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Intersectionality in Anglophone Television Series and Cinema

Author : Kévin Drif
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This book takes an intersectional approach to explore gender, race, ethnicity and social class in television series and films produced by English-speaking countries. Starting from Kimberlé Crenshaw’s 1989 concept of intersectionality, and encompassing film studies, television studies, cultural studies, gender studies, Queer theory, African American studies, and post-colonial studies, this volume sheds light not only on revealing intersectional elements of on-screen fiction, but also on the very nature of intersectional criticism.

Cinema Studies

Author : Susan Hayward
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Now in its sixth edition, this essential guide for students provides accessible definitions of a comprehensive range of genres, movements, world cinemas, theories and production terms. This fully revised and updated book includes new topical entries that explore areas such as film and the environmental crisis; streaming and new audience consumption; diversity and intersectionality; questions related to race and representation; the Black Lives Matter movement; and New Wave Cinemas of Eastern European countries. Further new entries include accented/exilic cinema, border-cinema, the oppositional gaze, sonic sound and Black westerns. Existing entries have been updated, including discussion of #MeToo, and more contemporary film examples have been added throughout. This is a must-have guide for any student starting out on this fascinating area of study and arguably the greatest art form of modern times.

Latino Politics Power Intersectionality and the Future of American Democracy

Author : Veronica L. Reyna
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Reyna's LATINO POLITICS: POWER, INTERSECTIONALITY, AND THE FUTURE OF AMERICAN DEMOCRACY equips you with the skills to make sense of today's politics and 21st century democracy. Packed with the latest data and research, it teaches you the analytical tools required to understand Latino political diversity. The book also guides you in envisioning your own inclusive democracy as it explains how political power works, what critical thinking and political skills are necessary in a modern democracy, and how you can personally get involved in the policymaking process. In addition, focus and critical thinking questions help you put what you learn into action and maximize your course success. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Janelle Mon e s Queer Afrofuturism

Author : Dan Hassler-Forest
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Singer. Dancer. Movie star. Activist. Queer icon. Afrofuturist. Working class heroine. Time traveler. Prophet. Feminist. Android. Dirty Computer. Janelle Monáe is all these things and more, making her one of the most fascinating artists to emerge in the twenty-first century. This provocative new study explores how Monáe’s work has connected different media platforms to strengthen and enhance new movements in art, theory, and politics. It considers not only Monáe’s groundbreaking albums The ArchAndroid, The Electric Lady, and Dirty Computer, but also Monáe’s work as an actress in such films as Hidden Figures and Antebellum, as well as her soundtrack appearances in socially-engaged projects ranging from I May Destroy You to Us. Examining Monáe as a cultural icon whose work is profoundly intersectional, this book maps how she is actively reshaping discourses around race, gender, sexuality, and capitalism. Tracing Monáe’s performances of joy, desire, pain, and hope across a wide range of media forms, it shows how she imagines Afrofuturist, posthumanist, and postcapitalist utopias, while remaining grounded in the realities of being a Black woman in a white-dominated industry. This is an exciting introduction to an audacious innovator whose work offers us fresh ways to talk about identity, desire, and power.

Women Who Kill

Author : David Roche
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Women Who Kill explores several lines of inquiry: the female murderer as a figure that destabilizes order; the tension between criminal and victim; the relationship between crime and expression (or the lack thereof); and the paradox whereby a crime can be both an act of destruction and a creative assertion of agency. In doing so, the contributors assess the influence of feminist, queer and gender studies on mainstream television and cinema, notably in the genres (film noir, horror, melodrama) that have received the most critical attention from this perspective. They also analyse the politics of representation by considering these works of fiction in their contexts and addressing some of the ambiguities raised by postfeminism. The book is structured in three parts: Neo-femmes Fatales; Action Babes and Monstrous Women. Films and series examined include White Men Are Cracking Up (1994); Hit & Miss (2012); Gone Girl (2014); Terminator (1984); The Walking Dead (2010); Mad Max: Fury Road (2015); Contagion (2011) and Ex Machina (2015) among others.

