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Information Security the Next Decade

Author : Jan H.P. Eloff
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These are the proceedings of the Eleventh International Information Security Conference which was held in Cape Town, South Africa, May 1995. This conference addressed the information security requirements of the next decade and papers were presented covering a wide range of subjects including current industry expectations and current research aspects. The evolutionary development of information security as a professional and research discipline was discussed along with security in open distributed systems and security in groupware.

Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science

Author : Allen Kent
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"The Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science provides an outstanding resource in 33 published volumes with 2 helpful indexes. This thorough reference set---written by 1300 eminent, international experts---offers librarians, information/computer scientists, bibliographers, documentalists, systems analysts, and students, convenient access to the techniques and tools of both library and information science. Impeccably researched, cross referenced, alphabetized by subject, and generously illustrated, the Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science integrates the essential theoretical and practical information accumulating in this rapidly growing field. The self-contained Supplements (each Supplement contains A-Z coverage) highlight new trends, describe the latest advances, and profile key people making critical contributions to the field. Recent individual Supplements considered topics such as Archival Science to User Needs Concept-Based Indexing and Retrieval of Hypermedia Information to Using Self-Checkout Technology to Increase Productivity and Patron Service in the Library Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Approach to Fraud Investigation to Visual Search in Modern Human-Computer Interfaces Supplement Volumes 36-61 are available; additional supplements in preparation."

Future Challenges in Security and Privacy for Academia and Industry

Author : Jan Camenisch
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 26th IFIP TC 11 International Information Security Conference, SEC 2011, held in Lucerne, Switzerland, in June 2011. The 24 revised full papers presented together with a keynote talk were carefully reviewed and selected from 100 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on malware, information flow and DoS attacks, authentication, network security and security protocols, software security, policy compliance and obligations, privacy attacks and privacy-enhancing technologies, risk analysis and security metrics, and intrusion detection.

Trusted Information

Author : Michel Dupuy
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Since the early eighties IFIP/Sec has been an important rendezvous for Information Technology researchers and specialists involved in all aspects of IT security. The explosive growth of the Web is now faced with the formidable challenge of providing trusted information. IFIP/Sec’01 is the first of this decade (and century) and it will be devoted to “Trusted Information - the New Decade Challenge” This proceedings are divided in eleven parts related to the conference program. Session are dedicated to technologies: Security Protocols, Smart Card, Network Security and Intrusion Detection, Trusted Platforms. Others sessions are devoted to application like eSociety, TTP Management and PKI, Secure Workflow Environment, Secure Group Communications, and on the deployment of applications: Risk Management, Security Policies andTrusted System Design and Management. The year 2001 is a double anniversary. First, fifteen years ago, the first IFIP/Sec was held in France (IFIP/Sec’86, Monte-Carlo) and 2001 is also the anniversary of smart card technology. Smart cards emerged some twenty years ago as an innovation and have now become pervasive information devices used for highly distributed secure applications. These cards let millions of people carry a highly secure device that can represent them on a variety of networks. To conclude, we hope that the rich “menu” of conference papers for this IFIP/Sec conference will provide valuable insights and encourage specialists to pursue their work in trusted information.

Information Security Management Handbook

Author : Harold F. Tipton
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Since 1993, the Information Security Management Handbook has served not only as an everyday reference for information security practitioners but also as an important document for conducting the intense review necessary to prepare for the Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) examination. Now completely revised and updated and i

Information Security Management Handbook on CD ROM 2006 Edition

Author : Micki Krause
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The need for information security management has never been greater. With constantly changing technology, external intrusions, and internal thefts of data, information security officers face threats at every turn. The Information Security Management Handbook on CD-ROM, 2006 Edition is now available. Containing the complete contents of the Information Security Management Handbook, this is a resource that is portable, linked and searchable by keyword. In addition to an electronic version of the most comprehensive resource for information security management, this CD-ROM contains an extra volume's worth of information that is not found anywhere else, including chapters from other security and networking books that have never appeared in the print editions. Exportable text and hard copies are available at the click of a mouse. The Handbook's numerous authors present the ten domains of the Information Security Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) ®. The CD-ROM serves as an everyday reference for information security practitioners and an important tool for any one preparing for the Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) ® examination. New content to this Edition: Sensitive/Critical Data Access Controls Role-Based Access Control Smartcards A Guide to Evaluating Tokens Identity Management-Benefits and Challenges An Examination of Firewall Architectures The Five "W's" and Designing a Secure Identity Based Self-Defending Network Maintaining Network Security-Availability via Intelligent Agents PBX Firewalls: Closing the Back Door Voice over WLAN Spam Wars: How to Deal with Junk E-Mail Auditing the Telephony System: Defenses against Communications Security Breaches and Toll Fraud The "Controls" Matrix Information Security Governance

