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Author : Helen Dunmore
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A whisper on the tide Sapphire's father mysteriously vanishes into the waves off the Cornwall coast where her family has always lived. She misses him terribly, and she longs to hear his spellbinding tales about the Mer, who live in the underwater kingdom of Ingo. Perhaps that is why she imagines herself being pulled like a magnet toward the sea. But when her brother, Conor, starts disappearing for hours on end, Sapphy starts to believe she might not be the only one who hears the call of the ocean. In a novel full of longing, mystery, and magic, Helen Dunmore takes us to a new world that has the power both to captivate and to destroy.

Kontakte Photographien von Ingo Bulla

Author : Ingo Bulla
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INGO Directory

Author :
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The Ingo Chronicles Ingo

Author : Helen Dunmore
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As they search for their missing father near their Cornwall home, Sapphy and her brother Conor learn about their family's connection to the domains of air and of water.

Ingo G nther Republik Com

Author : Ingo Günther
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Artwork by Ingo Gunther.

Simple Stories

Author : Ingo Schulze
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Prize-winning German writer Ingo Schulze's first novel, Simple Stories, is a marvel of storytelling and craft. Set in the East German town of Altenburg after the fall of the Berlin Wall, it deftly leaps among an array of confused characters caught in the crossroads of their country’s history: a lovelorn waitress who falls for a visiting West German investor; an art historian turned traveling salesman; a former Communist official plagued by his past; an unsuccessful writer who asks his neighbor to break his leg so that he can continue to live on welfare. Schulze skillfully intercuts an assortment of moving and comic vignettes about seemingly unconnected people, gradually linking them into an exhilarating whole of tidal unity and emotional force, until we see that all the time we have been reading a novel in glittering fragments, spun by a master. With a piercing eye for detail and a magical ear for dialogue, Schulze portrays the tragi-comedy of ordinary people caught up in the last great historical upheaval of the century.

Gestalten mit Licht

Author : Ingo Maurer
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Ingo Maurer has been illuminating lives since 1966, when he designed his first light fixture for an installation at the Herman Miller showroom in Munich. His creation was entitled Bulb and featured a light bulb within a light bulb. The design was so successful that Maurer had to produce more to match the demand. Since then, his fascination with lighting, his pursuit of simplicity of form, and his talents as a graphic designer and typographer have brought him to the forefront of his field. His work has been exhibited in countless museums and it has brightened urban bridges, artistic exhibitions, retail and commercial spaces as well as numerous private homes. Arranged thematically, this dazzling retrospective brings together an extensive and representative selection of Maurer's lamps and lighting systems. Contributions by design experts, including Issey Miyake and Paola Antonelli, round out this portrait of a creative mind who continues to push the boundaries of lighting design. 600 colour illustrations.

The Crossing Of Ingo

Author : Helen Dunmore
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In this final book of the Ingo series, Sapphy and her brotherConor have been called to take part in the ancient and dangerouscoming-of-age ritual known as the Crossing of Ingo. It’sa trial for even the strongest Mer—and Sapphy and Conor willbe the first of human blood ever to make an attempt. However,not everyone is happy that Sapphy and Conor are joining inthis ancient Mer tradition, particularly Ervys, whose influenceamongst the Mer is increasing daily. Ervys wants to cleanseIngo of all mixed blood and will stop at nothing to do so. Hewill use every trick—everything in the sea—to make sure Sapphyand her brother do not return. The Crossing of Ingo is notjust a rite of passage for Sapphy, Conor, Faro and Elvira; it’s amatter of life and death.

The Complete Ingo Chronicles Ingo The Tide Knot The Deep The Crossing of Ingo Stormswept The Ingo Chronicles

Author : Helen Dunmore
File Size : 49.40 MB
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Award-winning author Helen Dunmore’s INGO saga, a beautiful mermaid series for readers of 9 and up, now available in an unmissable ebook collection containing all five novels. Readers will be drawn into a watery world of mystery and magic by this haunting, sea-drenched series set on the coast of Cornwall . . .


Author : Ingo Swann
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Ingo Swann -- renowned psi researcher -- reveals a long-held secret series of experiences with a "deep black" agency whose apparent charter was simple: UFOs and extraterrestrials on the moon and worries about ET telepathic/mind control powers. The agency was so secret that it had no paper trail, and hence no written secrecy agreements. Only the verbal ones, which in Ingo's case expired several years ago. Now, in this era of burgeoning UFO "glasnost," he tells a story of meetings held in a secret underground facility not far from Washington DC, and of being taken to a remote location near the Arctic Circle to witness the expected arrival of a huge UFO over the surface of an Alaskan lake. This book discusses undeveloped human telepathy and contrasts it with the probable existence of fully developed alien telepathy, which may have many different forms. Ingo also explores the fact that we officially know far more than we're admitting about the Moon -- its origins, its atmosphere, its occupants and many other unusual features. Penetration is about one of the means by which we can learn more about those not of this earth (and vice-versa) -- telepathy. Do we have the means to answer some very important questions that many have been asking for quite a long time? Inside this book are the answers to some.