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International Perspectives on Rethinking Evil in Film and Television

Author : Tüysüz, Dilan
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Aestheticization of evil is a frequently used formula in cinema and television. However, the representation of evil as an aesthetic object pushes it out of morality. Moral judgments can be pushed aside when evil is aestheticized in movies or TV series because there is no real victim. Thus, situations such as murder or war can become a source of aesthetic pleasure. Narratives in cinema and television can sometimes be based on a simple good-evil dichotomy and sometimes they can be based on individual or social experiences of evil and follow a more complicated method. Despite the various ways evil is depicted, it is a moral framework in film and television that must be researched to study the implications of aestheticized evil on human nature and society. International Perspectives on Rethinking Evil in Film and Television examines the changing representations of evil on screen in the context of the commonness, normalization, aestheticization, marginalization, legitimization, or popularity of evil. The chapters provide an international perspective of the representations of evil through an exploration of the evil tales or villains in cinema and television. Through looking at these programs, this book highlights topics such as the philosophy of good and evil, the portrayal of heroes and villains, the appeal of evil, and evil’s correspondence with gender and violence. This book is ideal for sociologists, professionals, researchers and students working or studying in the field of cinema and television and practitioners, academicians, and anyone interested in the portrayal and aestheticization of evil in international film and television.

Handbook of Research on Global Media s Preternatural Influence on Global Technological Singularity Culture and Government

Author : Schafer, Stephen Brock
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Trends of the last few years, including global health crises, political division, and the ongoing threat to social-environmental survival, have been continually obscured by disinformation and misinformation and therefore created a need for stronger global technological media policy. It is no longer acceptable or moral to support a global communication network based only on market factors and propaganda. The Handbook of Research on Global Media’s Preternatural Influence on Global Technological Singularity, Culture, and Government views preternatural healing of the media-sphere from a variety of perspectives on the dynamic of heart-coherent entertainment. Specifically, it addresses the subject of a healthy media from a variety of fractal perspectives. Covering topics such as collective unconscious, mediated reality, and government media trust, this major reference work is an essential resource for librarians, media specialists, media analysts, sociologists, government employees, communications specialists, psychologists, researchers, educators, academicians, and students.

Scientific Perspectives and Emerging Developments in Dance and the Performing Arts

Author : Pessali-Marques, Bárbara
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In the last few years, concerns about dancers’ health and the consequences of physical training have increased considerably. The physical requirements and type of training dancers need to achieve to reach their highest level of performance while decreasing the rate of severe injuries has awakened the necessity of more scientific knowledge concerning the area of dance, in part considering its several particularities. Scientific Perspectives and Emerging Developments in Dance and the Performing Arts is a pivotal reference source that provides vital research designed to reduce the gap between the scientific theory and the practice of dance. While highlighting topics such as burnout, mental health, and sport psychology, this publication explores areas such as nutrition, psychology, and education, as well as methods of maintaining the general wellbeing and quality of the health, training, and performance of dancers. This book is ideally designed for dance experts, instructors, sports psychologists, researchers, academicians, and students.

Handbook of Research on Contemporary Approaches to Orientalism in Media and Beyond

Author : Tombul, I??l
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Orientalism is about much more than just information gathered about the East within its general postcolonial period. In this period, orientalism is a Western discourse that dominated and shaped the view of the East. There is “otherization” in the way the West has historically looked at the East and within the information presented about it. These original stories of travelers in the past and previous telling about the East are facing a reconstruction through modern types of media. Cinema, television, news, newspaper, magazine, internet, social media, photography, literature, and more are transforming the way the East is presented and viewed. Under the headings of post-orientalism, neo-orientalism, or self-orientalism, these new orientalist forms of work in combination with both new and traditional media are redefining orientalism in the media and beyond. The Handbook of Research on Contemporary Approaches to Orientalism in Media and Beyond shows how both new media and traditional media deal with orientalism today through the presentation of gender, race, religion, and culture that make up orientalist theory. The chapters focus on how orientalism is presented in the media, cinema, TV, photography, and more. This book is ideal for communications theorists, media analysts, practitioners, researchers, academicians, and students working in fields that include mass media, communications, film studies, ethnic studies, history, sociology, and cultural studies.

Faith Based Influences on Legislative Decision Making Emerging Research and Opportunities

Author : Drenner, Karla L.
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In recent years, state legislatures in the United States have been transformed based on the social identities of their membership. At its most fundamental level, the debate over LGBTQ rights always has been a debate over the right of LGBTQ people to exist. While the role faith plays in legislative decision making is rooted within government functions, careful examination and change must be conducted to protect the humanity of those at risk through these influences. Faith-Based Influences on Legislative Decision Making: Emerging Research and Opportunities explores the balance between religious freedoms of legislators and the human rights of members of the LGBTQ community. Examining the politics and institutional forces brought to bear on LGBTQ claims for visibility, recognition, and dignity, this book is organized into three sections, each of which uses a distinct institutional lens—historical, legal, and religious. The author attempts to demonstrate that while the clash of cultures between these groups is real, it is not simple. The faith worldviews of each share common structural features but often reach extremely different conclusions. Covering topics such as marriage equality, religious liberty, and court cases, this book is an essential resource for students and educators in political science, policymakers, legislators, historians, sociologists, researchers, universities, administrations, community leaders, and academicians.

