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Movies in American History

Author : Philip C. DiMare
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This provocative three-volume encyclopedia is a valuable resource for readers seeking an understanding of how movies have both reflected and helped engender America's political, economic, and social history. * Provides 450 A–Z entries that comprehensively cover the historical significance of subjects, people, and films of the American cinema * Contains contributions from 150 distinguished interdisciplinary scholars offering their analysis on the role of movies in American history * Includes reference materials and suggestions for further reading with every entry

Toy Story

Author : Susan Smith
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Toy Story (John Lasseter, 1995), Pixar's first feature-length production and Hollywood's first completely computer-generated animated film, is an international cultural phenomenon. This collection brings together a diverse range of scholars and practitioners who together explore the themes, compositional techniques, cultural significance and industry legacy of this landmark in contemporary cinema. Topics range from industrial concerns, such as the film's groundbreaking use of computer generated imagery and the establishment of Pixar as a major player in the animation world, to examinations of its music, aesthetics, and the role of toys in both the film and its fandom. The Toy Story franchise as a whole is also considered, with chapters looking at its cross-generational appeal and the experience of growing up alongside the series. As the first substantial work on this landmark film, this book will serve as an authoritative introduction for scholars, students and fans alike.

100 Greatest American and British Animated Films

Author : Thomas S. Hischak
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Animation has been a staple of the filmmaking process since the early days of cinema. Animated shorts had been produced for decades, but not until 1937 did a major studio venture into animated features when Walt Disney produced Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Of the hundreds of animated feature films made since, many have proven their importance over the years while also entertaining generations of audiences. There are also many recent animated movies that promise to become classics in the field. In 100 Greatest American British Animated Films, Thomas S, Hischak looks at the most innovative, influential, and entertaining features that have been produced since the late 1930s—from traditional hand-drawn works and stop-motion films to computer-generated wonders. These movies have been selected not simply because of their popularity or critical acceptance but for their importance. Entries in this volume contain plot information production history critical reaction commentary on the film’s cinematic quality a discussion of the film’s influence voice casts production credits songs sequels, spin-offs, Broadway versions, and television adaptations awards and nominations Each movie is also discussed in the context of its original release as well as the ways in which the film has lived on in the years since. Familiar favorites and lesser-known gems are included, making the book a fascinating journey for both the avid animation fan and the everyday moviegoer. With a sweeping look at more than eight decades of movies, 100 Greatest American and British Animated Films highlights some of the most treasured features of all time.

Good Toys Bad Toys

Author : Andrew McClary
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In early America, most children had only a few toys and parents received advice from family and friends on the best ways to make and use toys. By the early 1900s the Industrial Revolution was producing a new world of toys and giving more parents the wealth to buy them. Mass media also sang the praises of these new factory-made, store-bought toys, but that began to change as early as the mid–1900s when the mass media was used to inform parents of the many dangers of children’s toys. Many encourage violence, sexism, racism, and some are actually unsafe and unhealthy. The development of children’s toys from early America to the present time and the shifting opinions of them expressed by parents and the mass media throughout this time are the main subjects of this book. The first section discusses the many problems with toys, while the second puts these problems in historical perspective. How have these problems changed, and are still changing today? Might today’s toys be about to enter a time when they will be better than ever? The third section argues that many media toy watchers are biased toward the negative, giving toys more of a black eye than they deserve, and considers the challenges that face today’s parents as they try to choose the best toys for their children.

Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office

Author :
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A Fistful of Icons

Author : Sue Matheson
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 After a century of reinvention and, frequently, reinterpretation, Western movies continue to contribute to the cultural understanding of the United States. And Western archetypes remain as important emblems of the American experience, relating a complex and coded narrative about heroism and morality, masculinity and femininity, westward expansion and technological progress, and assimilation and settlement. In this collection of new essays, 21 contributors from around the globe examine the “cowboy cool” iconography of film and television Westerns—from bounty hunters in buckskin jackets to denizens of seedy saloons and lonely deserts, from Cecil B. DeMille and John Ford to Steve McQueen and Budd Boetticher, Jr.

Historical Dictionary of American Cinema

Author : M. Keith Booker
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One of the most powerful forces in world culture, American cinema has a long and complex history that stretches through more than a century. This history not only includes a legacy of hundreds of important films but also the evolution of the film industry itself, which is in many ways a microcosm of the history of American society. Historical Dictionary of American Cinema, Second Edition contains a chronology, an introduction, and an extensive bibliography. The dictionary section has more than 600 cross-referenced entries covering people, films, companies, techniques, themes, and subgenres that have made American cinema such a vital part of world culture.

To Infinity and Beyond

Author : Karen Paik
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In 1986, gifted animator John Lasseter, technology guru Ed Catmull, and visionary Steve Jobs founded Pixar Animation Studios. Their goal: create a computer animated feature, despite predictions that it could never be done. An unprecedented catalog of blockbuster films later, the studio is honoring its history in this deluxe volume. From its fledgling days under George Lucas to ten demanding years creating Toy Story to the merger with Disney, each milestone is vibrantly detailed. Interviews with Pixar directors, producers, animators, voice talent, and industry insiders, as well as concept art, storyboards, and snapshots illuminate a history that is both definitive and enthralling.

Cinema and Its Discontents

Author : Zachariah Rush
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The ultimate aim of drama is to expose the soul of Character. Dramatists achieve this objective by employing a specific type of conflict known as dialectic, a concept woven throughout Western thinking and—from Homer to 21st century cinema—the basis of all dramatic characters. This study details the history of dialectical thought from Plato to Jung before turning its focus to the development of character in a century of filmmaking. From Chaplin’s Tramp to Taxi Driver’s Travis Bickle, it examines more than two dozen cinematic characters governed by dialectic—torn between life and death, opposing desires, moralities and wills, their sense of self threatened by others.

Children s Films

Author : Ian Wojik-Andrews
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This study examines children's films from various critical perspectives, including those provided by classical and current film theory.