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The Complete Field Guide to Stick and Leaf Insects of Australia

Author : Paul D Brock
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Australia has a rich diversity of phasmids – otherwise known as stick and leaf insects. Most of them are endemic, few have been studied and new species continue to be found. Stick insects are, by far, Australia’s longest insects – some of them reach up to 300 mm in body length, or more than half a metre if you include their outstretched legs. Many stick insects are very colourful, and some have quite elaborate, defensive behaviour. Increasingly they are being kept as pets. This is the first book on Australian phasmids for nearly 200 years and covers all known stick and leaf insects. It includes photographs of all species, notes on their ecology and biology as well as identification keys suitable for novices or professionals.

Australian Geographics a Naturalist s Guide to the Insects of Australia

Author : Peter Rowland
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Photographic identification guide to the 292 species of insect most commonly seen in Australia is perfect for resident and visitor alike. High quality photographs from Australia's top nature photographers are accompanied by detailed species descriptions, which include nomenclature, size, distribution, habitat and habits. The user-friendly introduction covers modern Australian insects, non-insect hexapods and life cycles. Also included is a checklist of the insect families of Australia listing the number of genera, species and subspecies in each family.

A Field Guide to Insects in Australia

Author : Paul Zborowski
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Whether you're an amateur insect enthusiast, a student or an entomologist, this updated and revised third edition of A Field Guide to Insects in Australia will help you to identify insects from all the major insect groups. With more photographs and up-to-date information, it will enable you to differentiate between a dragonfly and a damselfly or a cricket and a grasshopper. You'll find cockroaches, termites, praying mantids, beetles, cicadas, moths, butterflies, ants and bees. More than 300 colour photographs show the insects in their natural habitat and the line drawings clearly illustrate subtle differences where identification is tricky.

Grasshopper Country

Author : David C. Rentz
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This text provides complete coverage of the classification, biology and ecology of Australian orthopteroid insects. It discusses identifying features, collecting techniques, culture methods and preservation techniques. It also includes sounds from over 130 species.

Common Native Insects of South Australia

Author : J. G. O. Tepper
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Name that Insect

Author : T. R. New
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Insects are the forgotten members of Australias rich and diverse fauna. Few people can recognize more than a few common groups and species, yet there are more insect species than all other animals put together. Insects are the most diverse animals in terrestrial and freshwater communities.Name That Insect is the first guide to identifying the insects of southeastern Australia, an area that supports a particularly significant insect fauna highly characteristic of the region. There are extensive notes on the structure, recognition and biology of all the insect orders in the region.These emphasize the principle of identification through examples for all major groups. The book also contains several hundred original line drawings of whole insects and diagnostic features. This essential visual guide to the insect families is complemented by a formal key for identifying thedifferent orders.The first book to show you how to identify the insects of southeastern Australia, Name That Insect is a valuable reference for students, naturalists, bushwalkers and others interested in the natural history of Australia.

Moths of Australia

Author : I. F. B. Common
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This book is an essential, up-to-date reference on moths by an Australian authority. Emphasis is given to behaviour, defence mechanisms and larval food plants, and to egg, larval, pupal and adult structure. More than 1000 species are figured in 32 colour and 46 halftone plates of photographs, and in numerous line drawings.

The Insects of Australia

Author : Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (Australia). Division of Entomology
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The Insects of Australia and New Zealand

Author : Robin John Tillyard
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An Introduction to Australian Insects

Author : Phillip W. Hadlington
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This book has been the leading textbook on identification of Australian insects since it was first published in 1982. While it can be easily understood by those with little or no formal training in insect identification, it also contains enough detailed and up-to-date scientific information to satisfy natural history buffs and students of entomology.


Author : United States. Department of Agriculture
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Journal of Agriculture South Australia

Author : South Australia. Department of Agriculture
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Proceedings of the Parliament of South Australia

Author : South Australia. Parliament
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Amazing Facts about Australian Insects Spiders and Other Bush and Garden Creatures

Author : Pat Slater
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Insects and Pest Management in Australian Agriculture

Author : T. R. New
File Size : 30.49 MB
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This is the first introductory text to deal with the problems caused by insects as pests in Australian agriculture and related primary industry, and the use of insects to combat pests such as insects and weeds. It emphasizes Australian examples throughout and is designed specifically to reflect traditional and recent developments associated with pest management in Australia and other countries. The development of integrated pest management is a central theme, but chapters are provided on all major facets of pest control, with accounts of their development, importance and contributions to current management strategy and practice. Each chapter concludes with suggestions for further reading and the most recent references are cited to give students, applied entomologists, researchers and agriculturists the most current and comprehensive information available.

Insect Life

Author :
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Devoted to the economy and life-habits of insects, especially in their relations to agriculture.

Journal of Agriculture and Industry of South Australia

Author : South Australia. Dept. of Agriculture
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In Considerable Variety Introducing the Diversity of Australia s Insects

Author : Tim R. New
File Size : 25.38 MB
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The book introduces basic entomology, emphasising perspectives on insect diversity important in conservation assessment and setting priorities for management, as a foundation for managers and others without entomological training or background. It bridges the gap between photographic essays on insect identification and more technical texts, to illustrate and discuss many aspects of taxonomic, ecological and evolutionary diversity in the Australian insect fauna, and its impacts in human life, through outlines of many aspects of insect natural history.

Major Insect and Mite Pest of Australian Crops

Author : E. Hassan
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Typical Insects of Central Australia

Author : Walter Wilson Froggatt
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