wake of two very influential papers that were published in Nature (2007) and Science (2009). Long overlooked as a milder form of pain, itching has rapidly gained a new appreciation in both research and clinical communities because of its complexity and its negative effects on the quality of life of the distressed patients. Like pain, not all itches are the same. Unlike pain, there are no standard drugs equivalent to aspirin and morphine. Epidemiological studies emphasize the high incidence and economic costs of itch (pruritus). It is the most prevalent symptom of a wide variety of allergic and inflammatory skin conditions (e.g., psoriasis, atopic dermatitis), is associated with several systemic diseases (e.g., chronic kidney and liver disease), and occurs in patients undergoing hemodialysis, spinal administration of opioids, and in those suffering from AIDS. The reader will learn about the multiple pathways for itch and their interactions with pain. The relationship between these closely related, yet distinct sensory phenomena, will be emphasized. Both itch and pain use several common molecules to send signals to the brain. Thus, drugs that have been, and are being, developed as analgesics may also attenuate intractable itch. This has been an exciting and very necessary turn of events since traditional H-1 receptor antagonists are ineffective in blocking the pruritus associated with kidney failure and cholestasis. The clinical chapters will provide insights into contemporary treatment regimens for pruritus in different human scenarios.

Living with Itch

Author : Gil Yosipovitch
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Find relief from chronic itch in this comprehensive guide. We have all experienced itch, whether from insect bites or dry skin, but millions of people worldwide have chronic or even intractable itch. Just like chronic pain, chronic itch interferes with a person’s ability to function—and even affects quality of life. Living with Itch offers relief, drawing on the authors’ vast knowledge of itch, the suffering it causes, and available treatments. Itch researchers and clinicians Drs. Gil Yosipovitch and Shawn G. Kwatra explain the cascade of physiological events that causes us to experience itch. They describe the many skin diseases, from atopic dermatitis (eczema) to psoriasis, and conditions like chronic kidney disease, lymphoma, HIV, and neuropathies that cause itch. Living with Itch provides information on preventing itch as well as topical and systemic ways to treat it. Patient and parent narratives illustrate how people cope with itch and how, with medical and social support, itch can be managed.

Neurobiological Mechanism of Acupuncture for Pain and Itch

Author : Man Li
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Fast Facts Kidney Itch

Author : H. Rayner
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Chronic kidney disease-associated pruritus, also known as uremic pruritus and in this book called ‘kidney itch’, is defined as itching suffered by people with chronic kidney disease who have no other condition to explain it. Repeated scratching causes trauma, bleeding and, eventually, scarring of the skin. Kidney itch can also have far-reaching effects on quality of life, with patients’ work and social life commonly affected. Even though kidney itch is common, it often goes undiagnosed, and when recognized, it is often inadequately treated or not treated at all. 'Fast Facts: Kidney Itch' describes the problem of kidney itch in detail, documents its impact on people’s lives, reviews the current understanding of its pathophysiology, and then sets out an evidence-based approach to its assessment and management. Table of Contents: • Clinical features • Causes • How common is kidney itch and who is most at risk? • The wider impact • Approach to management

A short account of the itch Sixth edition corrected

Author : Thomas Spooner (of Lemon Street.)
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Translational Research in Pain and Itch

Author : Chao Ma
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This book provides a comprehensive review of the latest advances in translational pain and itch research, and presents the cutting-edge developments in the study of our two principal, yet most mysteries sensations. Despite the slow progress in the discovery of effective therapies for chronic pain and pruritus, scientists around the globe now have a better understanding of why and how these conditions occur. Based on these findings, a series of novel treatment strategies are currently under development, and hopefully in a few years, medical practitioners will become more confident and optimistic when facing patients with these annoying and sometimes severe disorders. The contributing authors are world-renowned research scientists, who have made significant discoveries. The book is of interest to neuroscientists, neurologists and pharmacologists