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Investigating Charmed

Author : Karin Beeler
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In 1998 'Charmed', Constance M. Burge's story of three sisters who discover they are powerful witches, first aired on the WB network. With eight seasons and a run of best-selling DVDs, the series has established a continuing global presence as the very essence of cult TV. 'Investigating Charmed' is the first comprehensive guide to this groundbreaking series. It brings together for the first time expert contributors - all fans of the show - to explore the show's unique brand of witchcraft and fantasy. From notions of upturned sexuality and alternative forms of family life, to ideas of feminism and the portrayal of female heroes, this book penetrates the very heart of the 'power of three' and their crusade against the demonic population of the underworld. Looking also at the fans' relationship to the show, as well as the novels, fan fics and blogs it has spurned, the book on this fantastic magical show concludes with a complete Episode Guide which covers all eight seasons.

Cult TV Heroines

Author : Catriona Miller
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From Mrs Peel to the first female Doctor Who, this book offers a timely focus on the popular phenomenon of the cult TV heroine. The enduring phenomenon of cult TV itself is carefully explored through questions of genre, the role of the audience and the external environment of technological advances and business drivers. Catriona Miller then suggests a fresh account of the psychological dimension of the phenomenon utilising Carl Jung's concepts of the transcendent function and active imagination. Her analysis of the heroines themselves considers the workings of the audio-visual text alongside narrative and character arcs, exploring the complex and contradictory ways in which the heroines are represented. Established cult TV favourites such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The X Files, and Xena: Warrior Princess are examined alongside more recent shows such as Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Jessica Jones and American Horror Story: Coven.

Investigating Veronica Mars

Author : Rhonda V. Wilcox
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During the course of its three seasons, Veronica Mars captured the attention of fans and academics alike. The 12 scholarly essays in this collection examine the show’s most compelling elements. Topics covered include vintage television, the search for the mother, fatherhood, the show’s connection to classical Greek paradigms, the anti-hero’s journey, rape narrative and meaning, and television fandom. Collectively, these essays reveal how a teen television show—equal parts noir, romance, social realism and father-daughter drama—became a worthy subject for scholarly study.

Bewitched Again

Author : Julie D. O’Reilly
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Starting in 1996, U.S. television saw an influx of superhuman female characters who could materialize objects like Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, defeat evil like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and have premonitions like Charmed’s Phoebe. The extraordinary abilities of these women showed resistance to traditional gender roles, although these characters experienced infringements on their abilities in ways superpowered men did not. Supernaturally powerful women and girls have remained on television, including the heavenly connected Grace (of Saving Grace), telepathic Sookie (of True Blood), and magical Cassie (of The Secret Circle). These more recent characters also face numerous constraints on their powers. As a result, superpowers become a narrative technique to diminish these characters, a technique that began with television’s first superpowered woman, Samantha (of Bewitched). They all illustrate a paradox of women’s power: are these characters ever truly powerful, much less superpowerful, if they cannot use their abilities fully? The superwoman has endured as a metaphor for women trying to “have it all”; therefore, the travails of these television examples parallel those of their off-screen counterparts.

Refereed and selected contributions from International Conference on Quark Nuclear Physics

Author : Charlotte Elster
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This volume contains the refereed and selected contributions from the International Conference on Quark Nuclear Physics (QNP2002), held from 9 to 14 June 2002 in Jülich, Germany.

Investigating Alias

Author : Stacey Abbott
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First aired in 2001, 'Alias', a spy drama, has become a leading cult television series with a loyal fan following. The series is ending with a bang in 2006, and 'Investigating Alias' is the first book to give a full and fascinating examination of the series in its entirety, with a complete episode guide.

