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Information Communication Technology for Adults with Down Syndrome

Author : Ken Ryba
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Information communication technology (ICT) presents a range of new opportunities for adults with Down syndrome to gain access to tools for learning, communication, and personal development. This book focuses on the context of the life of adults with Down syndrome, and how ICT can be used to improve their quality of life.

ICT4D Information and Communication Technology for Development

Author : P. T. H. Unwin
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communities." --Book Jacket.

Information and Communication Technologies in Education

Author : Harriet Taylor
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This volume examines the many aspects of the integration of ICT into the school of the future. It describes the experiences of different countries in developing models of schools of the future with ICT at the foundation. It provides insights into the essential conditions for developing future new learning environments supported by ICT. It includes perspectives from both developed and developing countries as they prepare for future educational systems of the Information Age.

Equity and Information Communication Technology ICT in Education

Author : Neil Anderson
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Information communication technologies (ICT) permeate almost every facet of our daily business and have become an important priority for formal and informal education. This places an enormous responsibility to achieve equitable deployment of ICT on governments, education systems, and communities. Important equity issues examined in this book include gender issues, disability, digital divide, hardware and software developments, and knowledge transfer. Previous books have tended to concentrate on single aspects of equity and computer use; this book fills the pressing need for a comprehensive look at the issues. Equity and Information Communication Technology (ICT) in Education is an essential book for professionals involved in this emerging area of study, and a useful text for undergraduate and graduate classrooms.

The Introduction of Information and Communication Technology ICT in Organizations

Author : J. H. Erik Andriessen
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Information and communication technology ICT in organizations has many faces, such as office automation, production automation, telecommunication and electronic networks connecting organizations. The "C" in "ICT" refers to the fact that, besides information processing technologies, a rapid growth can be found in computer-assisted communication technologies and computer-supported co-operative work. Organizations change as a result of socio-economic and technological developments. New organizational forms and work arrangements are emerging, and ICT is adapted and designed to solve problems caused by these changes. The impact of the introduction of ICT becomes apparent in changes in work patterns, qualifications and decision-making procedures. In this special issue, the implementation processes and some of the consequences are discussed, mostly on the basis of empirical studies.; Contributions include: a discussion of recent developments of ICT and organizational change in the banking sector; an analysis of the introduction of technological innovation in the ambulance service in several big cities; and an illustration of the different options in introduction strategies, including methods used to facilitate user participation in systems development. In some cases, so-called business re-engineering processes form the framework for the analysis.

Encyclopedia of Information Communication Technology

Author : Cartelli, Antonio
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NetLibrary named the Encyclopedia of Information Communication Technology as their September 2008 e-book of the month! CLICK HERE to view the announcement. The Encyclopedia of Information Communication Technology (ICT) is a comprehensive resource describing the influence of information communication technology in scientific knowledge construction, with emphasis on the roles of product technologies, process technologies, and context technologies. Through 111 authoritative contributions by 93 of the world's leading experts this reference covers the materials and instruments of information technology: from ICT in education to software engineering; the influence of ICT on different environments, including e-commerce, decision support systems, knowledge management, and more; and the most pervasive presence of information technology, including studies and research on knowledge management, the human side of ICT, ICT in healthcare, and virtual organizations, among many others. Addressing many of the fundamental issues of information communication technology, the Encyclopedia of Information Communication Technology will be a top-shelf resource for any reference library.

