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Inner Guide Dreaming

Author : Nubia Davids
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Do you have vivid memories of what you did in your previous birth? Do you know who you were, which part of the world you hailed from, and what you did during your lifetime? However, thinking about the past life is different from dreaming about it. Hence, let us analyze what this dream means. This book is a unique approach that investigates prophetic dreams, nightmares, dreams about past lives, and spiritually directive dreams. Through its presentation of effective tools and exercises, you will explore to navigate the obscurity of the space between the dreaming and the waking state.


Author : Christopher Sowton
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Your dreams are trying to guide you, but do you understand what they’re saying? Dreamworking provides a practical process for connecting your dreams to your life, helping you understand the profound requests that come while you sleep. Join Christopher Sowton as he shares five steps to receiving the inner guidance of our dreams: Catch, Clarify, Orient, Connect, Respond. With hands-on techniques, examples from the author’s psychotherapy practice, and guidance for working with fourteen common dream motifs, this book shows how to facilitate dreamwork for psychological and spiritual transformation. Whether a dream wants you to take action, improve your understanding, or make a specific change, you can rest assured that it’s leading you to new perspectives and fulfilling resolutions. Praise: “Christopher Sowton has presented a book that is not only thoroughly original but incredibly comprehensive in both its width and its depth. If you apply the method so well articulated in Dreamworking, your life may never be the same again—and you will celebrate the change!” —Stanley Krippner, PhD, co-author of Extraordinary Dreams “In his excellent guidebook for helping people understand dreams, their own or those of clients, Dr. Christopher Sowton provides a precious map of the territory.”?—Patricia Garfield, PhD, author of Creative Dreaming

The Dream in Islam

Author : Iain R. Edgar
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The war in the Middle East is marked by a lack of cultural knowledge on the part of the western forces, and this book deals with another, widely ignored element of Islam—the role of dreams in everyday life. The practice of using night dreams to make important life decisions can be traced to Middle Eastern dream traditions and practices that preceded the emergence of Islam. In this study, the author explores some key aspects of Islamic dream theory and interpretation as well as the role and significance of night dreams for contemporary Muslims. In his analysis of the Islamic debates surrounding the role of “true” dreams in historical and contemporary Islamic prophecy, the author specifically addresses the significance of Al-Qaeda and Taliban dream practices and ideology. Dreams of “heaven,” for example, are often instrumental in determining Jihadist suicidal action, and “heavenly” dreams are also evidenced within other contemporary human conflicts such as Israel–Palestine and Kosovo–Serbia. By exploring patterns of dreams within this context, a cross-cultural, psychological, and experiential understanding of the role and significance of such contemporary critical political and personal imagery can be achieved.

The Young Adult s Guide to Dream Interpretation

Author : K. O. Morgan
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Explains the importance of dreams, and provides insight into how to interpret them.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting You Own Dreams and What They Mean to You

Author : K. O. Morgan
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Dreams are powerful concepts. They contain our subconscious wishes, desires, and fears, and the average person will spend approximately six years of their life dreaming. Each of us has four to seven dreams a night, which can add up to approximately 116,800 to 204,400 dreams in a lifetime. No one really knows why we dream, but in 3,000 B.C., people started trying to interpret what dreams mean. In Roman and Greek societies, citizens who were able to interpret dreams were respected, and some members of society even sought advice from these dream interpreters before making any military or political decisions. Sigmund Freud also published a book on how to interpret dreams, stressing that all dreams carry meaning and represent the way to decipher our subconscious desires. With all the significance that dreams carry, how can you make sure you know exactly what your dreams mean? The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Own Dreams and What They Mean to You will tell you everything you need to know to understand what your dreams are telling you. You will understand how to interpret some of the most common subjects in dreams, including flying, falling, problems with money, tests, pregnancy, and even death. You will discover popular psychological theories regarding dreams and how to decipher what your recurring dreams are really telling you. You will learn ways you can create a more dream-friendly bedroom and how to use a journal to track your dreams. This book will also cover paranormal dreams and explain more about extrasensory perception and out-of-body experiences.We ve spent hours researching dreams to provide you with a comprehensive guide for decoding your most enigmatic nighttime journeys. This book contains symbols and situations that appear most commonly in dreams and provides you with all the information you need to decide what each one means. Case studies from dream analysts show you how to interpret your dreams and understand what it is you really want. With The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams and What They Mean to You, you ll never spend another day trying to figure out what last night s dream meant. Atlantic Publishing is a small, independent publishing company based in Ocala, Florida. Founded over twenty years ago in the company president s garage, Atlantic Publishing has grown to become a renowned resource for non-fiction books. Today, over 450 titles are in print covering subjects such as small business, healthy living, management, finance, careers, and real estate. Atlantic Publishing prides itself on producing award winning, high-quality manuals that give readers up-to-date, pertinent information, real-world examples, and case studies with expert advice. Every book has resources, contact information, and web sites of the products or companies discussed.

