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Intelligent Management Support Systems

Author : Hossein Bidgoli
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A comprehensive and practical examination of decision support technologies and expert systems for effective decision-making.

Advances in Support Systems Research

Author : International Institute for Advanced Studies in Systems Research and Cybernetics (Windsor).
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Intelligent Support Systems Knowledge Management

Author : Sugumaran, Vijayan
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There is a growing interest in developing intelligent systems that would enable users to accomplish complex tasks in a Web-centric environment with relative ease by utilizing such technologies as intelligent agents, distributed computing and computer supported collaborative work. This book brings together researchers in related fields to explore various aspects of ISS design and implementation, as well as to share experiences and lessons learned in deploying intelligent support systems.

Exploring Intelligent Decision Support Systems

Author : Rafael Valencia-García
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This book presents innovative and high-quality research regarding advanced decision support systems (DSSs). It describes the foundations, methods, methodologies, models, tools, and techniques for designing, developing, implementing and evaluating advanced DSSs in different fields, including finance, health, emergency management, industry and pollution control. Decision support systems employ artificial intelligence methods to heuristically address problems that are cannot be solved using formal techniques. In this context, technologies such as the Semantic Web, linked data, big data, and machine learning are being applied to provide integrated support for individuals and organizations to make more rational decisions. The book is organized into two parts. The first part covers decision support systems for industry, while the second part presents case studies related to clinical emergency management and pollution control.

Expert Systems and Artificial Intelligence in Decision Support Systems

Author : Henk G. Sol
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In 1985 it was 20 years since Nobel Laureate Herbert A. Simon published: 'THE SHAPE OF AUTOMATION: For Men and Management'. This short but important and still topical book dwells on three subjects: - The Long-Range Economic Effects of Automation; - Will the Corporation be Managed by Machines? - The New Science of Management Decision. In contrast with George Orwell, who was a critic of contemporary political systems rather than a prophet, Simon portrays a far more rosy picture of our 'brave new world'. Simon's work breathes optimism. First, computer technology; looking back it is aoubtful whether even the professor expected the hardware development ~e have wittnessed. Secondly, our ability to 'tame the beast'; there is now not much reason for complacency and satisfaction. Offices and factories can by no means be called automated, at most semi-automated. Thirdly the organizational and social implications of these rapid technological developments; referring to what he then called: 'The Computer and the new decision making techniques ..• ' Concerning this last point, there is little need to emphasize that had been less practical application in organizations than the often impressive theoretical developments would lead one to believe. In Europe this situation is even more accute than in the USA and Japan. The ESPRIT programme of the ECC and many similar national programs intend to bridge the gap.

Intelligent Decision making Support Systems

Author : Jatinder N.D. Gupta
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This book will be bought by researchers and graduates students in Artificial Intelligence and management as well as practising managers and consultants interested in the application of IT and information systems in real business environment.

Decision Support Systems

Author : Daniel J. Power
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For MIS specialists and nonspecialists alike, a comprehensive, readable, understandable guide to the concepts and applications of decision support systems.

Context Sensitive Decision Support Systems

Author : Dina Berkeley
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In today's rapidly changing educational and business climate, organizational transformation has become a key area of development for many different and varied environments, both commercial and academic. This book addresses issues related to developing Decision Support Systems (DSS) which are sensitive and adaptable to different contexts and evolving technical and work environments. In addition to addressing the various cultural/social, organizational/individual, task/technology contexts of DSS, the book also anchors these discussions in a practical context, drawing on case studies to illustrate the theoretical dimensions stressed. This book includes the following issues: Frameworks for understanding the contexts and environments of decision support; Cases and issues in decision support and organizational transformation in context; An inter-disciplinary analysis of DSS, covering a wide variety of situations; and Real-world applications of DSS . It contains selected papers presented and discussed at the International Conference on Context-Sensitive Decision Support Systems, which was sponsored by the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) and held in Bled, Slovenia in July 1998. The book will prove invaluable to anyone working in information and decision support systems development, management, implementation and evaluation, as well as to researchers/practitioners in organizational analysis and development, management and business administration, sociology and psychology of organizations, human relations and human factors management.

