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InFormative Assessment

Author : Robin J. Fogarty
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Use assessment as a powerful tool to inform instruction and learning! With practical, informed assessment techniques, you can increase your instructional effectiveness and demonstrate improvements in student learning. This research-based book, part of the In A Nutshell series, provides a succinct yet substantive discussion about formative assessments and how they impact the teaching/learning cycle. The authors present results-oriented methods, offer invaluable tips, and examine three types of inFormative assessments: - Routine inFormative Assessments to weave into everyday instruction - Reflective inFormative Assessments to foster self-assessment for students and teachers - Rigorous inFormative Assessments to provide continuous tools that inform teaching practices and student learning

INFORMative Assessment

Author : Jeane M. Joyner
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"Teachers can change classroom practices so that the information they gather through formative assessment strategies (good questions; written, oral, and self-assessments; mathematically rich tasks) supports their instructional decisions and leads to greater student learning and long-term success"--

Exam Prep for INFORMative Assessment Formative Assessment

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Enhancing Learning through Formative Assessment and Feedback

Author : Alastair Irons
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This book is based on the argument that detailed and developmental formative feedback is the single most useful thing teachers can do for students. It helps to clarify the expectations of higher education and assist all students to achieve their potential. This book promotes student learning through formative assessment and feedback, which: enables self-assessment and reflection in learning encourages teacher-student dialogue helps clarify what is good performance provides students with quality information to help improve their learning encourages motivation and self-confidence in students aids the teacher in shaping teaching Underpinned by the relevant theory, the practical advice and examples in this book directly address the issues of how to motivate students to engage in formative assessment effectively and shows teachers how they can provide further useful formative feedback.

Formative Assessment

Author : Harry G. Tuttle
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This "how-to" book on formative assessment is filled with practical suggestions for teachers who want to use formative assessment in their classrooms. With practical strategies, tools, and examples for teachers of all subjects and grade levels, this book shows you how to use formative assessment to promote successful student learning.

Uncovering Student Ideas in Science 25 more formative assessment probes

Author : Page Keeley
File Size : 64.23 MB
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A resource for educators contains brief activities to help identify students' preconceptions about core science topics and includes teacher notes, research summaries, and suggestions for instructional approaches for teaching elementary, middle, and high school students.

Summative Assessment in the Early Years

Author : Carole Sharman
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An informative practical guide to observation, assessment and planning in EYFS settings. The main focus of this book covers how to observe children in the setting, and how, using the results from summative assessment in partnership with parents, can help children fill their potential. Clearly set out, user friendly advice, linked to Early Years Matters and brought to life by full-colour photographs of real children in real settings.

Activating Assessment for All Students

Author : Mary Hamm
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This book builds on the expanding knowledge of what works in classrooms and suggests approaches that can open up individual and group possibilities for science and mathematics instruction, suggesting ways that formative assessment practices can inform differentiated teaching, learning, and assessment.

Windows Into the Classroom

Author : Claudia A. Gentile
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Based on a survey conducted in 1992 by the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), a study examined the types of writing students performed in school, the quality of their classroom writing, and the relationship between their classroom writing and their performance on the NAEP writing assessment. A nationally representative subgroup of more than 3,000 fourth and eighth graders who participated in the 1992 NAEP writing assessment submitted three pieces of writing that represented their best writing efforts and reflected different kinds of writing (narrative, informative, persuasive). Students were asked to give special preference to pieces developed using writing process strategies such as pre-writing activities, consulting with others about writing, and revising successive drafts. Teachers completed a brief questionnaire and students wrote a letter explaining their selections. Each student portfolio underwent a 3-part analysis. Major findings included: (1) most students submitted narrative and/or informative writing; (2) at fourth grade, most of the informative papers were brief and undeveloped; (3) most of the fourth-grade informative writing was at a basic level; (4) the majority of papers showed evidence that their writers had employed process strategies; (5) students who spent more time on writing performed better on their portfolio writing; and (6) generally, the correlation between assessment and portfolio ratings was low for narrative and informative writing for both grades. Contains 32 tables and 9 figures of data. A summary of state writing assessment programs, a 100-item annotated bibliography, a procedural appendix, administration materials, and examples of students' writing are attached.) (RS)

Clinical Management of Sensorimotor Speech Disorders

Author : Malcolm R. McNeil
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Bringing together the expertise of leading research practitioners in the field, the second edition of Clinical Management of Sensorimotor Speech Disorders is an up-to-date reference for the underlying theory and the basic principles of assessment and treatment. This book provides a solid foundation in the conceptual framework essential for classifying and differentiating disorders according to clinical categories. It covers the theory underlying measurement strategies including acoustic, kinematic, aerodynamic, and electromyographic techniques, and guides the reader through treatments for each disorder. New in this edition is a comprehensive section with in-depth coverage of the diseases, syndromes, and pathologic conditions which are accompanied by sensorimotor speech disorders. These chapters provide concise descriptions of the disease and its signs and symptoms, neuropathology, epidemiology, and etiology. Each chapter goes on to present the speech impairment associated with the disorder and its signs and symptoms, etiology, neuropathology, associated cognitive, linguistic, and communicative signs and symptoms, special diagnostic considerations, treatment, and key references.Features: Clear articulation of theoretical issues provides a strong foundation for the clinical management of the dysarthrias, apraxia, and speech problems secondary to hearing loss New chapter on neurogenic fluency disorders Extensive discussion of neuropathologic conditions that cause sensorimotor speech disorders Authoritative and comprehensive, this expanded edition will prove to be the reference of choice for students in speech-language pathology programs as well as clinicians and researchers.

CSE Report

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Assessing Student Achievement

Author : Christopher Deneen
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Some teachers and administrators consider "test" a four-letter word to be avoided in polite society. But tests are a fact of life in schools; they can't be ignored and, when properly used, can be beneficial to students and teachers. Christopher Deneen and James Deneen have written a practical guide to testing.

Teaching Learning Assessing Science 5 12

Author : Wynne Harlen
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A new and totally revised edition of Teaching and Learning Primary Science. The author provides a theoretical rationale for why science should be taught in particular ways, and ideas and examples of how to do it.

Physical Health Education Journal

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"Canada's magazine for physical and health educators".

Assessing Campus Diversity Initiatives

Author : Mildred García
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"Drawing on emerging research and proven instruments, [the authors] are offering some of the necessary tools needed to evaluate diversity work, whatever one's subject matter or level of expertise in assessment"--

Assessment for the New Curriculum

Author : Joanne Gainen
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Teaching at The Ohio State University

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Critical Thinking Education and Assessment

Author : Leo Groarke
File Size : 70.95 MB
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Classroom Based Assessment

Author : Bonnie Campbell Hill
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Forum for Promoting 3 19 Comprehensive Education

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