The History of Information Security

Author : Karl Maria Michael de Leeuw
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Information Security is usually achieved through a mix of technical, organizational and legal measures. These may include the application of cryptography, the hierarchical modeling of organizations in order to assure confidentiality, or the distribution of accountability and responsibility by law, among interested parties. The history of Information Security reaches back to ancient times and starts with the emergence of bureaucracy in administration and warfare. Some aspects, such as the interception of encrypted messages during World War II, have attracted huge attention, whereas other aspects have remained largely uncovered. There has never been any effort to write a comprehensive history. This is most unfortunate, because Information Security should be perceived as a set of communicating vessels, where technical innovations can make existing legal or organisational frame-works obsolete and a breakdown of political authority may cause an exclusive reliance on technical means. This book is intended as a first field-survey. It consists of twenty-eight contributions, written by experts in such diverse fields as computer science, law, or history and political science, dealing with episodes, organisations and technical developments that may considered to be exemplary or have played a key role in the development of this field. These include: the emergence of cryptology as a discipline during the Renaissance, the Black Chambers in 18th century Europe, the breaking of German military codes during World War II, the histories of the NSA and its Soviet counterparts and contemporary cryptology. Other subjects are: computer security standards, viruses and worms on the Internet, computer transparency and free software, computer crime, export regulations for encryption software and the privacy debate. - Interdisciplinary coverage of the history Information Security - Written by top experts in law, history, computer and information science - First comprehensive work in Information Security

National Computer Security Conference 1993 16th Proceedings

Author : DIANE Publishing Company
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Presentations of a conference. Covers a wide range of topics spanning the new draft Federal Criteria for Information Security, research and development activities, techniques for building secure computer systems and networks, and ethics issues. Papers and panels address harmonization of U.S. criteria for information technology security with international criteria, future techniques for integrating commercial off-the-shelf products into secure systems, access control and other networking challenges, etc. Numerous tables and figures.

10 Best College Majors for the Next Decade

Author : Matthew Warner
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Today's college students face a difficult decision: how to choose the right college major. With so many choices, and a major job shortage across the country, it is hard to know which majors will help a college graduate find a job and build a lucrative career. This book provides valuable data on the top emerging fields that are set to explode with job opportunities over the next 5 to 10 years. It examines several sources of research and summarizes it all in a simple, easy to read format that gives the prospective student the information they need to decide on the best college major for them. The comprehensive book discusses the top 10 fields of study, and for each college major it provides: - Coursework and recommended electives - Top colleges and universities for each major in each region of the country - Estimated tuition for each school - Typical job titles in the field - Average salaries for the field, including high and low ranges - States with the highest employment opportunities for each field - Projected areas for advancement and research - Other interesting facts impacting the field - Projected job growth over the next decade - Why each field is considered a top emerging job field

Techniques and Applications for Advanced Information Privacy and Security Emerging Organizational Ethical and Human Issues

Author : Nemati, Hamid
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"This book provides a thorough understanding of issues and concerns in information technology security"--Provided by publisher.

Handbook of Research on Social and Organizational Liabilities in Information Security

Author : Gupta, Manish
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"This book offers insightful articles on the most salient contemporary issues of managing social and human aspects of information security"--Provided by publisher.

The Social and Economic Impact of New Technology 1978 84 A Select Bibliography

Author : Leslie Grayson
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Silicon chip technology; microprocessor technology; information technology; or quite simply new technology. These are some of the names representing the microelectronics revolution depending upon the audience being addressed by speaker or writer. No previous new industrial development has caused such widespread publicity and discussion amongst users and researchers as the new technology. Concern is being expressed about the effects of new technology on employment, job satisfaction, social life, leisure activities and the economics of commerce and industry. The late 70s saw many doom-laden predictions of those effects but by 1983 both management and trade unions were taking a more objective view of the social and economic impacts, and many correspondents now see the new technology as a means of opening up new industries and overcoming the effects of world recessions. The "chip" has involved the factory floor, the office, the supermarket and the home. Electronic funds transfer, electronic shopping, microelectronic domestic appliances, word processors and microprocessor-controlled machinery mean that the new technology has pervaded all aspects of social and economic life, and the developed countries are now coming to accept it as part of society as a whole. Inevitably the flood of literature on the social and economic impacts of new technology has been overwhelming. Unfortunately the quality of information and arguments propagated at conferences, in journal papers and research reports has indicated that there has been little quantifiable evidence available on the effects of these impacts.