Cosmic Wealth A Guide to Living the Prosperity of a Rich Inner Life

Author : Marie Mohler
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We all have innate talents. We all have tremendous prosperity. And we all have incredible creative power. When we tune in to the power of deliberate conscious creation, there is no end to what we can achieve. That infinite feeling of freedom is the bliss that is our divine birthright. This is the cosmic potential that lives within us all, if we choose to cultivate the prosperity of a rich inner life.Cosmic Wealth is a unique guide that invites us to better understand how to live the law of attraction, harmoniously with other universal concepts, in every day life. Channeled messages are interwoven with practical cosmic truths to create a richly refreshing perspective on the Creatorâs divine design. This wonderful book will help you remember the magic of belief, your incredible innate talents, many delightful cosmic principles, and the inward process of investing them all - to consciously and prosperously create the life of your dreams.

A Visionary Guide to Lucid Dreaming

Author : Lee Adams
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• Provides an extensive inventory of beginning, intermediate, and advanced tools and practices for meaningful lucid dreamwork and shows how dreams can shape our conscious reality if we incorporate them into waking life • Offers guidance to help you overcome mental or physical obstacles, including ways to stop sleep paralysis • Examines supplements to aid lucid dreaming practice and increase the vividness and recall of dreams Dreams offer a gateway into our psyche. Through lucid dreaming--when you have conscious awareness during sleep--you can access and interact with the subconscious mind for greater self-awareness, personal development, and transformation. In this step-by-step guide to dreamwork, Lee Adams provides tools and techniques for encouraging, remembering, and using lucid dreams for personal growth as well as how to have big dreams that leave a lasting impact. Beginning with an overview of the history of lucid dreaming, he shares tried-and-true foundational practices to get you started--practices for before sleep, during sleep, and after dreaming. Drawing upon Jungian depth psychology, recent research in neuroscience, and years of personal dream practice, Adams then offers an extensive inventory of intermediate and advanced methods to support meaningful dreamwork, such as the Wake Induced Lucid Dreams technique (WILD), where you fall asleep while conscious and transport your active awareness into a dream state. He also explores dream companions, symbols of the unconscious mind, dream interpretation, and working with the shadow side of the self. He examines how dreams can shape our conscious reality if we incorporate them or their symbols into waking life. He offers guidance to help you overcome any mental or physical obstacles you may encounter, including ways to stop sleep paralysis. He also examines supplements to aid lucid dreaming practice, improve dream recall, and increase the vividness of dreams, such as Alpha-GPC, 5-HTP, Silene undulata, Mugwort, the mushroom Lion’s Mane, and Galantamine. With this practical guide, you can ignite your mind’s capacity to wake up to your own dreams and restructure your world to be more attuned to your deeper self.

Inner Guide Meditation

Author : Edwin Steinbrecher
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Describes the transformational journey to enlightenment and awareness using the tarot, astrology, the Qabalah, the alchemy of transformation, and analytical psychology.

Lucid Dreaming

Author : Pamela Ball
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How and why we dream is one of life's deepest mysteries. Most of us have little awareness of our dreams and find them extremely difficult to recall. But people who can remain aware while dreaming have a tremendous advantage over those who can not. Dreaming lucidly enables us to explore hidden layers of consciousness and discover answers to many ...

