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Innovations in Practice and Service Delivery Across the Lifespan

Author : David E. Biegel
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This text will introduce practitioners and students to recent strategies and innovations to effectively deal with a range of problems across the lifespan such as homelessness, alcohol and drug abuse, teen violence and mental illness.

Innovations in Practice and Service Delivery Across the Lifespan

Author : David E. Biegel
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Innovative Interventions To Reduce Dementia Caregiver Distress

Author : David W. Coon, PhD
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Increasing evidence has demonstrated that caregivers of dementia victims are at risk for depression and other medical problems. In what ways can health care providers improve or maintain the well-being of dementia caregivers? This volume provides an overview of emerging themes in dementia caregiving research and presents a broad array of practical strategies for reducing caregiver distress, including interventions for specific populations such as ethnic minority caregivers, male caregivers, and caregivers with diverse sexual orientations. Innovative approaches include the value of partnering with primary care physicians to improve quality of life for both patient and caregiver and the use of technological advances to help distressed caregivers. A timely, cutting edge book written for clinicians of varying backgrounds who provide direct services to families of dementia victims. For Further Information, Please Click Here!

The Empowerment Approach to Social Work Practice

Author : Judith A. B. Lee
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First published in 1994, this book was hailed as a cutting-edge, theory-driven report from the front-line trenches in the battle for social justice. Both clinical and community oriented and written from a global perspective, it presents clients speaking for themselves alongside reports of prominent social work educators. This new edition puts greater emphasis on "how-to" skills in working with people toward their own empowerment and stresses multiculturalism. A new chapter identifies worldwide issues of oppression such as abuse of women and children and neglect of the mentally ill.

Mutual Aid Groups Vulnerable and Resilient Populations and the Life Cycle

Author : Alex Gitterman
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The contributors to this volume examine the role of mutual aid groups and social workers in helping members of oppressed, vulnerable, and resilient populations regain control over their lives. The chapters reveal the ways in which mutual aid processes help individuals overcome social and emotional trauma in contemporary society by reducing isolation, universalizing individual problems, and mitigating stigma. Using the life cycle as a framework the editors establish a theoretical model for practice and demonstrate how social workers as group leaders can foster the healing and empowering process of mutual aid. The contributors also consider the fundamentals of the mutual aid process, the institutional benefits of group service, and specific clinical examples of mutual aid groups. Each chapter offers detailed case materials that illustrate both group work skills and developmental issues for a variety of populations and settings, including HIV-positive and AIDS patients, the homeless, and perpetrators and victims of sexual abuse and family violence. New chapters in this completely revised and updated third edition illustrate the power of mutual aid processes in dealing with children traumatized by the events of September 11, adult survivors of sexual abuse, parents with developmentally challenged children, people with AIDS in substance recovery, and mentally ill older adults.

The Encyclopedia of Aging

Author : Richard Schulz, PhD
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Comprehensive multidisciplinary encyclopedia dealing with aging processes and older adults. Intended for "the educated inquirer who needs a brief authoritative introduction to key topics and issues in aging." Signed entries contain cross references. Contains lengthy bibliography. General index.

The Encyclopedia of Aging

Author : Linda S. Noelker, PhD
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A COMPREHENSIVE RESOURCE ON GERONTOLOGY AND GERIATRICS Since its inception in 1987, The Encyclopedia of Aging has proven to be the definitive resource for scholars and students across the burgeoning and increasingly interdisciplinary fields of gerontology and geriatrics. Like its three esteemed predecessors, the fourth edition contains concise, readable explorations of hundreds of terms, concepts, and issues related to the lives of older adults, as well as timely coverage of the many new programs and services for the elderly. Updated, under the distinguished stewardship of editor-in-chief Richard Schulz to reflect the infusion of new information across the scientific disciplines, this new edition brings readers up-to-the-moment significant advances in biology, physiology, genetics, medicine, psychology, nursing, social services, sociology, economics, technology, and political science. While retaining the format and standard of excellence that marked the first three editions, the fourth edition encompasses a wealth of new information from the social and health sciences. It contains the most current bibliography of an expanding literature, an exhaustive index, and extensive cross references. This much anticipated update of the field's most authoritative resource will take its place as an indispensable reference for specialists and non-specialists across a broad range of disciplines that now comprise the field of aging. SPRINGER--SERVING THE HEALTHCARE AND HELPING PROFESSIONS FOR MORE THAN 55 YEARS