Electromagnetic Form Factors of Charmed Baryons in Lattice QCD

Author : Kadir Utku Can
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This thesis presents the first lattice quantum chromodynamics (QCD) approach to the charmed baryon regime, building on the knowledge and experience gained with former lattice QCD applications to nucleon structure. The thesis provides valuable insights into the dynamics of yet unobserved charmed baryon systems. Most notably, it confirms that the expectations of model or effective field theoretical calculations of heavy-hadron systems hold qualitatively, while also demonstrating that they conflict with the quantitative results, pointing to a tension between these complementary approaches. Further, the book presents a cutting-edge approach to understanding the structure and dynamics of hadrons made of quarks and gluons using QCD, and successfully extends the approach to charmed hadrons. In particular, the thesis investigate a peculiar property of charmed hadrons whose dynamics, i.e., structure, deviates from their counterparts, e.g., those of protons and neutrons, by employing the lattice QCD approach —a state-of-the-art numerical method and the powerful ab initio, non-perturbative method.

The charmed ring or Golden arbiter of fate

Author : William Kidd
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The Charmed Ring Or Golden Arbiter of Fate

Author : William KIDD (Naturalist.)
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Soviet Journal of Nuclear Physics

Author :
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Charmed Let Gorgons Be Gorgons Part 3

Author : Paul Ruditis
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Charmed: Let Gorgons Be Gorgons Part 3 of 4 When Piper, Phoebe, and Paige undo a spell that turned a local politician to stone, they little realize the powerful magic behind the hex. As attacks on innocents mount, The Charmed Ones enlist the help of their sister, Prue, confined on the magical Nexus, only to learn that the most heinous of mythical creatures—a gorgon—is to blame. Freed from her underground tomb, Medusa joins her sisters in a crusade to avenge womankind, turning those who cross her to stone forever. At the same time, dark magic seems to be undoing all of Phoebe’s good works, distracting her from the impending battle with the gorgons. With time running out, will the sisters be able to defeat Medusa and restore their innocents to life? Inspired by the hit televisions series Charmed, the new novel Charmed: Let Gorgons Be Gorgons continues the story of the Halliwell witches. With only the Book of Shadows to guide them, the Halliwell sisters are the fulfillment of their ancestor Melinda Warren’s prophecy that three sisters descending from her line would become the most powerful witches of all time. The sisters use the Power of Three to protect the innocent and banish evil from the Earthly realm.

Classics for All

Author : Dunstan Lowe
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Classical culture belongs to us all: whether as academic subject or as entertainment, it constantly stimulates new ideas. In recent years, following Gladiators successful revival of the toga epic, studies of the ancient world in cinema have drawn increasing attention from authors and readers. This collection builds on current interest in this topic, taking its readers past the usual boundaries of classical reception studies into less familiarand even unchartedareas of ancient Greece and Rome in mass popular culture. Contributors discuss the uses of antiquity in television programmes, computer games, journalism, Hollywood blockbusters, B-movies, pornography, Web 2.0, radio drama, and childrens literature. Its diverse contents celebrate the continuing influence of Classics on modern life: from controversies within academia to ephemeral pop culture, from the traditional to the cutting-edge. The reader will find both new voices and those of more established commentators, including broadcaster and historian Bettany Hughes, Latinist Paula James, and Gideon Nisbet, author of Ancient Greece in Film and Popular Culture. Together they demonstrate that rich rewards await anyone with an interest in our classical heritage, when they embrace the diversity and complexity of mass popular culture as a whole.


Author : Catherine Hart
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Discovering a magnificent Shawnee amulet that had been buried in 1813 by a great warrior, Silver Thorn, history teacher Nikki Swan is swept into the Native American's world and learns that he is the brother of the great Tecumseh. Original.

Charmed Circle

Author : James R. Mellow
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Views Gertrude Stein's life, close relationship with Alice B. Toklas, and the friends and acquaintances who visited them in Paris

The British National Bibliography

Author : Arthur James Wells
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Cylons in America

Author : Tiffany Potter
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Cylons in America is the first collection of critical studies of Battlestar Galactica (its 2003 miniseries, and the ongoing 2004 television series), examining its place within popular culture and its engagement with contemporary American society.

Physics Briefs

Author :
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Investigating Morals and Values in Today s Society

Author : Paul D. Garnett
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Uses historical and cultural readings involving famous people, activities, and class discussions to help students clarify values.

Energy Research Abstracts

Author :
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Hyperons Charm and Beauty Hadrons

Author :
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