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Internationalisation and the Student Voice

Author : Elspeth Jones
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This groundbreaking volume seeks to take the first steps in analyzing the impact of internationalization initiatives from student perspectives. As programs are increasingly delivered overseas and we seek to offer domestic students an international experience, how do we know what works for students and what does not? Encompassing the fast-growing global imperative is a significant challenge for higher education and this collection identifies opportunities for enrichment of the learning environment, with all chapters based on direct research with students. The book provides essential reading for anyone engaged in internationalization and wishing to learn more about the impact on students of a range of initiatives in order to apply the lessons in their own contexts. Chapters include student responses to the following learning contexts: "traditional" international contexts, where students study outside their home country for shorter or longer periods; "trans-national" programs where students study at home or in another country and faculty from the awarding university fly in to deliver courses; domestic students studying in their home country, with staff seeking to internationalize the curriculum; students having transformational international experiences in other countries through service learning/volunteering, or study abroad

Journal of International Students 2020 Vol 10 No 3

Author : Krishna Bista
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We invite you to explore the third issue of our 10th anniversary series in the Journal of International Students! The COVID-19 global pandemic has affected every facet of our lives, and international students are profoundly impacted by the uncertainty in higher education worldwide. The cutting-edge research and analysis from our authors continues to be critical as we navigate new realities together. Issue 10.3 continues our yearlong celebration with essays from influential voices in the field who highlight the importance of supporting international students and immigrants in these challenges time, the diversification of students, and teaching and engaging international students.

Intercultural Education and Competences

Author : Carl Grant
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This book primarily analyses the current situation in intercultural education and intercultural competences, and addresses the challenges to, and possible ways of dealing with, different perspectives in intercultural education. Advances in the new millennium, such as the revolution in information technologies, have led to a reduction in distances between people, stronger ties between different geographical areas, and greater mobility. This volume examines how these advances seem to have given rise to profound economic, environmental, political, social, and cultural crises, not just within nations, but also in relations between cultures. Such crises are of concern to all aspects of human life, including family, work and mass media, but they particularly affect educational institutions. The papers in this collection explain, therefore, why it is necessary to invest in education.

Educational Approaches to Internationalization through Intercultural Dialogue

Author : Ulla Lundgren
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Giving voice to researchers, policy-makers and practitioners through a range of international case studies, Educational Approaches to Internationalization through Intercultural Dialogue interrogates processes of internationalization strategy and practice, from an educational and intercultural dialogue perspective. Addressing this important, under-discussed area of internationalization – the role of intercultural dialogue – this book provides theoretical reflections and applicable, practical case studies that focus on: Support for integration programmes for international and home students Mobility programmes and initiatives which use an intercultural dialogue approach The place of local languages and cultures in foreign language policies The possibilities within a higher education context The multilingual perspective Student and staff perspectives Focusing on teaching and learning, and exploring the latest research within the context of internationalization, Educational Approaches to Internationalization through Intercultural Dialogue is a must-read for anyone interested in, or currently involved in designing and implementing internationalization strategies within a higher education institution.

Internationalisation of Higher Education and Global Mobility

Author : Bernhard Streitwieser
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Continuous and rapid developments in global higher education today more than ever before present new questions, greater challenges, and vast new opportunities for institutions, policy makers, scholars and students alike. This book is a collection of studies and essays by many of the leading experts in international higher education who share their analysis of current trends and the implications they see for present and future policy and practice. The volume is organized into three sections that address, first, global, supranational concerns in internationalization and mobility; second, focus on specific cases in Europe, the Middle East, the United States, Africa, Asia, and Latin America; and third share profiles of individual institutions, practitioners and participants involved in uniquely shaping international education in their everyday practice. The intention of this book is to expand the scope of research in the field of Comparative and International Education, to facilitate theory development, to influence policy formation, and most of all to inform anyone fascinated by the evolving and dynamic processes related to educational internationalization and global mobility. This book will be a valuable information source for scholars, policy makers and students intent on understanding the wide scope of factors that today are shaping the fluid and changing global higher education landscape.