Information Management

Author : George Ditsa
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"Geared for managers and business practitioners operating in a web-centric environment, this text presents the most current research on information management in conjunction with support systems and multimedia technology. The useful models of decision making provided incorporate cooperative information processing, knowledge-based personalizations, and intelligent transportation systems. Electronic journalism, distance learning, and activity theory are also covered."

Intelligent Support Systems for Marketing Decisions

Author : Nikolaos F. Matsatsinis
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Intelligent Support Systems for Marketing Decisions examines new product development, market penetration strategies, and other marketing decisions utilizing a confluence of methods, including Decision Support Systems (DSS), Artificial Intelligence in Marketing and Multicriteria Analysis. The authors systematically examine the use and implementation of these methodologies in making strategic marketing decisions. Part I discusses the basic concepts of multicriteria analysis vis-à-vis marketing decisions and in new product development situations. Part II presents basic concepts from the fields of Information Systems, Decision Support Systems, and Intelligent Decision Support Methods. In addition, specialized categories of DSS (multicriteria DSS, web-based DSS, group DSS, spatial DSS) are discussed in terms of their key features and current use in marketing applications. Part III presents IDSS and a multicriteria methodology for new product development. Further chapters present a developmental strategy for analyzing, designing, and implementing an Intelligent Marketing Decision Support System. The implementation discussion is illustrated with a real-world example of the methods and system in use.

Intelligent Decision Support Systems A Journey to Smarter Healthcare

Author : Smaranda Belciug
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The goal of this book is to provide, in a friendly and refreshing manner, both theoretical concepts and practical techniques for the important and exciting field of Artificial Intelligence that can be directly applied to real-world healthcare problems. Healthcare – the final frontier. Lately, it seems like Pandora opened the box and evil was released into the world. Fortunately, there was one thing left in the box: hope. In recent decades, hope has been increasingly represented by Intelligent Decision Support Systems. Their continuing mission: to explore strange new diseases, to seek out new treatments and drugs, and to intelligently manage healthcare resources and patients. Hence, this book is designed for all those who wish to learn how to explore, analyze and find new solutions for the most challenging domain of all time: healthcare.

Management Intelligent Systems

Author : Jorge Casillas
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The 2012 International Symposium on Management Intelligent Systems is believed to be the first international forum to present and discuss original, rigorous and significant contributions on Artificial Intelligence-based (AI) solutions—with a strong, practical logic and, preferably, with empirical applications—developed to aid the management of organizations in multiple areas, activities, processes and problem-solving; i.e., what we propose to be named as Management Intelligent Systems (MiS). The three-day event aimed to bring together researchers interested in this promising interdisciplinary field who came from areas as varied as management, marketing, and business in general, computer science, artificial intelligence, statistics, etc. This volume presents the proceedings of these activities in a collection of contributions with many original approaches. They address diverse Management and Business areas of application such as decision support, segmentation of markets, CRM, product design, service personalization, organizational design, e-commerce, credit scoring, workplace integration, innovation management, business database analysis, workflow management, location of stores, etc. A wide variety of AI techniques have been applied to these areas such as multi-objective optimization and evolutionary algorithms, classification algorithms, ant algorithms, fuzzy rule-based systems, intelligent agents, Web mining, neural networks, Bayesian models, data warehousing, rough sets, etc. The symposium was organized by the Soft Computing and Intelligent Information Systems Research Group ( of the University of Granada (Spain) and the Bioinformatics, Intelligent System and Educational Technology Research Group ( of the University of Salamanca (Spain). The present edition is held in Salamanca (Spain) on July 11-13, 2012.

