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It Takes Guts to Leave the Ruts

Author : Annette Dixon
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Overcome The Past and Unlock Your Potential With God's Support Are you battling depression and anxiety and desperately searching for help? Are you haunted by a childhood trauma or the shadow of your controlling mother? Do you sometimes scream silently, "My mind needs help! I feel like I'm losing my mind, what do I do?" Read this carefully, because you've just found your way to healing! This book will give you a complete "mindset makeover" and show you the path to overcoming depression and childhood trauma on your own! The author grew up in a family where manipulation and abuse were the norm, and then suffered from depression and anxiety for many years. And then she rediscovered the Word of God, saw in it the way to healing, and followed it. Now she invites you to follow her spiritual journey, heal your inner wounds, and unlock the unique potential that God has given you. In this life-changing book, you'll learn: How to heal from childhood trauma, how to overcome depression and defeat the toxic thoughts that were planted in your mind during childhood How to (re)build your trust in God and become the happy, secure, optimistic person that He wants you to be Quick and practical tips to restore your inner balance in stormy times How narcissistic parents ruin their children's happiness - and how the children can reclaim it What the Scriptures say on overcoming depression, anxiety, and the shadows of traumatic events that may haunt you You will discover the exact passages from the Bible that will help you break the chains that hold you. You will be inspired to change your life and help others find God's support. Break free from your past and build the future you've always wanted to! Scroll up, click on "Buy Now with 1-Click", and Get Your Copy Now!

Take My Wrinkled Hand Lord

Author : Anita Nyszik
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Everyone one of us ages differently, changes dont come easily. Sometime we need to sit back and laugh at ourselves. Its great therapy! Combining aging humor with warm spirituality makes this book a winner. Our God wants us to know where we can go when aging catches up with us, and who we can for help we need in dealing with it. Humor is rampant in every chapter as it brings us closer to who we are, and mostly who we can be. Sometimes these Golden Years arent always Golden (and who said that anyway?) The reader will not only find this book humorous and lively, but spiritual as well. He or she will consider it a pleasure and a treasure to keep at hand.

Robert H Schuller

Author : Robert H. Schuller
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These two bestselling works (Tough Times Never Last But Tough People Do and Tough Minded Faith for Tender Hearted People) together present a dynamic and life-changing plan for building a positive self image and releasing the unstoppable power of success. Here is an attractive gift for everyone who wants to rekindle a vibrant enthusiasm for life.

Why Winners Win

Author : Garner, Art
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Resurrecting Your Life

Author : Dr. Jerry Weber
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Resurrecting Your Life can help you live the life that you have dreamed and God has planned for you. Its purpose is to give hope and inspiration to every person who has died at heart and feels the emptiness of divine discontent. Resurrecting Your Life is based from Jesus’s teachings. He was the first holistic-health coach, and his time-proven teachings are as valuable today as they were two thousand years ago. This holistic-health coaching manual can help you have your own personal resurrection. It will teach and motivate you to take back your life through the positive power of God and the words of Jesus Christ.

Climbing Toward the Light

Author : Ardath H. Rodale
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One mother's struggle to overcome the tragedy of her son's death from AIDS offers a lesson in understanding and love, and in breaking down the barriers, between generations

Let Go of the Past and Start Having a Blast

Author : Bob Wosczyk
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Join the Universal Golden Rule Revolution

Author : Elaine Parke
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"Self-help/family & relationships"--Back cover.

From Depression to Wholeness

Author : Debbie Thurman
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A refreshing look at depression through a Christian lens. Meticulously researched with poignant examples from the author's 10 year struggle with major depression.

Draper s Book of Quotations for the Christian World

Author : Edythe Draper
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Freedom Justice and Christian Counter culture

Author : Michael C. Elliott
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Author :
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Contemporary Apocalyptic Rhetoric

Author : Barry Brummett
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Certain questions naturally arise about those who literally expect the end of the world in our time: Why do they think this? Why do some people believe them? How do their exhortations work to persuade an audience and to mobilize that audience to actions and commitments? These are the motivating questions of this unique volume, which describes apocalyptic as a rhetorical genre of discourse. Brummett first recasts insights drawn from past scholarly and theological studies to feature their relevance to contemporary apocalyptic, then examines a variety of "real" apocalyptic to illustrate the ways in which these rhetorical discourses actually work.

Pillar of Fire

Author :
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Here s Happiness

Author : Robert Schuller
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"Happiness is ours to claim", says Schuller, "when we turn our lives over to God". This book brims over with hope and the promise of a beautiful life. A gift book, from the "Gift Book Publisher".

Dare to Succeed

Author : Robert Harold Schuller
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Tells the stories of men and women who overcame tremendous challenges to achieve success, and offers advice on solving difficult problems

The Rhino Spirit

Author : Jan Ruhe
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Amusing Grace

Author : King Duncan
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Country Bound

Author : Marilyn Heimberg Ross
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Surviving Corporate Downsizing with Dignity and Grace

Author : Mitchell C. Baldwin
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