An Endless Quest for Spiritual Truth A Practical Guide to Everyday Spirituality

Author : Eric Chifunda
File Size : 54.12 MB
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Would you like a fresh perspective on life that can inspire you to live a more loving, joyful, and Fulfilling life? This book is replete with articles on how one can gain deeper understanding of love in its higher form and spiritual truth that’s an integral part of our daily life. Since we all have a spiritual side and all events have an attendant spiritual aspect, sharpening of our perception of the spiritual realities can help us view life more clearly. And as we view life with

Lucid Dreaming

Author : Robert Waggoner
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While lucid (consciously aware) in the dream state and able to act and interact with dream figures, objects, and settings, dream expert Robert Waggoner experienced something transformative and unexpected. He was able to interact consciously with the dream observer-the apparent Inner Self-within the dream. At first this seemed shocking, even impossible, since psychology normally alludes to such theoretical inner aspects as the Subliminal Self, the Centre, the Internal Self-Helper in vague and theoretical ways. Waggoner came to realize, however, that aware interaction with the Inner Self was not only possible, but actual and highly inspiring. He concluded that while aware in the dream state, one has both a psychological tool and a platform from which to understand dreaming and the larger picture of man's psyche as well.


Author : Theresa Cheung
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Ever woken up from a dream and wondered what it was trying to tell you? Your dreams reveal your innermost thoughts, feelings, hopes and fears. They tell the story of the real YOU. Explore what different types of dreams mean and how you can use them for guidance and inspiration. Learn how to turn your dreams into creative and productive experiences to help you deal with real life: boys, friends, health, family and work. Dreams shows you how you can change your everyday life by discovering just how incredible you are. It is part of our stunning new Mind Body Spirit series for teenage girls - Amazing You.

Natural Magic Spells Enchantments Self Development

Author : Pamela Ball
File Size : 23.14 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Before there was formal religion there was magic, and to this day there are people who purport to perform 'miracles' with the aid of magical powers derived from nature or the spirit realm. These powers are still out there to be tapped into by us. All you need is the knowledge and know-how contained in Natural Magic. The book reveals: . H...

Fempowerment A Guide To Unleashing Your Inner Bond Girl The Companion Playbook

Author : Sandy Shepard
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Dreaming the Maya Fifth Sun

Author : Leonide Martin
File Size : 38.16 MB
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Can dreams be portals to different realities? Could they link the world of ancient Mayas to current times? Two women-a Maya priestess and modern spiritual seeker-are drawn together across centuries by Jana's recurrent dream. Risking everything she holds dear and putting her marriage in jeopardy, Jana is compelled to journey to jungle-shrouded Maya ruins where she encounters mysterious forces linking her to Maya priestess Yalucha, who was mandated centuries before to hide her people's mystical knowledge from the Conquistadors, to be revealed at a critical time. Jana's reluctant husband Robert is swept along into unsettling experiences with his own Maya roots. What secret bond weaves their lives together with the ancient Maya through events during the height of Tikal, Uxmal and Chichen Itza? In the countdown to the Maya calendar ending in 2012, Jana is called to re-enact a ritual at Chichen Itza to revive hidden knowledge. Could her choice to fulfill this ancient Maya prophecy make a difference for the world? Jana must rediscover her own Maya powers to contend with dark shamanic forces bent on preventing her mission-and activates forces that can heal or destroy her deepest love.

