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Infertility and Adoption

Author : Deborah P Valentine
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This compassionate book brings together for the first time issues about infertility and adoption. Fifteen to 20 of all married couples in the United States are infertile, and most people have intense psychological and emotional reactions to the experience of infertility. Infertility and Adoption provides a clear understanding of the historical and social context of infertility, its emotional impact, and the process of coping with infertility. A prototype for conducting psychosocial assessments with infertile couples is provided. Practitioners, researchers, and administrators will learn about the latest trends in preparing adoptive parents for the arrival of their child. The multidisciplinary appeal of this book will reach professionals in social work and mental health and better prepare all of those who work with the growing number of individuals touched by infertility.

Infertility and Adoption

Author : Deborah Valentine
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A clear and sensitive discussion of the historical and social context of infertility, its emotional impact, the process of coping with infertility, and the latest trends in the adoption field.


Author : Andrew Widdowson
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Our lives are made of a series of chapters which when placed together creates a unique book that details a range of experiences. Chapters tell of times of success and achievement, of happiness and joy. Others contain the darker times of life, the failures, demonstrations of weakness, and periods of sorrow. Each chapter is as unique as the whole book and as unique as the main characters of the book.Unwritten is a book that tells the unique story of Andrew and Lynn. Infertility and adoption are not unique. Many couples encounter both. However, this is their unique story which contains many chapters and which contain many of the human experiences and the extremes of emotions. Unwritten provides an insight into the reality of both infertility and the process of IVF, but also adoption. The story is real, at times it is raw and approached with openness and vulnerability as well as humour and expresses the delight of some of the positive results on the journey. Unwritten also contains some insight into the lessons that Andrew and Lynn learned; dealing with disappointment, maintaining relationships when you're hurting, coming through a crisis of faith, and handling interpersonal issues. This book will help not only those who are going through infertility issues or thinking of adopting children, but it will help anyone who has found that life has not turned out as they had hoped. It will bring hope and faith to believe that there is something beyond the circumstances which you have encountered so far. The life we have lived to date is not necessarily the conclusion of the story. Imagine a blank page, new chapters to write. Imagine the possibility of being free to believe, dream, and imagine the future. Unwritten is about just that; blank pages, new stories knowing that it doesn't matter what has gone before. The rest is still unwritten.

Adopting after Infertility

Author : Rachel Balen
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Around three quarters of people who turn to adoption do so because of infertility and those working in this field need information, guidance and support to assist them in the process of adoption to support the adopters and to deal with any issues that may result from infertility. Adopting after Infertility is an accessible and informative interdisciplinary book that addresses the issues that professionals working with adopters and the adopters themselves face when going through the adoption process and the impact of infertility on their experiences. The book includes chapters on the effects of infertility, why people may choose adoption and the assessment and preparation process. It also covers what an Adoption Panel needs to know about the prospective parents, the experiences of those coming to adoption from minority communities or when living with health conditions and post-adoption support needs. Personal accounts by people who have experienced adopting after infertility are included throughout the book. This book will be essential reading for professionals and academics from a range of disciplines including social work, psychology, health, mental health and counselling. It will also be invaluable to students studying for post-qualifying awards.

Waiting for Baby

Author : Mary Earle Chase
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The author's personal and inspiring story of her and her husband's attempts to have a baby examines traditional medicine, experimental techniques, and alternative therapies in conception and offers useful advice on infertility treatments and adoption

The Faces of Hope

Author : Leslie Almand Reynolds
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The journey through infertility is a nightmare, plain and simple! Whether you are ever able to have a baby on your own, or continue on to adoption, the pressure is indescribable. The sadness and loneliness are sometimes so deep that your hurt no longer remains emotional, but becomes physical as well. You don't feel like you can do this any longer. Is it even worth it? Hope is God's gift for His children which He gives anew every morning. Our hope was realized in the adoption of our two beautiful boys, and we are so thankful we never gave up! Whether you are reading this while on the fertility "scream machine" or have reached the fork in the road of whether or not to adopt, we hope sharing our story with you will encourage you by knowing you are not alone, that we've been through it, survived it, and have come out of the valley of darkness. Hang in, hang on, and never lose hope!

Family Bound

Author : Carrie Ostrea
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Statistics show that over two million couples will experience some type of infertility issue when they try to become pregnant. However, when you are one of those two million, you feel completely alone and believe that no one can truly understand what you are going through. This honest and revealing book documents one couple's long and arduous journey to become parents from the eyes of the author. The longer this process took, the more emotional and difficult things became, and the more the author relied on this journal to sort out all the emotions she was having. She never expected that this journal would last for years, hundreds of hormone shots and pills, blood draws, surgical procedures, terrorist attacks, international flights and the most emotional and financial roller coaster that she had ever been on. But she and her husband were desperate to become parents, to have their own child to love, to hug, to experience life with. By sharing their experience, this book offers insight into the emotional, physical and sociological effects infertility has on a couple's relationship, their families, friends and themselves as individuals. It also provides in-depth detail of popular infertility treatments, domestic and international adoption processes.

