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France Around 1900 a Portrait in Color

Author : Marc Walter
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The turn of the 20th century was a golden era in France. It was an age of peace, prosperity, and progress after a series of bruising wars and turmoil within the French Republic, culminating in the Franco-Prussian War, which had ended in 1871. From the ruins of conflict, the Belle Époque brought joie de vivre flourish, a boom in art, design, industry, technology, gastronomy, education, travel, entertainment, and nightlife. Through some 800 vintage photographs, postcards, posters, and photochromes from the extensive archives of Marc Walter and Photovintagefrance, France around 1900 follows up on TASCHEN's best-selling vintage photographic collections Italy around 1900, The Grand Tour, Germany around 1900, and An American Odyssey to provide a precious record of France in all its turn-of-the-century glory. With the photochrome technique used in many of the images restoring the past to vivid color, we enjoy a bristling close, bittersweet, encounter with this hopeful age: the brave, stony splendor of the Mont Saint-Michel; the icy peaks of Chamonix; and the honey light of the Côte d'Azur. With an introduction, six essays, and detailed commentary by Sabine Arqué exploring the stories behind the pictures, this is an unrivalled portrait of a nation on the cusp of the century and of its poignant exuberance before the paroxysm of the First World War. While paying tribute to the precious Belle Époque, crushed by the traumas of history, it also celebrates the unwavering allure of La Belle France, its beauty, culture, traditions, and legendary romance.

The World in 1900

Author : Marc Walter
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The revolutionary 'photocrome' process was unveiled at the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1900. This unique new approach permitted the first-ever colour images of the world's most famous sites and landmarks, and elicited unprecedented admiration on both sides of the Atlantic. The process remained in vogue until the 1920s, before being superseded by more modern colour photography methods. This book offers a richly varied collection of over 300 such images from 47 countries. They continue to astonish not only by virtue of their freshness and naivet�, but also because of their remarkable realism. As such, they represent a mute yet vivid testament to a forgotten era.

Pages of Italian photography 1900 1998

Author : Roberta Valtorta
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A journey through the periods which Italian photography has experienced during the XX century in a truly extraordinary variety of languages : ranging from the nineteenth-century realistic approach to the experimentations of the avant-gardes, from the mellowness of Pictorialism to Modernism, from the formal and social novelties of the post-war period to the "golden age" of the reportage, from the conceptual commitment of the 1970's to the landscape school of the 1980's, up until the neo-conceptual tendencies ...

John Singer Sargent

Author : Richard Ormond
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"From 1874 to 1882, John Singer Sargent (1856-1925) produced more than 200 paintings and water-colours aside from portraiture that chart his development as an artist. The breadth of his achievement includes figures in landscape settings, architectural studies, seascapes, subject paintings, and studies after old masters. From his powerful studies of models in Paris in the mid-1870s to his compelling paintings set in Venice in the early 1880s, the works published in this volume of the catalogue raisonne show the variety of his aesthetic responses." "Working in the studio and en plein air, Sargent travelled widely during the eight years covered in this volume, painting in Paris, Brittany, Capri, Spain, North Africa and Venice." "This is the first time that Sargent's early work has been mapped so comprehensively. With very few exceptions, this book illustrates all the pictures under discussion in colour. Each painting, including several which have never been published before, is documented in depth with full provenance, exhibition history and bibliography. Original research of primary documents and on-site investigations uncovered much new information, presented in critical discussions of subject matter, dating, style, and significance in the artist's career. The volume reproduces a wealth of Sargent's preliminary and related drawings and of comparative works by other artists." --Book Jacket.

Bibliographie D histoire de L art

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Italy 1900 1945

Author :
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Italy Handbook for Travellers Central Italy and Rome 13th rev ed 1900

Author : Karl Baedeker (Firm)
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The Political Portrait

Author : Luciano Cheles
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The leader's portrait, produced in a variety of media (statues, coins, billboards, posters, stamps), is a key instrument of propaganda in totalitarian regimes, but increasingly also dominates political communication in democratic countries as a result of the personalization and spectacularization of campaigning. Written by an international group of contributors, this volume focuses on the last one hundred years, covering a wide range of countries around the globe, and dealing with dictatorial regimes and democratic systems alike. As well as discussing the effigies that are produced by the powers that be for propaganda purposes, it looks at the uses of portraiture by antagonistic groups or movements as forms of resistance, derision, denunciation and demonization. This volume will be of interest to researchers in visual studies, art history, media studies, cultural studies, politics and contemporary history.

