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Integrative Problem centered Therapy

Author : William M. Pinsof
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Part of a growing trend toward bridging the gap between rival schools of therapy, this book goes beyond other works to envision a mental health professional who, like a family doctor, can serve as a resource for an entire family either individually or together throughout their lives.

Textbook of Psychotherapeutic Treatments

Author : Glen O. Gabbard
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Sure to become the standard text for all students and practicing psychotherapists, whatever their background, the "Textbook of Psychotherapeutic Treatments" addresses all the major psychotherapeutic modalities in one comprehensive, authoritative volume.

Clinical Handbook of Couple Therapy Fourth Edition

Author : Alan S. Gurman
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This authoritative handbook provides a definitive overview of the theory and practice of couple therapy. Noted contributors--many of whom developed the approaches they describe--combine clear conceptual exposition with thorough descriptions of therapeutic techniques. In addition to presenting major couple therapy models in step-by-step detail, the book describes effective applications for particular populations and problems. Chapters adhere closely to a uniform structure to facilitate study and comparison, enhancing the book's utility as a reference and text. See also Clinical Casebook of Couple Therapy, also edited by Alan S. Gurman, which presents in-depth illustrations of treatment.

Family Therapies

Author : Mark A. Yarhouse
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Christian therapists doing family therapy have never had a resource to help them navigate the various family therapy theories from a Christian perspective--until now.In this book Mark A. Yarhouse and James N. Sells survey the major approaches to family therapy and treat, within a Christian framework, significant psychotherapeutic issues. The wide array of issues covered includescrisis and traumamarital conflictseparation, divorce and blended familiesindividual psychopathologysubstance abuse and addictionsgender, culture, economic class and racesexual identityCalling for an integrated approach of "responsible eclecticism," they conclude with a vision for Christian family therapy.A landmark work providing critical Christian engagement with existing models of family therapy, this volume was written for those studying counseling, social work, psychology or family therapy. Family Therapies will also serve as an indispensable resource for those in the mental health professions, including counselors, psychologists, family therapists, social workers and pastors.

Integrative Problem centered Therapy Treatment of a Social Phobia

Author :
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The author examines diagnosis and treatment of social phobia. He reviews the development of social phobia as a separate diagnostic entity, the known incidence, prevalence, and comorbidity. He reports outcomes from cognitive, behavioral, or psychodynamic theory based treatments. After reviewing eclectic and integrated multi-theory based interventions for other diagnostic categories, he examines the use of an integrated cognitive-behavioral-psychodynamic treatment model. The subject of this case treatment history received Pinsof's (1983) Integrative Problem-Centered Treatment for his social phobia. He benefitted from 25 individual outpatient psychotherapy sessions wherein he first gained control over his disabling anxiety, next received social skills enhancement, followed by examination of the genetic origins of his longtime patterns of social phobia. At one-year followup, the client reported continued problem solving enhancement and no loss of social engagement skills since termination.

Handbook of Family Therapy

Author : Thomas L. Sexton
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Integrative, research-based, multisystemic: these words reflect not only the state of family therapy, but the nature of this comprehensive handbook as well. The contributors, all well-recognized names who have contributed extensively to the field, accept and embrace the tensions that emerge when integrating theoretical perspectives and science in clinical settings to document the current evolution of couples and family therapy, practice, and research. Each individual chapter contribution is organized around a central theme: that the integration of theory, clinical wisdom, and practical and meaningful research produce the best understanding of couple and family relationships, and the best treatment options. The handbook contains five parts: • Part I describes the history of the field and its current core theoretical constructs • Part II analyzes the theories that form the foundation of couple and family therapy, chosen because they best represent the broad range of schools of practice in the field • Part III provides the best examples of approaches that illustrate how clinical models can be theoretically integrative, evidence-based, and clinically responsive • Part IV summarizes evidence and provides useful findings relevant for research and practice • Part V looks at the application of couple and family interventions that are based on emerging clinical needs, such as divorce and working in medical settings. Handbook of Family Therapy illuminates the threads that are common to family therapies and gives voice to the range of perspectives that are possible. Practitioners, researchers, and students need to have this handbook on their shelves, both to help look back on our past and to usher in the next evolution in family therapy.

Integrative Systemic Therapy in Practice

Author : William Russell
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This essential handbook provides clinicians with the tools to introduce Integrative Systemic Therapy (IST) into their practice working with individuals, couples, and families. Describing the "how to" and "how to decide what to do" aspects of IST, this book outlines a practical, problem-solving approach that considers client strengths and and cultural contexts in the process of integrating interventions from various therapy models and empirically supported treatments. Chapters demonstrate how problem-solving tasks can be accomplished using the IST blueprint for therapy and include scenarios that will challenge the reader to think through the specific steps for IST, encouraging them to consider the therapeutic alliance and the use of self in therapy. For supervisors, trainers, and clinicians familiar with IST, this book will enrich and deepen their understanding of it. The book is also relevant for clinicians and supervisors of all types of therapy who seek to become more integrative and systemic in their work.

Clinical Handbook of Couple Therapy Fifth Edition

Author : Alan S. Gurman
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Regarded as the authoritative reference and text, this handbook presents the most effective, widely studied approaches to couple therapy. The distinguished coeditors bring together other leading experts, most of whom developed the approaches they describe. Adhering closely to a uniform structure to facilitate study and comparison, chapters cover the history, theoretical and empirical underpinnings, and techniques of each model. The volume also describes cutting-edge applications for particular relationship contexts (such as blended families, LGBT couples, and separated couples) and clinical problems (such as partner aggression, psychological disorders, and medical issues). New to This Edition *Chapters on interpersonal neurobiology and intercultural relationships. *Chapters on couple therapy for PTSD, functional analytic couple therapy, and the integrative problem-centered metaframeworks approach. *Many new authors.*Extensively revised with the latest theory and research. See also Clinical Casebook of Couple Therapy, edited by Alan S. Gurman, which presents in-depth illustrations of treatment.

Systems Centered Therapy

Author : Yvonne M. Agazarian
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Systems-centered therapy (SCT) brings an innovative approach to clinical practice. Developed by the author, SCT introduces a theory and set of methods that put systems ideas into practice. The collection of articles in this book illustrates the array of clinical applications in which SCT is now used. Each chapter introduces particular applications of SCT theory or methods with specific examples from practice that help the theory and methods come alive for the reader across a variety of clinical contexts. This book will be especially useful for therapists and clinical practitioners interested in sampling SCT, for those who learn best with clinical examples, and for anyone with a serious interest in learning the systems-centered approach.

Understanding Anorexia Nervosa in Males

Author : Tom Wooldridge
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Because anorexia nervosa has historically been viewed as a disorder that impacts women and girls, there has been little focus on the conceptualization and treatment of males suffering from this complex disorder. Understanding Anorexia Nervosa in Males provides a structure for understanding the male side of the equation combined with practical resources to guide clinical intervention. Presented using an integrative framework that draws on recent research and organizes information from multiple domains into a unified understanding of the interconnected issues at hand, this informative new text provides a comprehensive approach to understanding and treating a widely unrecognized population.