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The Insider s View on Corporate Governance

Author : G. Erismann-Peyer
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An up-to-date look at the latest thinking on Corporate Governance, capturing the wealth of experience of some 60 company secretaries in the world's top companies, whose job it is to make corporate governance work. A must for anyone who has ever had to make tough decisions on their board and wondered how their peers might have done it.

International Liability of Corporate Directors 2007 II

Author : Christian Campbell
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"International Liability of Corporate Directors", Volume II, 2007 edition, with nearly 750 pages in two volumes, examines the law applicable to company directors and the means available to minimize the risks of claims against them. The publication surveys 20 jurisdictions in Australasia, Europe, and North America. Purchase Volume I to complete the set. Purchase of print version includes CD version and 24/7 online access. A 10% discount applies to a subscription for next year's update. A 25% discount applies to a subscription for three years of updates. Discounts are applied after purchase by rebate from publisher.

The Insider s Dossier

Author : Andrew Packer
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The Insider’s Dossier will seamlessly guide you through investing alongside the most in-the-know professionals, debunking the widespread myth that insider trading is illegal. Not only is it legal when following proper protocol, but author Andrew Packer helps you to decode the Wall Street lingo, so that even the novice could easily follow corporate insiders for returns that significantly outperform the market year over year. In easy-tounderstand terms, Packer describes: • The difference between legal and illegal insider trading • How to evaluate insider activity in order to optimize your investment advantage • The key to swiftly decoding SEC filing forms for up-to-the-minute insider activity • Understanding and utilizing web-based, technical analysis tools • How to separate key insiders from the average corporate investor • Investing beyond simple trades, clearly and concisely explaining the ins and outs of options trading, and much more. . . About

Corporate Governance

Author : A. C. Fernando
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Corporate Governance Principles Polices and Practices 2 e

Author : A. C. Fernando
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Regulating Competition in Stock Markets

Author : Lawrence R. Klein
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A guide to curbing monopoly power in stock markets Engaging and informative, Regulating Competition in Stock Markets skillfully analyzes the impact of the recent global financial crisis on health and happiness, and uses this opportunity to put regulatory systems in perspective. Happiness is lost because of emotional and physical health deterioration resulting from the crisis. Therefore, the authors conclude that financial crisis prevention should be the focus of public policy. This book is the most comprehensive study so far on potential risks to the stock market, especially various forms of market manipulation that lead to mania and eventual crisis. Based on litigation cases from international stock markets, and borrowing multidisciplinary findings in the fields of finance, economics, accounting, media studies, criminology, legal studies, psychology, and medicine, this book is the first to provide thorough micro-level regulatory proposals rooted in financial reality. By focusing on securities trading, they apply antitrust measures to limiting monopolistic power that is used for the manipulation of investors' perception and monopolistic profit. These proposals are quantifiable, adjustable, inexpensive, and can be easily implemented by any securities regulating agency for real-time oversight and daily operations. The recommendations found here are intended to improve the fairness and transparency of the financial markets, thereby perfecting the market competition, protecting investors, stabilizing the market, and preventing crises Explores how avoiding crises can to contribute to a more scientific, health aware, and civilized economic and social development Written by a team of authors who have extensive experience in this dynamic field, including Nobel Laureate Lawrence R. Klein Since the founding of the first, organized stock exchange in Amsterdam 400 years ago, no systematic economic research results on stock markets have been implemented in stock market regulation around the world. Regulating Competition in Stock Markets aims to fill this void.

Insider s Tips to Operating a Successful Property Management Company

Author :
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Special Ops Host and Network Security for Microsoft Unix and Oracle

Author : Syngress
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Special Ops: Internal Network Security Guide is the solution for the impossible 24-hour IT work day. By now, most companies have hardened their perimeters and locked out the "bad guys," but what has been done on the inside? This book attacks the problem of the soft, chewy center in internal networks. We use a two-pronged approach-Tactical and Strategic-to give readers a complete guide to internal penetration testing. Content includes the newest vulnerabilities and exploits, assessment methodologies, host review guides, secure baselines and case studies to bring it all together. We have scoured the Internet and assembled some of the best to function as Technical Specialists and Strategic Specialists. This creates a diversified project removing restrictive corporate boundaries. The unique style of this book will allow it to cover an incredibly broad range of topics in unparalleled detail. Chapters within the book will be written using the same concepts behind software development. Chapters will be treated like functions within programming code, allowing the authors to call on each other's data. These functions will supplement the methodology when specific technologies are examined thus reducing the common redundancies found in other security books. This book is designed to be the "one-stop shop" for security engineers who want all their information in one place. The technical nature of this may be too much for middle management; however technical managers can use the book to help them understand the challenges faced by the engineers who support their businesses. Ø Unprecedented Team of Security Luminaries. Led by Foundstone Principal Consultant, Erik Pace Birkholz, each of the contributing authors on this book is a recognized superstar in their respective fields. All are highly visible speakers and consultants and their frequent presentations at major industry events such as the Black Hat Briefings and the 29th Annual Computer Security Institute Show in November, 2002 will provide this book with a high-profile launch. Ø The only all-encompassing book on internal network security. Windows 2000, Windows XP, Solaris, Linux and Cisco IOS and their applications are usually running simultaneously in some form on most enterprise networks. Other books deal with these components individually, but no other book provides a comprehensive solution like Special Ops. This book's unique style will give the reader the value of 10 books in 1.