Italian Quarterly

Author : Carlo Luigi Golino
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Italian 19th Century Drawings Watercolors

Author : Roberta J. M. Olson
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Italian Art Ceramics 1900 1950

Author : Valerio Terraroli
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A visual survey of Italian ceramic production as reflected by five hundred objects created by artists during the first half of the twentieth century features essays that examine key stylistic trends, biographical profiles of top artists, a catalogue of back stamps, and more.

A Dictionary of Watercolour Painters 1750 1900

Author : Stanley W. Fisher
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Italian Opinion on America as Revealed by Italian Travelers 1850 1900

Author : Andrew Joseph Torrielli
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GF Watts Portraits

Author : Barbara Bryant
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One of the great portrait painters of the 19th century, George Frederic Watts is best known for his 'hall of fame' series which forms the cornerstone of the National Portrait Gallery in London. This book illustrates and describes over 60 of his works, paying close attention to his reputation as an innovative artist.

The Book of Italian Travel 1580 1900

Author : Henry Neville Maugham
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Italian Maiolica from Midwestern Collections

Author : Bruce Cole
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Italian Prose Writers 1900 1945

Author : Rocco Capozzi
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Essays on Italian writers of prose discusses the rise of the middle class and the increase in literacy that fostered the growth and production of popular fiction, the emergence of the novel as a genre reflecting the diversity of Italian society, the impact of positivism, the founding of Futurism in 1909 and its challenge of established genres and the poetics of fragmentism. Discusses the impact various social and political changes had on writers during this period.

Arts Crafts Homes and the Revival

Author :
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Devoted to the Arts and Crafts Movement past and present, this new magazine celebrates the revival of quality and craftsmanship. Each issue is a portfolio of the best work in new construction, restoration, and interpretive design, presented through intelligent writing and beautiful photographs. Offering hundreds of contemporary resources, it showcases the work not only of past masters, but also of those whose livelihoods are made in creating well-crafted homes and furnishings today. The emphasis is on today’s revival in architecture, furniture, and artisanry, informed by international Arts & Crafts and the early-20th-century movement in America: William Morris through the Bungalow era. Includes historic houses, essays and news, design details, how-to articles, gardens and landscape, kitchens and baths. Lots of expert advice and perspective for those building, renovating, or furnishing a home in the Arts & Crafts spirit. From the publisher of Old-House Interiors magazine and the Design Center Sourcebook.

The Oxford Dictionary of American Art and Artists

Author : Ann Lee Morgan
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With the advent of abstract expressionism in the 1940s, America became the white hot center of the artistic universe. Now, in The Oxford Dictionary of American Art and Artists, the first such volume to appear in three decades, Ann Lee Morgan offers an informative, insightful, and long overdue resource on our nation's artistic heritage. Featuring 945 alphabetically arranged entries, here is an indispensable biographical and critical guide to American art from colonial times to contemporary postmodernism. Readers will find a wealth of factual detail and insightful analysis of the leading American painters, ranging from John Singleton Copley, Thomas Cole, and Mary Cassatt to such modern masters as Jackson Pollack, Romare Bearden, and Andy Warhol. Morgan offers razor-sharp entries on sculptors ranging from Alexander Calder to Louise Nevelson, on photographers such as Berenice Abbott, Man Ray, Walker Evans, and Ansel Adams, and on contemporary installation artists, including video master Bill Viola. In addition, the dictionary provides entries on important individuals connected to the art scene, including collectors such as Peggy Guggenheim and critics such as Clement Greenberg. Morgan also examines notable American institutions, organizations, schools, techniques, styles, and movements. The range of coverage is indeed impressive, but equally important is the quality of analysis that appears in entry after entry. Morgan gives readers a wealth of trustworthy and authoritative information as well as perceptive, well-informed criticism of artists and their work. In addition, the book is thoroughly cross-referenced, so readers can easily find additional information on any topic of interest. Beautifully written, filled with fascinating historical background and penetrating insight, The Oxford Dictionary of American Art and Artists is an essential one-volume resource for art lovers everywhere.

Italian Painting

Author : Federico Zeri
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