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Infertility and Identity

Author : Lara L. Deveraux
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"A liberating approach for families who have been struggling to resolve these lifelong issues. This original book should be read by therapists, adoption professionals, clients, and anyone touched by infertility. It can change your life." -Book Cover.

Conceiving Masculinity

Author : Liberty Walther Barnes
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In Conceiving Masculinity, Liberty Walther Barnes puts the world of male infertility under the microscope to examine how culturally pervasive notions of gender shape our understanding of disease, and how disease impacts our personal ideas about gender. Taking readers inside male infertility clinics, and interviewing doctors and couples dealing with male infertility, Barnes provides a rich account of the social aspects of the confusing and frustrating diagnosis of infertility. She explains why men resist a stigmatizing label like "infertile," and how men with poor fertility redefine for themselves what it means to be manly and masculine in a society that prizes male virility. Conceiving Masculinity also details how and why men embrace medical technologies and treatment for infertility. Broaching a socially taboo topic, Barnes emphasizes that infertility is not just a women's issue. She shows how gender and disease are socially constructed within social institutions and by individuals.

Infertility and Identity Exploring the Experiences of Emerging Adult Cancer Survivors

Author : Sarah Nicole McNeil
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Issues surrounding survivorship continue to grow in importance as medical advances are enabling more children with cancer to live into adulthood. Infertility is one particularly devastating late effect that impacts the lives of numerous childhood cancer survivors. There is a gap in the literature regarding the relationship between identity formation and coping with infertility in survivorship. The current study utilized a qualitative descriptive research methodology in order to explore the experiences of emerging adult cancer survivors with regard to issues of fertility and identity formation. Six participants, ranging in age from 18 to 29, participated in qualitative interviews regarding their experience with navigating infertility in survivorship. Four themes emerged from the data: navigating an uncertain future, challenges to intimacy, restructuring identity through redefining roles, and coping through familial support. Each theme is examined using the theoretical frameworks provided by Erikson and Arnett. Based on the results of the current study, it appears that the developmental process of identity formation is often complicated by the challenge of coping with infertility in survivorship. This finding has implications for the ways in which survivorship clinics can best meet the needs of emerging adult survivors facing infertility in the midst of other developmental stressors.

Identity Development

Author : Jane Kroger
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This volume highlights identity development from early adolescence through late adulthood and provides a valuable resource for university students as well as human services professionals. This Second Edition of Identity Development: Adolescence Through Adulthood presents an overview of the five general theoretical orientations to the question of what constitutes identity, as well as the strengths and limitations of each approach. The volume then describes key biological, psychological, and contextual issues during each phase of adolescence and adulthood. Following these major adolescence and adulthood sections, selected issues that may pose identity challenges for some are presented.

Boston IVF Handbook of Infertility

Author : Steven R. Bayer
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Based on the gold-standard procedures and protocols developed at Boston IVF, this guide presents a coherent and structured approach to the infertile couple. The book includes all that gynecologists and REIs need to evaluate and treat infertility in both women and men. Both clinical More...and laboratory techniques are included. Also included is a c

Plundered Kitchens Empty Wombs

Author : Pamela Feldman-Savelsberg
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Illuminates the dynamics of social and cultural disintegration through the social construction of female infertility

Infertility Around the Globe

Author : Professor Marcia Inhorn
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These essays examine the global impact of infertility as a major reproductive health issue, one that has profoundly affected the lives of countless women and men. The contributors address a range of topics including how the deeply gendered nature of infertility sets the blame on women's shoulders.


Author : Annette L. Stanton
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As a researcher whose work focuses largely on the causes and conse quences of unwanted pregnancy, I may appear to be an unlikely candidate to write a foreword to a book on infertility. Yet, many of the themes that emerge in the study of unwanted pregnancy are also apparent in the study of infertility. Moreover, this volume is an important contribution to the literature on fertility, women's health issues, and health psychology in general, all topics with which I have been closely involved over the past two decades. Neither pregnancy nor its absence is inherently desirable: The occurrence of a pregnancy can be met with joy or despair, and its absence can be a cause of relief or anguish. Whether or not these states are wanted, the conscious and unconscious meanings attached to pregnancy and in fertility, the responses of others, the perceived implications of these states, and one's expectations for the future all are critical factors in determining an individual's response. In addition, both unwanted pregnancy and failure to conceive can be socially stigmatized, evoking both overt and subtle social disapproval. Fur ther, they involve not only the woman, but her partner, and potentially the extended family. Finally, both of these reproductive issues have been poorly researched. Because both are emotionally charged and socially stigmatized events, they are difficult to study. Much of the early literature relied on anecdotal or case reports.

Couple Therapy for Infertility

Author : Ronny Diamond
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Describes a unique therapeutic approach developed to treat couples confronting the painful challenge of infertility. Therapists learn how they can help clients acknowledge and accept the possibility of not having genetically related children; understand the increasing array of available treatment options; and assess the potential gains, pitfalls, and psychological effects of each one.

Healing the Infertile Family

Author : Gaylene Becker
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A guide for parents who are unable to conceive a child offers advice on how to deal with the emotional and psychological challenges posed by infertility

Infertility and Non Traditional Family Building

Author : Rebecca Feasey
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This book examines the representation of infertility, assisted reproduction, miscarriage, adoption and surrogacy in a wide range of media, including blogs, vlogs, social media posts and factual programming. In so doing, it illustrates how pregnancy loss, involuntary childlessness and non-traditional mothering are being depicted across the media landscape. Whilst the topic of motherhood has emerged as a significant area of academic debate, narratives of unsuccessful or unconventional mothering have remained largely absent, even at a time when there is a growing conversation about infertility online. Timely, pertinent and original, the book demonstrates the importance of a broader and more informed cultural discussion about fertility and family building.

