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Intelligent Perceptual Systems

Author : Vito Roberto
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Perceptual processes in humans and machines, investigated and simulated by means of the computational approach, are the subject matter of this volume. Researchers in artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, and psychology discuss aspects of vision, speech understanding, sensory-motor coordination, and their interplay with cognitive and behavioral functionalities. The papers adopt the computational approach as the basic research paradigm. Connectionist models, numerical and statistical techniques, symbolic (logic-based) formalisms, and hybrid representations provide the formal background to the research. Some of the papers were prepared for a workshop held in Trieste, Italy, in October 1992.

Intelligent Perceptual Systems

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Design Recommendations for Intelligent Tutoring Systems Volume 4 Domain Modeling

Author : Robert A. Sottilare
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Design Recommendations for Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITSs) explores the impact of intelligent tutoring system design on education and training. Specifically, this volume examines “Domain Modeling”. The “Design Recommendations book series examines tools and methods to reduce the time and skill required to develop Intelligent Tutoring Systems with the goal of improving the Generalized Intelligent Framework for Tutoring (GIFT). GIFT is a modular, service-oriented architecture developed to capture simplified authoring techniques, promote reuse and standardization of ITSs along with automated instructional techniques and effectiveness evaluation capabilities for adaptive tutoring tools and methods.

New Frontiers in Applied Artificial Intelligence

Author : Ngoc Thanh Nguyen
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Industrial and Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems, IEA/AIE 2008, held in Wroclaw, Poland, in June 2008. The 75 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 302 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on computer vision, fuzzy system applications, robot and manufacturing, data mining and KDS, neural networks, machine learning, natural language processing, internet application and education, heuristic search, application systems, agent-based system, evolutionary and genetic algorithms, knowledge management, and other applications. The book concludes with 15 contributions from the following special sessions: knowledge driven manufacturing systems, joint session on adaptive networked systems and fuzzy knowledge bases, and software agents and multi-agent systems.

Uncertainty and Intelligent Systems

Author : Bernadette Bouchon
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This book contains the papers presented at the 2nd IPMU Conference, held in Urbino (Italy), on July 4-7, 1988. The theme of the conference, Management of Uncertainty and Approximate Reasoning, is at the heart of many knowledge-based systems and a number of approaches have been developed for representing these types of information. The proceedings of the conference provide, on one hand, the opportunity for researchers to have a comprehensive view of recent results and, on the other, bring to the attention of a broader community the potential impact of developments in this area for future generation knowledge-based systems. The main topics are the following: frameworks for knowledge-based systems: representation scheme, neural networks, parallel reasoning schemes; reasoning techniques under uncertainty: non-monotonic and default reasoning, evidence theory, fuzzy sets, possibility theory, Bayesian inference, approximate reasoning; information theoretical approaches; knowledge acquisition and automated learning.

Innovations in Intelligent Image Analysis

Author : Halina Kwasnicka
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This book presents an introduction to new and important research in the images processing and analysis area. It is hoped that this book will be useful for scientists and students involved in many aspects of image analysis. The book does not attempt to cover all of the aspects of Computer Vision, but the chapters do present some state of the art examples.

Artificial Intelligence Planning Systems

Author : James Hendler
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Artificial Intelligence Planning Systems.

Intelligent Information Systems

Author : Alan J. Rowe
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Integrating decision makers and their needs into the design of information systems.

Intelligent Systems Models and Applications

Author : Endre Pap
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The theory and applications of intelligent systems is today an important field of research. This book is an up-to-date collection of seventeen chapters, written by recognized experts in the field. In an introductory mathematical foundations part an overview of generalizations of the integral inequalities for nonadditive integrals and a construction of the General Prioritized Fuzzy Satisfaction Problem is given. Then different aspects of robotics are presented, such as the differences between human beings and robots, the motion of bipedal humanoid robots, and an evaluation of different autonomous quadrotor flight controllers. Also Fuzzy Systems are presented by a model of basic planar imprecise geometric objects allowing various applications in image analysis , GIS, and robotics, as well as a type-2 fuzzy logic in a software library for developing perceptual computers, and a two--degree--of--freedom speed control solutions for a brushless Direct Current motor. The book also presents recent applications in medicine such as a Virtual Doctor System, methods for a face to face human machine interaction, and an emotion estimation, with applications for multiple diseases and the effect of the applied therapy. The last part of the book covers different applications in transportation, network monitoring, and localization of pedestrians in images.

Human Factors in Intelligent Transportation Systems

Author : Woodrow Barfield
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The Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Program is a cooperative effort by government, private industry, and academia to apply advanced technology to the task of resolving the problems of surface transportation. The objective is to improve travel efficiency and mobility, enhance safety, conserve energy, provide economic benefits, and protect the environment. The current demand for mobility has exceeded the available capacity of the roadway system. Because the highway system cannot be expanded, except in minor ways, the available capacity must be used more efficiently to handle the increased demand. ITS applies advanced information processing, communication, sensing, and computer control technologies to the problems of surface transportation. Considerable research and development efforts will be required to produce these new technologies and to convert technologies developed in the defense and space programs to solve surface transportation problems. ITS has been subdivided into six interlocking technology areas. This book addresses human factors concerns for four of these areas: * Advanced Traveler Information Systems are a variety of systems that provide real time, in-vehicle information to drivers regarding navigation and route guidance, motorist services, roadway signing, and hazard warnings. * Advanced Vehicle Control Systems refer to systems that aid drivers in controlling their vehicle particularly in emergency situations and ultimately taking over some or all of the driving tasks. * Commercial Vehicle Operations address the application of ITS technologies to the special needs of commercial roadway vehicles including automated vehicle identification, location, weigh-in-motion, clearance sensing, and record keeping. * Advanced Traffic Management Systems monitor, control and manage traffic on streets and highways to reduce congestion using vehicle route diversion, automated signal timing, changeable message signs, and priority control systems. Two technical areas are not specifically addressed in individual chapters, but many aspects of them are covered in associated chapters: * Advanced Rural Transportation Systems include systems that apply ITS technologies to the special needs of rural systems and include emergency notification and response, vehicle location, and traveler information. * Advanced Public Transportation Systems enhance the effectiveness, attractiveness and economics of public transportation and include fleet management, automated fare collection, and real-time information systems.