Information Communication Technology and Poverty Alleviation

Author : Jack J. Barry
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Despite global economic disparities, recent years have seen rapid technological changes in developing countries, as it is now common to see people across all levels of society with smartphones in their hands and computers in their homes. However, does access to Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) actually improve the day-to-day lives of low-income citizens? This book argues that access to the internet can help alleviate poverty, improve development outcomes, and is now vital for realizing many human rights. This book posits that good governance is essential to the realization of inclusive pro-poor development goals, and puts forward policy recommendations that aim to mitigate the complex digital divide by employing governance as the primary actor. In making his argument, the author provides a quantitative analysis of developing countries, conjoined with a targeted in-depth study of Mexico. This mixed method approach provides an intriguing case for how improvements in the quality of governance impacts both ICT penetration, and poverty alleviation. Overall, the book challenges the neoliberal deterministic perspective that the open market will "solve" technology diffusion, and argues instead that good governance is the lynchpin that creates conducive conditions for ICTs to make an impact on poverty alleviation. In fact, the digital divide should not be considered binary, rather it is a multifaceted problem where income, education, and language all need to be considered to address it effectively. This book will be useful for researchers/students of development, communication technologies, and comparative politics as well as for development practitioners and policy makers with an interest in how modern technology is impacting the poor in the developing world.

Mobile Information Communication Technologies Adoption in Developing Countries

Author : Ahmed Gad Abdel-Wahab
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"This book reviews different approaches and methodologies used in dealing with issues related to mobile ICTs, and presents successful examples mobile ICT adoption in developing countries, addressesing the impact of culture on mobile ICT adoption and deployment"--Provided by publisher.

Information and Communication Technologies Society and Human Beings Theory and Framework Festschrift in honor of Gunilla Bradley

Author : Haftor, Darek
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Information and Communication Technologies, Society and Human Beings: Theory and Framework addresses the extensive area of effects of ICT on human beings and the interaction between ICT, individuals, organizations, and society. This premier reference source features contributions from over 45 distinguished researchers from around the world, each presenting high quality research on Social Informatics, Human Computer Interaction, Organizational Behavior, and Macro-ergonomics. This unique publication is perfect for students, teachers, researchers, engineers, practitioners, managers, policy-makers, and media alike.

Information and Communication Technology for Intelligent Systems

Author : Suresh Chandra Satapathy
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The book gathers papers addressing state-of-the-art research in all areas of Information and Communication Technologies and their applications in intelligent computing, cloud storage, data mining and software analysis. It presents the outcomes of the third International Conference on Information and Communication Technology for Intelligent Systems, which was held on April 6–7, 2018, in Ahmedabad, India. Divided into two volumes, the book discusses the fundamentals of various data analytics and algorithms, making it a valuable resource for researchers’ future studies.

Information Communication Technology and Economic Development

Author : Tojo Joseph Thatchenkery
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Information Communication Technology and Economic Development provides a quick and broad overview of the Indian ICT sector. With its exhaustive examination of the business management and industrial organisation of the ICT sector, it is a particularly useful tool for any researcher or policy analyst interested in a thorough analysis of the mechanics of the sector and the Indian context within which it operates. Syud Amer Ahmed, Papers in Regional Science India has become a highly visible participant in the information communication technology (ICT) industry. Since the 1990s, it has been one of the fastest growing economies in the world, emerging as the most watched test of global capitalism. The contributors to this volume examine how the ICT-driven development of India appears to have skipped the middle stages of the traditional economic development models and leapfrogged directly to the final stage whereby growth is mostly technologically driven. Information Communication Technology and Economic Development reveals new insights regarding the complex process of globalization. It shows how the generation and circulation of intellectual capital in the US and India in ICT have led to greater productivity in the US while facilitating the economic development of India. Most industrialized nations now see the vast intellectual capital-based services that India provides at extremely competitive rates as key to their own national competitiveness in the global arena. The contributors findings suggest that India s ICT-led growth will accelerate in the next ten years, launching India as a major global economic power next to the US and China. This provocative and timely volume will be a necessary read for students and scholars of international business, public policy, economic development, management and strategy as well as all those interested in the impact of globalization on national and regional economies.

Information And Communication Technology In Education Interactive Multi Media Instructional Strategies For Teaching Learning Process

Author : Anjali Khirwadkar
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Information and Communication Technologies in Action

Author : Larry D. Browning
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This book combines 20 stories from a variety of organizations with a selection of nine theories, both mainstream and emerging. The stories introduce readers to individuals talking about how they communicate today via information and communication technologies (ICTs) in business or organizational contexts. The theories, presented in accessible language, illuminate the implicit patterns in these stories. This book demonstrates how and why these technologies are used under myriad circumstances.

