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Internet Security You Can Afford

Author : Christopher Dawson
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Untangle is an Internet gateway and firewall that provides a powerful solution for protecting computer networks, whether at home or on the job--stopping viruses, hackers, and other unwanted Internet traffic from interfering with your life. In its basic form, Untangle is free, so getting started is easy on the budget. Although the software is available in a variety of configurations, the free version of the Untangle Next Generation Firewall (Untangle NG) and its accompanying software modules can handily meet the Internet security needs of just about any home or small business. With INTERNET SECURITY YOU CAN AFFORD: USING UNTANGLE AS YOUR INTERNET GATEWAY, you will learn everything you need to know to secure your network, including downloading and installing Untangle, implementing network and user-protection best practices, scaling up your Untangle installation, and much more. Protect your network and its users without wrecking your budget--get INTERNET SECURITY YOU CAN AFFORD: USING UNTANGLE AS YOUR INTERNET GATEWAY.

Enhancing and Implementing the Cybersecurity Elements of the Sector specific Plans

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Homeland Security. Subcommittee on Emerging Threats, Cybersecurity, and Science and Technology
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Internet Security and Privacy

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary
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Practical Internet Security

Author : John R. Vacca
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As organizations today are linking their systems across enterprise-wide networks and VPNs as well as increasing their exposure to customers, competitors, browsers and hackers on the Internet, it becomes increasingly imperative for Web professionals to be trained in techniques for effectively protecting their sites from internal and external threats. Each connection magnifies the vulnerability to attack. With the increased connectivity to the Internet and the wide availability of automated cracking tools, organizations can no longer simply rely on operating system security to protect their valuable corporate data. Furthermore, the exploding use of Web technologies for corporate intranets and Internet sites has escalated security risks to corporate data and information systems. Practical Internet Security reveals how the Internet is paving the way for secure communications within organizations and on the public Internet. This book provides the fundamental knowledge needed to analyze risks to a system and to implement a security policy that protects information assets from potential intrusion, damage, or theft. It provides dozens of real-life scenarios and examples, as well as hands-on instruction in securing Web communications and sites. You will learn the common vulnerabilities of Web sites; as well as, how to carry out secure communications across unsecured networks. All system administrators and IT security managers will find this book an essential practical resource.

Cyber Security Enhancement Act of 2001

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on the Judiciary. Subcommittee on Crime
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Internet Security Fundamentals

Author : Nick Ioannou
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An easy to understand guide of the most commonly faced security threats any computer user is likely to come across via email, social media and online shopping. This is not aimed at people studying Internet Security or CISSP, but general users, though still helpful to both. Antivirus software is now incredibly advanced, but the problem of viruses is worse than ever! This is because many viruses trick the user into installing them. The same way that the most sophisticated alarm system and door security is not much use if you open the door from the inside to let someone in. This book explains in easy to understand terms, why you cannot just rely on antivirus, but also need to be aware of the various scams and tricks used by criminals.

Internet Security for Your Macintosh

Author : Alan B. Oppenheimer
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Explains how to establish and maintain online security, covering passwords, virus protection, firewalls, response to security threats, shared files, wireless networking, and Mac OS security issues.

The Symantec Guide to Home Internet Security

Author : Andrew Conry-Murray
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A comprehensive and accessible guide to computer security addresses a wide range of security issues pertinent to home users, discussing such potential problem areas as hacking, identity theft, online purchasing, virus attacks, and e-mail and Internet scams, as well as how to take the proper precautions to keep data private and secure, avoid spyware and viruses, identify reputable e-commerce sites, and protect children from harm. Original. (Beginner)

Building Internet Firewalls

Author : D. Brent Chapman
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Exploring the many security risks associated with the Internet, a guide for servers and Internet users describes how to apply a variety of firewall solutions, profiles commercial firewall tools, and discusses packet filtering and proxying. Original. (Advanced)

Wired World

Author : United States. Congress. Joint Economic Committee
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Launching a Business on the Web

Author : David Cook
File Size : 80.3 MB
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The first edition of this book has been a solid success. This second edition of the hands-on guide shows how to successfully bring your business to a world wide audience on the World Wide Web. Two proven experts in the field give readers practical advice on getting readers and their businesses on the web.

The CPA Journal

Author :
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Business 2 0

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Law of Internet Security and Privacy

Author :
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Law of Internet Security and Privacy

Author : Kevin J. Connolly
File Size : 72.66 MB
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Law of Internet Security and Privacy is the first legal guide to focus on critical issues of Internet security and privacy that affect businesses. This remarkably practical guide provides up-to-the-minute legal analysis and specific guidance to help combat deceptive online practices, protect privacy online, and avoid potentially devastating liability. You'll find the tools and information you need to respond effectively to universal security concerns such as viruses, backdoors and cryptography. The author analyzes the state of the law and sets forth clear guidelines on how to: Assess your system's risk against viruses Understand The uses of and problems with backdoors Develop essential security infrastructure Trap intruders Monitor employee use of computer/communications facilities Respond to claims against the employer resulting from misuse of the Internet Protect against unsolicited email (or spam) Untangle the bewildering array of regulations by different jurisdictions that influence e-commerce And The Internet. With its clear focus, rigorous legal analysis, and practical approach, Law of Internet Security and Privacy is an indispensable resource for key business decision makers and their counsel wrestling with emerging Internet privacy and security concerns.

Introduction to Internet Security

Author : Garry Howard
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Information is the most valuable commodity in today's business world. And in this age of electronic access, not taking precautions to protect this hard-earned commodity is a very dangerous risk. This invaluable resource not only provides the means for plugging into the Internet, but also helps determine the level of security that is right for any small business.

PC World

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Internet Trust and Security

Author : James Essinger
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This book is an essential guide to solving the only problems likely to prevent businesses from making the most of what the Internet can offer them. The problems are security and authentication problems: this book provides the solutions.

Norton Internet Security For Dummies

Author : Greg Holden
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You can’t see them, but they’re lurking out there ominously. They loom in all shapes, sizes, and disguises. And sooner or later, one will probably try to worm its way into your computer. They’re viruses, hackers, and other kinds of attackers set on sabotaging your computer and data, stealing your identity, using your address book to target more innocent victims, and more. It’s Norton Internet Security on guard and to the rescue—IF you have it installed, configured, and updated properly. Norton Internet Security For Dummies helps you use the software’s suite of applications to protect and streamline your online experience. It takes you from installation to configuration to troubleshooting. You’ll discover how to: Set up Norton Personal Firewall to respond to alerts Configure Norton AntiVirus to take advantage of the Auto-Protect feature Use Live Update to keep your software current (the bad guys don’t give up, so you can’t let your guard down) Use the Browser Privacy component to prevent your Web browser from giving information to Web sites you visit Implement Ad Blocking to reduce annoying pop-up ads Use the AntiSpam component to reduce unwanted commercial e-mails Use Norton Parental controls to restrict what your kids do online and track where they’ve been online Use Norton Productivity Control (on the professional version) to block employees’ access to certain sites Written by Greg Holden, author of Starting an Online Business For Dummies and owner of Stylus Media, this guide goes beyond the basics to include tips on: Creating better passwords Dealing with spyware and cookies Making your laptop, cellphone, or PDA more secure (Yes, they’re after them, too) Recognizing suspicious e-mails Tracking hackers with WHOIS and DShield Customizing access for different users With a list of search engines especially for kids, suggestions of more tools to enhance your privacy and security, a glossary, a list of Web resources, and more, Norton Internet Security For Dummies helps you enjoy the Web, knowing Norton Internet Security is on guard against invaders.

PC Magazine

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