Dreaming Red

Author : Linda Pace
File Size : 29.11 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Since its founding in 1993 by the late Pace Foods heiress Linda Pace, Artpace has become one of the premiere foundations for contemporary art. An artist residency program based in San Antonio, Texas, Artpace's goal is to give artists time and space in which to imagine new ways to work. Each year, nine artists (three from Texas, three from other areas of the United States and three from abroad) are invited to the foundation to create new work. Selected by guest curators the likes of Robert Storr and Okwui Enwezor, the list of artists who have undertaken residencies at ArtPace is impressive, prescient and diverse, including Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Annette Messager, Tracey Moffatt, Xu Bing, Nancy Rubins, Cornelia Parker, Inigo Manglano-Ovalle, Glenn Ligon, Kendell Geers, Carolee Schneemann, Mona Hatoum, Isaac Julien, Arturo Herrera, and Christian Jankowski. Dreaming Red includes illustrations of all the works created at ArtPace since its inception, an essay by art historian Eleanor Heartney, short essays on selected artists by the guest curators, including Cuauhtémoc Medina, Lynne Cooke, Chrissie Iles and Judith Russi Kirshner, and a lengthy essay on the personal history of the foundation and its founder.

Experiences with Spiritual Reality

Author : John Jensen
File Size : 35.97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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As we align our consciousness with God's action in us, we place ourselves in reach of daily miracles. In Beginning Your Spiritual Journey, traditional spirituality from "the science of the saints" joins with advances in the understanding of consciousness from New/Old Age religion and modern psychology. Psychologist, former Catholic priest, and student of religions John Jensen explains how to approach the presence of God and change one's life to align with God's encompassing activity. He asks readers to understand why they want to pursue a spiritual life, and then to engage consciously in a learning process about the nature of God and Soul. Grounding the process in direct experience offers a way to assess progress as it crosses slowly into the intangible. The book addresses from many angles the common difficulty of discerning what's real and true, and the importance of finding a personal spiritual guide to work with on the inner planes as well as outwardly. It explains the critical role of spiritual exercises and the essential daily discipline of withdrawing consciousness away from all forms of negativity-moral, spiritual, emotional, and behavioral--and redirecting it toward God.

Dreaming Yourself Aware

Author : Joan Harthan
File Size : 53.51 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This dream book is based on the belief that only you can accurately interpret your dreams. This book will guide you, in easy to follow steps, to understanding yourself better through your analysing and interpreting your dreams. Learn how to remember and record your dreams. A structured approach with lots of tools to understand your dreams.

The Art of Spiritual Dreaming

Author : Harold Klemp
File Size : 50.4 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Your life is the canvas. You are the artist. Paint a more fulfilling life for yourself using Harold Klemp's proven techniques in The Art of Spiritual Dreaming. Your dreams are the secret to creating a masterpiece. Learning to see and use the wisdom you receive from your dreams is an art. The great French Renaissance thinker Montaigne wrote, "Dreams are faithful interpreters of our inclinations; but there is art required to sort and understand them." Throughout the ages, dreams were held in high esteem. Prophets like Moses and dream interpreters like Joseph held the fate of nations in their hands. Solomon is supposed to have said that there is no new thing under the sun. Harold Klemp shows us there is something beyond the sun. He places the spiritual dream in its rightful place at the center of the whole subject of dreams. He shows you how to discover your dream's spiritual gold. Your dreams are real. Learn how dreams can help you gain insights from the past and future, grow in confidence, heal yourself spiritually, make decisions about your career and finances. Do this from a unique point of view: recognize the spiritual nature of your dreams. Create your masterpiece!

I See Your Soul Mate

Author : Sue Frederick
File Size : 86.6 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This remarkable step-by-step guide to finding your soul mate brings a fresh perspective to love. According to author Sue Frederick, an intuitive since childhood, we've all come here to accomplish a great mission. Honoring who we came here to be opens the door to allow our soul mate to stand beside us. In I See Your Soul Mate, Frederick teaches how to use intuitive recognition to guide you flawlessly to love through your own powerful reinvention. In this book, you'll find ways to: - Discover why you are not attracting the right kind of person and how to remedy that - Uncover psychic blocks that keep you from finding true love - Identify the qualities, energy patterns, and careers that will put you in the path of "the one" - Understand why your relationships never last longer than a few months - Learn intuitive dating techniques - Hone your intuition to make better choices for your love life in the future - Immerse yourself in accomplishing your soul mission so that you're naturally attractive to the right person - See your future soul mate by accessing powerful dream guidance - Find true love!