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Intelligent Techniques in E Commerce

Author : Zhaohao Sun
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E-commerce has passed through a number of stages in the minds of most readers of the daily press. Initially it was the province of the specialist and considered almost irrelevant to the needs and activities of everyday life - companies looking for venture capital in this area had little if any chance of obtaining sufficient funds from the rather conservative investors who provided the only source of start-up capital. Then came the dot. com boom -and suddenly e-commerce was the most exciting topic possible! Venture capital was available from every possible source and almost any company with a . com in its name could be assured of instant funding on request. This boom was, inevitably, followed by the dot. com bust and the press wamed that the days of e-commerce were gone, perhaps never to return. This apparently confusing 'stages of growth' model is in reality nothing ofthe sort. E-commerce is simply the logical outcome of combining computers with tele communications networks. The astonishing changes which a global economy has brought with it are reflected in the changes to the way we do business which are increasingly synonymous with e-commerce. Indeed, the term e-commerce itself is coming to mean only the transaction-based component of e-business-'any process that a business organisation conducts over a computer-mediated network' as Thomas Mesenbourg ofthe U. S. Census Bureau said in 1999.

Improving E Commerce Web Applications Through Business Intelligence Techniques

Author : Sreedhar, G.
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As the Internet becomes increasingly interconnected with modern society, the transition to online business has developed into a prevalent form of commerce. While there exist various advantages and disadvantages to online business, it plays a major role in contemporary business methods. Improving E-Commerce Web Applications Through Business Intelligence Techniques provides emerging research on the core areas of e-commerce web applications. While highlighting the use of data mining, search engine optimization, and online marketing to advance online business, readers will learn how the role of online commerce is becoming more prevalent in modern business. This book is an important resource for vendors, website developers, online customers, and scholars seeking current research on the development and use of e-commerce.

Intelligent Techniques for Web Personalization

Author : Bamshad Mobasher
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This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-proceedings of the Second Workshop on Intelligent Techniques in Web Personalization, ITWP 2003, held in Acapulco, Mexico in August 2003 as part of IJCAI 2003, the 18th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence. The 17 revised full papers presented were carefully selected and include extended versions of some of the papers presented at the ITWP 2003 workshop as well as a number of invited chapters by leading researchers in the field of Intelligent Techniques for Web Personalization. The papers are organized in topical sections on user modelling, recommender systems, enabling technologies, personalized information access, and systems and applications.

Intelligent Techniques for Planning

Author : Ioannis Vlahavas
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The Intelligent Techniques for Planning presents a number of modern approaches to the area of automated planning. These approaches combine methods from classical planning such as the construction of graphs and the use of domain-independent heuristics with techniques from other areas of artificial intelligence. This book discuses, in detail, a number of state-of-the-art planning systems that utilize constraint satisfaction techniques in order to deal with time and resources, machine learning in order to utilize experience drawn from past runs, methods from knowledge systems for more expressive representation of knowledge and ideas from other areas such as Intelligent Agents. Apart from the thorough analysis and implementation details, each chapter of the book also provides extensive background information about its subject and presents and comments on similar approaches done in the past.


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Seeks to improve communication between managers and professionals in OR/MS.

Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

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Decision Support Systems and Electronic Commerce Volume 31 Number 1

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Internet based Intelligent Information Processing Systems

Author : Robert J. Howlett
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The Internet/WWW has made it possible to easily access quantities of information never available before. However, both the amount of information and the variation in quality pose obstacles to the efficient use of the medium. Artificial intelligence techniques can be useful tools in this context. Intelligent systems can be applied to searching the Internet and data-mining, interpreting Internet-derived material, the humanOCoWeb interface, remote condition monitoring and many other areas. This volume presents the latest research on the interaction between intelligent systems (neural networks, adaptive and connectionist paradigms, fuzzy and rule-based systems, intelligent agents) and the Internet/WWW. It surveys both the employment of intelligent systems to facilitate and enhance the use of the Internet, and applications where the Internet is a channel through which intelligent techniques are applied. Contents: A Review of Search and Resource Discovery Techniques in Peer-to-Peer Networks (S Botros & S Waterhouse); Adaptive Content Mapping for Internet Navigation (R W Brause & M Ueberall); Flexible Queries to XML Information (E Damiani et al.); Agent-Based Hypermedia Models (W Balzano et al.); Self-Organizing Neural Networks Application for Information Organization (R Rizzo); Emotion-Orientated Intelligent Systems (T Ichimura et al.); Public Opinion Channel: A Network-Based Interactive Broadcasting System for Supporting a Knowledge-Creating Community (T Fukuhara et al.); A New Era of Intelligent E-Commerce Based on Intelligent Java Agent-Based Development Environment (iJADE) (R S T Lee); Automated Internet Trading Based on Optimized Physics Models of Markets (L Ingber & R P Mondescu); Implementing and Maintaining a Web Case-Based Reasoning System for Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems Sales Support (I Watson). Readership: Engineers, researchers, students and technical managers interested in Internet-based intelligent systems."

E Service Intelligence

Author : Jie Lu
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Business organizations and governments are nowadays developing and providing internet based electronic services (e-services) featuring various intelligent functions. This book offers a thorough introduction and systematic overview of the new field e-service intelligence. It covers the state-of-the-art of e-service intelligence including both theorems and applications, and a broad range of topics are discussed.

