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Itch Rocks

Author : Simon Mayo
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After almost poisoning his whole class with arsenic gas, going on the run from a psychotic science teacher and nearly dying of radiation poisoning, life is getting back to normal for Itchingham Lofte - at least, as normal as it can be when you have a round-the-clock detail of government security guards watching your every move. But sinister forces are still hunting for Element 126 and will stop at nothing to find out where Itch has hidden the precious radioactive rocks. With the help of his sister Chloe and his tomboy cousin Jack, Itch has to put 126 beyond the reach of unscrupulous scientists and international terrorists forever. It's time to save the world. Again. The second book in the explosively exciting ITCH series. 'A great debut. You'll be itching to read more.' Anthony Horowitz


Author : Simon Mayo
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Exploding euros and exciting elements - join Itch, Jack and Chloe on their latest adventure. Itchingham Lofte, teenage element hunter and unlikely hero, has had anough excitement to last him a lifetime. Stumbling across an unknown radioactive element and trying to keep it out of the hands of those who want to use it for their own ends was hard enough. But when a school trip to Spain ends in exploding currency and rioting locals, he knows that he has to continue to look for answers. Itch knows the lives of those closest to him are at risk. He must track down a deadly enemy who will stop at nothing to take his vengeance . . .

Itch Clap Pox

Author : Noelle Gallagher
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A lively interdisciplinary study of how venereal disease was represented in eighteenth-century British literature and artIn eighteenth-century Britain, venereal disease was everywhere and nowhere: while physicians and commentators believed the condition to be widespread, it remained shrouded in secrecy, and was often represented using slang, symbolism, and wordplay. In this book, literary critic Noelle Gallagher explores the cultural significance of the “clap” (gonorrhea), the “pox” (syphilis), and the “itch” (genital scabies) for the development of eighteenth-century British literature and art.As a condition both represented through metaphors and used as a metaphor, venereal disease provided a vehicle for the discussion of cultural anxieties about gender, race, commerce, and immigration. Gallagher highlights four key concepts associated with the disease, demonstrating how the infection’s symbolic potency was enhanced by its links to elite masculinity, prostitution, foreignness, and nasal deformity. Casting light where the sun rarely shines, this study will fascinate anyone interested in the history of literature, art, medicine, and sexuality.

Tick Tock

Author : Simon Mayo
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Early reader reviews for TICK TOCK: "Well, BBC Radio presenter Simon Mayo sure can write a darned good thriller!" "Another cracking read from a man of many talents" "This is an excellent conspiracy theory thriller, it's exciting, full of danger... it's riveting and hard to put down" "Never has there been a more timely thriller! I was gripped from the first page. I was so immersed, I read it in one night. This book should come with a warning - may take over your life!" "A cracker of a read and another winner from Simon Mayo!" "I was utterly gripped and read this in one sitting! The whole premise was scarily real, and I loved how the story unfolded. I could feel the tension and fear in every page - loved it!" "Wow, wow, wow - this is a cracker of a read!" "I read it over two evenings, both times staying up far later than normal as I didn't want to put it down" It starts quietly enough. A tick tick ticking you can hear in your ear. Tinnitus, you think. It will pass. BUt it doesn't. It gets worse. And then you pass it on... Before you know it, it spreads. Elsewhere across the globe, it emerges: small outbreaks at first, but then suddenly it's a plague - and only days later it is already killing people. In an increasingly affected north London school, teacher Kit Chaplin is struggling to understand what he is witnessing. Even Lilly Slater, his partner and an eminent vaccinologist, can't work out what's happening. As it spreads, little by little, they are inexorably drawn into the mystery behind the illness. And what they discover will change the world as they know it... Exciting and urgently contemporary, this piercingly insightful novel tells the story of a global catastrophe through the eyes of the three people at the heart of the storm.

Broadcast in the U S

Author : Vincent Terrace
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This book is a fun and accessible guide to foreign television series that were later broadcast in or adapted for the U.S., including popular favorites such as The Office and Doctor Who. Entries include details regarding the cast, genre, episodes, U.S. and foreign networks, broadcast dates, storylines, trivia, and even unaired pilots.