Research Handbook on Insider Trading

Author : Stephen M. Bainbridge
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In most capital markets, insider trading is the most common violation of securities law. It is also the most well known, inspiring countless movie plots and attracting scholars with a broad range of backgrounds and interests, from pure legal doctrine to empirical analysis to complex economic theory. This volume brings together original cutting-edge research in these and other areas written by leading experts in insider trading law and economics. The Handbook begins with a section devoted to legal issues surrounding the USÕs ban on insider trading, which is one of the oldest and most energetically enforced in the world. Using this section as a foundation, contributors go on to discuss several specific court cases as well as important developments in empirical research on the subject. The Handbook concludes with a section devoted to international perspectives, providing insight into insider trading laws in China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the European Union. This timely and comprehensive volume will appeal to students and professors of law and economics, as well as scholars, researchers and practitioners with an interest in insider trading.

Disclosure Requirements of Public Companies and Insiders

Author : Practising Law Institute
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Revision of the transcripts of two Practising Law Institute forums held in 1966.

Creating a Portfolio like Warren Buffett

Author : Jeeva Ramaswamy
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The practical guide to investing the Warren Buffett way Creating a Portfolio like Warren Buffett: A High Return Investment Strategy highlights actual trades author Jeeva Ramaswamy has successfully executed using principles established by investment guru Warren Buffet. Clearly explaining how Buffett's principles can be used to make specific investments the book, unlike other investment guides, also clearly explains how to apply Buffett's exit strategies as they pertain to holding or selling positions. Giving readers a complete overview of Buffett's methodologies and how to apply them, the book is a step-by-step stock research checklist and comprehensive guide to investing and managing a successful stock portfolio. It includes detailed instructions to: Determine where to search for stock prospects Thoroughly research stocks using a stock research checklist Confidently make buy and sell decisions Expertly manage your portfolio Packed with specific stock examples, real-life calculations, and expert tips, Creating a Portfolio like Warren Buffett is your guide to harnessing the market savvy of an investing legend.

101 Investment Tools for Buying Low Selling High

Author : Jae K. Shim
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More than just an investment dictionary, 101 Investment Tools for Buying Low and Selling High analyzes in a concise style various investment vanes-from stock indexes to measures of affordable housing to leading economic reports. Learn what these measures are, who's compiling them, where they are easily found, and how they can, or cannot, be used to guide your investment decisions. At your fingertips are fast and reliable explanations of all the everyday terms and tools investors need, each discussed in an easy-to-follow, structured format: What is it? How is it computed? Can you give a example? Where is it found? How is it applied? How is it used for investment decision? Are there any words of caution? In today's complex climate, understanding and using such investment tools are the keys to success. New investment vehicles are introduced almost everyday. 101 Investment Tools for Buying Low and Selling High is your guide to the best financial barometers.

Corporate Liability for Insider Trading

Author : Juliette Overland
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Corporate Liability for Insider Trading examines the reasons why there have been no successful criminal prosecutions, or successful contested civil proceedings, against corporations for insider trading, and analyses the various rationales for prohibiting insider trading. It reviews the insider trading regulatory regime and describes its key features, using both national and international examples. The book inspects a variety of criminal and civil models of corporate liability and considers the historical and theoretical basis on which corporations are subject to insider trading laws. The specific elements of the insider trading offence and the manner in which they are attributed to corporations are analysed in detail. Defences available to corporations such as Chinese Walls are explored, and the obligations that are imposed on businesses as a result of insider trading regulation – security trading policies and notifications, continuous disclosure obligations, and duties concerning conflicts of interest – are detailed and examined. The book concludes with reform proposals intended to remedy the many legal and commercial difficulties identified, in order that a new regulatory regime might be adopted to better serve regulators, businesses, investors, and the broader market. This volume addresses these corporate law topics and will be of interest to researchers, academics, financial institution compliance officers, investment bankers, corporate and comparative lawyers, and students and scholars in the fields of commercial law, corporate law, financial crime, company law, and white collar crime

Mckinsey and Company

Author : WetFeet
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Iowa Legal Insiders Guide to Car Accidents

Author : Corey J. L. Walker
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Sales of Securities by Corporate Insiders

Author : Robert L. Frome
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Insiders Guide to Tulsa

Author : Elaine Warner
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Insiders' Guide to Tulsa is the essential source for in-depth travel and relocation information to this sophisticated Oklahoma city. Written by a local (and true insider), it offers a personal and practical perspective of Tulsa and its surrounding environs.

The 9 Insider s Secrets to Winning at Corporate Trade

Author : Michael Lake
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Insider Dealing and Money Laundering in the EU Law and Regulation

Author : Dr R C H Alexander
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This work presents a comparative study of the provisions relating to insider dealing under the EC Insider Dealing Directive. The volume begins with a discussion of the rationale for regulating financial services in general and controlling insider dealing and money-laundering in particular. It examines the definition of an insider and of inside information and the various criminal offenses relating to insider dealing. The role of money-laundering is also recognized and the anti-money laundering regime as well as the considerable impact on the financial sector is discussed in detail. The work assesses the efficacy of criminal law in controlling insider dealing and considers the increasing trend to deal with it by means of civil/administrative measures.

Representing High tech Companies

Author : Gary M. Lawrence
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This book discusses financing and documenting joint ventures and early-stage strategic partnerships; devising workable nondisclosure agreements and managing an intellectual property portfolio.