Advances in Network and Communications Engineering

Author : Steven Furnell
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Pakistan s Security Problems and Challenges in the Next Decade

Author : Salma Malik
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Corporate Risk Management

Author : Tony Merna
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The book analyzes, compares, and contrasts tools and techniques used in risk management at corporate, strategic business and project level and develops a risk management mechanism for the sequencing of risk assessment through corporate, strategic and project stages of an investment in order to meet the requirements of the 1999 Turnbull report. By classifying and categorizing risk within these levels it is possible to drill down and roll-up to any level of the organizational structure and to establish the risks that each project is most sensitive to, so that appropriate risk response strategies may be implemented to benefit all stakeholders. "The new edition of this book provides a clear insight into the intricacies of corporate risk management and the addition of the case study exemplars aids understanding of the management of multiple projects in the real world." —Professor Nigel Smith, Head of the School of Civil Engineering, University of Leeds

Cyber Security and Global Information Assurance Threat Analysis and Response Solutions

Author : Knapp, Kenneth J.
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"This book provides a valuable resource by addressing the most pressing issues facing cyber-security from both a national and global perspective"--Provided by publisher.

Building a Future with BRICs

Author : Mark Kobayashi-Hillary
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In 2003, Goldman Sachs published a startling report on the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) region: These four countries would be larger than the G6 economics within 40 years, muscling their way to economic dominance and powering past developed countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, and Japan. This book focuses on the technology and technology-enabled services that underpin this revolution. The editor analyses the reasons why these four countries are in a unique position to lead a 21st century growth in international services. He then features 12 chapters written by the most important chief executives from the BRICs service economy.

Challenges for Next Generation Network Operations and Service Management

Author : Yan Ma
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 11th Asia-Pacific Network Operations and Management Symposium, APNOMS 2008, held in Beijing, China, in October 2008. The 43 revised full papers and 34 revised short papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 195 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on routing and topology management; fault management; community and virtual group management; autonomous and distributed control; sensor network management; traffic identification; QoS management; policy and service management; wireless and mobile network management; security management; short papers.

Water Security

Author : The World Economic Forum Water Initiative
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The world is on the brink of the greatest crisis it has ever faced: a spiraling lack of fresh water. Groundwater is drying up, even as water demands for food production, for energy, and for manufacturing are surging. Water is already emerging as a headline geopolitical issue—and worsening water security will soon have dire consequences in many parts of the global economic system. Directed by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon at the 2008 Davos Annual Meeting, the World Economic Forum assembled the world’s foremost group of public, private, non-governmental-organization and academic experts to examine the water crisis issue from all perspectives. The result of their work is this forecast—a stark, non-technical overview of where we will be by 2025 if we take a business-as-usual approach to (mis)managing our water resources. The findings are shocking. Perhaps equally stunning are the potential solutions and the recommendations that the group presents. All are included in this landmark publication. Water Security contains compelling commentary from leading decision-makers, past and present. The commentary is supported by analysis from leading academics of how the world economy will be affected if world leaders cannot agree on solutions. The book suggests how business and politics need to manage the energy-food-water-climate axis as leaders negotiate the details of the climate regime that replace Kyoto Protocols.

Information Assurance in Computer Networks Methods Models and Architectures for Network Security

Author : Vladimir I. Gorodetski
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This book presents the refereed proceedings of the International Workshop on Mathematical Methods, Models, and Architectures for Network Security Systems, MMM-ACNS 2001, held in St. Petersburg in May 2001. The 24 revised full papers presented together with five invited contributions were carefully reviewed and selected from 36 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on network security systems: foundations, models and architectures; intrusion detection: foundations and models; access control, authentication, and authorization; and cryptography and steganography: mathematical basis, protocols, and applied methods.