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Inside Computer Music

Author : Michael Clarke
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Inside Computer Music is an investigation of how new technological developments have influenced the creative possibilities of composers of computer music in the last 50 years. This book combines detailed research into the development of computer music techniques with thorough studies of nine case studies analysing key works in the musical and technical development of computer music. The text is linked to demonstration videos of the techniques used and software which offers readers the opportunity to try out emulations of the software used by the composers for themselves and view video interviews with the composers and others involved in the production of the musical works. The software also presents musical analyses of each of the nine case studies using software and video alongside text to enable readers to engage with the musical structure aurally and interactively.

Proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference

Author :
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A Guide to Computer Music

Author : Donald P. Kozak
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Composers and the Computer

Author : Curtis Roads
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Current Directions in Computer Music Research

Author : Max V. Mathews
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These twenty-one original contributions by composers, behavioral scientists, engineers, and other specialists from many of the international centers of research in computer music provide an inside report on the most sophisticated aspects of digital synthesis, control and understanding of musical sound, and related work on perception. Among the specific topics covered are speech songs, synthesis of the singing voice, spatial reverberation, the simulation of bowed instruments, and a conductor program utilizing a mechanical baton. A chapter authored jointly by Mathews and Pierce describes a new musical scale they have been working on for the past few years.

Introduction to Computer Music

Author : Wayne Bateman
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Elements of Computer Music

Author : F. Richard Moore
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This is a general introduction to the theory of computer music, giving details on sound, digital signal processing, math, and C programming. It assumes a strong knowledge of music.

The Oxford Handbook of Computer Music

Author : Roger T. Dean
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The Oxford Handbook of Computer Music offers a state-of-the-art cross-section of the most field-defining topics and debates in computer music today. A unique contribution to the field, it situates computer music in the broad context of its creation and performance across the range of issues - from music cognition to pedagogy to sociocultural topics - that shape contemporary discourse in the field. Fifty years after musical tones were produced on a computer for the first time, developments in laptop computing have brought computer music within reach of all listeners and composers. Production and distribution of computer music have grown tremendously as a result, and the time is right for this survey of computer music in its cultural contexts. An impressive and international array of music creators and academics discuss computer music's history, present, and future with a wide perspective, including composition, improvisation, interactive performance, spatialization, sound synthesis, sonification, and modeling. Throughout, they merge practice with theory to offer a fascinating look into computer music's possibilities and enduring appeal.

The Social World of Computer Music

Author : Brien Ross Amspoker
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Computers in Music Research

Author :
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Dvorak s Inside Track to the Mac

Author : John Dvorak
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An introduction to the Macintosh computer covers current models, operating systems, file management, peripherals, Hypercard, software, and programming

Computer Music Modeling and Retrieval

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The IBM Personal Computer from the Inside Out

Author : Murray Sargent
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Describes the hardware and software of the IBM Personal Computer, discusses assembly language programming, and looks at digital circuitry, data communications, and disk operating systems

Peter Norton s Inside the PC

Author : Peter Norton
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With advice from the experts, a user-friendly, hands-on approach and a 16-page, full-colour insert, this book helps users better understand their PC, realise its potential, foresee possible problems, and make the right decisions.

Computer Representations and Models in Music

Author : Alan Marsden
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A collection of papers from a recent international conference concerned with computers in music research. The selection presents detailed discussions of computational representations and models in music, and aims to lay the foundations for future music software.

Music and Consciousness 2

Author : Ruth Herbert
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Consciousness has been described as one of the most mysterious things in the universe. Scientists, philosophers, and commentators from a whole range of disciplines can't seem to agree on what it is, generating a sizeable field of contemporary research known as consciousness studies. Following its forebear Music and Consciousness: Philosophical, Psychological and Cultural Perspectives (OUP, 2011), this volume argues that music can provide a valuable route to understanding consciousness, and also that consciousness opens up new perspectives for the study of music. It argues that consciousness extends beyond the brain, and is fundamentally related to selves engaged in the world, culture, and society. The book brings together an interdisciplinary line up of authors covering topics as wide ranging as cognitive psychology, neuroscience, psychoanalysis, philosophy and phenomenology, aesthetics, sociology, ethnography, and performance studies and musical styles from classic to rock, trance to Daoism, jazz to tabla, and deep listening to free improvisation. Music and Consciousness 2 will be fasinating reading for those studying or working in the field of musicology, those researching consciousness as well as cultural theorists, psychologists, and philosophers.

Computer Literacy for Musicians

Author : Fred Thomas Hofstetter
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This innovative volume brings together under one cover a comprehensive, easily understandable overview of the computer music field, including composing, teaching, recording, arranging, and printing of music. The focus of this book is on what computer music systems are and the principles upon which they are based. Section I describes and compares the musical capabilities of dozens of computer systems, providing a general introduction to the field. Presents discussion of terminology and buzzwords, offers a tutorial on digital music techniques, and describes how the MIDI standard lets music keyboards communicate with each other and with personal computers. Section II discusses and analyzes 196 computer music programs in the areas of early childhood, music composition, ear-training, music theory, instrumental methods, music appreciation, history, terminology, sequencing, editing, printing, transcription, and music analysis.

Music Mind and Machine

Author : Peter Desain
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Stories Inside Stories

Author : Margaret Walker Dilling
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This is a book about the music in the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Seoul Olympics (1988) that was watched on television by millions of people. More specifically, this is a book about the planning - the mode of proceeding - and decisions that resulted in a remarkable presentation.

Is There an Electrical Engineer Inside You

Author : Celeste Baine
File Size : 47.2 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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These jam packed resource guides are perfect for anyone considering a career in engineering or engineering technology. ?Get yourself on the path to a challenging, rewarding, and prosperous career as an engineer or technologist by getting inside each discipline, learning the differences and making educated choices. Updated and now covering engineering technology, these resource guides are packed with the information you need right now!