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Individualism and Educational Theory

Author : J. Watt
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The Evolution of the Concept of Individualism in Educational Theory

Author : Menno Simon Kuehny
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Individualism And Community

Author : Michael Peters
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Examining, in the widest sense, the changes in political philosophy that have occurred in Western capitalist states since the early 1980s, this book focuses on the introduction of neo-liberal principles in the combined area of social and education policy. New Zealand presents a paradigm example of the neo-liberal shift in political philosophy. From constituting the social laboratory of the Western world in the 1930s in terms of social welfare provision, New Zealand has become the neo-liberal experiment of the fully marketised society in the 1990s. Against the theoretical background of educational theory and practice, this book examines neo-liberalism and its critiques as responses to the so-called crisis of the welfare state and argues for a reformulated critical social policy in the postmodern condition. The conclusions about social policy drawn by the authors can be generalized to similar situations in other Western capitalist countries.

The Sanctity of the Individual as Expressed in Contemporary Thought

Author : Brian Victor Hill
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Individualism Holism and the Central Dilemma of Sociological Theory

Author : Jiří Šubrt
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This book examines individualism and holism, the two interpretive perspectives that have divided sociological theory into two camps, examines attempts to overcome this antinomy and sets out a new approach to resolving this dilemma via ‘critical reconfigurationism’.

The SAGE Handbook of Philosophy of Education

Author : Richard Bailey
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This book provides an authoritative, yet accessible guide to the Philosophy of Education, its scope, its key thinkers and movements, and its potential contribution to a range of educational concerns. The text offers a balanced view of three key dimensions: first, in giving an equal weight to different styles and modes of philosophy; second, by including past and present perspectives on philosophy of education; and third, in covering both the general "perennial" issues in philosophy and issues of more contemporary concern. Section one of the book exemplifies different styles of philosophy, paying attention to the contemporary debates as to the nature, possibilities and limitations of these different approaches to philosophy of education. Section two is devoted to particular thinkers of the past, and more general coverage of the history of philosophy of education. Section three is dedicated to contemporary philosophic thought on education, providing the basis and reference point for an exploration of contemporary issues. The handbook is designed primarily to be useful to students studying the field of philosophy of education, in the context of the study of educational foundations or theory. But it is also designed to be of use to practising teachers who wish to gain easy access to current philosophical thinking on particular contemporary educational issues, and to educationalists of all types who want a succinct guide to questions relating to the nature, the history, and the current state of the art of philosophy of education. Visit Richard Bailey's website : here

Teaching for a Culturally Diverse and Racially Just World

Author : Eleazar S. Fernandez
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Cultural and ethnic diversity is the reality of our world, and much more so in this age of heightened globalization. Yet, do our ways of doing theological education match with our current reality and hopes for a colorful and just tomorrow? How shall we do theological formation so it helps give birth to a culturally diverse, racially just, and hospitable world? This edited volume gathers the voices of minoritized scholars and their white allies in the profession in response to the above questions. More particularly, this volume gathers the responses of these scholars to the questions: What is the plight of theological education? Who are the teachers? Who are our students? What shall we teach? How shall we teach? How shall we form and lead theological institutions? It is the hope of this volume to contribute to the making of theological education that is hospitably just to difference/s and welcoming of our diverse population, which is our only viable future. When we embody this vision in our daily educational practices, particularly in the training of our future religious leaders, we may help usher in a new, colorful, and just world.

Equality Beyond Debate

Author : Jeff Jackson
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Links democracy with the process of overcoming severe social inequality, rather than with ideal forms of political debate.

An Examination of the Socio individual Dichotomy as it Relates to Educational Theory

Author : Sing-nan Fen
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Psychological Theory and Educational Reform

Author : David R. Olson
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Table of contents

Studies in Educational Theory

Author : John Dewey Society
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The Educational Theory of George S Counts

Author : Gerald Lee Gutek
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Practical Perspectives on Educational Theory and Game Development

Author : Marzullo, Fabio Perez
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The video game market continues to increase, reaching millions of users on a variety of platforms and revealing how engaging and pervasive gaming can be. Games create engagement and offer both entertainment and a powerful way to understand and interact with the world. It is natural that educators see the potential of games as a learning tool that can support students who have difficulties learning and also reinvent it. Practical Perspectives on Educational Theory and Game Development is a critical scholarly resource that combines educational scenarios and game fundamentals in order to improve the way people learn and evolve. The book supports professionals with the creation of strategies for using gamification and game-based learning theory with effectiveness and measured results. Featuring a wide range of topics such as entrepreneurship, gamification, and traditional learning, this book is ideal for academicians, education professionals, curriculum designers, educational game developers, researchers, and students.

Research in Education

Author :
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Social Learning Theory and the Explanation of Crime

Author : Ronald L. Akers
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Social learning theory has been called the dominant theory of crime and delinquency in the United States, yet it is often misrepresented. This latest volume in the distinguished Advances in Criminological Theory series explores the impact of this theory. Some equate it with differential association theory. Others depict it as little more than a micro-level appendage to cultural deviance theories. There have been earlier attempts to clarify the theory's unique features in comparison to other theories, and others have applied it to broader issues. These efforts are extended in this volume, which focuses on developing, applying, and testing the theory on a variety of criminal and delinquent behavior. It applies the theory to treatment and prevention, moving social learning into a global context for the twenty-first century. This comprehensive volume includes the latest work, tests, and theoretical advances in social learning theory and will be particularly helpful to criminologists, sociologists, and psychologists. It may also be of interest to those concerned with current issues relating to delinquency, drug use/abuse, and drinking/alcohol abuse.

Rereading the Sophists

Author : Susan C. Jarratt
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In "rereading" the sophists of fifth-century Greece, Susan C. Jarratt reinterprets classical rhetoric, with implications for current theory in rhetoric and composition. -- Provided by publisher.

Language Classrooms and Computers

Author : Peter Scrimshaw
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As computers become more widely used in schools, it is clear that they have the potential not just to support the achievement of conventional goals, but also to redefine what we mean by reading, writing and discussion. The contributors to Language, Classroom and Computers - all with experience of teaching about language and computers for The Open University - use teachers' accounts together with their own research to examine how the use of computers in school can affect the ways in which children learn and teachers teach. The first section looks at some generic aspects of computer use, focusing particularly on class management: individual and group learning, the role of the teacher as facilitator and co-learner and the problems of limited access. The second section examines the contribution of specific sorts of software package: word processing, e-mail, hypertext and so on to lanugage learning. This is a book for everyone who wants IT to add a new dimension to their teaching.

Educational Theory

Author :
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Routledge International Companion to Education

Author : Miriam Ben-Peretz
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The Routledge International Companion to Education addresses the key issues underpinning the rethinking and restructuring of education at the beginning of the new millennium. The volume contains over fifty major contributions exploring a wide range of issues, including: * philosophy of education * the economics and resourcing of education * testing and assessment: current issues and future prospects * standards * multiculturalism * anti-racism * computers in classrooms * mother tongue education * civics and moral education. Each chapter gives a contemporary account of developments in the field, and looks to the future and the directions that new activity and inquiry are likely to take. All the chapters are written from an international perspective.


Author :
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