An Open Intelligent Information Systems Architecture

Author : Rajeev Kaula
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Intelligent Autonomous Systems IAS 3

Author : F. C. A. Groen
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A collection of papers dealing with complete systems of intelligent robots, focusing on autonomy. The contributions cover intelligent perception, intelligent planning and control, and integrated systems.

2003 IEEE RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems

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Taken from the proceedings of the 2003 IEEE/RSJ International Conference, this volume examines aspects of intelligent robots and systems.

Knowledge Based Intelligent Information and Engineering Systems

Author : Vasile Palade
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During recent decades we have witnessed not only the introduction of automation into the work environment but we have also seen a dramatic change in how automation has influenced the conditions of work. While some 30 years ago the addition of a computer was considered only for routine and boring tasks in support of humans, the balance has dramatically shifted to the computer being able to perform almost any task the human is willing to delegate. The very fast pace of change in processor and information technology has been the main driving force behind this development. Advances in automation and especially Artificial Intelligence (AI) have enabled the formation of a rather unique team with human and electronic members. The team is still supervised by the human with the machine as a subordinate associate or assistant, sharing responsibility, authority and autonomy over many tasks. The requirement for teaming human and machine in a highly dynamic and unpredictable task environment has led to impressive achievements in many supporting technologies. These include methods for system analysis, design and engineering and in particular for information processing, for cognitive and complex knowledge [1] engineering .

Computational Intelligence in Archaeology

Author : Barcelo, Juan A.
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Provides analytical theories offered by innovative artificial intelligence computing methods in the archaeological domain.

Intelligent Human Machine Collaboration

Author : National Research Council
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On June 12-14, 2012, the Board on Global Science and Technology held an international, multidisciplinary workshop in Washington, D.C., to explore the challenges and advances in intelligent human-machine collaboration (IH-MC), particularly as it applies to unstructured environments. This workshop convened researchers from a range of science and engineering disciplines, including robotics, human-robot and human-machine interaction, software agents and multi-agentsystems, cognitive sciences, and human-machine teamwork. Participants were drawn from research organizations in Australia, China, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The first day of the workshop participants worked to determine how advances in IH-MC over the next two to three years could be applied solving a variety of different real-world scenarios in dynamic unstructured environments, ranging from managing a natural disaster to improving small-lot agile manufacturing. On the second day of the workshop, participants organized into small groups for a deeper exploration of research topics that had arisen, discussion of common challenges, hoped-for breakthroughs, and the national, transnational, and global context in which this research occurs. Day three of the workshop consisted of small groups focusing on longer term research deliverables, as well as identifying challenges and opportunities from different disciplinary and cultural perspectives. In addition, ten participants gave presentations on their research, ranging from human-robot communication, to disaster response robots, to human-in-the-loop control of robot systems. Intelligent Human-Machine Collaboration: Summary of a Workshop describes in detail the discussions and happenings of the three day workshop.

Intelligent Complex Adaptive Systems

Author : Yang, Ang
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"This book explores the foundation, history, and theory of intelligent adaptive systems, providing a fundamental resource on topics such as the emergence of intelligent adaptive systems in social sciences, biologically inspired artificial social systems, sensory information processing, as well as the conceptual and methodological issues and approaches to intelligent adaptive systems"--Provided by publisher.

Intelligent Autonomous Systems

Author : Y. Kakazu
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This book contains scientific and engineering activities of the fifth international conference of Intelligent Autonomous Systems (IAS-5). The exploration for automatic systems has much attention over the centuries and created attractive research activities. The Intelligent and Autonomous systems are the current trend toward fully automatic systems that can adapt to changes in their environment. The purpose of the fifth IAS conference is to provide an opportunity for the international community of researchers in the field of autonomous systems as well as architectures, tools, components, techniques, and new IAS design methodologies. The emphasis will be on science and technology for autonomous systems working in a complex environment.

Knowledge Based Intelligent Information and Engineering Systems

Author : Bruno Apolloni
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The three volume set LNAI 4692, LNAI 4693, and LNAI 4694, constitute the refereed proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Knowledge-Based Intelligent Information and Engineering Systems, KES 2007, held in Vietri sul Mare, Italy, September 12-14, 2007. The 409 revised papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from about 1203 submissions. The papers present a wealth of original research results from the field of intelligent information processing in the broadest sense; topics covered in the first volume are artificial neural networks and connectionists systems, fuzzy and neuro-fuzzy systems, evolutionary computation, machine learning and classical AI, agent systems, knowledge based and expert systems, hybrid intelligent systems, miscellaneous intelligent algorithms, intelligent vision and image processing, knowledge management and ontologies, Web intelligence, multimedia, e-learning and teaching, intelligent signal processing, control and robotics, other intelligent systems applications, papers of the experience management and engineering workshop, industrial applications of intelligent systems, as well as information engineering and applications in ubiquotous computing environments.

Intelligent Robots and Computer Vision

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