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The Islamic Manuscript Tradition

Author : Christiane J. Gruber
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The rich and varied traditions of Islamic book art

Islamic Manuscripts of Late Medieval Rum 1270s 1370s

Author : Jackson Cailah Jackson
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Between the Mongol invasions in the mid-13th century and the rise of the Ottomans in the late 14th century, the Lands of Rum were marked by instability and conflict. Despite this, a rich body of illuminated manuscripts from the period survives, explored here in this extensively illustrated volume. Meticulously analysing 15 beautifully decorated Arabic and Persian manuscripts, including Qur'ans, mirrors-for-princes, historical chronicles and Sufi works, Cailah Jackson traces the development of calligraphy and illumination in late medieval Anatolia. She shows that the central Anatolian city of Konya, in particular, was a dynamic centre of artistic activity and that local Turcoman princes, Seljuk bureaucrats and Mevlevi dervishes all played important roles in manuscript production and patronage.

World Survey of Islamic Manuscripts

Author : Geoffrey Roper
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The World Survey of Islamic Manuscripts is a collective bibliographical work, which brings together the work of manuscript scholars, both Muslim and non-Muslim, from all parts of the world, aiming to enhance our knowledge of the written heritage of the Islamic civilization. and similar works, and at the same time to bring together and update most of the information contained in them. It offers a guide to collections of Islamic manuscripts, details of access to these collections and their holdings, and information about particularly significant manuscripts which they contain.

In the Author s Hand Holograph and Authorial Manuscripts in the Islamic Handwritten Tradition

Author : Frédéric Bauden
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Research that focuses on holograph, autograph and authorial manuscripts in Arabic handwritten script has been casual, although these manuscripts raise important and varied questions. In this volume nine contributions and case studies are gathered that address theoretical issues and convey different, disruptive perspectives. A particularly important subject of this book is the identification of an author’s handwriting.

The Arabic Manuscript Tradition

Author : Adam Gacek
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This book, covering the entire spectrum of Arabic manuscripts, and especially the handwritten book, consists of a glossary of technical terms and a bibliography. The technical terms, collected from a variety of sources embrace a vast range of topics dealing with the making and reading (studying) of Arabic manuscripts. They are: the Arabic script, penmanship, writing materials and implements, the make-up of the codex, copying and correction, decoration and bookbinding, as well as the transmission of texts and former ownership. A similar coverage is reflected in the bibliography.

Medieval Islamic Civilization L Z index

Author : Josef W. Meri
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Publisher description

Arabic Manuscripts

Author : Adam Gacek
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Arranged alphabetically by subject and/or concept and richly illustrated, the present vademecum deals with various aspects of Arabic manuscript studies. A companion volume to my recently published The Arabic Manuscript Tradition (2001) and its Supplement (2008), this work constitutes an indispensible aid to students and researchers.

From Codicology to Technology

Author : Stefanie Brinkmann
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Kongressakten, Freiburg im Breisgau, 2007.

Editing Islamic Manuscripts on Science

Author : Al-Furqan Islamic Heritage Foundation (London, England)
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A Handlist of the Manuscripts in the Institute of Ethiopian Studies Volume Two

Author : Alessandro Gori
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This book provides a handlist of the Islamic codices hosted in the library of the Institute of Ethiopian Studies at the University of Addis Ababa (Ethiopia). Theirs is one of the most important collections of Islamic manuscripts in the horn of Africa. Almost totally unexplored, the collection contains many valuable examples of the rich and variegated manuscript tradition of the Ethiopian Muslims. Each entry describes the main physical features and the most important texts contained in the codex. The catalogue includes a detailed analysis of a selection of watermarked papers and bindings--richly illustrated with pictures from the manuscripts. An extensive appendix contains over eighty plates of paleographical samples of dated manuscripts. Several indices (titles of the works, personal and place names, etc.) facilitate the usage of the handlist for further research.