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Landmauer Von Konstantinopel Istanbul

Author : Neslihan Asutay-Effenberger
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Millennium transcends boundaries - between epochs and regions, and between disciplines. Like the Millennium-Jahrbuch, the journal Millennium-Studien pursues an international, interdisciplinary approach that cuts across historical eras. Composed of scholars from various disciplines, the editorial and advisory boards welcome submissions from a range of fields, including history, literary studies, art history, theology, and philosophy. Millennium-Studien also accepts manuscripts on Latin, Greek, and Oriental cultures. In addition to offering a forum for monographs and edited collections on diverse topics, Millennium-Studien publishes commentaries and editions. The journal primary accepts publications in German and English, but also considers submissions in French, Italian, and Spanish. If you want to submit a manuscript please send it to the editor from the most relevant discipline: Wolfram Brandes, Frankfurt (Byzantine Studies and Early Middle Ages): [email protected] Peter von Möllendorff, Gießen (Greek language and literature): [email protected] Dennis Pausch, Dresden (Latin language and literature): [email protected] Rene Pfeilschifter, Würzburg (Ancient History): [email protected] Karla Pollmann, Bristol (Early Christianity and Patristics): [email protected] All manuscript submissions will be reviewed by the editor and one outside specialist (single-blind peer review).


Author : Caglar Keyder
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This groundbreaking volume investigates the processes of globalization in Istanbul, one of the oldest and grandest of world cities. Explaining the course of the conflicts and the compromises involved in maintaining a precarious urbanity, this theoretically informed volume focuses on the fields of struggle ranging from politics to heritage, humor to music, public space to housing.

Neighborhood in Ottoman Istanbul A

Author : Cem Behar
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A detailed history of a small neighborhood community of Ottoman Istanbul. Combining the vivid and colorful detail of a micro-history with a wider historical perspective, this groundbreaking study looks at the urban and social history of a small neighborhood community (a mahalle) of Ottoman Istanbul, the Kasap Iùlyas. Drawing on exceptionally rich historical documentation starting in the early sixteenth century, Cem Behar focuses on how the Kasap Iùlyas mahalle came to mirror some of the overarching issues of the capital city of the Ottoman Empire. Also considered are other issues central to the historiography of cities, such as rural migration and urban integration of migrants, including avenues for professional integration and the solidarity networks migrants formed, and the role of historical guilds and non-guild labor, the ancestor of the "informal" or "marginal" sector found today in less developed countries.

Istanbul Under Allied Occupation 1918 1923

Author : N B Criss
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This book is a contribution to the theme of change and continuity from the Ottoman Empire to the Turkish Republic, as well as an analysis of means of resistance to foreign occupation.

Istanbul Households

Author : Alan Duben
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A social history of marriage, the family and population in modernization-era Istanbul.

French Trade in Istanbul in the Eighteenth Century

Author : Edhem Eldem
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This in-depth analysis of French trade in Istanbul in the eighteenth century deals extensively with the nature and mechanisms of this trade, Ottoman monetary and financial history, bills of exchange, Ottoman traders and guilds, and Ottoman economic integration with Europe.

Istanbul and the Civilization of the Ottoman Empire

Author : Bernard Lewis
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Administration, society and intellectual life of the Turkish Empire during the two centuries that followed the capture of Constantinople in 1453.


Author : Orhan Pamuk
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Istanbul is a shimmering evocation, by turns intimate and panoramic, of one of the world's great cities, by its foremost writer. Orhan Pamuk, winner of the Nobel Prize in 2006, was born in Istanbul, in the family apartment building where his mother first held him in her arms. His portrait of his city is thus also a self-portrait, refracted by memory and the melancholy-or hzn- that all Istanbullus share: the sadness that comes of living amid the ruins of a lost Ottoman Empire. As he companionably guides us across the Bosphorus, through Istanbul's historical monuments and lost paradises, its dilapidated Ottoman villas, back streets and waterways, he also introduces us to the city's writers, artists and murderers. Like the Dublin of Joyce and Jan Morris' Venice, Pamuk's Istanbul is a triumphant encounter of place and sensibility, beautifully written and immensely moving.


Author : Rob Bowden
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A highly illustrated geography series that studies major cities around the world in depth, looking at topics such as population, climate, geographpy (physical), infrastructure amd the environment.

The Remaking of Istanbul

Author : Zeynep Çelik
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Zeynep elik examines the changing face of Istanbul during the period when European cultural and economic influence intensified, integrating architectural analysis with discussion of broader issues of urban design and historical change. Zeynep elik examines the changing face of Istanbul during the period when European cultural and economic influence intensified, integrating architectural analysis with discussion of broader issues of urban design and historical change.

