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Inventions of Teaching

Author : Brent Davis
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This book presents a tightly structured, well-balanced overview of the major underpinning philosophical and ideological concepts and traditions related to education and teaching in the western world. It provides a concise introduction to the major historical and contemporary discourses, especially as they frame current discussions and beliefs about knowledge, learning, and teaching that are enacted in educational settings.

Inventions of Teaching

Author : Brent Davis
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Inventions of Teaching: A Genealogy is a powerful examination of current metaphors for and synonyms of teaching. It offers an account of the varied and conflicting influences and conceptual commitments that have contributed to contemporary vocabularies--and that are in some ways maintained by those vocabularies, in spite of inconsistencies and incompatibilities among popular terms. The concern that frames the book is how speakers of English invented (in the original sense of the word, "came upon") our current vocabularies for teaching. Conceptually, this book is unique in the educational literature. As a whole, it presents an overview of the major underlying philosophical and ideological concepts and traditions related to knowledge, learning, and teaching in the Western world, concisely introducing readers to the central historical and contemporary discourses that shape current discussions and beliefs in the field. Because the organization of historical, philosophical, theoretical, and etymological information is around key conceptual divergences in Western thought rather than any sort of chronology, this text is not a linear history, but several histories--or, more precisely, it is a genealogy. Specifically, it is developed around breaks in opinion that gave or are giving rise to diverse interpretations of knowledge, learning, and teaching--highlighting historical moments in which vibrant new figurative understandings of teaching emerged and moments at which they froze into literalness. The book is composed of two sorts of chapters, "branching" and "teaching." Branching chapters include an opening treatment of the break in opinion, separate discussions of each branch, and a summary of the common assumptions and shared histories of the two branches. Teaching chapters offer brief etymological histories and some of the practical implications of the terms for teaching that were coined, co-opted, or redefined within the various traditions. Inventions of Teaching: A Genealogy is an essential text for senior undergraduate and graduate courses in curriculum studies and foundations of teaching and is highly relevant as well for students, faculty, and researchers across the field of education.

A Guide to Teaching Art at the College Level

Author : Stacey Salazar
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This accessible guide will help studio art and design professors meaningfully and effectively transform their curriculum and pedagogy so that it is relevant to today’s learners. Situating contemporary college teaching within a historic art and design continuum, the author provides a practical framework for considering complex interactions within art and design pedagogy. Readers will gain a deeper appreciation of college students and their learning, an understanding of teaching repertoires, and insight into the local and global contexts that impact teaching and learning and how these are interrelated with studio content. Throughout, Salazar expertly weaves research, theory, and helpful advice that instructors can use to enact a mode of teaching that is responsive to their unique environment. The text examines a variety of educational practices, including reflection, critique, exploration, research, student-to-student interaction, online teaching, intercultural learning, and community-engaged curricula. Book Features: A clear introduction to research and theory in college learning and art education.A response to the current shift from studio practice to an investment in teaching practice.Reflective prompts, actions, teaching strategies, and recommended resources.User-friendly templates ready to customize for the reader’s own content.

The Routledge International Handbook of Research on Teaching Thinking

Author : Rupert Wegerif
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The Routledge International Handbook of Research on Teaching Thinking is a comprehensive guide to research on teaching thinking. Teaching thinking is key to growing a more successful economy, is needed for increased democratic engagement and is vital for the well-being of individuals faced with the complexity of a globalised world. However, there are questions about what we mean by ‘thinking’, how best to teach it and how best to assess it, and it is these questions that this handbook explores and addresses. Containing surveys and summaries of international, cutting-edge research on every aspect of teaching thinking in a range of contexts, the handbook is thorough in its delivery, examining many different approaches and methods to help readers understand what teaching thinking is and how we can best take this movement forward. Key topics include: • Theoretical perspectives on teaching thinking • Approaches for teaching thinking • Developing creative thinking • Developing critical thinking and metacognition • The assessment of thinking • Teaching thinking in the context of STEM • Collaborative thinking and new technology • Neuro-educational research on teaching thinking This book is an essential guide for policy-makers, teachers and researchers who are interested in teaching thinking

Teaching For Learning Mathematics

Author : Sutherland, Ros
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This book explores the factors that influence young people's learning of mathematics. Focusing on the complexity of mathematics teaching and learning, each chapter considers different aspects of this process, taking a holistic approach. Rich examples from

Teachers Learning

Author : Colleen McLaughlin
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This book is part of The Cambridge Teacher series, edited by senior colleagues at the University of Cambridge Faculty of Education, which has a longstanding tradition of involvement in high quality, innovative teacher education and continuing professional development.

The Professional Practice of Teaching in New Zealand

Author : Mary Hill
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The Professional Practice of Teaching in New Zealand contains a wealth of information that pre-service teachers need to know in order to learn to teach effectively. Written specifically for the New Zealand setting, it highlights the range of knowledge and skills that teachers require in order to make a positive difference to their students’ lives. This new edition has been fully updated to exemplify the latest research and align with the current New Zealand context. New chapters on topics such as effective teaching in modern learning environments, Maori learners and diverse learners add new depth to the text and sit alongside a new introductory chapter that welcomes students to the profession of teaching in New Zealand. Throughout the text many case studies, activities and stories from real-life teachers and students help readers to link the theory to their classroom practices.

Borders in Mathematics Pre Service Teacher Education

Author : Nenad Radakovic
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This book examines the current state of the field of mathematics pre-service teacher education through the theme of borders. Borders are ubiquitous; they can be used to define, classify, organize, make sense of, and/or group. There are many ways that the concept of a border illuminates the field of mathematics pre-service teacher education. Consequently, there are a multitude of responses to these borders: researchers and practitioners question, challenge, cross, blur, and erase them. Chapters include the following topics: explorations of mathematics across topics (e.g., geometry, algebra, probability) and with other disciplines (e.g., science, the arts, social sciences); challenging gender, cultural, and racial borders; exploring the structure and curriculum of teacher education programs; spaces inhabited by teacher education programs (e.g., university, community); and international collaborations and programs to promote cross-cultural sharing and learning. The book targets a readership of researchers and graduate students in integrated education studies, teacher education, practitioners of mathematics education, curriculum developers, and educational administrators and policy makers. ​

Hidden Dimensions in the Professional Development of Mathematics Teachers In Service Education for and With Teachers

Author : B. Roesken
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Professional development is often determined by black and white thinking. Either issues are considered as being good or bad, or statements like teachers should or teachers must are transported. However, it is easily forgotten from which perspective the judgment is taken, surely it is not the teacher’s one. Profoundly respecting and cherishing the teachers and their needs, allows for arriving at a vision of professional development that is for and with teachers, instead being simply about them. This book presents the field of mathematics teacher professional development both from a theoretical and an empirical perspective. In particular, the initiative Mathematics Done Differently that has been run in Germany is presented, in whose context the data of the empirical study was gathered. The empirical findings led to postulating a model describing teachers’ individual growth pathways and to providing implications for constructing practices that are based on what teachers really need.

International Handbook of Mathematics Teacher Education Volume 4

Author :
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This fourth volume addresses teacher educators’ knowledge, learning and practice with teachers/instructors of mathematics. It provides practical, professional and theoretical perspectives of different approaches/activities/programmes to promote effective teacher education practice, with valuable implications for research.