Handbook of Research on Cyberchondria Health Literacy and the Role of Media in Society s Perception of Medical Information

Author : Aker, Hacer
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Cyberchondria is characterized by a pattern of excessive health-based search behaviors that are likely to increase health anxiety or distress, heightened by ever-increasing access to and normalization of technology use and the internet specifically. The internet can be a source of valuable medical information and is an efficient vehicle for awareness-raising and dissemination; however, it can increase anxiety in audiences without medical knowledge or training and can pose a challenge to the traditional gatekeepers of medical knowledge and expertise. Technological advances are accelerating rapidly; however, concomitant to this acceleration, an epidemic of online mis- and dis-information that has the capacity to negatively impact general health, health literacy, and health behaviors globally now exists. The World Health Organization (WHO) has described this information overload as an infodemic. The Handbook of Research on Cyberchondria, Health Literacy, and the Role of Media in Society’s Perception of Medical Information covers a wide range of topics from the characteristics and prevalence of cyberchondria to the pandemic policy response and cybersecurity issues relating to eHealth initiatives and pandemic-related surges in cybercrime. Therefore, this publication has transdisciplinary relevance to professionals from healthcare, government, law enforcement, academia, the technology sector, media, cybersecurity, and education. Graduate and undergraduate students may also find it to be a beneficial resource, not only in terms of the study of cyberchondria but also in terms of the psychological and sociological implications of global crisis events. One of the key messages of this book is as follows: All stakeholders must work together strategically to disseminate authentic public health messages during any global health crisis. They must work to reduce health-related anxiety mediated by technology and seek to improve critical thinking skills and global health literacy.

Redefining Journalism in an Age of Technological Advancements Changing Demographics and Social Issues

Author : Johnson, Phylis
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As audiences are provided opportunities to experience the news through new technological advancements in the field, the very nature of journalism and its conventions will likely be challenged. This book offers multiple perspectives on the future of journalism by analyzing trends in technology and demographic shifts in audience composition through the next century. The book draws upon recent research and speculations by top technological firms as well as leading science fiction writers to provide a compelling portrait of how journalism may operate in next 20 to 40 years and beyond. The editors offer a groundbreaking view into the future of news consumption and how it will impact newsgathering and reception across the world. The very nature of journalism will likely be received and interpreted within unique communities through innovative and inclusive ways. This book explores the challenges ahead for journalists and media producers in the near and distant futures. Moreover, as in-world journalists have sought to inform and engage unique communities within the context of their worlds, real and virtual, issues relevant to the mainstream have been played out in virtual culture. This book offers a first glance into a mediated future from a journalistic lens. Redefining Journalism in an Age of Technological Advancements, Changing Demographics, and Social Issues investigates the impact of emerging technologies in journalism and how audiences engage with these technologies and news content in innovative ways. Identity and community are analyzed historically and culturally within the larger body of cultural and media studies. Covering topics such as audience demographics, robotics, and immersive journalism, this book is a dynamic resource for journalists, sociologists, politicians, students and educators of higher education, computer scientists, communications professionals, researchers, and academicians.

Handbook of Research on Narrative Interactions

Author : Yilmaz, Recep
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Our understanding of the concept of narrative has undergone a significant transformation over time, particularly today as new communication technologies are developed and popularized. As new narrative genres are born and old ones undergo great change by the minute, a thorough understanding can shed light on which storytelling elements work best in what format. That deep understanding can then help build strong, satisfying stories. The Handbook of Research on Narrative Interactions is an essential publication that examines the relationships between types of narratives in a shifting and widening scope of storytelling forms. While highlighting a wide range of topics including contemporary culture, advertising, and transmedia storytelling, this book is ideally designed for media professionals, content creators, advertisers, entrepreneurs, researchers, academicians, and students.

Emerging Approaches in Design and New Connections With Nature

Author : Özdamar, Esen Gökçe
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In today’s changing and transforming socio-economic, political, cultural, and technological paradigms, we encounter many methodologies, approaches, proposals, and practices in reconsidering the disappearing or emerging relations in the human/nonhuman-environment-nature interaction. These approaches, proposals, and practices range from new methods of urban gardening to biophilic design and augmented/immersive environments. However, these human-centric approaches, which only aim to meet their needs or emerge as technology-oriented replicas and representations of nature, lead to a departure from a holistic approach to the natural and artificial environment. Therefore, how can new and emerging approaches or methodologies draw a holistic framework for environmental health, sustainability, wellness, and co-existence between environments for all living beings? Emerging Approaches in Design and New Connections With Nature covers a variety of topics related to the intersection between nature, environment, and ways of living and provides a comprehensive guide to biophilic design and the idea of design and nature, including benefits, theories, and effects. Covering topics such as biophilic design and sustainability, soundscapes and landscapes, and urban environments and design, it is ideal for architects, designers, urban planners, landscape designers, policymakers, engineers, interior designers, practitioners, students, academicians, and researchers.

Rethinking Holocaust Film Reception

Author : Stefanie Rauch
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Taking early 21st century Britain as a case study, Rethinking Holocaust Film Reception: A British Case Study presents an intervention into the scholarship on the representation of the Holocaust on film. Based on a study of audience responses to select films, Stefanie Rauch demonstrates that the reception of films about the Holocaust is a complex process that we cannot understand through textual analysis alone, but by also paying attention to individual reception processes. This book restores the agency of viewers and takes seriously their diverse responses to representations of the Holocaust. It demonstrates that viewers’ interpretative resources play an important role in film reception. Viewers regard Holocaust films as a separate genre that they encounter with a set of expectations. The author highlights the implications of Britain’s lessons-focused approach to Holocaust education and commemoration and addresses debates around the supposed globalization of Holocaust memory by unpacking the peculiar Britishness of viewers’ responses to films about the Holocaust. A sense of emotional connection or its absence to the Holocaust and its memory speaks to divisions along ethnic, generational, and national lines.