Mrs Riley Bought Five Itchy Aardvarks and Other Painless Tricks for Memorizing Science Facts

Author : Brian P. Cleary
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They say elephants never forget. Once you read this book, neither will you! Brian P. Cleary has tips for tackling all types of tricky science facts. This book is bursting with acrostics, acronyms, poems, songs, and more. Need to keep track of the order of the planets? Mel can help. As in: “Mel's Very Excited Ma Just Served Us Nachos.” How about photosynthesis? Sing a song about it to the tune of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”! And better yet, you’ll get ideas for how you can create your very own painless memory tricks. Lively illustrations from J. P. Sandy add to the fun of this UNFORGETTABLE series!

Every Last Cuckoo

Author : Kate Maloy
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An elderly widow discovers a new sense of purpose when a series of wayward young people come to stay in her Vermont home in this “truly engrossing novel” (Library Journal). Sarah Lucas imagined the rest of her days would be spent living peacefully in her rural Vermont home in the steadfast company of her husband. But now, with Charles’s sudden passing, seventy-five-year-old Sarah is left inconsolably alone. As grief settles in, Sarah’s mind lingers on her past: her imperfect but devoted fifty-year marriage to Charles; the years they spent raising their three very different children; and her childhood during the Great Depression, when her parents opened their home to countless relatives and neighbors. So, when a variety of lost souls come seeking shelter in Sarah’s own big, empty home, her past comes full circle. As this unruly flock forms a family of sorts, they—with Sarah—nurture and protect one another, all the while discovering their unsuspected strengths and courage. In the tradition of Jane Smiley and Sue Miller, Kate Maloy has crafted a wise and gratifying novel about a woman who gracefully accepts a surprising new role just when she thought her best years were behind her.

Itchy Feet

Author : Monique Teggelove
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Wow! What an inspirational book and without exaggerating, I found myself a few times saying "Just one more page before I go...". I really enjoyed it - totally love Monique's straight from the heart way of telling her story. Marcell Claassen, world citizen, traveler and author In Itchy Feet the writer shares about her hiking experiences in Iceland, Greenland, Japan, New Zealand and on the Camino Portuguese in Portugal and Spain. In her stories Monique tells about the places she visits, the people she meets and the lessons she learns along the way. Whether it is a well-traced trail, a guided trek or a solo wilderness trek, every hike is a journey in itself; offering both the joy of exploring new grounds and journeying inward. In addition to the stories Monique provides hiking tips and information about equipment.

A Shortcut in Time

Author : Charles Dickinson
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Charles Dickinson's novels and short stories have won widespread acclaim for their deft characterization, humanity, and humor. Newsday described him as "a writer thoroughly in command of his art," while the Chicago Tribune wrote "he can surprise us at almost every turn." Now Dickinson slips beyond the bounds of mundane realism to create a poignant fantasy that bears comparison to the work of Jack Finney and Jonathan Carroll. Euclid, Illinois, is a town of many shortcuts, between houses, through orchards, and across fields. Josh Winkler, a local artist and longtime resident, knows these irregular pathways well, but is thoroughly taken aback when a hasty dash down a familiar walk deposits him fifteen minutes in the past--literally. At first, Josh is more intrigued than alarmed by this accidental time travel. Then a lost young woman appears, claiming to be from 1908 . . . . As his life, his family, his town, and even history itself begin to unravel, Josh gradually realizes that his only salvation may lie in A Shortcut in Time. Charles Dickinson has written a moving and unforgettable book about the way the past can affect the present as well as, sometimes, the other way around. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

From Flat Rock to Heaven

Author : Arnold R. Faw
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From Flat Rock to Heaven: A Collection of Poetry and Short Stories By: Arnold Faw The book of poetry carries an inspirational message. ARNOLD FAW has experienced many blessings, heartaches, and trials in life. Through all of them, he has experienced the awesome love of God, help from others, and hope for the days and life ahead. He has discovered that the good always outweighs the bad. Nothing in life is tougher than or more powerful than the mighty grace of God. As some of the writings indicate, people may let you down and disappoint you, but Jesus Christ never will.