Women and Migration in Contemporary Italian Cinema

Author : Giovanna Faleschini Lerner
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Women and Migration in Contemporary Italian Cinema: Screening Hospitality puts gender at the centre of cinematic representations of contemporary transnational Italian identities. It offers an intersectional feminist analysis of the ways in which transnational migration has been represented, understood, and constructed in the contemporary cinema of Italy. Drawing on Jacques Derrida’s notion of hospitality and in dialogue with postcolonial and decolonial theory, queer studies, and feminist critiques, the six chapters of the book focus on a series of exemplary fiction films from the last twenty years, which both reflect and shape the nation’s responses to the growing presence of transnational migrants in Italian society. The book shows how questions of gender, sexual difference, and reproductivity have been central to Italian filmmakers’ approaches to stories of mobility and displacement. Gender is also enmeshed in the rhetoric and poetic of hospitality that filmmakers propose as a critical framework to condemn Italian border policies and politics. Women and Migration in Contemporary Italian Cinema: Screening Hospitality traces an arc that moves from the embrace of a humanitarian rhetoric of infinite hospitality toward migrants, apparent in films produced in the early 2000s, to a more fluid understanding of Italian identities from a transnational perspective.

Moving Beyond the Pandemic English and American Studies in Spain

Author : Aitor Ibarrola Armendáriz
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"Moving beyond the Pandemic: English and American Studies in Spain" contains the Proceedings of the 44th AEDEAN (Asociación española de estudios anglo-norteamericanos) Conference held in November, 2021 at the University of Cantabria, Spain. The volume is structured into four different sections: “Plenary Speakers”, “Language and Linguistics”, “Literature and Culture” and “Round Tables”. The “Plenary Speakers” section includes papers written by two outstanding figures in the fields of Western Studies and Film Studies, respectively: Neil Campbell’s “An Inventory of Echoes”: Worlding the Western in Trump Era Fiction and Celestino Deleyto’s Transnational Stars and the Idea of Europe: Marion Cotillard, Diane Kruger. The “Language and Linguistics” section includes eleven papers that tackle a variety of issues concerning synchronic and diachronic phenomena in the English language of either native or non-native speakers at the phonetic, lexical, or grammatical level. These studies are indicative of the various current methodological approaches to research in subfields such as language teaching, contrastive linguistics, language contact or language variation, to name but a few. The “Literature and Culture Studies” section contains nineteen papers on topics as diverse as the field itself, ranging from Irish, Canadian, South African, Australian, American or English Literature to Film, Television and Cultural Studies. Finally, the “Round Tables” section comprises four round tables on Literature, Music, Film and Cultural Studies. The contributions included in this volume are a representative and significant sample of the quality of the research being carried out at present in Spanish Universities in the fields of English and American Studies, and are solid evidence that our field is moving beyond the pandemic and is in excellent health.

Research Handbook on Intersectionality

Author : Mary Romero
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Critical intersectional scholarship enhances researchers’ and scholar-activists’ ability to open novel research frontiers. This forward-thinking Research Handbook demonstrates how to pursue fluid and innovative research approaches, identify differences from traditional methodologies, and overcome the common challenges faced when carrying out intersectional research.

Queering Masculinities in Language and Culture

Author : Paul Baker
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How do we learn what it means to be a man? And how do we learn to question what it means to be a man? This collection comprises a set of original interdisciplinary chapters on the linguistic and cultural representations of queer masculinities in a range of new and older media: television, film, online forums, news reporting, advertising and fiction. This innovative work examines new and emerging forms of gender hybridisation in relation to complex socialisation and immigration contexts including the role of EU institutions in ascertaining asylum seekers’ sexual orientation, and the European laws on gender policy. The book employs numerous analytical approaches including critical discourse analysis, corpus linguistics, multimodal analysis, literary criticism and anthropological and social research. The authors show how such texts can disrupt, question or complicate traditional notions of what it means to be a man, queering the idea that men possess fixed identities or desires, instead arguing that masculinity is constantly changing and negotiated through the cultural and political overlapping contexts in which it is regularly produced. These nuanced analyses will bring fresh insights for students and scholars of gender, masculinity and queer studies, linguistics, anthropology and semiotics.

Adapting Television Drama

Author : Christopher Hogg
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This book explores adaptation in its various forms in contemporary television drama. It considers the mechanics of adaptation as an ever-more prevalent form of production, most notably in the reworking of literary sources for television. It also explores the broader process through which the television industry as a whole is currently making necessary adaptations in how it tells stories, especially in relation to important concerns of equality, diversity and inclusion. Offering and analysing 16 original interviews with leading British television producers, writers, directors, production designers, casting directors and actors, and with a particular focus on female and/or minority-ethnic industry perspectives, the book examines some of the key professional and creative approaches behind television adaptations today. The book connects these industry insights to the existing conceptual and critical frameworks of television studies and adaptation studies, illuminating the unique characteristics of television adaptation as a material mode of production, and revealing television itself as an inherently adaptive artform.