A Hedonist s Guide to Istanbul

Author : Nick Hackworth
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Hg2 Istanbul explores the mosques, bazaars, museums and palaces of Sultanahmet, the wealth of slick, contemporary bars and restaurants opening in Beyoglu and high octane clubs by the side of the Bosphorus.

Between Venice and Istanbul

Author : Siriol Davies
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This book presents 13 studies on different regions of Greece that combine documentary and archaeological evidence to investigate the development of landscapes and sites between 1500 and 1800 A.D.

The Architecture of the Kariye Camii in Istanbul

Author : Robert G. Ousterhout
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The Kariye Camii remains one of the most important and best-known monuments of the Byzantine world. Rebuilt and decorated in the early 14th century by statesman-scholar Theodore Metochites, the monument played a key role in the development of Late Byzantine art. Ousterhout presents a structural history and architectural analysis of this building.

A Social History of Ottoman Istanbul

Author : Ebru Boyar
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Using a wealth of contemporary Ottoman sources, this book recreates the social history of Istanbul, a huge, cosmopolitan metropolis and imperial capital of the Ottoman Empire. Seat of the Sultan and an opulent international emporium, Istanbul was also a city of violence shaken regularly by natural disasters and by the turmoil of sultanic politics and violent revolt. Its inhabitants, entertained by imperial festivities and cared for by the great pious foundations which touched every aspect of their lives, also amused themselves in the numerous pleasure gardens and the many public baths of the city. While the book is focused on Istanbul, it presents a broad picture of Ottoman society, how it was structured and how it developed and transformed across four centuries. As such, the book offers an exciting alternative to the more traditional histories of the Ottoman Empire.

The Companion Guide to Istanbul and Around the Marmara

Author : John Freely
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The traveller gets exactly what he needs, and in a handy format. THE TIMES The author seems to have covered every road in the country, and has something of interest to say about virtually every site. COUNTRY LIFE

Guild Dynamics in Seventeenth Century Istanbul

Author : Eunjeong Yi
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Dealing with the guilds of seventeenth-century Istanbul, this volume provides new information and insights into guild organization, issues of traditionalism and change, and the complex nature of the relationship between the Ottoman state and its guilds.

The Bastard of Istanbul

Author : Elif Shafak
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A “vivid and entertaining” (Chicago Tribune) tale about the tangled history of two families, from the author of The Forty Rules of Love and The Architect’s Apprentice "Zesty, imaginative . . . a Turkish version of Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club." --USA Today As an Armenian American living in San Francisco, Armanoush feels like part of her identity is missing and that she must make a journey back to the past, to Turkey, in order to start living her life. Asya is a nineteen-year-old woman living in an extended all-female household in Istanbul who loves Jonny Cash and the French existentialists. The Bastard of Istanbul tells the story of their two families--and a secret connection linking them to a violent event in the history of their homeland. Filed with humor and understanding, this exuberant, dramatic novel is about memory and forgetting, about the need to examine the past and the desire to erase it, and about Turkey itself.

Istanbul Surroundings Travel Adventures

Author : Samantha Lafferty
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The second you land in Istanbul two things hit you: how vast it is and how chaotic. The cauldron of noise builds in the morning with the first call to prayer. As the city springs to life, ferries and tankers weave their way across the Bosphorus Strait from Asia to Europe and traffic chokes the streets. Hundreds of fishermen line the Galata Bridge in search of their daily catch to sell in cafés nestled below, while seagulls swoop and squall. At the end of the bridge, locals crush into the dark passageways at Eminönü's spice market and along the warrens of the Grand Bazaar for another day of haggling.

Boedapest Istanboel en Warschau

Author : Tuna Taşan-Kok
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Author : John Cleave
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Cleave has taken a very personal view of the glorious and diverse former capital of the Byzantine and Ottoman empires that is today Turkey’s most modern and largest city. Istanbul: City of Two Continents is divided into three parts: "The Historic Heart of Istanbul"; "Across the Golden Horn: Beyoğlu and beyond"; and "The Other Side: Istanbul in Asia." It includes photographs of the Süleymaniye mosque taken from a helicopter, the Grand Bazaar, the Osmanlı Bank Museum, various consulate buildings, the district of Şişli with its skyscrapers, the shopping mall Kanyon, Beylerbeyi Palace, the Atik Valide Mosque, Laleli fountain, shoe shiners and many other depictions of life and buildings in the city.