Decision Support Systems Experiences and Expectations

Author : T. Jelassi
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This proceedings volume aims to consolidate current knowledge of research into the many fields of DSS, and to identify key issues which should be incorporated into the future research agenda. The main themes of this volume include: DSS for distributed decision processes, Embedding knowledge in DSS, and DSS and organizational change.

Formulating Research Methods for Information Systems

Author : Chris Sauer
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This edited two-volume collection presents the most interesting and compelling articles pertaining to the formulation of research methods used to study information systems from the 30 year publication history of the Journal of Information Technology (JIT).

Manufacturing Intelligence for Industrial Engineering Methods for System Self Organization Learning and Adaptation

Author : Zhou, Zude
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"This book focuses on the latest innovations in the process of manufacturing in engineering"--Provided by publisher.

Multilingual Dictionary of Knowledge Management

Author : Otto Vollnhals
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Encyclopedia of Organizational Knowledge Administration and Technology

Author : Khosrow-Pour D.B.A., Mehdi
File Size : 62.67 MB
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For any organization to be successful, it must operate in such a manner that knowledge and information, human resources, and technology are continually taken into consideration and managed effectively. Business concepts are always present regardless of the field or industry – in education, government, healthcare, not-for-profit, engineering, hospitality/tourism, among others. Maintaining organizational awareness and a strategic frame of mind is critical to meeting goals, gaining competitive advantage, and ultimately ensuring sustainability. The Encyclopedia of Organizational Knowledge, Administration, and Technology is an inaugural five-volume publication that offers 193 completely new and previously unpublished articles authored by leading experts on the latest concepts, issues, challenges, innovations, and opportunities covering all aspects of modern organizations. Moreover, it is comprised of content that highlights major breakthroughs, discoveries, and authoritative research results as they pertain to all aspects of organizational growth and development including methodologies that can help companies thrive and analytical tools that assess an organization’s internal health and performance. Insights are offered in key topics such as organizational structure, strategic leadership, information technology management, and business analytics, among others. The knowledge compiled in this publication is designed for entrepreneurs, managers, executives, investors, economic analysts, computer engineers, software programmers, human resource departments, and other industry professionals seeking to understand the latest tools to emerge from this field and who are looking to incorporate them in their practice. Additionally, academicians, researchers, and students in fields that include but are not limited to business, management science, organizational development, entrepreneurship, sociology, corporate psychology, computer science, and information technology will benefit from the research compiled within this publication.

Decision Support Systems and Intelligent Systems

Author : Efraim Turban
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This text covers the latest decision support theories and practices used by managers and organizations.

Toward Interactive and Intelligent Decision Support Systems

Author : Yoshikazu Sawaragi
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In the past, technological as well as economic forces dominated the evolution of industrial structures: these factors have been treated extensively in numerous studies. However, another major factor which has begun to have a decisive influ ence on the performance of the chemical industry is technological risk and public and environmental health considerations, in particular those related to toxic and hazardous substances used in industrial production processes. The issues of con trolling process risk, waste streams, and potential environmental consequences of accidental or routine release of hazardous chemicals are rapidly gaining in impor tance vis CI vis narrow economic considerations, and are increasingly reflected in national and international legislation. In the context of several ongoing R&D projects aiming at the development of a new generation of tools for "intelligent" decision support, two related problem areas that have been identified are: (i) Structuring the industry or plant for the minimum cost of production as well as least risk - e.g., toxicity of chemicals involved. In this multi-criteria framework, we seek to resolve the conflict between industrial structure or plant design established by economic considerations and the one shaped by environmental concerns. This can be formulated as a design problem for nor mal production conditions. In section 3.1. and 3.2. an approach on how to deal with this problem at the industry and plant level is discussed.

Intelligent Information Systems and Knowledge Management for Energy Applications for Decision Support Usage and Environmental Protection

Author : Metaxiotis, Kostas
File Size : 73.17 MB
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"This book analyzes the need for a holistic approach for the construction and engineering of cities and societies"--Provided by publisher.