Information Communication Technologies Concepts Methodologies Tools and Applications

Author : Van Slyke, Craig
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The rapid development of information communication technologies (ICTs) is having a profound impact across numerous aspects of social, economic, and cultural activity worldwide, and keeping pace with the associated effects, implications, opportunities, and pitfalls has been challenging to researchers in diverse realms ranging from education to competitive intelligence.


Author : T. Manichander
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Understanding Information and Communication Technology

Author : Stephen Doyle
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Written for the AS component of Understanding ICT and designed to provide full support for those taking the AS qualification.

ICT4D Information Communication Technology for Development

Author : Parveen Pannu
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he present book discusses how digital revolution can be used effectively for development. Every sector is involved — governments, academia, small and large businesses, large corporations, inter-governmental organizations, and non-profits and non-governmental organizations. ICTs can be a useful tool to support existing and new development activities. The book highlights the range of electronic technologies and techniques which are used to manage information and knowledge; it includes the 'old ICTs' of raido, television and telephone, and the 'new ICTs' of computers, satellite and wireless technology and the internet. Spread in twenty-five chapters the book combines conceptual framework with practical guidance explaining the different ICTs. It focuses on disseminating the theoretical and the practical knowledge about the old and new ICTs and using the specialized knowledge for development. The book aims to highlight the role of ICTs to empower people with skills related to media, technology, journalism and an ability to make decisions regarding convergence of ICTs, enabling them to improve their living standards and quality of life. The book is meant to be extremely useful for the students of Communication and Extension, Journalism, Mass Media, Home Science, Social Work, etc. This book provides a comprehensive overview on the information communication technologies. A prominent feature of the book is that it includes numerous examples in usage of ICT4D. — Asit Jolly, Asian Age "This book is a valuable addition to the body of knowledge on the link between ICTs and development. It is a must have for the students of mass communication and media practitioners!" — Raveen Thukral, City Editor, The Tribune "ICT4D endeavors to provide the link between ICTs and development, drawing on studies from various parts of India where ICTs have contributed to delivering development & examples from the world global in nature" — Ashu Phakey, COO, Dainik Bhaskar (Bhaskar Group)

African Response to the Information Communication Technology Revolution

Author : G. Olalere Ajayi
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Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism 1999

Author : Dimitrios Buhalis
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During the last couple of years we learned that infonnation and communication technologies have to be seen as key factors for the success in various industries. Especially in tourism it became evident, that missing the developments in this sector could not only be fatal for the unfolding of the businesses, but also unrenouncable in order to withstand in competition. The objective of ENTER is to show the chance that infonnation technology offers for all participants in the touristic competition to act successfully in permanently changing infonnation environments. It reflects the important role of infonnation technologies in this field. Within the last six years ENTER united various experts - practitioners as well as researchers - to exchange their experiences, ideas and visions in the sector of tourism and infonnation technology. The conferences scope is to provide an international platfonn to discuss the topical situation and future trends, and the possibilities to shape the own strategies. The various points of view of all the participants in workshops, reports and discussions always lead to most interesting perceptions.

Future Information Communication Technology and Applications

Author : Hoe-Kyung Jung
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These proceedings are based on the 2013 International Conference on Future Information & Communication Engineering (ICFICE 2013), which will be held at Shenyang in China from June 24-26, 2013. The conference is open to all over the world, and participation from Asia-Pacific region is particularly encouraged. The focus of this conference is on all technical aspects of electronics, information, and communications ICFICE-13 will provide an opportunity for academic and industry professionals to discuss the latest issues and progress in the area of FICE. In addition, the conference will publish high quality papers which are closely related to the various theories and practical applications in FICE. Furthermore, we expect that the conference and its publications will be a trigger for further related research and technology improvements in this important subject.