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Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics

Author : R. Kinsky
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This text is an ideal introductory for 1st year mechanical engineering students. Written in competency-based terms, the text focuses on two national modules; Thermodynamics 1 (EA714) and Fluid Mechanics 1 (EA70 6). Each chapter reflects the learning outcomes for the modules. Special Price $57.00 (Textbook Promo) until 31/05/05.

Introductory Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics Solutions Manual

Author : R. Kinsky
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Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Turbomachinery

Author : S. Larry Dixon
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The new edition will continue to be of use to engineers in industry and technological establishments, especially as brief reviews are included on many important aspects of Turbomachinery, giving pointers towards more advanced sources of information. For readers looking towards the wider reaches of the subject area, very useful additional reading is referenced in the bibliography. The subject of Turbomachinery is in continual review, and while the basics do not change, research can lead to refinements in popular methods, and new data can emerge. This book has applications for professionals and students in many subsets of the mechanical engineering discipline, with carryover into thermal sciences; which include fluid mechanics, combustion and heat transfer; dynamics and vibrations, as well as structural mechanics and materials engineering. An important, long overdue new chapter on Wind Turbines, with a focus on blade aerodynamics, with useful worked examples Includes important material on axial flow compressors and pumps Example questions and answers throughout

Introduction to Thermal Systems Engineering

Author : Michael J. Moran
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This survey of thermal systems engineering combines coverage of thermodynamics, fluid flow, and heat transfer in one volume. Developed by leading educators in the field, this book sets the standard for those interested in the thermal-fluids market. Drawing on the best of what works from market leading texts in thermodynamics (Moran), fluids (Munson) and heat transfer (Incropera), this book introduces thermal engineering using a systems focus, introduces structured problem-solving techniques, and provides applications of interest to all engineers.

Fundamentals Of Mechanical Sciences Engineering Thermodynamics And Fluid Mechanics For Wbut

Author : Mukherjee
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An Introduction to Fluid Mechanics and Transport Phenomena

Author : G. Hauke
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This book presents the foundations of fluid mechanics and transport phenomena in a concise way. It is suitable as an introduction to the subject as it contains many examples, proposed problems and a chapter for self-evaluation.

Introduction to Thermal and Fluids Engineering

Author : Deborah A. Kaminski
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This innovative book uses unifying themes so that the boundaries between thermodynamics, heat transfer, and fluid mechanics become transparent. It begins with an introduction to the numerous engineering applications that may require the integration of principles and tools from these disciplines. The authors then present an in-depth examination of the three disciplines, providing readers with the necessary background to solve various engineering problems. The remaining chapters delve into the topics in more detail and rigor. Numerous practical engineering applications are mentioned throughout to illustrate where and when certain equations, concepts, and topics are needed. A comprehensive introduction to thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer, this title: Develops governing equations and approaches in sufficient detail, showing how the equations are based on fundamental conservation laws and other basic concepts. Explains the physics of processes and phenomena with language and examples that have been seen and used in everyday life. Integrates the presentation of the three subjects with common notation, examples, and problems. Demonstrates how to solve any problem in a systematic, logical manner. Presents material appropriate for an introductory level course on thermodynamics, heat transfer, and fluid mechanics.

Introduction to Engineering Fluid Mechanics

Author : Marcel Escudier
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We inhabit a world of fluids, including air (a gas), water (a liquid), steam (vapour) and the numerous natural and synthetic fluids which are essential to modern-day life. Fluid mechanics concerns the way fluids flow in response to imposed stresses. The subject plays a central role in the education of students of mechanical engineering, as well as chemical engineers, aeronautical and aerospace engineers, and civil engineers. This textbook includes numerous examples of practical applications of the theoretical ideas presented, such as calculating the thrust of a jet engine, the shock- and expansion-wave patterns for supersonic flow over a diamond-shaped aerofoil, the forces created by liquid flow through a pipe bend and/or junction, and the power output of a gas turbine. The first ten chapters of the book are suitable for first-year undergraduates. The latter half covers material suitable for fluid-mechanics courses for upper-level students Although knowledge of calculus is essential, this text focuses on the underlying physics. The book emphasizes the role of dimensions and dimensional analysis, and includes more material on the flow of non-Newtonian liquids than is usual in a general book on fluid mechanics -- a reminder that the majority of synthetic liquids are non-Newtonian in character.

Introduction to Fluid Mechanics

Author : James A. Fay
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Introduction to Fluid Mechanics is a mathematically efficient introductory text for a basal course in mechanical engineering. More rigorous than existing texts in the field, it is also distinguished by the choice and order of subject matter, its careful derivation and explanation of the laws of fluid mechanics, and its attention to everyday examples of fluid flow and common engineering applications. Beginning with the simple and proceeding to the complex, the text introduces the principles of fluid mechanics in orderly steps. At each stage practical engineering problems are solved, principally in engineering systems such as dams, pumps, turbines, pipe flows, propellers, and jets, but with occasional illustrations from physiological and meteorological flows. The approach builds on the student's experience with everyday fluid mechanics, showing how the scientific principles permit a quantitative understanding of what is happening and provide a basis for designing engineering systems that achieve the desired objectives. Introduction to Fluid Mechanics differs from most engineering texts in several respects: The derivations of the fluid principles (especially the conservation of energy) are complete and correct, but concisely given through use of the theorems of vector calculus. This saves considerable time and enables the student to visualize the significance of these principles. More attention than usual is given to unsteady flows and their importance in pipe flow and external flows. Finally, the examples and exercises illustrate real engineering situations, including physically realistic values of the problem variables. Many of these problems require calculation of numerical values, giving the student experience in judging the correctness of his or her numerical skills.

Engineering Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics For MAKAUT 3rd Edition

Author : Ghosh B.B./ Chakrabarti Satyajit/ Ghosh Samir & Roy, Prokash Chandra
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Books in this series have been specially designed to meet the requirements of a large spectrum of engineering students of WBUT-those who find learning the concepts difficult and want to study through solved examples and those who wish to study in the traditional way. Modern-day engineers constantly encounter applications of thermodynamics and fluid mechanics while working with engineering designs and structures, converting the power of heat and fluid into mechanical work-from early steam engines to hydroelectricity and supersonic jets. Equipping budding engineers with state-of-the-art technology, Engineering Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics provides an in-depth study of the two disciplines.Key Features1. Summary at the end of each chapter for quick recapitulation2. Large number of MCQs, review questions and numerical problem sets for self-assessment3. Five model test papers for practice4. Solution to past ten years' university papers