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Industrial Design A Z

Author : Charlotte Fiell
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From consumer products and packaging to transportation and equipment, this comprehensive work traces the evolution of industrial design from the Industrial Revolution to the present day.

Morris Ediz inglese francese e tedesca

Author : Charlotte Fiell
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William Morris (1834-1896) was one of the great figures of the 19th century - a pioneer of modern design. His work as a visionary designer, manufacturer, political activist and social reformer had a profound influence on his contemporaries and on subsequent generations.

Careers in Focus

Author : Facts On File, Incorporated
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Profiles jobs in manufacturing such as aerospace engineers, cost estimators, industrial designers, industrial engineers, and more.

Directory of Industrial Designers

Author : Industrial Designers Society of America
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Advances in Industrial Design

Author : Cliff Sungsoo Shin
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This book addresses current research trends and practice in industrial design. Going beyond the traditional design focus, it explores a range of recent and emerging aspects concerning service design, human–computer interaction and user experience design, sustainable design, virtual and augmented reality, as well as inclusive/universal design, and design for all. A further focus is on apparel and fashion design: here, innovations, developments and challenges in the textile industry, including applications of material engineering, are taken into consideration. Papers on pleasurable and affective design, covering studies on emotional user experience, emotional interaction design and topics related to social networks, are also included. Based on the AHFE 2021 International Conferences on Design for Inclusion, Interdisciplinary Practice in Industrial Design, Affective and Pleasurable Design, Kansei Engineering, and Human Factors for Apparel and Textile Engineering, held virtually on 25–29 July 2021, from USA, this book provides, researchers and professionals in engineering, design, human factors and ergonomics, human computer interaction and materials science with extensive information on research trends, innovative methods and best practices, and is expected to foster collaborations between experts from different disciplines and sectors.

Industrial Design and Artistic Expression

Author : Barbara Pasa
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The copyright/design interface for a wider, non-specialist audience, taking as a starting point the notion of industrial design derived from design studies, on the border between art and science.

Design Des 21 Jahrhunderts

Author : Doris Ulmann
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Founders of American Industrial Design

Author : Carroll Gantz
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As the Great Depression started in 1929, several dozen creative individuals from a variety of artistic fields, including theatre, advertising, graphics, fashion and furniture design, pioneered a new profession. Responding to unprecedented public and industry demand for new styles, these artists entered the industrial world during what was called the "Machine Age," to introduce "modern design" to the external appearance and form of mass-produced, functional, mechanical consumer products formerly not considered art. The popular designs by these "machine designers" increased sales and profits dramatically for manufacturers, which helped the economy to recover; established a new profession, industrial design; and within a decade, changed American products from mechanical monstrosities into sleek, modern forms expressive of the future. This book is about those industrial designers and how they founded, developed, educated and organized today's profession of more than 50,000 practitioners.

Industrial Design

Author :
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The Man Who Designed the Future

Author : B. Alexandra Szerlip
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Before there was Steve Jobs, there was Norman Bel Geddes. A ninth-grade dropout who found himself at the center of the worlds of industry, advertising, theater, and even gaming, Bel Geddes designed everything from the first all-weather stadium, to Manhattan's most exclusive nightclub, to Futurama, the prescient 1939 exhibit that envisioned how America would look in the not-too-distant 60s. In The Man Who Designed the Future, B. Alexandra Szerlip reveals precisely how central Bel Geddes was to the history of American innovation. He presided over a moment in which theater became immersive, function merged with form, and people became consumers. A polymath with humble Midwestern origins, Bel Geddes’ visionary career would launch him into social circles with the Algonquin roundtable members, stars of stage and screen, and titans of industry. Light on its feet but absolutely authoritative, this first major biography is a must for anyone who wants to know how America came to look the way it did.