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Italian Baroque Sculpture

Author : Bruce Boucher
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Italian baroque sculpture often has been criticized for portraying a sham world, distracting the spectator from its spiritual poverty by dazzling technical displays. Bruce Boucher offers a fresh view of this rich and varied subject, published to coincide with the 400th anniversary of the births of 17th-century artists Bernini and Algardi. 200 illustrations. 35 in color.

Italian Baroque Art

Author : Susan M. Dixon
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This anthology presents classic and recent scholarship on Italian art from 1600-1750, highlighting the key debates with which art historians continue to grapple. Explores themes including: style or the visuality of art; artistic practices and production; artistic communication as projected and experienced; and artists’ interactions with the ancient world and with the new sciences Examines the work of key painters, architects and sculptors from this period, including Caravaggio, Bernini, Guarini and Poussin Published in the expanding Blackwell Anthologies in Art History series

The Origins of Baroque Art in Rome

Author : Alois Riegl
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Delivered three times between 1898 and 1902 and subsequently revised with an eye toward publication, Alois Riegl's lectures on the origins of Baroque art in Rome broke new ground in its field. In his approach and content, Riegl offered a markedly different account from that of Heinrich Wölfflin and other contemporaries: the beginning of the new artistic era extending from the 1520s to the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries was to be judged by its own rules and not merely as a period of decline. This first English translation brings Riegl's compelling vision of the Baroque to life and amply illustrates his charisma as a lecturer. His text is full of perceptive observations on the most important artists of the period from Michelangelo to Caravaggio. By taking the spectator into consideration, Riegl identifies a crucial defining change between Renaissance and Baroque art and provides invaluable inspiration for present-day readers.

Italian High Renaissance and Baroque sculpture

Author : Sir John Wyndham Pope-Hennessy
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Art and Architecture in Italy 1600 1750

Author : Rudolf Wittkower
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This classic survey of Italian Baroque art and architecture focuses on the arts in every center between Venice and Sicily in the early, high, and late Baroque periods. The heart of the study, however, lies in the architecture and sculpture of the exhilarating years of Roman High Baroque, when Bernini, Borromini, and Cortona were all at work under a series of enlightened popes. Wittkower's text is now accompanied by a critical introduction and substantial new bibliography. This edition will also include color illustrations for the first time. This is the second book in the three volume survey.

Italian High Renaissance and Baroque Sculpture Plate Volume by John Pope Hennessy

Author : Sir John Pope-Hennessy
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Effigies Ecstasies

Author : Charles Avery
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This book accompanies the National Gallery of Scotland's major Festival exhibition in 1998, a joint celebration of the fourth centenaries of the births of the two greatest sculptors of the Italian Baroque era, Gianlorenzo Bernini (1598-1680) and Alessandro Algardi (1598-1654). The Baroque is a style renowned for its elaborate combination of materials and its unification of various branches of the arts into a harmonious whole. This book will include detailed information and commentaries by leading authorities on the marble sculptures, bronzes, terracottas, medals and drawings produced by these two great artists in what was a fascinating and highly influential period in European art and design.

From the Sculptor s Hand

Author : Ian Wardropper
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Dist. by Univ. of Washington Pr., Exhibition: 2/28-5/3/98; Phila. Mus. 5/16-8/2/98.

A Companion to Renaissance and Baroque Art

Author : Babette Bohn
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A Companion to Renaissance and Baroque Art provides adiverse, fresh collection of accessible, comprehensive essaysaddressing key issues for European art produced between 1300 and1700, a period that might be termed the beginning of modernhistory. Presents a collection of original, in-depth essays from artexperts that address various aspects of European visual artsproduced from circa 1300 to 1700 Divided into five broad conceptual headings: Social-HistoricalFactors in Artistic Production; Creative Process and Social Statureof the Artist; The Object: Art as Material Culture; The Message:Subjects and Meanings; and The Viewer, the Critic, and theHistorian: Reception and Interpretation as Cultural Discourse Covers many topics not typically included in collections ofthis nature, such as Judaism and the arts, architectural treatises,the global Renaissance in arts, the new natural sciences and thearts, art and religion, and gender and sexuality Features essays on the arts of the domestic life, sexuality andgender, and the art and production of tapestries,conservation/technology, and the metaphor of theater Focuses on Western and Central Europe and that territory'sinteractions with neighboring civilizations and distantdiscoveries Includes illustrations as well as links to images not includedin the book

Historical Dictionary of Baroque Art and Architecture

Author : Lilian H. Zirpolo
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Beginning in the 1580s and ending as late as 1750 in some Northern European regions, the Baroque artistic era began as an artistic recoil to the stylizations of Mannerist art and as a means of implementation of the demands of the Counter-Reformation Church that sought to restore its religious preeminence in the Western world in the face of the Protestant threat. As a result, Rome, the seat of the papacy, became the cradle of Baroque art, and masters from other parts of the Italian peninsula flocked to the region in the hopes of obtaining artistic commissions. The Historical Dictionary of Baroque Art and Architecture relates the history of the Baroque Era through a chronology, an introductory essay, a bibliography, and over 500 cross-referenced dictionary entries on such icons as Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Caravaggio, Annibale Carracci, Diego Velazquez, Peter Paul Rubens, Rembrandt van Rijn, and Johannes Vermeer, as well as sculptors, architects, patrons, other historical figures, and events. - Publisher.