A Working Life for People with Severe Mental Illness

Author : Deborah R. Becker
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Traditional approaches to vocational rehabilitation, such as skills training classes, job clubs, and sheltered employment, have not been successful in helping people with severe mental illness gain competitive employment. Supported employment, in which clients are placed in jobs and then trained by on-site coaches, is a radically new conceptual approach to vocational rehabilitation designed for people with developmental disabilities. The Individual Placement and Support (IPS) method utilizes the supported employment concept, but modifies it for use with the severely mentally ill. It is the only approach that has a strong empirical research base: rates of competitive employment are 40% or more in IPS programs, compared to 15% in traditional mental health programs. The third volume in the Innovations in Practice and Service Delivery with Vulnerable Populations series, this will be extremely useful to students in psychiatric rehabilitation programs and social work classes dealing with the severely mentally ill, as well as to practitioners in the field.

Community Treatment for Youth

Author : Barbara J. Burns
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This outstanding textbook presents innovative interventions for youth with severe emotional and behavioral disorders. Community Treatment for Youth is designed to fill a gap between the knowledge base and clinical practice through its presentation of theory, practice parameters, training requirements, and research evidence. Featuring community-based and state-of-the-art services for youth with severe emotional and behavioral disorders and their families, this volume describes each intervention in depth, along with the supporting evidence for its utility. Most chapters present a single intervention as an alternative to institutional care. Shared characteristics of these interventions include delivery of services in the community (homes, schools, and neighborhoods) provided largely by parents and paraprofessional staff. The interventions are appropriate to use in any of the child human services sectors and have been developed in the field with real-world child and family clients. In addition, they offer a reduced cost in comparison to institutional care. Several chapters address diagnostic-specific psychosocial and psychopharmacological treatments, which are likely to be provided as adjunctive treatment in a clinical setting. Designed to update professionals in the field about effective services, Community Treatment for Youth will serve as a resource for academics, policymakers, practitioners, consumers, and researchers.

Children in State Care

Author : June Thoburn
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This volume brings together a selection of the most influential and informative English language refereed journal articles on children in out-of-home care, their birth relatives and carers. The articles, which include empirical research and critiques of policy and practice, are mainly from the UK and USA, but include some coverage of child placement policy and practice in Australia and mainland Europe. The volume starts with a joint introductory chapter by the two distinguished authors (one American, one British) reviewing the state of knowledge on children in care and drawing attention to other important sources not included as chapters.

Handbook of Aging and Mental Health

Author : Jacob Lomranz
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This comprehensive resource responds to a growing need for theory and multidisciplinary integrative research in adult and gerontological health. Handbook of Aging and Mental Healthbrings together, for the first time, diverse strategies and methodologies as well as theoretical formulations involving psychodynamic, behavioral, psychosocial, and biological systems as they relate to aging and health. Forward-thinking in his approach, Lomranz provides the mental health, adult developmental, and geriatric professions with a single reference source that covers theory construction, empirical research, treatment, and multidisciplinary program development.

Child Welfare Research

Author : Duncan Lindsey
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During the last decade there have been major advances in research in child welfare, the largest specialty within social work. The focus of this research has been on improving current child welfare practices and programs that protect children from abuse and neglect. The major policy andprogram changes in the child welfare system have been guided by these research studies, spurred by federal and state emphasis on monitoring child welfare outcomes and identifying best practices. This landmark collection gathers those research developments- and how they have been translated intopolicies, programs, and practice- in a single volume for the first time. Duncan Lindsey, one of the nation's foremost child welfare scholars, and Aron Shlonsky have assembled a case of the giants in the field who analyze developments in adoption, foster care, risk assessment, CPS work, welfarereform, poverty, decision making, and epidemiological studies. The final section of the book details new approaches to programs designed to combat child maltreatment and child poverty. This volume, with its unparalled breadth, depth, and up-to-date content, will define the state of the field andserve as an invaluable reference for child welfare scholars and practitioners alike.

