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Inventing Popular Culture

Author : John Storey
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John Storey, a leading figure in the field of Cultural Studies, offers an illuminating and vibrant account of the development of popular culture. Addressing issues such as globalization, intellectualism, and consumerism, Inventing Popular Culture presents an engaging assessment of one of the most debated concepts of recent times. Provides a lively and accessible history of the concept of popular culture by one of the leading experts in the field. Traces the invention and reinvention of the concept of popular culture from the eighteenth-century “discovery” of folk culture to contemporary accounts of the cultural impact of globalization. Examines the relationship between the concept of popular culture and key issues in cultural analyses such as hegemony, postmodernism, identity, questions of value, consumerism, and everyday life.

Forthcoming Books

Author : Rose Arny
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A Future Perfect

Author : John Micklethwait
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Addressing the major concerns about globalization, the authors defend the emergence of the new world economy, arguing that it will ultimately improve the human condition. 35,000 first printing.

Living with Theory

Author : Vincent B. Leitch
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In a clear and readable style, Living with Theory maps out contemporary theory, tracing its complex configurations, its political preoccupations, and its relations with literature. Argues that the field of theory in late postmodern consumer society has become overburdened with new ideas, and that there is an essential need for guides and signposts in this complex field Maps out contemporary theory, tracing its complex configurations, its political preoccupations, and its relations with literature Explores the engagement of theory with such phenomena as globalization and postmodernism, multiculturalism and cultural wars, plus the rise of neoliberalism and the corporate university Highlights the current reconfiguration of critical reading and its potential future

The Decline of Politics

Author : Peter Marden
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This engaging text examines the social impact of globalization in creating an identifiable sense of community and security. Particular attention is paid to how neo-liberal global agendas are re-shaping the relationship between state and citizen and how increased corporatisation is making us re-think the concept of political obligation. The book examines critically the fragility of democratic politics and how the decline of one form of politics is providing opportunities for the formation of new political spaces.

Grounding Globalization

Author : Edward Webster
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This work examines the claim that a new labour internationalism is emerging. Three distinct areas are analysed - Orange in Australia, Changwon in South Korea, and Ezakheni in South Africa.

Globalization anti globalization

Author : David Held
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What is globalization? Why does it elicit such intense political controversy? Is it creating a runaway world or can globalization be tamed? This succinct analysis provides a key to understanding one of the most important debates of our times.

Globalization and Its Discontents

Author : Saskia Sassen
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Essays discuss the effects of globalization on the nation-state, looking at dealings that both strengthen and weaken the national idea, creating a concentration of resources and a diminishing of responsibility

Stakeholding and the New International Order

Author : Stella Maile
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This invaluable book provides the first definitive critical introduction to the concept of stakeholding and its implications for policy and practice of key players in the new global order. Braddon and Maile take an interdisciplinary approach with particular emphasis upon the political economy of stakeholding which has become the major managerial and political motif of the 1990s.

Prosperity for All

Author : Matthew Hilton
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In Prosperity for All, the first international history of consumer activism, Matthew Hilton shows that modern consumer advocacy reached the peak of its influence in the decades after World War II and focused on creating a more equitable marketplace.