Cross Cultural Teaching and Learning for Home and International Students

Author : Janette Ryan
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Cross cultural teaching and learning for home and international studentsmaps and discusses the increasing internationalisation of teaching and learning at universities around the world. This new phenomenon brings both opportunities and challenges, as it introduces what can be radically different teaching, learning and assessment contexts for both students and staff. This book moves beyond the rhetoric of internationalisation to examine some of the more complex issues for practitioners, researchers, students and those working in transnational or non-Anglophone contexts. It recognises that although universities around the world enthusiastically espouse internationalisation as part of their mission, there is currently little information available about carrying out this vision in terms of pedagogy and curriculum at a practical level. This book fills that gap comprehensively, organising its information around four main themes: New ways of teaching, learning and assessing: Challenges and opportunities for teaching practice, student engagement and participation, assessment and supervision of learning. New ways of designing and delivering curriculum: Internationalising the curriculum for all students within ‘home’ and ‘abroad’ contexts. New ways of thinking and acting: Developing the global citizen, intercultural learning and respectful dialogue, responding to student diversity and equity, enhancing graduate employability and future life trajectories. New ways of listening: Discovering and responding to new or unfamiliar voices among students and staff, embracing ‘other’ academic and intellectual traditions. Illustrated by a wide range of examples from around the world, this book brings together contemporary work and thinking in the areas of cross cultural teaching and internationalisation of the curriculum.

Understanding International Students from Asia in American Universities

Author : Yingyi Ma
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This book is about international students from Asia studying at American universities in the age of globalization. It explores significant questions, such as: Why do they want to study in America? How do they make their college choices? To what extent do they integrate with domestic students, and what are the barriers for intergroup friendship? How do faculty and administrators at American institutions respond to changing campus and classroom dynamics with a growing student body from Asia? Have we provided them with the skills they need to succeed professionally? As they are preparing to become the educational, managerial and entrepreneurial elites of the world, do Asian international students plan to stay in the U.S. or return to their home country? Asian students constitute over 70 percent of all international students. Almost every major American university now faces unprecedented enrollment growth from Asian students. However, American universities rarely consider if they truly understand the experiences and needs of these students. This book argues that American universities need to learn about their Asian international students to be able to learn from them. It challenges the traditional framework that emphasizes adjustment and adaptation on the part of international students. It argues for the urgency to shift from this framework to the one calling for proactive institutional efforts to bring about successful experiences of international students.

Creating Conditions for Student Success

Author : Magda Fourie-Malherbe
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The various chapters of this book have brilliantly provided perspectives on creating conditions for success in higher education from a wide variety of stakeholders within a university environment. The rich content comes from varying fields of study as well as academic development and student affairs directorates within the institution. This is what is exciting about the book. The diversity of focus in chapters makes the book relevant to anyone with interest in higher education matters. From the opening to the closing chapter, students are making a contribution on what the university has done or is doing for them to succeed or what it should consider doing to improve its service to students. This touches on every environment that students find themselves in a university setting, from residences, to the classroom to commuter or off-campus students. The book’s extended use of the capabilities approach and critical social theories has enabled it to provide nuances on not only the success of students, but, more importantly, about how the higher education environment can transform itself to practices relevant for the sector today. The various research studies in this book can benefit similar university contexts nationally and internationally.

Internationalization and Employability in Higher Education

Author : Robert Coelen
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Providing an analysis of the relationship between Internationalization and Employability in Higher Education, this book considers the perspectives of both students and employers to illustrate how to reach positive employment outcomes for all stakeholders. Through a wide range of international case studies, this book delivers some key messages, including: The articulation of the link between internationalization and employability; The need for higher education institutions to communicate the benefits of an internationalized higher education beyond the academy; The need to ensure equity of graduate outcomes through enhanced internationalization at home; The impact of immigration policy on national benefits of internationalization of higher education; International study as a route to employability for migration purposes and building knowledge-based economies. Considering the skills developed by students through mobility experiences, while exploring the need for enhanced internationalization of the curriculum at home, Internationalization and Employability in Higher Education will be a key resource for any higher education policy makers or university staff associated with careers, employment, and integrated learning. It contains important messages for employers and recruiters.

Internationalization and Diversity in Higher Education

Author : David Killick
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This timely new book examines the impact of internationalization and diversity in higher education and provides practical guidance on how to manage an increasingly varied range of expectations and needs, and ensure that academic practice best serves the needs of all students across diverse learning spaces.