Contemporary Issues of Care

Author : Roberta R. Greene
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Make sure your clients get the best possible care throughout their lives Contemporary Issues of Care presents the latest research findings on human behavior and the social environment for social workers practicing at the individual, family, and community levels. This timely book applies the functional-age model on intergenerational therapy (FAM) to examine the interaction between the care recipient’s biopsychosocial and spiritual functioning and the capacity of the family/caregiver to adapt. The book’s contributors examine the functions of various social systems in caregiving as well as the social worker’s role in processing and integrating information to help develop family-centered and community-based interventions. Contemporary Issues of Care focuses on caregiving situations across the life span, using research findings to shape social work curriculum and to improve social work practice and services. With the family still the primary caregiving institution in the United States, the book examines the mutual interdependence among family members and the dynamic development of family structure and organization. An exemplary textbook for students in social work, the book also includes a workbook and CD. Topics addressed in Contemporary Issues of Care include: shifts in human behavior paradigms family systems interventions case management sibling caregiving the impact of culture on mental illness and mental health the importance of self-care elder abuse substance abuse children with cancer HIV/AIDS diabetes posttraumatic stress inner-city challenges caregiving for gay men and lesbians caregiving for persons with dementia community caregiving and much more Contemporary Issues of Care is filled with charts, tables, diagrams, and sample interviews that supplement articles from the leading practitioners and academics in the field. This book is an essential resource for anyone involved in social work practice for individuals, families, and communities.

Safeguarding and Promoting the Well being of Children Families and Their Communities

Author : Jane Scott
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Some chapters based on papers originally given at the Fifth International Looking After Children Conference held in Oxford, England in Sept. 2002.

Family Abuse and Violence

Author : JoAnn L. Miller
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A text outlining the study of family abuse and violence.

Geropsychological Interventions in Long Term Care

Author : Lee Hyer, PhD, ABPP
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Older people are entering nursing homes later and sicker than ever before, thus presenting as more physically fragile and complex residents and requiring more advanced care and treatment. To this end, Hyer and Intrieri have gathered together a group of health care professionals who are genuinely dedicated to the care and research of long-term care (LTC) environments. This group seeks to push the envelope for improved use of professional time, effort, and input and in this remarkable book, share their ideas with you. By applying the Selective Optimization with Compensation (SOC) model to various care settings, the editors are able to examine current LTC practices and existing psychosocial issues confronting older LTC patients; either support or challenge them; and offer suggestions and strategies, such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy, for improving the LTC system and residents' physical, psychological, emotional, and social health. This book provides insight on the psychological issues facing long-term care residents for a plethora of health care professionals, including: Physicians and geriatricians who care for older adults in the LTC system Nurses and geriatric nurse specialists Social workers Activity coordinators Physical, occupational, and speech therapists within an LTC setting who are seeking ways to explain behavior and empower the residents they care for Psychologists and psychiatrists whose practice focuses on older adults

Designing and Planning Programs for Nonprofit and Government Organizations

Author : Edward J. Pawlak
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Designing and Planning Programs for Nonprofit and Government Organizations is a comprehensive guide for practitioners who must carry out program planning projects in nonprofit or government human service organizations. Authors Edward J. Pawlak and Robert D. Vinter—experts in the field of program planning—show how planning is a goal-directed activity that will succeed when its tasks are carried out in orderly, progressive stages. In this important resource, the authors walk practitioners and students through the entire process from initiation to completion of planning projects and examine the relationship between planning, implementation, and program operations.

Child Neglect

Author : Julie Taylor
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This book addresses the key themes in child neglect, draws on current research and practice knowledge and sets out the implications for practice. With a joint health and social work focus, this interdisciplinary book is an essential resource for all professionals working towards integrated and collaborative childcare services.

Supporting the Caregiver in Dementia

Author : Sheila M. LoboPrabhu
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Dementia is one of the greatest challenges facing seniors and their caregivers around the globe. Developed by experts in both research and practice, this guide for mental health clinicians explores the experience of caregiving in dementia, discussing the latest research developments and sharing clinical pearls of wisdom that can easily be translated to daily practice. The contributors explore the history of caregiving and then examine the current demographics of caregivers for persons with dementia. They discuss who provides care, the settings in which it is delivered, and the rewards and burdens of caregiving. They place special emphasis on understanding the psychological needs of both the person with dementia and the caregiver, as well as interpersonal bonds, spiritual dimensions, and reactions to grief and loss. Using a multidisciplinary approach to treatment for caregivers, this book addresses the role of pharmacotherapy, individual and family interventions, and social supports. Finally, the authors reflect on societal issues such as health care policies, ethnic elders, and ethics. This volume offers health professionals insights into the daily lives of caregivers, along with tools to provide their patients with the support they need.

Violence Against Black Bodies

Author : Sandra E. Weissinger
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Violence Against Black Bodies argues that black deaths at the hands of police are just one form of violence that black and brown people face daily in the western world. rough the voices of scholars from different academic disciplines, this book gives readers an opportunity to put the cases together and see that violent deaths in police custody are just one tentacle of the racial order—a hierarchy which is designed to produce trauma and discrimination according to one’s perceived race-ethnicity.