Feminization and Stigmatization of Infertility in Malawi

Author : Julianne Boetumelo Nyasulu
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The World Health Organization defines infertility as the inability to conceive after 12 months of regular and unprotected sex (WHO, 1975). Despite research that has shown that 50 per cent of infertility cases can be attributed to the male partner, in many societies the blame is cast on the woman, her voice silenced, and any action taken by the man deemed justifiable. Infertility affects millions of people across Sub-Saharan Africa, and in a socio-cultural context where children are valued as a source of wealth for the family, perceived infertility can result in neglect, abuse, marital instability, banishment, discrimination and social stigma (Barden-O’Fallon, 2005). The topic of infertility is often considered to be a taboo subject, with women being accused of witchcraft, prior abortions or prostitution. Malawi is a small country in Central-East Africa, bordered by Tanzania and Mozambique, with a population of 18 million, 85 percent of which resides in rural areas. Similarly to other countries in the region, fertility is highly desired and valued. Malawi’s total fertility rate (TFR) has declined over the years, but still sits relatively high, at 5.49 children per woman as of 2017 (Index Mundi, 2018). In demographic discourse, this declining fertility rate is often celebrated as a sign of the country moving towards a more industrialized economic system. However, this rhetoric on demographic transition invisibilizes the social and psychological consequences of infertility, experienced in varying contexts. This thesis will examine the social stigmatization and feminization of infertility in Malawi, and specifically how stigma is understood and managed in the context of socio-cultural perceptions of infertility, within the local ecology of Malawi, as well as its effect on lived experiences and gender identities. Data was collected from four participant groups – infertile women, religious leaders, health workers, and community members through interviews, discussion groups, and informal conversation. The empirical findings demonstrate that infertility does not exist solely as a biological or physiological condition, requiring a biomedical approach, but rather encompasses emotional, social, cultural, religious and economic spheres. As such, the approach to infertility response must also include these spheres, focusing not only on preventive measures but also addressing stigma, patriarchal structures, gender inequality, poverty, and sexual and reproductive health...


Author : Kevin Wm. Wildes
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Infertility: A Crossroad of Faith, Medicine, and Technology brings together a diverse group of clinicians, theologians, and philosophers to examine the use of reproductive technologies in the light of the Roman Catholic moral tradition and recent teaching. The book provides relevant background information (e.g. Donum Vitae from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith) as it explores the psychological, social, legal, and moral contexts of reproductive medicine. This book is Volume 3 of Catholic Studies in Bioethics in the series Philosophy and Medicine.

Infertility Principles and Practice

Author : Mandakini Parihar
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The different chapters in the book cover a wide range of reproductive medicine and science. They represent the cutting-edges of each discipline and are written by acknowledged experts in the field. The editors have endeavored to select contributors who are at the forefront of their disciplines, thereby ensuring the freshness of each chapter. This book is divided into seven sections: Infertility management, ART, embryology, endoscopy, male factor, USG in infertility and advances in infertility management. The book was written with the aim of providing current and practical approaches for patient management.

Infertility Counseling

Author : Sharon N. Covington
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Infertility Counseling: A Comprehensive Handbook for Clinicians, 2nd edition, is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary textbook for all health professionals providing care for individuals facing reproductive health issues. It is the most thorough and extensive book currently available for clinicians in the field of infertility counseling, providing an exhaustive and comprehensive review of topics. It addresses both the medical and psychological aspects of infertility, reviewing assessment approaches, treatment strategies, counseling for medical conditions impacting fertility, third-party reproduction, alternative family building and post infertility counseling issues. Each chapter follows the same format: introduction, historical overview, literature review, theoretical framework, identification of clinical issues, suggestions for therapeutic interventions, and future implication. This edition also includes extensive appendixes of clinical tools useful to the clinician, including an Internet database of resources and an extensive glossary of terminology.

Women s Infertility and the Self

Author : Jeni Loftus
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Infertility Rites

Author : Mary Melfi
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Infertility rites is an intimate account of one woman's agonizing experience to carry a pregnancy to full term. Through Nina DiFiore's numerous miscarriages, Mary Melfi analyzes how much women's self-image is linked to their fertility; for Nina, an artist, this is even more acute as she is of Italian origin, a culture which idolizes the role of the mother.

The Genetic Basis of Male Infertility

Author : Ken McElreavey
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Every year there are new and exciting developments in assisted human reproduction, but how much do we really know about the underlying causes of infertility? This volume explores recent progress in the understanding of the genetics of spermatogenesis and male infertility. Topics include fundamental advances and current problems in the development and function of the testis, an outline of clinical findings in male infertility and an overview of the role of the Y chromosome in male fertility. Comprehensive critiques of posttranscriptional control during spermatogenesis, mammalian meiotic sterility, and comparative genetics of human spermatogenesis from the perspective of yeast, Drosophila and mice provide a global overview of the field.

Women s Work Families and Health

Author : Kristen M. Swanson-Kauffman
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Infertility and its treatments a review of psycho social issues

Author :
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