Our Adoption Adventure

Author : David Carter
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"The true story of a couple adopting two children--taking you on their journey from the despair of infertility and endometriosis, through their whole adoption journey in detail, including timelines....Their journey shows what it's really like preparing to be approved by the Adoption Panel, being 'matched' with a child, 'Introductions,' and getting the Adoption Order to legally adopt your child in the UK"--Back cover.

Information on Infertility Statistics Adoption Statistics and the Psychological Impact of Surrogate Parenting Arrangements

Author : Laura Rose
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Infertility and Adoption

Author : Roy Sokol
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And Hannah Wept

Author : Michael Gold
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Song of Infertility

Author : Libby Casto
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Journey to Our Children

Author : Kate Cargreaves
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The Other Choice

Author : Tamra Clum Barton
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This is a personal and touching story of one women's journey to find a child. Tamra spent 8 years pursuing a child through fertility clinics without success. Her body would not cooperate and give her the child she wanted. The need for a child was so overwhelming they turned to adoption. Their adoption journey from start to finish took three years, while reading the story you will learn of the many pitfalls they had to overcome. The story has a happy ending with the adoption of their daughter.

Infertility To Adoption

Author : Arletha Tiboni
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For couples who have struggled with infertility, grieving the dream of having biological children is a difficult but important first step in the adoption process. Once you have processed this grief, you may find it helpful to learn more about how adoption could work for you. In this adoption journey book, you will discover the author's emotional journey towards adoption. She carefully articulates how that process proved to be the only rare antidote to her previous struggles and losses concerning conception. Adoption of a child outside the family although not common in South Africa saved her life. The process mended her broken heart, restored her faith and prepared her to be a wonderful mother to her adopted twins. So simply scroll to the top of the page and click the "Buy now with 1-Click" button to start reading!

Adoption and Surrogate Pregnancy

Author : Faith Merino
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Adoption and surrogate pregnancy are the two most realistic options currently available for millions of couples unable to have biological children. This text covers the ways in which adoption and surrogate pregnancy overlap and influence each other, the nuances that further complicate matters, and the controversies surrounding both issues.

Infertility No More

Author : Serena Lyles
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The greatest joy in life is to become a parent and share your life with a child. Unfortunately for some people becoming pregnant is difficult. Thankfully, our modern world offers hope to those who have trouble with conception. There are many ways both natural and synthetic for infertile couples to give birth to a child. In addition, there are several alternatives to pregnancy, which allow couples to have children. If you are interested in learning everything there is to know about Infertility, then this is going to be the most important book you'll ever read... If you're suffering from infertility this book will give you the information you'll need to finally have the family you've always dreamed about. You'll also learn the exact steps you should take to increase your chances of getting pregnant naturally. In "Infertility No More," you will discover: - 3 little known causes of infertility and how you may avoid them... - How to recognize infertility problems... - Secrets of expert infertility specialists that few people ever know about... - Understanding fertility treatments... - 3 proven steps to picking the right treatments for you... - 2 simple keys (that are right in front of your eyes) to conceiving a child... - WARNING: 3 things you should never do when it comes to trying to conceive... - 6 time-tested and proven strategies to increase your chance of getting pregnant naturally... - When to look for other alternatives to pregnancy like adoption, surrogacy, or donors... - 7 everyday but often overlooked tips and tricks for using diet to combat fertility problems... - And much more...

Entwined by Adoption

Author : Nancy Faltermeier
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Part 1 Shattered dreams of motherhood lay in Nancy's heart, bludgeoned by infertility. Would she ever feel whole? The darkness of teen pregnancy engulfed Kelly, swallow-ing her into the pit of hopelessness. Pregnant? She couldn't be. Her family might disown her. Could these two women hold the answer to each other's prayers? In this heart wrenching and miraculous, true story of adoption, Kelly and Nancy team up to share how God mends hearts to see the light again. Written in three parts, this book delivers more than just their story. They present two study journals full of practical tips and answers many questions such as: Part 2 -Why does God allow infertility? -Is infertility a punishment? -What does the Bible say about infertility and adoption? -Should I adopt? -Am I ready to adopt? Part 3 -I'm pregnant. Now what? -Is my life ruined? -As a parent of a pregnant teen, what should I do? And much, much more

The Role of Infertility in Adoption

Author : C. Brebner
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The Complete Adoption Fertility Legal Guide

Author : Brette McWhorter Sember
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Annotation Offers couples and singles all the information they need to navigate the complicated and emotional territory facing those who wish to become families using adoption or assisted reproduction.