Knowledge Management for Intelligent Sales Support in Electronic Commerce

Author : Wolfgang Wilke
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Assessment of the commercial applicability of artifical intelligence in electronic Businesses

Author : Thomas Kramer
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Diploma Thesis from the year 2002 in the subject Business economics - Operations Research, grade: 1.3, European Business School - International University Schloß Reichartshausen Oestrich-Winkel, language: English, abstract: The purpose of this thesis is to analyse, assess and evaluate the potential of commercial applica-tions of artificial intelligence in electronic businesses. Therefore the main research question of this paper is whether artificial intelligence is reasonably applicable in Internet-related busi-nesses, first in terms of effectiveness and second in terms of efficiency. In the assessment the application of artificial intelligence in electronic businesses is represented by the employment of intelligent agents. In harmony with the major research question emphasized above, the paper provides a thorough discussion about the economic impact of the most common and relevant application types of intelligent agents on electronic commerce environments. In addition the driving underlying technologies of intelligent agents are analysed with respect to artificial intelligence techniques and methods, and current standardisation efforts. The assessment itself constitutes of theoretical and practical instruments that measure the com-mercial applicability of artificial intelligence in electronic businesses. First, the effectiveness of employing intelligent agents will be measured with a cost-benefit analysis to prove whether it is the right thing to do for an electronic business. Second, the efficiency of such an application will be assessed with a detailed SWOT-Analysis in order to determine whether employed agents do their job right. Finally, the results from a range of expert interviews with dominating devel-opers in the field of intelligent systems technology will be integrated into the assessment. Expert interviews as a research method seem to be appropriate for this assessment as they investigate the phenomenon within its real-life context. Furthermore they extend experience or add strength to what is already known through previous research. In a final summary and evaluation the answer to the given research question is provided. By the end of the thesis, the reader should have gained a strong comprehension of the linkages between electronic commerce and intelligent agents and should understand the resulting implications of the technology’s application on electronic businesses.

Handbook of Research on Intelligent Techniques and Modeling Applications in Marketing Analytics

Author : Kumar, Anil
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The success of any organization is largely dependent on positive feedback and repeat business from patrons. By utilizing acquired marketing data, business professionals can more accurately assess practices, services, and products that their customers find appealing. The Handbook of Research on Intelligent Techniques and Modeling Applications in Marketing Analytics features innovative research and implementation practices of analytics in marketing research. Highlighting various techniques in acquiring and deciphering marketing data, this publication is a pivotal reference for professionals, managers, market researchers, and practitioners interested in the observation and utilization of data on marketing trends to promote positive business practices.

Intelligent Systems

Author : Cornelius T. Leondes
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Intelligent systems, or artificial intelligence technologies, are playing an increasing role in areas ranging from medicine to the major manufacturing industries to financial markets. The consequences of flawed artificial intelligence systems are equally wide ranging and can be seen, for example, in the programmed trading-driven stock market crash of October 19, 1987. Intelligent Systems: Technology and Applications, Six Volume Set connects theory with proven practical applications to provide broad, multidisciplinary coverage in a single resource. In these volumes, international experts present case-study examples of successful practical techniques and solutions for diverse applications ranging from robotic systems to speech and signal processing, database management, and manufacturing.

E Commerce Systems Architecture and Applications

Author : Wasim E. Rajput
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Identify all the major building blocks of an e-commerce system and understand how these building blocks interact to form an effective e-commerce system with E-Commerce Systems Architecture and Applications. This new book presents you with the key tools and technologies in use today, and the complete understanding you need to build an e-commerce system architecture for the various types of commercial transactions -- business-to-business, business-to-consumer, and intra-business. Plus, it conveys the dramatic impact e-commerce has on an enterprise's IT strategy.

Computational Intelligence for Technology Enhanced Learning

Author : Fatos Xhafa
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E-Learning has become one of the most wide spread ways of distance teaching and learning. Technologies such as Web, Grid, and Mobile and Wireless networks are pushing teaching and learning communities to find new and intelligent ways of using these technologies to enhance teaching and learning activities. Indeed, these new technologies can play an important role in increasing the support to teachers and learners, to shorten the time to learning and teaching; yet, it is necessary to use intelligent techniques to take advantage of these new technologies to achieve the desired support to teachers and learners and enhance learners’ performance in distributed learning environments. The chapters of this volume bring advances in using intelligent techniques for technology enhanced learning as well as development of e-Learning applications based on such techniques and supported by technology. Such intelligent techniques include clustering and classification for personalization of learning, intelligent context-aware techniques, adaptive learning, data mining techniques and ontologies in e-Learning systems, among others. Academics, scientists, software developers, teachers and tutors and students interested in e-Learning will find this book useful for their academic, research and practice activity.

IETE Technical Review

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Library Information Science Abstracts

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Bulletin Trimestriel de L Association Internationale Des Sp cialistes de L information Agricole

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Intelligent Information Technologies

Author : Vijayan Sugumaran
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"This collection compiles research to drive further evolution and innovation of these next-generation technologies and their applications, of which the scientific, technological, and commercial communities have only begun to scratch the surface. It is an essential reference acquisition for any library seeking to cover the leading edge of technological innovations"--Provided by publisher.

Global Business

Author : Mehdi Khosrowpour
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"This multi-volume reference examines critical issues and emerging trends in global business, with topics ranging from managing new information technology in global business operations to ethics and communication strategies"--Provided by publisher.