Critical Perspectives on Roman Baroque Sculpture

Author : Anthony Colantuono
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Examines seventeenth-century sculpture in Rome. Focuses on questions of historical context and criticism, including the interaction of theory and practice, the creative roles of sculptors and patrons, the relationship of sculpture to antique models and to contemporary painting, and contextual meaning and reception.

Bibliography of Italian Baroque Art

Author : Francis J. Geck
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Discovering the Italian Baroque

Author : Gabriele Finaldi
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TLS review 4/18/97, Distributed for National Gallery Publications, London, Exhibition catalog.

Eternal Baroque

Author : Carlolyn H. Miner
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Jennifer Montagu is a world-renowned art historian whose name has become synonymous with the study of Italian Baroque sculpture. In honor of Jennifer Montagus immeasurable contribution to the field of Italian Baroque sculpture, sixty-two of the foremost scholars of European sculpture have been invited to participate in a symposium in her honor on 6 - 7 September 2013 at the Wallace Collection, London. Thirty of the papers presented there were selected for the publication as a tribute to this generous colleague and friend who has inspired and mentored dozens of younger historians in European art. Dr. Montagus academic work began in Political Science at Oxford, but conversations with Ernst Gombrich led her to pursue an advanced degree in art history instead. In 1963, long before the study of Italian bronze statuettes reached the level of interest that it enjoys today, her classic survey, simply titled Bronzes, was met with great enthusiasm, eventually being printed in five languages. Montagu taught at the University of Reading until 1964, when she became an assistant curator of the Photographic Collection at the Warburg Institute. In 1971 she became a full curator of the collection, a position she held until 1991. During these years she published at an indefatigable rate, and following her retirement from that post, her productivity only increased. Montagu was a Slade Professor of Fine Art at Cambridge University, a Mellon Professor at the Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts (National Gallery of Art,Washington, D.C.), and a visiting professor at the Collège de France. Montagus numerous publications include her monumental study of Alessandro Algardi (Yale University Press, 1985), Roman Baroque Sculpture: the Industry of Art (Yale, 1989) and Gold, Silver and Bronze: Metal Sculpture of the Italian Baroque (Mellon Lectures, CASVA; Yale University Press, 1996). She was appointed LVO (Royal Victorian Order) in 2006 for services to the Royal Collection and CBE (Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) in 2012 for her contribution to the history of art.

Baroque Art

Author : Klaus H. Carl
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The Baroque period lasted from the beginning of the seventeenth century to the middle of the eighteenth century. Rich in images encompassing the arts of painting, sculpture and architecture, this work offers a complete and didactic insight into this passionate period in the history of art, and will thus appeal to a large audience

Italian Sculpture from the Gothic to the Baroque

Author : Andrew Butterfield
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Faith Gender and the Senses in Italian Renaissance and Baroque Art

Author : ErinE. Benay
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Taking the Noli me tangere and Doubting Thomas episodes as a focal point, this study examines how visual representations of two of the most compelling and related Christian stories engaged with changing devotional and cultural ideals in Renaissance and Baroque Italy. This book reconsiders depictions of the ambiguous encounter of Mary Magdalene and Christ in the garden (John 20:11-19, known as the Noli me tangere) and that of Christ?s post-Resurrection appearance to Thomas (John 20:24-29, the Doubting Thomas) as manifestations of complex theological and art theoretical milieus. By focusing on key artistic monuments of the Italian Renaissance and Baroque periods, the authors demonstrate a relationship between the rise of skeptical philosophy and empirical science, and the efficacy of the senses in the construction of belief. Further, the authors elucidate the differing representational strategies employed by artists to depict touch, and the ways in which these strategies were shaped by gender, social class, and educational level. Indeed, over time St. Thomas became an increasingly public--and therefore masculine--symbol of devotional verification, juridical inquiry, and empirical investigation, while St. Mary Magdalene provided a more private model for pious women, celebrating, mostly behind closed doors, the privileged and active participation of women in the faith. The authors rely on primary source material--paintings, sculptures, religious tracts, hagiography, popular sermons, and new documentary evidence. By reuniting their visual examples with important, often little-known textual sources, the authors reveal a complex relationship between visual imagery, the senses, contemporary attitudes toward gender, and the shaping of belief. Further, they add greater nuance to our understanding of the relationship between popular piety and the visual culture of the period.

An Introduction to Italian Sculpture Italian High Renaissance and Baroque sculpture Text vol Plates vol Catalogue vol

Author : Sir John Wyndham Pope-Hennessy
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German Baroque Sculpture

Author : Sacheverell Sitwell
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Studies in Italian Sculpture

Author : Charles Avery
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This volume contains papers written in the years following 1986 which discuss both specific examples of sculpture, such as Donatello's Madonna, or broader surveys of a particular sculptor or style. Both stone and bronze sculptures are studied, including garden sculpture and other metal artefacts, for example seals and locks.